guzman twins

i found it -- my favorite screenshot from newsies live

i mean look at them . everyones face is gold

Okay but honestly I have so many feelings about Newsies right now. I’m in love with them all.

newsie name appreciation

we all know the newsie names that’ve been there since paper mill, but with added newsies to the live capture some new newsie names where bound to surface.

Kid Blink - Andy Richardson deservedly so

Hot Shot - JP Ferreri because what else would jp chose

Vince / Myron - Stephen Hernandez sure, why not

Kenny - Jack Sippel to honor kenny ortega the director of newsies ‘92

Willie / Bart - Andrew Wilson you do you Andrew 

and its worth mentioning that the Guzman twins, David and Jacob, played Mike and Ike.


Step Up: All In - High Voltage


I sketched up some of my fave noosies the other day! (Both obc and film cast, because, why not?)



Also, let me address the elephant in the room: …yes, I’m that aware I drew Les and Mike but not Davey or Ike…that was not purposeful. It was mostly because:
A. I ran out of room on my paper, and
B. I actually, believe it or not, had no idea there was an “Ike” in the obc. I honestly thought that was something they made up because of the Guzman twins, I didn’t even know Brendon played an actual Newsie until yesterday… so that’s the awkward truth behind the missing counterparts. I’m sorry Brendon, I love you!! I’ll draw you next!

Can we talk about the Guzman twins for a second
  • They originally turned down Newsies because it meant them not working together
  • They were on Broadway before the graduated high school
  • They graduated together on a Broadway stage, after completing senior year while performing in Newsies
  • Went on to be Lost Boys in Peter Pan Live!
  • Jacob was America’s Male Dance of the Year at age 16
  • They’re 20 years old and have already been on Broadway and TV

Can we take moment to acknowledge how many Newsies cast members are on Hamilton right now?

BOTH of the Guzman twins are in separate productions (David on Broadway, Jacob on tour/San Francisco)

Thayne Jasperson(Ensemble. U/S for John Laurens, Philip Hamilton and King George) is on Broadway with David Guzman (Swing).

John Michael Fiumara (Ensemble) is in Chicago.

Jacob Guzman (Swing is on tour.

These were the Newsies at the BCEFA flea market

DeMarius Copes
Tommy Martinez
Damon Gillespie
Jordan Samuels
Morgan Keene
Nick Masson
Kara Lindsay
Ben Cook
Danny Quadrino
Luca Padovan
Giuseppe Bausilio
Anthony Zas
Josh Burrage
Jack Sippel
Andrew Wilson
David Guzman
Anthony Rosenthal


I missed Morgan, Giuseppe, and Jordan completely, and I only saw Ben and DeMarius at the selfie stage and Anthony Rosenthal roaming around.

Highlights included:

  • Andrew and Zas being asked to flex for almost all the pictures
  • Nick Masson wandering off and freaking out every time someone walked by with a dog (because he had to pet the dog, and I don’t blame him one bit)
  • Kara Lindsay showing up and one of the guys (I think it was Tommy) shoving her trading card in her face
  • Some girl doing the splits on the ground (good for her, I guess, but 45th street is gross)
  • Ben Fankhauser going on many face journeys
  • Apparently Ben riffed after I left? Why did I leave?
  • Luca had a lot of visitors from the cast of School of Rock
  • Several people taking bets on which Guzman twin was up there (and I knew it was David because he’s the only one in NY right now)
Being Andy Richardson’s Younger Sister:

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the best goof

-andy is honestly the best older brother anyone could ask for

-you’re four years younger than him, so it’s a pretty substantial difference

-you were kind of lost for a while when he went up to new york to perform on broadway

-how does one continue on with their normal life when a crucial part of it now lives an hour away?

-sure it wasn’t the largest distance, but you couldn’t just see him every day now

-he’s really goofy around you

-will pick you up and throw you over his shoulder

-there have been several tickle fights that have escalated into tickle wars where peace treaties have had to be sign

-example: the great tickle was of ‘08

-sides were bruised and rugburn was recieved, you often have flashbacks

-when you were really little, you loved pretending you were a doctor

-you would give him impromptu checkups that consisted of checking his heart by pressing you head to his chest and giving him medicine that was actually cranberry juice

-he kept you away from the cast for a while because they’re loud and inappropriate most of the time

-and for the majority of the time before you did inevitably meet them, you were only twelve

-but then, when you had taken a bus to stay with him at your grandparents for the weekend, you walked to the theatre and were abducted by vincent and rj

-andy was freaking out when you didn’t meet him outside the stage door like you had planned

-he was running everywhere trying to find you and the guys were just sitting there, confused

-“andy, there’s nothing under the counter for the fourth time you checked it.  what are you doing?”

-“my sister as supposed to be here half an hour ago and if something happened to her gran and pa will kill me-“

-“you mean the girl with vincent and rj?”


-he was there in a split second and you were being suffocated in a hug before you could say anything

-the hug was quickly followed by a smack to the back of your head

-“what the heck, y/n?” “what did I do?!” “you had me worried sick!”


-you were, from then on out, adored by the entire cast

-andy knew once you finally met them that would happen bc what’s not to love?

-fast forward two years, you’re fourteen and andy’s eighteen and playing crutchie

-you come to live with him and your grandparents because your mom and dad had been dealing (and doing) drugs & got caught

-andy’s pretty small and you are too, even more so

-which makes the cast think you’re younger than you are

-this lead to getting to ride on mike faist’s shoulders bc that boy is a tol and you are a smol

-it also leads to randomly getting picked up

-but they all still love you, the original cast and the newer ones

-the newer guys just had to get used to this little teen girl occasionally popping up in their dressing room

-you had only been in eighth grade for a few weeks when your grandparents got in a car wreck and both of them passed away

-they were coming to pick you up from the theatre bc you had been backstage with the guys (you were in that day’s #sip)

-you feel responsible for their death but would never tell anyone that

-andy is now your legal guardian and it’s placed on his shoulders to plan the funeral

-you and he drift apart a bit after their death

-you start passing all your classes with unreasonably high scores because you don’t do anything but study and work on your classwork

-andy is worried about you but whenever he brings it up you say you do have friends but they’re all in your classes at school

-your sixteen when andy joins the touring production of newsies and you come along because he can’t leave you alone at the apartment

-you enroll in an online high school and andy really can observe how unsocial you are when you don’t go away for the majority of the day

-he asks the oldsies for advice because you are his sister but he’s practically raising you now

-he asks the guys (ben, sky, josh, demarius, dan, anthony, and the guzman twins) for help and he underestimates what he signed up for by doing so

-they force you to come out with them but you do have fun despite literally being carried out of andy’s dressing room by sky at the beginning

-you become great friends with ben because he’s closest to your age

-everything’s better than it has been in a while until andy confronts you about literally never talking to anyone but him for two years

-a pretty nasty argument follows until you’re screaming about how your grandparents dying was your fault and you run out of the hotel crying

-you pass plenty of the cast on your way (they had been poking their heads into the hallway confusedly)

-there’s a giant search party for you that involves most of the cast

-david and jacob eventually find you and try to bring you back to the hotel but you refuse to

-they call andy and get him to come talk to you

-“don’t you ever think that gran and pa dying was your fault.  a buzzed college student ran a red light and hit the car directly, that had nothing to do with you”

-lots of tears and hugs

-you wake up that morning closer than ever before

-you’re much more sociable with the cast and everyone without the weight of guilt from your grandparents’ death

-wowie, went into a third page on my word doc, lez go