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She says she doesnt replay to her messages regarding her artworks usage Its not clear whether she okay with it or not though :I

thank you so much for answering! when i tried translating it i also noticed she didn’t mention anything about the actual usage of her art and she only talked about replies, but i still wanted to make sure. thanks again!

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Dear girlfriend :D

ahaha :)

Dear Girlfriend,

I love you and I miss you.  And i’m maybe counting down the days until I can see you again.  I honestly never thought I would find someone like you and that shockingly you would feel the same way.  It’s been hard for me in some ways just to believe that someone could love me at all and to believe that maybe I deserve that.  Often, I don’t feel like I deserve you.  Your sweet and talented (your anniversary art for example fbkjfrkfdkj) and perfect to me, even if you don’t think that way about yourself.  Keep being you and let’s work towards being together in the same country one day :P

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Sexy Birthday senpai ~ :*D Hope you have an awesome day! I looove your fan art/fiction posts, please live on my dash forever <3

asd;fkaj;ljlksd LIKEWISE

rubs face on THANK YOU SO MUCH <3333

gvsachertorte replied to your post: Hoho~ this is interesting! Hmmm I’d say you’re servant!Leo? Not only for your love for books but also for your power player side XD I was watching you cooking, sewing and taking shower… as in giving a lesson to my broken boiler. I still didn’t get a table thrown at me yet but eventually I will…

yes, well you don’t have a table in your house so…

Oh… yes I can be rather violent I suppose… hey, your boiler had it coming!  I made it work, didn’t I? so no complaints!

gvsachertorte replied to your post: So yepe I was looking for a nice shot of Vincent’s…

I need to go back to the scene! Are you implying that she can be promoted to be a key character in the end? :D

Oh it is more of the range of faith rather than imply XD Come on, Ada spent 10 years of her life looking for the reason of Oz being pushed in the Abyss and how to bring him back, she has heard of and read many things, including a lot of black magic, there is no way she had no contact with anything mentionning chains or contracts or anything. Plus if you look at the her book cover it is like 99% sure she is a contractor as well. That plus her being a strong woman and stubborn and gentle and come on she has Oscar for uncle and Oz for big bro, she HAS to be awesome, and she is always surprising, and even if I hate to compare anything concerning Black Butler to Pandora Hearts, to me she is the Lizzie of the manga.