Mysterious Guy/ Mr. X

There’s this guy that’s been on my bus for a while now..and he’s so quiet…there’s like this vibe of mystery around him. He’s sort of like me on the bus, he doesn’t really talk to anyone (unless someone talks to him or whatever) and just listens to music the whole time. Most likely to tune out that annoying girl behind us that flirts with the freshmen guys on the bus… xD

But anyway, he’s really, really nice. Not to mention cute… And I know he’s a total gentleman. He’s really quiet, and seems like the type to have only a few, really close friends. I don’t mean to imply that he;s not well liked or anything, but he seems like one of those of people who only let a certain few see who he really is and lets only a select few see him with his guard down, you know? Plus, he dresses so niiiiiice. Don’t mean to sound a bit superficial here, but I do greatly appreciate guys that actually make an effort to look like they didn’t just jump out of the bed and throw on some basketball shorts/tracksuit and brush their teeth and walk out of the door. 

Somehow, he manages to make his style look really rugged…like ruggedly attractive. He has really nice clothes, but somehow it comes off as this like casual I-don’t-really-try-but-I-look-good-anyway kind of look. Even his obviously brand new Sperrys look so comfortable and worn. 

I honestly don’t even know why I’m writing about Guy X…but something about him makes me so curious. I mean…