Kiss the Boy - Theo and Liam 6x20

There you see him

Standing all up in in your way

He don’t got a lot to say

But there’s something about him

And you don’t know why

But you’re dying to try

You wanna kiss the boy

Yes, you want him

Look at him you know you do

It’s possible he wants you too

There’s one way to ask him

It don’t take a word, not a single word

Go on and kiss the boy

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Looks like the boy’s too shy

Ain’t gonna kiss the guy

Sha la la la la la

Ain’t that sad

It’s such a shame, too bad

You’re gonna miss the boy

Now’s your moment

Standing in the elevator door

Boy, you better hit the floor

No time will be better

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Looks like the boy’s too shy

Ain’t gonna kiss the guy

A song about Thiam not kissing.

[Full Ment] KCON17LA D&E ment~

our boys are so cheesy 😂
D&E said SJ’s new album will release very very soon! Full speaking in English 💙👏👍

After “ I Wanna Dance” Performing. D&E MNet:
Hyuk: Thank You
Hae: Hey..
Hyuk: What’s Up LA
D&E: 123… Hello everyone. we are SUPERJUNIOR Donghae & Eunhyuk, We are Super Juni-oyo
Hae: Hi huys.My name is Donghaeee. Nice to meet you guys.Are you havn fun?Yeah….It’s been awhile since the last time i saw you guys. Haven’t meet you for 2 years.right? i’m so glad to have the honor to see you guys. I hope you guys fun tonight.Thank you I love you all Thank you.
Hyuk: Hi everyone,Im eunhyuk…. it took a while to see you guys again.I’ve been missing you so much. didn’t you guys missed me too??!!@ guys don’t know how much i think of you, & YES…..I’m sorry i didn’t come often.however SUPERJUNIOR’s new Album will be released SOON
Hae: Very SOON.
Hyuk: Very Very Soon… so please give us a lot if support.Okay thank you love you guys .
Hae: Okay coming up next is ddeodo oppa [oppa oppa]. I need your help guys..If i say Donghae..then you have to say “Oppa”. alright?! Let’s practice it now…I say donghae you say oppa,,
Fans: Oppa!!!
Fans: OPPA
Fans: OPPA
Fans: OPPA
Hyuk: lET’S GET IT~

At the end of Oppa Oppa!
D&E: Urineun Super Juni-or
Hyuk: thank you guys
Hae” love you
we love you
Thank you



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here’s the babysitter au we all needed :)


  • so got7, in this au, is not a group but a babysitting company
  • it was started when these seven friends realized they needed hella cash in high school and were average with children
  • it was literally jaebum going “do you guys wanna start a babysitting thing? like for money?” and they were all like “yeah sure why not”
  • jaebum is the kind of babysitter that you look at and you’re not really sure if he’s a babysitter or if he just bench presses the kids
  • but really he seems really stern and kinda scary to the kids at first but that’s bc he’s trying to seem responsible to the parents
  • as soon as the parents leave however, jaebum and one of the kids have a staring contest and as soon as she blinks a smile breaks out on his face and he’s like “you blinked! you have to help me make the cookies now”

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FHJDBH HONESTLy everyone knows Lance = space Sokka but I can’t get over how Keith seems even more like space Zuko now because:

  • fire and color red (that one’s pretty obvious, duh)
  • mr broody emo of the group
  • but also a dork inside
  • hothead, often acts without thinking
  • angery™
  • black hair + pretty bad hairstyle??
  • is a part of a nation/race that started a war and is pretty much ruling over the rest of the world now, and that the main characters are fighting with (Galra Empire and Fire Nation)
  • missing mOTHER
  • wants to search for his mother (family) after they’ll defeat the bad guys
  • has a dagger given to him by a family member
  • I’m probably forgetting sth but yup, Keith = space Zuko?? especially after season 2, I mean come on

I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Because fun :)

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  • Ok, before I start, can we pls appreciate what an amazeballs superhero Hyunwoo would be?
  • Like mhm, I’d totally tap that what no I said nothing
  • Anyway, so you and Shownu have never met
  • You’ve seen him on the news a couple of times
  • He usually looks uncomfortable when the interviewers ask him questions
  • Like, he’ll be biting his lip all the time and awkwardly shuffling his feet
  • And you usually think ‘and this guy is a superhero???

