guyssss..comeback fast


I grew up Catholic. I don’t go to church anymore but I went on Christmas Eve with my parents (cause you know how you lie to your parents?). So we go into the church and I was like “I got this under control!” And then I got schooled, because they introduced a bunch of new shit!

John Mulaney’s “The Comeback Kid” | Premieres Nov. 13 on Netflix

B.A.P reaction to having a shorter GF


*bends down all the way to kiss you*

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You’d probably get the most teasing from this idiot here.

He’d bend down to your level and ‘oh, I didn’t see you all the way down there’ and when you get angry, he’d get all sulky

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Would find you the most adorable thing in the world and would probably freak out about anything you did, even when you punch him.

'Wahh, how can you be so cute!’

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Would pop up at random places to ruin your life

'So tell me, how does it feel to be shorter than an ant…squished into the ground…by a hulk sized foot?’ He says, talking to a heart-shaped watermelon


Did someone say, cutest back hugs in the world?!

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Would probably do things like rest his arms on your head or give you piggy backs so you can see at a concert. Cute little things like that, because to him it doesn’t matter if your short, you can use his height to your advantage

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