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GUILD WARS 2 PHOTO CHALLENGE: Day 2 - Favorite Playable Race

It’s amazing how much confidence and adorableness Asura can cram into their tiny bodies. Hence my main character being an Asura. At the same time, I couldn’t ignore my other two favorites: sylvari and norn! I suppose that’s why my top three characters are my asura mesmer, sylvari elementalist, and norn guardian.


Guild Wars 2 photo challenge: Day One - First Character

I count Dani as my first character, even though technically he isn’t. He’s my second. My very first one was a charr guardian and I cant even remember his name at this point b/c I deleted him like ages ago. But ya know. I still count him as my main, even though I hop around on alts a lot. In the end he tends to be the salad I take with me to dungeons, though. 


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge
Day 2: Your Favorite Playable Race

idk man what do you think
But no seriously, I love, love, love sylvari. The lore behind them is super interesting and the fact that they’re plants and have all sorts of different colors makes me go aksljf;lsdfk


Guild wars 2 Photo Challenge - 3. Worn Armor

“Since to my shame I did not quite understand the question have my two biggest fashionistas and their armor evolution. Newest is on the left, oldest is to the right.

 While I more or less had an idea about the rest Rocroy and Tatiana changed sets really fast, to be honest. I was also in the position when I could spend money on skins. 

 Armor wise, they both wear Knight’s armor and weapons with berserker trinkets.”


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: Day 4

Favorite Profession

Ranger. I know the profession has it’s problems but it was the first one that really spoke to me and it’s been one of my mains for a long time. I love the gotta catch em all feel when it came to charming all the pets, exploring different maps to find them. Even if the pet mechanics are still a bit buggy it adds a fun element to be able to switch between them to fit your situation. Getting up from downed is also amazing with ranger, if you know how to manage your pet properly. (Good pet management makes the class infinitely better.) I like that you can play melee as effectively as bow, as I’m a fan of sword and GS. I also really love the spirit animations you get when using certain skills, esp the shark one with the spear underwater. I know ranger is pretty under appreciated, but I just love it.

About the images: Here you have it: every pet in the game. Making these composites was one of my more harebrained ideas and even if it had me gross sobbing by the end it was a fun challenge and I’m glad I stuck it out. Now you know why it took me a week to get this one out.


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge - 1. First Character

“Most of you remember this grumpy norn whom I started game with. Kristjon Magnussen, my norn necromancerhas gone through many changes on his way to 80 and beyond. Both in game and as a character. 

This was my first time playing a guy as I usually roll girls. I fell in love with him. Unfortunately he lived for one year and after I got my birthday gift I ruthlessly salvaged his armor and deleted him. 

He gained a fresh start only recently. New looks, new class, overhauled story. I hope his new iteration lives much longer than previous one, and I can’t wait to see how he unravels.”


Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: Day 5

Favorite Map

Frostgorge Sound

I don’t know what exactly it is about this zone that enchants me so much. Some of it is downright annoying, mostly the dredge areas (Groznev Delve) and the glacial scar running down the right side of the zone. But there’s just something about it, a sort of beauty that enchants; serene despite the danger. Maybe it’s that it reminds me of Skyrim and memories of watching the aurora play over the Sea of Ghosts. (I’m sure it doesn’t help that I have Skyrim music in my custom GW2 playlists.)

I absolutely love the underwater parts of this zone. I don’t know if they’re the deepest ones in the game but just stepping off an iceberg and looking down into the depths and seeing this… It takes the breath away. The trench in Dimotiki Waters is perhaps my absolute favorite place in the entire game.

You also can’t forget the kodan sanctuaries. Each one is huge and imposing but once you’re inside (discounting HoTW, of course) they feel welcoming and as warm as one could get on a gigantic floating iceberg.

There are also memories here. Yak’s Bend, Borlis Pass, Iron Horse Mine. I love searching the world of GW2 for historical places and while the ones in this zone might not be the most interesting they’re still there.

So, come for the Claw, stay for the scenery.