gw duncanson


One of the things I love about GW Duncanson's  comics:  he doesn’t so much tell a story as he does conjure one up in the mind of the reader. His latest, Gueridon, is no exception.

Fred Quimby is ice fishing for crappies in Madison, Wisconsin, using Bambi for bait. It’s so cold out, his eyeballs shiver, making everything he sees an animation shmear. Meanwhile, The Pony Express hires Minnie Mouse to ride a Susan Rothenberg painting of a horse, and deliver a copy of Penile Fitness Pro Magazine to George Herriman in Coconino County.

Your mileage may vary.

I give this book a 5 Slices of Buko Pie rating.

the other book I’m releasing this weekend at Linework NW is Crawdads 4 AKA “Craw-Dad: America’s Dog.” it’s an anthology of unlicensed material by Claire Donner, Lala Albert, GW Duncanson, Michael Litven, Ben Urkowitz, Taylor Wallis and Katbus