gw2 photo challenge


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 4 - Favorite Profession

Elementalist has been my favorite profession since the GW2 Beta and it’s the one class I never seem to get tired to playing. Being the profession I play the most, I have grown to love the complexity and flexibility of the Elementalist.

After all, with the ability to bend the elements to your will, there’s not much that can stand in your way. ;3


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge Day 5: Favorite Map

Frostgorge Sound by far is the most beautiful place in the map. I wish I could have gotten a few good underwater shots, but alas, I am really awful at them. I think the design of the ships combined with the icy water and large glaciers just has the perfect atmosphere and this map definitely shows just how impressive the graphics of this game can be. 


GW2 Photo Challenge

#5 - Favourite Map

It has to be Rata Sum. It might seem odd not picking an explorable map, but this place wins for a few reasons. It was totes built by the Mursaat (headcanon, please ignore). It has a really cool futuristic look without going OTT. It’s the home of snarky Vulcan gnomes. They have a stage with breakdancing Asura and there is a Moa dance trainer. It’s the only capital city where the race’s bad guys (Inquest) are actually welcomed in. also Golems. I could go on, but snarky Vulcans pretty much covers it.


((4 - Favorite class:

MESMER!!  Mesmer + perma-hair kit, specifically, haha!

The above photos are all my mesmer + her clones + permanent hairstyling kit to change their hair.  There’s a trick a friend showed me where I can keep my clones up by keeping an invulnerable target.  You can cast Illusionary Leap, leave that clone up, swap armor, rinse, repeat.  And you’ve got yourself a band!))


Guild Wars 2 photo challenge: Day One - First Character

I count Dani as my first character, even though technically he isn’t. He’s my second. My very first one was a charr guardian and I cant even remember his name at this point b/c I deleted him like ages ago. But ya know. I still count him as my main, even though I hop around on alts a lot. In the end he tends to be the salad I take with me to dungeons, though. 


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge; Day 3/30: Favorite Class: 

Warrior, Elementalist, Thief, Ranger

I really enjoy all of the classes, but to varying extents I suppose. (It’d be easier to ask what I like least, which would be guardian and engineer - but I still wouldn’t say I hate them.) I’ve always had a soft spot for rangers and thieves, and have actually shied away from “tank” and “magey” classes, but GW has done something special and I absolutely ended up adoring warrior and ele to pieces.


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge
Day 2: Your Favorite Playable Race

idk man what do you think
But no seriously, I love, love, love sylvari. The lore behind them is super interesting and the fact that they’re plants and have all sorts of different colors makes me go aksljf;lsdfk


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 23 - Favorite Human God



- anguished Malchor’s cry as heard by every player who steps foot in Malchor’s Leap when that part of the Temple reclaiming occurs.


Even though my Human character is actually a follower of Lyssa, my absolute favorite of the 'Six’ would have to be Grenth’s mother, mainly because she is the Goddess of Healing. Not to mention I love feathers and wings. I do have the Light of Dwayna equipped on a Sylvari and an Asura. Eventually I hope to get my hands on the longbow and shortbow, too.


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge
Day 6: Favorite Non-Playable Race

Everyone’s gonna say this, but I’m gonna go with the tengu. They’re bird people and I love birds. When I first started GW2, their wall was the biggest mystery in the game, and I was so excited to be able to go inside one day. I was also playing GW1: Factions and they were pretty cool in that game, so that only made me like them even more.


Guild wars 2 Photo Challenge - 3. Worn Armor

“Since to my shame I did not quite understand the question have my two biggest fashionistas and their armor evolution. Newest is on the left, oldest is to the right.

 While I more or less had an idea about the rest Rocroy and Tatiana changed sets really fast, to be honest. I was also in the position when I could spend money on skins. 

 Armor wise, they both wear Knight’s armor and weapons with berserker trinkets.”