“I’m just trappin thru the snow,
Sellin 9 half a bricks in four ways,
Over the hills we go,
Got an extendo and an AK!” - Gucci Mane

Lmaoooooo, Happy Holidays guysssssss ♥

I whipped up some cute Christmas sweaters so your sims can be fabulously ratchet this holiday season. Before you download my recolors be sure to cop the meshes from their awesome creators! (all swatches not pictured)

Male Mesh (sn: it’s younzoey’s legendary crewneck mesh, if you don’t have it already get it from the .zip included in the link <—-)

Female Mesh: Thanks @puresims!

Alrighty, now that you got those out the way download my recolors under da cuttt  ↓

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A/N: Wanna let you know that request are open, i will try my best.

Steve has created the chatroom

Steve has added Sam, Bucky, Natasha, Vision, Wanda and Clint.

Steve: Guys, I need help, asap.

Nat: Look, look, look, someone’s catching up with the slang.

Steve: Yeah, whatever.

Steve: Look guys, I am in big trouble.

Clint: What is it cap?

Wanda: Is Pietro screwing with you, again?

Bucky: Wanda, LANGUAGE!!

Wanda: Shit.

Bucky: Wanda, you’re making it worse.

Steve:  Guysssssss.

Wanda: Well it just slipped out.

Sam: Well young lady, you should be more careful.

Vision: I am not sure why that are you obligated or that you have a permission to call Miss Maximof, quote “Young Lady”.

Steve: Really?

Clint: Uh, oh, someone’s getting jealous.

Bucky: See Sam, you are smarter when you’re quiet.

Sam: And you’re smarter when you’re frozen. Just FYI.

Nat: Low.

Steve: GUYSS.

Wanda: Am I deaf, or did something hit the wall?

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: Guys, I am a billionaire but I do not appreciate it when you break my stuff.

Clint: I’ve heard it too.

Sam: Same

Bucky: Yeah.

Steve: I am not apologizing.

Nat: Cap, you wanna start another Civil War?

Clint: Well this time, I am out.

Bucky: #StillMissMyHand.

Sam: #StillDontCare


Tony: Oh greedy little brat.

Wanda: You have the attention all around the world, what would you possibly need more?

Steve: Help with Y/N.

Clint: Oh buddy, what did you do this time?

Tony: Did you get her pregnant?

Bucky: Did you ate her food?


Sam: Hold on.

Nat: Wanda I owe you 10 bucks.


Nat: Would like that 10 bucks back please.

Clint: Tony, think you used the wrong term, you know, kids this day call it differently.

Vision: Mr. Stark, I think the term you’re looking for is “Fonduing”.

Steve: We are not fonduing or anything else. But I need help with her.

Sam: What, you don’t know where to put it.

Tony: I think he does, and he does it very good.

Tony: At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

Clint: Wanda, Nat, money now.

Bucky: My sweet, little boy.

Bucky: Oh they grow up so fast.

Sam: Details, now.


Nat has added Thor, Bruce, Peter, Pietro and T’Challa.

Nat: Welcome to the party.

Bruce: What? Steve and Y/N? I SHIP IT!!

Thor: Mister Barns, I though Steve was your friend not your son.

Pietro: He’s not his son. That the slang I’ve been teaching you about.

Thor: Alrighty then.

T’Challa: I am not fan of drama; I would rather watch those Kardashians than you. And I have better job to do. Like rule a country.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Peter: What is fonduing?

Tony: You’re too young for that, kid.

Vision: I think Steve is unconfutable enough, maybe we should listen about his problem.

Clint: I like teasing him more but fine. Spill it out cap.

Steve: Thank you Vision.

Clint: Hey I am on your side too.

Steve: So anyway.

Bucky: She didn’t like it?

Nat: She faked an orgasm?

Wanda: You didn’t last long enough?

Tony: How could he, if he was playing Sleeping beauty for seventy years.

Bruce: You forgot about Peter?

Thor: You shouldn’t keep secrets from him. In asgard, kids at the age of five know how humans are made.

Peter I know how they’re made.

Pietro: Well this is getting boring.

Pietro: I am gonna watch pewdiepie.

Pietro: Vision are you coming?

Pietro has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Steve: It wasn’t anything sexual.

Nat: So did you ate her food?

Bucky: Oh, buddy.

Sam: As a wise man once said.

Sam: Better start running.

Tony: Well why didn’t the wise man run himself?

Sam: Hey it’s not my fault that she runs like an animal.

Clint: Careful Sam, Steve will beat you up if you talk badly about his best girl.

Clint: Wait does that mean you’re over Peggy, and her niece Sharon?

Bruce: You don’t bring the ex’s up. also I prefer Y/N.

Steve: you know what guys I don’t need your help.

Steve: I will get this

Steve: on my…

Y/N has joined the chat.

Y/N: Now will you tell me, who’s…


Sam: I got something else very important to do, still not sure what it is but it’s very important.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky: And he needs my help.

Bucky has left the chat

Y/N: The next one who tries to run away ‘s gonna have a big problem.

Y/N: Now I want to discuss about one thing, and let get this straight once for all, okay?


Y/N: Oh and Tony, start running.

Tony: What, wh-

Tony has been disconnected.

Y/N has left the chat.

Clint: Wait what just happened?

Wanda: I don’t like this.

Wanda has left the chat.

Bruce: I think we should leave the tower and don’t come back for at least a year.

Nat: I am with you on that.

Bruce has left the chat

Nat has left the chat.

Thor: Why is everybody so afraid of Lady Y/N? she is strong, and you should fear her, but she won’t hurt us.

Clint: Oh buddy.

Peter: Cap, what did you need help with? Maybe I can help?

Steve: Have you read game of thrones?

Peter: yes, why?

Steve: I will be over in a minute.

Steve has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Clint: Well it’s just you and me buddy.

Thor has left the chat.

Clint: Oh go to hell.

Clint has left the chat.

hey you guysssssss. i’ve got a question for you!! i know there are a lot of mclennon shippers here (me included, hi!) but personally, i have my doubts when it comes to the timeless ‘But was mclennon a Really Real Thing That Really Actually Happened?’ question, lol. sometimes i think it was, sometimes i think it wasn’t, most of the time i’m somewhere in the middle sobbing about both of them and how unfair it all is.

(also, with this i mean something physical happening. i’m not talking about the platonic relationship many of us think they had, but about them having… idk. sex. an affair. a wonderful summer wedding. whatever you believe)

so, yeah! one of the things that makes me doubtful about mclennon being a Real Physical Thing is the undeniable existence of… *drumroll* julian, lol. i see a lot of people here who think paul and john had a serious relationship, or people who think they were exclusive, but–it’s clear as day that john had also a serious relationship with cyn. so! i want to know your opinions :) do you think they were together? if so, was it before jules? after? at the same time? were they non-exclusive?

also, i do not do not do not under any circumstance want this to turn into some kind of angry argument, lol. i’ll respect any opinions, and ask that you respect mine <3

MYTHOLOGY MEME → {02/?} Mortals

MEDUSA - in classical mythology, fair maiden, golden-haired priestess of Athena, devoted to a life of celibacy; however, when wooed by Poseidon, fell for him, forgetting her vows and marrying him. The affront to Athena, who already was jealous of Medusa’s beauty, would not go unpunished. So Medusa was turned by Athena into a Gorgon, usually represented as a winged creature with a head of hair consisting of snakes. Medusa was the only Gorgon who was mortal; hence her slayer, Perseus, helped by the goddess Athena, was able to hunt her down and kill her by cutting off her head.