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We did it… We won. You know Trahearne… I was so close to ruin. Perhaps it was the dragon’s lingering influence. I almost couldn’t do it. The thought still lingers in my mind to have let you live, even if it meant damning Tyria. I can only hope you’ll forgive my foolishness. 

A totally not two weeks late valentine’s day minicomic drawing with @sariannearies‘s characters Sarianne the human and Lukian the blue sylvari! And my Ita, who just runs everywhere around and hugs everyone because he loves them <3 Also apparently valentine’s day is Ita’s ingame birthday which made me burst out laughing the moment I realized it.

Say hi to my snobby Chronomancer Vivxie who 90% of time looks down people and questions everything they do. (because of course she’s always right). AAND
(if she doesn’t like you) she will tell you she will port you where you need to go but actually she just places the port above something thats has a long drop down to your death. Isn’t she sweet?? I love her 

The last time I posted a gw2 fic it was before I rewrote Connie into the position of Commander, but I’m going through my google docs and found a post-HoT (post rewrite) drabble I never published ssoooo

slides it onto the blog on a thursday night when no one will see it lmao

word count: 1,317
Conlaeth deals with the fallout of her actions in Maguuma, and considers an unexpected career change.


Conlaeth leaned forward, folding her gloved hands on the table in front of her. Even this small motion, the accompanying creak of wood and leather, and the loaded silence that followed it, seemed too loud, too physically present in the stillness of the high-ceilinged conference room of Fort Marriner.

It was a convenient and central location, of course, and a logical place for several high-profile military officials to meet in relative safety, but Conlaeth had to wonder if that was the only reason behind calling her here. It was exactly the kind of strategic move she would have made in their position, after all–a subtle but clear reminder of who she still ostensibly answered to.

She had been in no rush to dignify their proposition with a response, but no one else would speak again until she said her piece. Finally she deigned to break the silence. “This is a joke,” she said bluntly.

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“See? I’m the same. Mostly.“

“How is it possible that I was chosen as the immortal guardian, right hand of the Luminate and it’s still you, turning up centuries later, still a mere mortal, who is hailed as hero?“

Guild Wars AU? Guild Wars AU. Xerath is one of the Exalted, Azir a necromancer recently reincarnated.

Or: I got way too excited about the exalted mini so I made an Azir stand-in character and then my mind ran away with me and headcanons happened.

“I fucking hate this fandom. You all claim to be so welcoming and accepting but blow up over the tiniest thing. You bitch people out until they break down or ostracize them for having SLIGHTLY different opinions or views, and instead of calm conversations you have to have your fucking discourse or you’re not complete and people have this fucking ghost following them forever because obviously nobody can make mistakes without immediately being an awful person in every other aspect of their lives.” 

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