x-al3x asked:

i guess just set your page to have infinite scroll?? so that you dont have to change pages.

That’s what I have right now but the problem is infinite scroll seems to be lagging a lot of people’s computers. Plus, the page changes anyway when you go to a different page of my blog (so if you wanna check out my about me and such you can’t without resetting the music player)

I know for a fact it’s possible to avoid this but I can’t find a coDE ANYWHERE.

x-al3x asked:

i got on my 3DS today to see you playing animal crossing for a while and then play again and now theres animal crossing on my dash i dont know why this is making me laughing omfg. you have an obsession dont you


you know what sucks, getting a mosquito bite on your eyelid and it swelling to where your eye just closes up a little


a lot of people have been overly fascinated at my gel ink tattoos??? i really really really like the white one, but my white pen is starting to run low so im going to be going with another color next time //sob

prob blue or something

enjoy i guess???