chronicwhimsy  asked:

A, S, T and Z!

A - Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s)
S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)
T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending, about anything at all (gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, extended family, sexual preferences like top/bottom/switch, relationship with poetry, seriously anything)
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged)

A - WOW OKAY so I will list them by fandoms because I have many and it’s kinda hard to keep up with them sometimes.

  • Gundam Wing - 02/05, 04/05, 02/R, 02/Meilan, 02/Meilan/05.
  • Dragon Age - Aveline/Sebastian, Garrett Hawke/Sebastian, Dorian/Solas, Sebastian/Merril, Vivienne/Iron Bull, Aveline/Fenris, etc.
  • Attack on Titan - Levi/Hange, Erwin/Hange, Connie/Sasha, Jean/Armin, Eren/Armin, Jean/Eren, Jean/Mikasa.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia - APH England/APH China, APH Japan/APH China, APH Lithuania/APH Poland, APH America/APH Belarus, APH Austria/APH Hungary, APH England/APH China/APH Japan, APH America/APH China. Most of these are via Human AUs tho.
  • Legend of Zelda - Ganon/Link, Ganon/Zelda, Link/Malon.
  • Overwatch - Hanzo/Mei, Lúcio/D.Va, Genji/Lúcio, Genji/Mercy.
  • Pacific Rim - Striker Eureka/Gipsy Danger, Raleigh/Mako, Aleksis/Sasha.
  • Steven Universe - Lapis/Peridot, Lapis/Peridot/Amethyst, Garnet/Pearl, Steven/Connie.
  • Card Captor Sakura - Syaoran/Sakura


S - I’ll focus on Gundam Wing since it’s the one I’m more familiar with. Once of my more frequent headcanons is that Duo is the second tallest pilot once he has reached adult hood, only shadowed by Trowa. As for Wufei, he’s the shortest. Duo also has freckles since I’m sure the lights that imitate the sun will cause a few spots. Duo is also a bottomless pit for food and alcohol.

Wufei? Not so much. He’s picky. He’ll eat anything as long as he cooks it. Wufei is also easily terrified of supernatural things, and believes in soulmates.

T - Just one. That Wufei’s hair tie originally belonged to Meilan. After she passed away, he kept the two she was wearing and tied his hair back with one.

And that Wufei will always be an elf in fantasy AUs.

Z - So me and @outofworkshinigami were talking about a brand new AU a couple of days ago. GW Gated Community AU just because of this fantabulous picture she found of Treize wearing a Santa Claus outfit. So of course, my mind went to REF, and I thought…. Hey, what if Treize was like the guy in charge of a small gated community of houses and it’s his job to go door to door to greet everyone during the holidays?

And boom.

Wufei and Meilan live in one of the first houses Treize needs to visit, and Wufei always slams the door in Treize’s face because he’s still not over the fact that Treize accidentally ran over his motorcycle a few months ago. That motorcycle was his baby! Whereas Meilan doesn’t care, she’s too focused on PVP and studying.

Next door to Wufei and Meilan lives Duo, who doesn’t give a shit about his law, but has a collection of gnome statues is puts upside down on the ground.

Meilan runs a tumblr called THEYFUCKINGMOVE where she takes morning and evening pictures of the gnomes everyday and she’s posituve they move. Duo has a counter tumblr called SHETHINKSTHEYMOVE and he talks about how his next door neighbor is so focused on his gnomes. Heero is the only guy that follows both tumblrs because it makes him feel better about window watching the neighborhood.

Especially when Ms. Relena is jogging down the street.