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Royalty AU - Prince Nathaniel of the Kurtzberg Kingdom

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(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Alix, Kim) (more classmates coming soon)

Can I just say how happy I am that Disney actually appears to be taking their time with the Cyrus story line? They’ve already made multiple subtle hints throughout season one, each moment slightly more obvious than the last. This isn’t going to be a big and sudden revelation that tv shows love to do. That’s just not realistic (especially with young lgbt people who are only just beginning to get into the dating scene). Disney is not half-assing this and I am so so grateful.



Because of course Sakura is worried

She’s put all her points into Empathy and she Knows when something is up.

So she looks back twice when leaving with Fai, and it’s not until Fai assures her that Syaoran is safe that she finally allows herself to be drawn away.

And again, Fai is actually very good with words when he wants to be, because he doesn’t lie here. A lie wouldn’t work. If he said everything was alright when it so obviously wasn’t Sakura might kick him out the window. (Which, ok, might be unlikely, but I would still love to see it)

Instead he points out that Syaoran is safe, and that’s the part that she connects with. Because, in all their travels, Syaoran is so rarely safe, and even less so when he hides his wounds and never tells her when he’s hurt. So here he is, both talking about his problems with someone AND safe to boot, so Sakura is, for once, satisfied.

And it probably helps that Mokona still has that hat.

I love writing multi-chapter fics they’re just so asjkljfdkljkldfjklfdjkld

so good

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Hi guys, I just recently discovered your channel and I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you are! All your videos are amazing and I've had a good laugh or fangirl moment with every single one. I also wanted to mention that because of you guys, I've become a lot more accepting of being gay. I'm growing up in a family that doesn't believe in being gay, and I hear a lot of shit about it. But love's chaotic and complicated, and I'm starting to think maybe my parents were wrong about it. (1)

(2) So, I wanted to say thanks, because it’s you guys and a couple other tumblr people that made me rethink it. Keep doing what you do, and Mischief Managed.

This is the exact reason why seeing diverse representation in media is so important. It’s really difficult to accept what we aren’t exposed to. We cannot understand experiences we aren’t allowed to experience, and we end up resenting people who don’t fit into the mold of what media has taught us the world “should” be like.

This applies to those who struggle with their own identity as much as it goes for those who need to learn about other life-experiences than their own. The experiences that are unique to lgbtqai+/non-white/disabled people are perfectly normal human experiences, but not seeing those stories, or constantly seeing only one type of storyarc (also known as “tropes”) for those people has real consequences in that we believe that that is what the lives of those groups of people will always be like.

We need diverse representstion in our fictional universes, because so many of us gain our knowledge of how the world “works” (or appears to work) from fictional universes, which directly affect how we believe the real world works. As long as we aren’t taught to sympathise with a wider variety of people in fiction, how can we learn to do the same when meeting the same variation in real life?


I’ve grown so much since you left me that if you’d come back right now it wouldn’t change anything. I’m not weak anymore, I don’t crave your touch, I’m done with you. I was so blinded by who I wanted you to be that I didn’t see who you really were so that’s why I’ve grown, I learned to see people for who they are, not how I want them to be. sometimes our minds make someone more beautiful than they really are.
—  self-growth//

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lmao sounds like the town i live in, we have 3000 people in the winter and it jumps to 10000 during the summer so when i was waitressing id get weird comments like that all the time. one guy said something about face down ass up to an underage cashier we had and i was next to her teaching her the cash register and told him to just get the fuck out of here and he just laughed like it was totally normal omg smh people are gross sometimes

uckkk yeah i live in Hickville Nation so like it brings out all the weird people, i luckily retorted back with a “only after 5 pm” after the lacy comment and honestly ??? idk how that came out of my mouth but my cousin thought it was hilarious lmao

but yeah, ickK

To all you tumblr snowflakes who like to “self diagnose” depression and mental health issues. You’re all taking away from people who actually need help. You’re a bunch of fucking attention seeking pieces of shit. You want to see real depression? Look at Chester Bennington. Look at Chris Cornell. You aren’t depressed. You’re just a fucking joke

So you’re eighteen today and you’re not quite sure where your childhood went. You’re eighteen today you’re still growing into your eight-year-old shoes. You’re young and you’re small and you’re still so soft, and you don’t think you’re ready to take on this world.

You still need your mom’s help to get pizza stains off your shirt, you still sing the ABCs before you put names in order, you still watch Disney movies and cry at all the best moments. You can’t possibly be old enough to be out on your own.

Everyone around you is writing off their lives to big name schools with no regrets, and here you are unable to decide what you want for breakfast. You’re hurtling fast toward your destination but you don’t know if you’re on the right train, and someone forgot to tell you that you can buy another ticket. You’re alone and you’re scared and you need a hand to hold.

You’re eighteen today and you don’t feel any older. You’re eighteen and you’re forgetting just how lucky you are. This is not the end of anything, my dear; this is the beginning. You’re eighteen and you’ll never be this young again. You’re an adult but don’t forget that you’re still a teenager. You still have time to figure out who you are. You still have time.
—  The eighteenth year // J.S.

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pls don't hate yourself, thinking about ('good') memories you had with negative people is hard but it will pass! recovery takes time :) ♥

you’re right, thank you <3 i think i’m just annoyed because like with the situation i was referring to, i’m still like…..confused and mad with this person because all the stuff is recent and like i am beyond pissed with his guts but i can’t help being all soft when i think about certain things. i just want to get over these weird feelings ugh


Here’s some assorted daily draws from the past few weeks. Sorry for the silence. There’s some other stuff, but I’m not ready to share any of it yet. I’ve successfully draw at least one thing, sometimes more, everyday for over a month and some change now. Who knows if it’s helping.

I’ll work on posting art daily or at least when I’m able because again, some of it I’m not ready to share and some is conceptual stuff that may or may not contain spoilers (jazz hands).

And thank you to those who sent me nice messages a few weeks ago when I was really down. I was really down again tonight so I read them again and it brought me back up a little. <3

Imagine your OTP giving their daughter three names, because they want to fill in as many family members as possible. Her first name is Person A’s dad and Person B’s sister’s middle name. Her second name is Person A’s grandmother and Person B’s middle name. And her third name is Person A’s deceased mother’s name.