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anonymous asked:

the boys as part of a horror film

if ikon where a part of a horror movie lORD they would not make it alive r.i.p lol i based them on horror movie cliché characters thanks for requesting & have a great day/night! also tw - death, mild sexual content

-admin em

a group of friends in their last year of high school, they go on a winter break to the mountains, a supposedly cursed place where many have lost their lives. they are all in the living room at night, and then the power goes off and then one by one each of them gets killed off in usual and creative methods, some believe that it is the work of evil spirits extracting vengeance, others believe that it is a deranged killer and some don’t believe it it at all. who would survive till the end of the night to see the next day? (i played too much until dawn smfh)

Jinhwan - the killer

  • seems like the least least likely to be the killer
  • he seems really pushy to have this winter break all together
  • he organized the accommodation
  • he was the one that informed the rest of the group
  • tells all the scary stories when the power goes off (which he caused)
  • the first one to get ‘killed’
  • he actually staged his death and works behind the scenes to kill the rest off
  • he has a motive, and only reveals it during the end of the climactic fight
  • he harbours a deep obsession with his friends and doesn’t want them to leave him after high school, he deduced that if he can’t have them, then no one can
  • he relies on the mountains reputation to provide the backdrop
  • he wears a mask to cover his identity
  • in the end he is killed by chanwoo and thrown off the edge of the mountain
  • but like any good slasher/horror film, the killer somehow survives (and that’s when the sequel continues)

Yunhyeong - the stoner

  • the free easygoing member who doesn’t care about the place being scary
  • he believes that there are ghost, but they are not bad
  • no one really takes him seriously but when people start dispersing, his altered senses aid him 
  • you know, that guy “yooooo duuuuuude if the earth is round round, does that really mean ball is life”
  • tries to hold seances after they learn of the haunted place
  • he is the second to last to die
  • he dies after checking if the coast is clear, but due to his altered state, hears voices that to him where the spirits asking him for help
  • but instead it gives away where he is to the killer and is killed horribly
  • with a fire axe, he is hacked and left to die
  • he is especially close to chanwoo and promised to protect him when it was just them two alone
  • tries to get it on with junhoe but fails

Bobby - the jock

  • hot guy whoop whoop
  • tries to put his D in everything that moves
  • he has an on and off thing with junhoe
  • “don’t worry, i’ll protect you” ;))))
  • bullies playfully donghyuk and hanbin
  • tries plenty of times to flirt with chanwoo, even though he says no every time
  • he brings the beers and intend this trip to be a time for drinking and having sexy times
  • when the power goes off, he nominates him and junhoe to find other sources of light and heat
  • but really it for sexy times
  • halfway through they hear a weird sound and he after being pestered to, checks it out, the killer pops up and then tries to kill him
  • he overpowers the killer and runs off into the snowy mountains ditching junhoe
  • he is cold and hungry and nearly passed out in the snow
  • he sees a figure holding a torch and thinks it to be someone helping him
  • but no, it was the killer, and instead of killing him straight away he sucked on his dingus 

Hanbin - the sceptic

  • uptight and sceptical about everything
  • he doesn’t believe in ghost or evil spirits
  • when the rest tell scary stories, he is the one who ruins everything
  • “you idiots, there are no such things it’s just your imagination acting up”
  • but when the lights go off he is probably the most scared out of all of them
  • he stays closed to group and doesn’t want to look around
  • “i’m not scared! the power will come on in the morning!”
  • but when they are getting killed off one by one, he becomes paranoid
  • he doesn’t know what to believe, that ghosts are responsible or if a serial killer is on the loose
  • when he is left alone, he is so sacred and begs the spirits to spare him
  • he’d go on about how a good person he was and how he had not done anything to deserve this
  • the killer hiding in the shadows pretend to be a ghost and scares him
  • he falls down the stair the fright an injures his legs, he realizes who it was and crawls desperately away
  • he dies with a blow to the head

