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I’ve been in a PPG/Ed Edd n’ Eddy fanart mood recently so I’ve been doing fanart of that on deviantART. Explains THIS WEEK’s lack of activity! I’ve always wanted the mayor to appear in this comic as Femmy’s almost-senile grandfather which explains why everyone acts retarded without any consequences. There you go, some Plant Pals lore!

Voltron is Legend of Zelda

I had…an epiphany.

It all started with the similarities between Zarkon and Ganondorf

We certainly know how much they both value Power…how much they desire to seize control of the strongest known force in the world/universe:

…so much that they kill the king…

(Can’t find an image for LoZ, but it has certainly been implied before; especially in OoT.)

…and quickly assume dominion over the world/universe.

There are also the witches with close ties to their respective king/emperor:

Not to mention the beautiful princesses who possess magical abilities:

And how they, too, wield a piece of the ultimate force! (Allura with the Blue Lion, Zelda with the Triforce of Wisdom)

The princesses are also quite adept at disguising themselves:

And they have their most trusted companions (and possible parental figures) at their sides:

Oh, but it gets better!

Several powerful objects must be gathered and used as one to even stand a chance against the evil ruler:

Also, the five Temples from Ocarina of Time sort of represent the Lions (at least in my opinion)!

Black = Shadow

Green = Forest

Red = Fire

Blue = Water

Yellow = Spirit (or –to better fit with Yellow’s elemental trope– more like Earth, since it’s found in the desert)

Speaking of our hero(es), we can’t forget that they, too, wield part of the ultimate force – those being the other four Lions and Link’s Triforce of Courage.

Voltron can also represent Link himself! A mighty hero who transcends time and space to fight evil!

Conclusion: The writers are nerds. I also finally found an explanation for the Triforce constantly appearing in the Castle’s star maps.

Like, dude. It’s everywhere.

And some weird part of my soul keeps associating this guy

with this guy

TLDR; Voltron = Space Zelda

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hey!!! i'm super excited to read your works and to kick things off, how about some first kiss headcanons with yuuri, yuri, and viktor???


  • heaven help him heS SO NERVOUS BECAUSE YOU LOOK SO CUTE???
  • Like he’s blushing so much and he’s just a nervous and stuttering mess
  • His glasses fog up before and after the kiss and heS SO EMBARRASSED 
  • The kiss is very short but very sweet and gentle, plus Yuuri wears chapstick so his lips are nice and soft
  • He pretty much becomes more blushy and flustered after but he says that he liked the kiss because he’s kissing you

【 YURI 】

  • okay but he and Yuuko aren’t even dating and he was embarrassed by her saying his name so cAN YOU IMAGINE hIM?
  • He likes to think to himself that he’s not blushing but he has a small blush dusting his cheeks and he kinda is just “ ē//^\ē”
  • The kiss can go either way - it’s going to either be short and rushed or short and the classic “sudden shoujo kiss” 
  • he’s really happy afterward and has all these cute tiny smiles 
  • cue protective Yurio because now that the first kiss has happened, he just wraps an arm around your waist all nice and protective 


  • he’s experienced so it’s pretty easy for him to hint into wanting to kiss you ( but like of course he waits until you’re ready this guy is great he doesn’t want to do anything without your permission )
  • Unlike the other boys he’s not embarrassed because of his personality and charisma so he’s just a confident guy
  • With the kiss, he cups your cheeks in his hand or puts one hand at the back of your head
  • It’s long and sweet if you dont pull away right away ( but if you do thats fine he understands )
  • Afterwards he just takes your hands and holds them, saying that he loves you and he’s happy to have been able to kiss you
Things that should be illegal:
  • That guy
  • With the crimson red hair
  • And the heterochromatic eyes
  • Who is absolute
  • And the Captain of Rakuzan
  • Known as the emperor
  • Who threatened to gouge his eyes out
  • And made me fall in love with him
  • It’s Akashi
  • Akashi should be illegal

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Okay, so my real life sexual fantasies are boring as hell, they just pretty much involve really tall dudes. But, throw me in a room with Samuel fucking Winchester? WHOO! Now that would be fun. I'm not talking soulless Sam. I'm talking giant, sweet, there's a dominant side in there somewhere, moose Sam Winchester. Every fantasy I've ever had involves that man. In my mind, he knows how to do literally anything and everything I could ever want. *panting* sorry, don't mind me! *blushes*

Holy crap…yes. I totally concur. That’s one hell of a fantasy! I like it! 

I mean, imagine this guy

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with this mouth

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Imagine the things he would do to you??? mmmm yessss @oriona75 don’t you agree???

So about a month ago at our slam there was a guy who did a poem that made everyone a little enraged, and this was my response.

