So I’m playing GW1

and I’d forgotten just how fucking trippy your henchmen get.

I’m in the middle of a mission and I pause for a moment at one of the camps. And out of fucking nowhere, Claude the Cultist just starts breakdancing. Like drops to the ground and spins 360 degrees with his legs and arms a whirlwind for 20 full seconds

and then he calmly stands back up, is silent for a second, and says: “I’ve never understood sand.”

I just

the fuck

Claude are you okay


Did I ever tell you about my GW1 pre-searing bank (because no xunlai chests rip) and a courier, I used to bring pre-searing items to post? XD I toyed with the idea of making them in GW2 but I wouldn’t know how to go about it lol

Courier is like a year old now too, because I stopped playing when HoT came out so I am afraid to reroll her her because gifts D:

Charr Week - The Searing Era

The Searing. A pivotal point of history for both Human and Charr. With their Cauldrons of Cataclysm provided by false gods, the Shaman Caste broke the great wall that had long stood between them and victory. But this was a victory the females of the Legions were denied. 200 years before the Searing, Bathea Havocbringer, a renowned Blood Legion warrior stood defiantly against the practice of worship when the Titans were presented as gods by the Flame Legion. She declared boldly “I will bow before no one and nothing, be it mortal or god” upon discovering the Shamans were utilizing the magic of the Titans to garner power for themselves.

Despite her skill and the males that supported her cause, the underground rebellion she lead and the females who had joined her were doomed to fail. As punishment for defying the Shaman Caste, Bathea was captured and ritually sacrificed to the new Charr “gods”. The female soldiers of the Blood Legion were cast down from their positions and those who sympathized with her joined her in her fate. This decree eventually spread to the remaining Legions. Denied the right to join warbands to fight in service of the High Legions, the females of the Charr race were irrevocably confined to their homes and cities. 

After the discovery of the Titans in Hrangmer, the Burnt Warband ascended to positions of unrivaled power and influence. Under the orders of the fallen god Abaddon unbeknownst to the Charr, the Titans instructed their new worshipers to invade the three human kingdoms of Tyria. Hierophant Burntsoul rose to become the leader of the Shaman Caste while Bonfaaz Burntfur lead the siege against Ascalon backed by the totemic powers granted to them by the Titans. After the defeat of the ranger scout Vatlaaw Doomtooth at the hands of Prince Rurik, Bonfaaz unleashed the power of the Searing in 1070 AE and with his forces breached the Great Northern Wall. 

The barren wasteland left in the wake of the Searing and the destruction of their greatest defense left the stalwart Ascalonians little time to recover. It wasn’t long before the Legions turned their attention to the human capital Rin, one of the last bastions within the broken kingdom. While Rin did ultimately fall to the Charr invasion, the humans, with the utilization of Stormcaller in conjunction with the legendary Horn of King Doric were able to douse the flames of the totemic fires, weakening their opponent long enough for Prince Rurik and his allies to deal a fatal blow to the leader of the siege.

You will witness the triumph of your legion, but you will not be part of it. You will have to bear that shame until the day our gods bless you with death.” — Flame Imperator  

The Fireshadows were an elite espionage and assassination team in service of the Flame Imperator. Lead by Frye Fireburn they were tasked with the assassination of King Adelbern in 1090 AE. Upon infiltrating Ascalon City, rather than finding the Sorceror-King they encountered the chief courtier, Savione. For his attempt to stop the unleashing of the Foefire, the man he had served loyally repaid him by ending his life. Savione, for the benefit of the Fireshadows survived long enough to warn them of the king, his madness and his intention to summon the hidden power of Magdaer, the ancient Orrian blade that had been gifted to the Ascalonian nobility to ensure peace between their nations. For 20 long years, the humans of Ascalon held their ground against the Charr. For 20 years, a king spiraled into madness in the wake of his sons death and the Charr at his gates who refused to yield. Rather than continuing with the mission, Frye and his warband returned to the Flame Imperator with Savione’s warning of a trap. Punished for their failure in completing the mission and disregarding the information provided, the Fireshadows were staked upon the Viewing Hill to watch the invasion and denied their chance to take part in the final crushing blow that would end the 20 year siege. 

We Ascalonians may be doomed, but Ascalon will live on forever!’  — King Adelbern

The reckless abandon of the Imperator resulted in the release of the Foefire and the damning of an entire kingdom, his name struck from Charr history. Ascalon City was destroyed but it’s citizens, stripped of their lives by the Foefire rose as vengeful ghosts to deny the Charr their victory. The Fireshadows, staked far enough away to avoid the immolation that had claimed the lives of the Flame Legion soldiers who entered the city, returned to the staging grounds of the invasion to share their story where it was rumored their fur had turned snow white from the horrors they had witnessed.

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