Guild Wars 2 Lore: Dhuum

Hey everyone! Time for another lore post! As I said last week, gonna stay with the fallen gods, and talk about the former God of Death. Dhuum (pronounced ‘Doom’ because of course it is)!

Now once again like in the Abaddon post, the gods came to Tyria and along with them Dhuum was the God of Death, not Grenth. He was described as an unjust and cruel God, ruling over the Underworld with an ironfist. He did not permit ANY ressurections, or undead to exist. If any mortal were to escape death, through luck or other methods, they would be hunted down, as he had promised “death undeniable” to all, and his judgement was final.
At SOME point before the exodus of the gods, Dwayna had a son, a half human, half god, Grenth, who’s father was a human sculptor who’s identity is the most guarded secret of The Church of Grenth (*cough* Malchor *cough*). Grenth would grow up and end up challenging Dhuum for the Mantle of God of Death, deciding he would be a much more just God. Grenth, along with seven mortal heroes, fought Dhuum in the Ossuary of the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance, and overthrew him. Grenth then took his place as the God of Death, and transformed the seven heroes who fought beside him into The Reapers of Grenth, his most loyal and powerful servants.

Dhuum was then imprisoned in The Hall of Judgement in the Underwold, within the Chaos Plane, which was created after Dhuum’s tower was shattered. Dhuum was imprisoned here, because while he was defeated, and the Mantle of God transferred to Grenth, Grenth did not have the power to destroy him. He was sealed, but he still was able to gain power. For while sealed, every time a creature in the Underworld was killed, Dhuum’s power grew. During the events of Guild Wars: Prophecies, Dhuum had gained enough power to send his servants to capture The Reapers of Grenth and take control of parts of The Underworld. Some of Dhuum’s servants even allied themselves with Abaddon, to help bring about Nightfall in Elona.

Years after these assaults on The Underworld began, Dhuum was able to break free of his bindings in The Hall of Judgement, and attempt to once again claim The Underworld. With the combined forces of the player character and the Reapers of Grenth, he was once again put into a dormant state, as he is too powerful to truly destroy. This is the last we see of Dhuum, being sealed once again, but as this is only a temporary solution, his current dealings since then are a mystery.
Also! Fun fact that has NOTHING to do with canon, but still Dhuum related, is the ‘Ban Hammer’ in Guild Wars 1. In Guild Wars 1 whenever an account would be suspended or terminated while logged in, Dhuum would appear in-game and kill that character.
Well guys that is my lore post for this week! I got to say I am having fun writing these, but I am kind of at a loss for how to continue them? Like should there be a theme? Follow a timeline? Follow the game stories? I’ll make a separate post to ask everyone their ideas on how I should proceed, but as long as you guys like hearing some lore, I’ll keep posting!

-Karn Vileclaw

Guild Wars 2 Lore: Abaddon

Well last week I talked about Palawa Joko, and his part in Guild Wars: Nightfall, but he was honestly not the main story, the main event was the fallen god Abaddon, which is who I will be discussing today! 

When humans first came to Tyria, they, and the other mortal races had no access to magic, this was reserved for the Gods. Also there were originally six gods that the humans prayed to, for the most part of Guild Wars 1 humans pray to, and only know of, the ‘five true Gods’, since Abaddon was removed from history, which will soon be discussed. The original six gods were Dwayna, leader of The Gods, Balthazar, God of war and fire, Melandru, Goddess of nature, Lyssa, twin Goddesses (usually spoken of as a single being though) of beauty, Abaddon the God of Water and Secrets, and the ORIGINAL God of death and ice, Dhumm. 
Now in this time, mortals had no access to magic, only the gods did, and in a move not unlike Prometheus of Greek Mythology gifting fire to humans, Abaddon decided to change that. The first mortal to be gifted magic was a devout follower of Abaddon, a human named Jadoth. He sailed the Crystal Sea trying to escape from an ancient race of snake-like people called The Forgotten, but as his small ship was about to be set upon by a fleet of Forgotten ships, his prayers to Abaddon for power were answered, and he became the first Margonite. Margonites were followers of Abaddon who were transformed into ethereal demons, and able to live thousands of years.

Abaddon then began to freely give magic to all the races of Tyria, but he was too reckless with his gift, leading to wide spread war, death, and destruction as magic had no limit then. This led to King Doric, the king of the first united human kingdom, to beseech the gods to do something to stop the destruction. Dwayna answered this plea by using some of Doric’s blood to create bloodstones to divide the schools of magic up, so that no one mortal could wield all of them (thus creating professions), thereby limiting the powers mortals could wield.  

This act enraged Abaddon, and he fought the other Gods, hoping to destroy the bloodstones so that magic could once again flow freely flow through Tyria. Abaddon was ultimately defeated in what WAS the Crystal Sea, but the blow that struck him down and imprisoned him in the Realm of Torment was so powerful it instantly transformed the great cooling sea into the Crystal Desert we now see today. The Gods then worked upon erasing Abaddon from history, even destroying his temple in Orr. The remaining 5 Gods, Dhuum having been overthrown by Grenth at this point, decided that the actions taken by Abaddon showed that their direct intervention in mortal affairs were bond to lead to tragedy, and thus left Tyria in an event known as The Exodus.
Centuries later, during the events of Guild Wars: Nightfall, a descendant of Turai Ossa, the hero that struck down Palawa Joko, Varesh Ossa, sought to bring back Abaddon to the land of Tyria by creating Nightfall, an event that would merge Tyria and the Realm of Torment so that Abaddon would be released. Ultimately Abaddon was once again defeated by the player character and destroyed. However Abaddon was a God, and when he was destroyed, his godly essence threatened to run rampant, that was when a hero known as Kormir, leader of the Sunspears, realized her destiny, taking in this essence and taking her place as the new Goddess of Secrets, giving us the six human gods worshipped in Tyria today.

Well guys, that is my lore for this week! Next week I think I will continue by Fallen Gods theme and discuss Dhuum! See you then!
-Karn Vileclaw


I would really love to recreate my Elonian warrior in GW2, but there are no faces that are remotely appropriate right now.  Isoke Soja is also wearing boob armor I actually like, and the backside doesn’t hurt either.