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GW University asks student to take down Palestinian flag

In October, Ramie Abounaja, a Palestinian-American pre-med undergraduate student at George Washington University, was asked to take down a Palestinian flag hanging from his dorm room window. In an interview with Mic, Abounaja explained the entire ordeal, which included an officer coming to his door.


for the last time
you were seeing the light of day; - not the endless horror
behind the day’s untroubled face:
my soul was sobbing so sweetly, waiting so 
     oddly, wanting thyself
and myself, betrothed to thyself, to be laid in the grave

 - Peyo Yavorov


Jade Wind

Companion piece to Imperial Gold
Another collaboration with Akryl <3 I greatly love working on traditional art with him. It’s always fun and we always take our time. This kind of art makes me go back to my traditional “roots” and enjoy this kind of creation again and again :D
I did sketch, Akryl did lineart and we both colored it ;)
Click for WIPs here.

Jade Wind was inspired by Guild Wars: Factions and Jade Sea <3 I can’t get over it and how pretty that place is. A lot of inspiration came from Kuunavang as well, but we tried to keep it all as ‘our’ own thing, rather than Kuunavang recolor or something straight from GW universe

Original is sold.

George Washington University stopped requiring SAT scores — and an amazing thing happened

In the summer of 2015, George Washington University became the largest top-ranking private university in the country to make including results of standardized tests like the SATs and ACTs optional when applying for undergraduate admission. Doing so is not only helping the school, but the most underserved students as well.

George Washington University will no longer require SAT scores

On Monday, George Washington University became the largest top-ranking private university in the nation to drop standardized testing requirements from its admission process. Students will have the option to submit their SAT and ACT scores but can opt out if they feel the scores don’t reflect their abilities. This could be a huge boost for diversity and students without privilege.


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