Donghyuk - the nerd

  • your stereotypical nerd
  • trust him to crack jokes whenever
  • he also doesn’t believe in ghosts but instead of outright dismiss them, has scientific reasons for it
  • “no guys, what we see it the effect of light bending the a certain angle to project pictures”
  • he takes part though in summoning the spirits as it is all in good fun
  • but when the power goes off, he is quick to gather composure and takes a temporary role as leader
  • when people start to disappear, he decides that it is best to gather weapons and explore to get to the bottom of this
  • it is him, yunhyeong and chanwoo left in house
  • when he discover hanbins body, he swears vengeance, he decides to sacrifice himself in order to lure out the killer
  • he calls out for the killer whilst the others hide
  • he fights the masked killer and its a close call, the killer armed with a bat and him, a fire axe
  • but he looses after he knocks the mask off the killer, not able to comprehend who it was
  • he tries to talk him out of killing the last two, but he is unable to

Junhoe - the hot chick

  • you’re basic hot blonde chick who every loves/hate
  • is best friends with chanwoo (even though it does not seem like it at first)
  • he bring clothes that may be unsuitable fro the cold climate
  • doesn’t believe in ghosts and only plays along so that he can get close to the other guys
  • has an on/off thing with bobby
  • makes fun at the fact that chanwoo has never been in a relationship and makes sure that this trip he loses his virginity to one of the guys
  • when the lights go off, he is scared shitless and clings onto bobby
  • when the two split from the rest of the group, he knows what bobby really wants to do and is pissed
  • wants to know if bobby likes him or just his body, he convinces junhoe that he loves him
  • and then they get in on ;)))
  • halfway, they hear a strange sound and junhoe forces bobby to check it out
  • he sees the masked killer and screams but it is to late
  • he gets impaled in a dear head horn, making him the first actual person to die
  • is actually much more smarter and self concious that he makes out to be

Chanwoo - the virgin

  • the innocent and inexperienced
  • first ever time going on a trip with his friends
  • is very excited and nervous
  • junhoe is pressuring him to choose a guy to have sexy times with
  • “how about yunhyeong? he seems to like you”
  • “no, i thinks its okay”
  • “or what about hanbin? seems uptight but i bet he’s daddy material”
  • he perfectly fine single but at the same time, the pressure is in the back of his mind
  • when they try summoning spirits, he is actually scared that they may come
  • when the power goes of and they all start disappearing one by one, he sticks to close to the guys
  • seems incompetent and can’t do nothing right
  • when he sees the body of hanbin and donghyuk, he tries to call the police (but you know the police are shit and can’t d anything right)
  • when yunhyeong is gone and not come back, he is scared and takes a knife from the kitchen and looks for him
  • the killer jumps out of no where and attack him
  • he stabs him and run outside into the snowy mountains but the killer is still alive! *gasp*
  • it is a tough battle but eventually chanwoo rips off jinhwans mask and is shocked
  • he stabs him again and pushes him off a cliff
  • he is alone in the snowy wilderness with all his friends gone, it is the end and he is the last person left to see another day (till the sequel comes out)
Hopes for Scarlet Heart

Since our darling “Hae Soo” is a 21st century lady, I hope that:

  • She randomly says something in English or some other language, and totally confuses the guys
  • Hae Soo is the instigator of kisses, or at least takes charge with the physical intimacy. ;)
  • (I’m like 95% sure this will happen) she’ll use makeup to cover So’s scar
  • And I really hope she calls Wook out for constantly covering her scar. A bracelet is nice, yeah, but just because she has the mark doesn’t mean she should be embarrassed. Hell, she should be so proud. Even the king called her brave!

I also have this AU idea where at the end, the boys travel to Hae Soo’s time, and this time she has the upper hand. E.g. she can read, but they don’t know Hangul. I’d love that so much, but alas, time travel dramas rarely spend a decent amount of time in the “other” time. One can hope. :)