@harrypotternetwork creation event harry ships: hinny

instagram au: after ginny’s fifth season with the harpies and first world cup title, the two take a well deserved holiday and harry can’t help but post pictures of it (correction: of ginny) all over instagram

harry: nice eyes, will probably ruin your entire life with sarcastic one liners, normally pretty chill but has a temper that could kill a man, really wants to see the best in everyone, hated by Petunia for no fault of his own, raised without magic, Snape says he cares about his wellbeing but treats him like shit, kinda oblivious half the time, harnesses the Power of Love™

ginny: pureblood gryffindor w a “blood traitor” family, star chaser, popular af and knows it, no chill, only cares what a very select group of people think, probably into bad puns, had a crush on Harry for years before it was reciprocated, secretly a giant nerd but will deny it to her death

in short: ginny is actually james and harry’s lily, tbh


Steve: This is ridiculous, who writes this shit?
Gerard: *waves*