Mer!Sterek AU

Stiles and Derek are mermen from different tribes, and each decide to visit a human village at the edge of their territories. Stiles is on a rite of passage, maybe, or just curious, while Derek’s checking in for safety purposes – making sure the humans don’t know anything about his kind after a recent close call when Erica’s curiosity ran away from her and she swam too close to a ship.

They meet and fall in love, but are, of course, forbidden to reveal their true natures while they’re in human form. Cue tension and flirting and each of them trying to fake their way through being human while the other fakes his way through recognizing all the human items and rituals. (Picture Stiles combing his hair with a fork while Derek nods along seriously, and the waiter just stares on, baffled).

And of course tons of pointless angsting about having to choose between worlds, and can they leave their families and the ocean and everything they know to be with each other… until something happens – maybe the boat they’re in topples (because face it, neither of them knows how to use a boat anyway) in deep water, and they’re each terrified of the other drowning because humans can’t survive in water so they transform to swim the other to the surface, and they’re each trying to save each other for a full five seconds before they realize each other have tails.

What a familiar feeling this must be to everyone as tired, weary and irritated alike steadily flood into the announcement hall. How long had it been since they were last here? How long had it been since this entire place suddenly took on a much darker turn? How long, since there were two more people among them that were oh so absent now.

This time the stage is surprisingly empty. All but for the large unopened chest left by the mannequins when they left. All but for the little girl, their CAPTOR, using said chest as a footstool in order to reach the microphone.

Hello everyone! Nice to see all of Mary’s friends looking alive and awake!A giggle escaped her, as if the joke that had slipped past her lips was the most amusing thing in the world. Anyway~ Mary is sure we all know what everyone is  thinking right now, right? After all, we all still remember the LAST game we played right?

Light blue eyes scan the hall, looking at the faces gathered around the hall, taking each one in by turn. Oh yes, the little girl was well aware as to what must be running through all of their minds.

What now?

What next?

What new GAME was Mary going to force them to play?

Which one of THEM would be the next ones to DIE because of it?

( After all, they all saw just how well Mary’s LAST little announcement went after all.)

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do y’all wanna know why i am Constantly responding to homophobia with ‘im tired’ instead of arguing back? its because i’ve realized that there is literally no way to win against straight people,, no matter what we do or say or how we act they’re going to go up in arms, and keep engaging in homophobic behavior without even acknowledging the people they might be hurting.

if we don’t say anything, they assume they’re not doing anything wrong.

if we try to be polite and explain why something is harmful, they say we’re taking things too seriously, and looking too much into it, and that they can do whatever they want.

if we’re ‘salty’ and joke about ‘hating the straights’ and constantly call them out and don’t bother coddling them or being polite, they go into attack mode and scream and send anons saying that we’re immature and bitter and need to grow up

honestly at this point all i want is safe spaces away from straight people, where i can enjoy myself without being stressed about where the next micro-aggression is going to come from. but even when we try to create networks and communities for ourselves, we’re somehow made out to be the bad guys and the ‘heterophobes’ and its honestly so draining. im tired. i want to rest.


He’s real good at maintaining that detached professional attitude.

(Again with my two faves. I want to emphasize the fact that, visually speaking, they’re capable of incredible emotional range–what I’ve drawn here is only a dim reflection of the kind of emoting I’ve seen on the show. Eddie Trigueros, Dave Thomas and many, many others–it seems a shame to take these brilliant artists and animators out of their sandbox when they’re having so much fun.)