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Otp Questions: 02/05
  • Who takes the trash out? 

Wufei, mostly because he is used to his own schedule of tidy-ness. Duo is more stubborn and laid back when it comes to trashing the place about, much to Wufei’s dismay.

  • Who reminds the other to take care of themselves?

They both do this in different ways. They both have emotional, psychological and physical traumas that they both soothe each other into letting go. Not that they will anytime soon, but they try. When one breaks down, the other kneels and holds them, putting back together broken pieces with their own, sharing scars and the sentiment of losing those they loved.

  • Who is happier when they are out in nature?

Wufei. His home colony had a meadow and patches of nature where he loved to sit out in and read books, study and meditate. Unfortunately, in one of the colonies they now reside in is similar to the metropolis kind–too many buildings, too many infrastructures. No parks, no place of nature for him to sit down in. So he makes due with his room and setting up a very tiny modest garden near the window.

  • Do they like to go in the hot tub together?

They don’t have a tub. They have hot showers. Yes, they enjoy it from time to time when they take it together, but it ends up irritating Wufei sometimes because Duo wants to do a something that doesn’t include cleaning, whereas Wufei wants to help Duo clean up. Plus, it’s a tiny shower.

Bless them.

  • Do either of them avidly follow a celebrity and/or fandom?

Not celebrities, although they both cringe when they have a few newbies coming into the Preventers HQ with rose colored glasses about someone or another. Celebrity worshiping ins’t their thing. The only “celebrity” they follow is Relena and that’s because it’s their job.

As for fandoms, they don’t follow fandoms. but they do have shows and games they thoroughly enjoy. Wufei is fond of strategy games, and this include Pokemon, and several books and comics he discreetly follows. As for Duo, well, if it’s free or can be attained for free…

  • Who builds a pillow fort?

Duo. He would do it for Wufei. It would be in the living room, and it would ave Wufei’s tiny plant garden in it just to have a feel of an outside camping sight, and it would be like a celebration of some kind. He’d put fake plant vines and Wufei would mention them and Duo would just ‘he look, i tried. They don’t sell plants for cheap here. They wanted my kidney for the succulent I just got you today, and I need the other one to live.’ And Wufei would just smile and lean in and kiss Duo.

‘It’s passable.’

  • Who plans the romantic date?

They both do. Duo’s more disorganized about it, honestly. Like the pillow fort would be a romantic date, and a pizza day would also be a romantic date. At least in Duo’s mind. Anything that keep’s Wufei from cooking is like a date for Duo.

As for Wufei, he does a bit more elaborate things. Like they could go out to eat, or go and try to watch a movie at the theater (which failed terribly because of the loud noises that made them both feel anxious and incredibly stressed), or just go out for coffee or drinks. Anything that would break the mold of a routine.

  • Who likes to play with the other’s hair?

This is also a dual thing. But it ends up being mostly Wufei with more practice with Duo’s hair since there are times that huge knots can only be undone with his care. Or when one decides to take a fucking shower early in the morning and Wufei is arguing with Duo that this wasn’t prudent and helps Duo braid faster by doing it himself and getting his own uniform wet in the process–

Whereas Duo is mostly fascinated that Wufei’s hair is damn silky and loves to comb his hand through it, and sometimes braid it with his hair.

…to which he forgot he did that and gets up and it’s not a pretty picture–

  • Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare?

Depends on who has the nightmare first. Because regardless, they both comfort one another when the other starts to thrash about or scream. They did this before they were even a couple to be honest. Since the only ones that understand what they went through are the few gundam pilots, they can only really rely on each other for these things.

However, with them being a couple, it’s easier to be tender during these moments.

  • Who wants their dog to sleep on the bed with them?

They don’t own a dog, but they do own a cat. It sleeps with Wufei most of the time, so I suppose Wufei is the one that prefers their pet to sleep with them. And when Wufei is away, Duo sleeps with the cat.

  • Who can’t sleep without the other?

Duo. During solo missions where Wufei leaves for a while, it eats him up. He tries to not let it seep through that it’s his trauma of losing that he thought was constant when he was a child. He has never gotten used to that feeling of a home. Now that he learned with Wufei that home is where the heart is, he is beyond terrified that he’ll lose it again.

  • Who is too nice and will listen to a sales person pitch?

Duo is actually more charismatic when it comes to these moments. Wufei isn’t. Wufei would just be curt and to the point and not waste too much time. Duo would listen and even get his nails done in the process. Maybe buy a small sample.

‘What the fuck for?’

‘Hey I’ve never seen my nails this clean, I was curious okay?’

  • Who makes the first move to cuddle? 

This is a weird one, but Wufei. Different things can make him want to look for physical affection a bit more than Duo. The feeling of being cold can make him stand with their arms pressed together and before long Duo has his arm around him. Or Wufei will lay his head on Duo’s shoulder when they are on the dart train, and Duo follows after that.

Duo however was starved at such an early age that he forced himself to feel indifferent about cuddling until he feels safe to do so. Which… now he is. But he does it after Wufei gives the okay.

  • What is their go to fast food place?

There is a Shawarma place a block away from HQ. Everyone goes there. Even Quatre goes there when he comes by the colony. As for when they are at home, there is a tiny ramen house where they can get Tokyo style ramen in huge bowls. It’s a treat for them.

  • Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters?

Wufei. He’s the one that feels cold with more ease while Duo runs very hot. So he steals sweaters or jackets from Duo. They also fit loosely on him when he does this… and he likes the smell. But these are details he doesn’t mention.

Okay, ask me for more guys uwu~


get to know meme: [3/5] tv shows  → ghost whisperer

“My name is Melinda Gordon. I just got married. I just moved to a small town. I just opened an antique shop. I might be just like you. Except from the time I was a little girl I knew I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits my grandmother called them. The ones who have not crossed over because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. To tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs.”