Master Post

*Side Note: This blog is still very new so it doesn’t have the biggest variety of characters yet or any fanfictions. As time goes on more and more will be added. Enjoy ~ 

(x) requested, feel free to request any of these at any point in time. My request box never closes.

The Guys As_gifs

All Games

Horror movies

The Bidders

Game of Thrones


As Lana Del Rey

At Christmas

At their Wedding (x)

Reaction to MC’s Death (Angst)

Soryu Oh gif set

Eisuke Ichinomiya gif set

Captain Jack Sparrow

Kissing in the rain

The Addams Family


Disney Villains

Barney Stinson

Sam & Dean Winchester

Empire Quotes

Regina George

Texting (Fluff)

Disney Songs

MC in Lingerie 

Making Out (Fluff)

Scenes from Famous Romance Movies

Harry Potter

Doctor Who

The Princes

Disney Princesses

The Gods

Spirit Animals

After their First Time with MC

King of the Heavens gif set (NSFW) (x)

The Revance Guys

Halloween Costumes


Voltage Aesthetics

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Ota Kisaki

Soryu Oh

Eisuke after Someone Close to MC Dies

Scandal in the Spotlight

Kyohei Rikudoh

Star Crossed Myth


Fanfiction and Drabbles

Star Crossed Myth

Ichthys Halloween Drabble (x)

Voltage Imagines

All Games

Marrying your Bias

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Getting a Horse (x)

Falling into Wonderland (x)

Be my Princess 2

Solider Coming Home (x)

Be my Princess

As Vampires (x)

Finally in Love Again

Making Dessert (x)


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

The Bidders

My Sweet Bodyguard

Daichi Katsuragi (x)


Just Voltage-y Things

Bubble bath

Wanting to See your Favorite Artist

In their Arms

If they are your Boyfriend

Ivan Chernenkov


Kyohei (outta this world)


Kissed by the Baddest Bidder 

Eisuke after Someone Close to MC Dies

Making Out (Fluff)

Star Crossed Myth

After their First Time with MC

Random (Voltage) Stuff

Yamato would be proud

My Two Demon Butlers 

If Eisuke was a Girl

Case Closed

Muse x Revance

When you get School Pictures

That Moment When

When I Think Of Voltage Guys

Kiss of Revenge