listen in GW1 if you needed to get from the top of a mountain to the bottom of a mountain you had to p r a y your path was obvious or you were VERY good at reading maps because if any obstacle in your way was more than two inches off the ground you had to walk the fuck around that shit

gorgeous game though… really solid lore, very innovative, lots of fond memories…


Zinn’s Secret Underground Lair / Laboratory - The Falls in Maguma Jungle, Guild Wars 1

Zinn was one of my all time favorite NPC’s in the original Guild Wars. His interactions, especially with G.O.X. always made me laugh. After completing the new Flashpoint achievement to find all of his recordings… I couldn’t resist popping back into the original game to pay him a visit. 

A quick nostalgia post of the character that started my friendship with Guild Wars over 10 years ago. Shrii Mahrbre my Dolyak loving Necromancer. 

I get pretty emotional every-time I log onto my original account. Guild Wars has been a huge part of my life for a decade now. I have met some of the most amazing people because of it, who are still some of my best friends today. Many of them who are now married with kids of their own who are getting into GW2. 

GW helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life, by letting me break away from reality when I needed an escape.

Thank you everybody who helped create Guild Wars - along with everybody who is keeping the history alive with Guild Wars 2. 


So I’m playing GW1

and I’d forgotten just how fucking trippy your henchmen get.

I’m in the middle of a mission and I pause for a moment at one of the camps. And out of fucking nowhere, Claude the Cultist just starts breakdancing. Like drops to the ground and spins 360 degrees with his legs and arms a whirlwind for 20 full seconds

and then he calmly stands back up, is silent for a second, and says: “I’ve never understood sand.”

I just

the fuck

Claude are you okay