A sensitive dude’s guide to erotic poetry
Fucking a trauma survivor doesn’t make you a feminist hero

She opens and closes
opens and closes
opens and closes
her legs
for other guys

And that makes me sad
cause I’m a sensitive guy

who can tell how broken she is

One time she told me how she’d been assaulted
how she’d been abused

and then it all made sense why she wouldn’t let me touch her

and that made me so pissed at the guy who hurt her
Because of him it was really hard for me to have sex with her
because I’m a sensitive dude
like, a real sensitive dude
and I care about her feelings
I’m so great

I wanted it to be special, not like it was with all those other guys
I didn’t want to hurt her
with my dick
I wanted to heal her

with my dick

when she starts crying and hyperventilating I stop
Because I’m a really great
sensitive guy

and then I start kissing her again
with all the passion for her I’ve held back
like a dam holds back a flood I unleash myself on her

Because the only thing can stop a bad guy with a dick
Is a good guy
with a dick

like my dick is a gun and I leave the safety on when we make love so tenderly
and our bodies move against each other like two rose petals rubbing together
until we’re a pulpy mess on the bed

and I’m telling you about her because this
Is poetry
and it was really sad how she was raped
and I couldn’t have sex with her
until I did

and I was so good to her that she forgot how to be traumatized
I cured her
with my dick
this girl I used to date

We’re not dating anymore though
Turns out she
was totally crazy!

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dude! yandere sim is made by a possible pedophile? hes fetishizing the murder and torture of middle schoolers (he claims theyre highschoolers but he uses middle school uniforms...) just a psa!

dude! the possible pedophile thing is bullshit spread by a girl who apparently stalked him, the panty shots are a japanese anime/manga trope (disgusting, but still a trope) that he is actually considering replacing with something more and even censored, and it’s a game where he literally keeps telling you you’re the bad guy
with this, nobody should play games such as hitman, because it implies murder as well? team fortress 2 because it takes war lightly?? hello neighbor, because it’s about you actually stalking and entering in someone else’s house???

don’t like, don’t play fam

Poetry: ‘The Girl with the Ice Cream Eyes’ | S.T. Cartledge

He can’t take his eyes off those ice cream eyes,
those swirls and lines
so soft
and sweet
and melting down her face.

He can’t take his eyes off those ice cream eyes,
if looks could taste
so soft-
-ly sweet-
-ly slowly melting,
dripping down her chin,

A quiet beauty held within.

What a shame to let it go to waste.

She makes jealous every guy
with her ice cream eyes made for
long and longing stares,
eyes which drip and smother
that melting feeling, that
summer delight.

What eyes a mother knows
would thrill a guy, maybe
make him crazy enough to kill.

What blood would spill, what
strawberry syrup, what a sundae
on her face.

But her head is a freezer,
she’s cold, and
she sure as shit is not a pleaser.

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Home Improvement, Parts 1 & 2

by January Gill O’Neil

Home Improvement, Part 1

Home Depot makes me weep.
I travel down aisles like a tourist
in the kingdom of tools
as I look for an extension cord,
a rake, lawn bags—
things you took with you
when you left for good.
I push the metal cart,
quiet as a carriage,
along the hardest of cement floors,
so unforgiving it makes my back ache.
Look at all that needs replacing:
wrenches, screws, a drill.
I reach for caulk to rim the bathtub,
a fluorescent light to replace
the burned-out halo
that flickers above my head
as I move about the kitchen.
There is no permanence
in these objects,
but a sort of emptiness
from what remains.
How unfair
to be in this big-box store
with its sky-high shelves,
and rows and rows of normal.

Home Improvement, Part 2

Friday nights are the best nights to meet men
at Home Depot. I travel down the aisles like a tourist
in the kingdom of tools looking for a weekend warrior,
someone a full score younger helping to re-stake
a friend’s fence post, or building a rocking horse for his niece.
I need wrenches, screws, a drill—things taken when my ex
left for good.
                        Home Depot, home of the handy,
the amateur professional, and me with my Hi,
can you help me? look. Give me the guy
with the ratty college T-shirt, slim build, and galvanized grip,
a real DIY-er with the I-haven’t-shaved-in-two-days grin.
Can you help me? I need hardware to mount
my flat screen. The smell of cedar is everywhere.
I’m fingering an edger in a wall full of edgers.
And what about spackle?
                        I need a sledgehammer.
Walls torn down and put back up. A fresh coat of paint
on new life. How unfair to be in this normal store
with its rows and rows of beautiful. I need a satin finish.

The patriarchs
send an IT guy
with a smile
in his beard
and a soft
analytical song
on his lips

To ferret out
the malware
our operating system

And to conceal
the fact
that the problem
is really :

That the fucked up
operating system
is patriarchy itself

And most of us
run on it