guys... this was a really weird movie

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I love Finn. And I adore John Boyega as both an actor and a person. But I don’t ship finnrey. Why?

Well, first, it’s really predictable. This is Star Wars. It’s not supposed to be predictable. And let’s consider who the directors of The Force Awakens and Episode VIII are: JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. They’re weird guys, and I say that lovingly. If you’ve ever seen one of their movies you know that they add some pretty big twists and turns. They are not predictable people. These next two movies will not go the way people think they will, and I’m taking that from what John Boyega has said in the past and my knowledge of Abrams and Johnsons’ directing style.

Second, Rey and Finn’s chemistry is not romantic. They have chemistry, but it’s not the kind of chemistry that develops into romance. This is platonic chemistry. And people need to get used to the idea that a man and woman can be friends without there being a romance underneath it. John Boyega has even said that both he and Daisy didn’t play their characters as having a romantic connection. This is a very big thing to pay attention to, because actors are typically told where their story is going in a trilogy, and if Rey and Finn’s relationship was heading in a romantic direction, they would’ve played it that way.

My third, and final point is that I ship Stormpilot. As in, I actually believe it will happen. The chemistry between Finn and Poe is there. And JJ even said that Star Wars will get its first openly gay character. I know I don’t have to argue much for this ship, because it’s a popular and very sweet ship. And that’s awesome!!! We are in an age of more tolerant people and that makes me so happy!!!

My point is that even though I ship Reylo, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Finn. I love him. He’s one of the best characters to come out of Star Wars. But there is probably no romantic future between him and Rey.
Thank you.

NOTE: this should no longer be in the finnrey tag. I took it out about 5 minutes after posting. Sorry if I offended anyone.
Concerning the Yoi ripoff

So a lot of us have heard about the Yoi ripoff by now, and I personally decided to contact “Hallmark Channel USA” on facebook about this. This is what I wrote:

“Hello! If you’re not aware, there has been some controversy about a new movie you’re going to air on your channel soon. Im not trying to start anything here, but here’s a question I think a lot of people are asking themselves right now.
Can any of you guys explain the really supspicious ressemblance between your new movie "Love On Ice” and the japanese animated series “Yuri On Ice” (who was released before)? Im not necesserely saying that you (or the producers of said movie) copied this amazing show (and of course changing the beautiful gay romance for a straight one, but that’s not surprising), but if you did a little research, you have to admit that it’s weird. It could be a total coincidence, and im not trying to be rude, im just looking for answers about the situation. Thank you for your time.“

Now we wait

  • hansol’s a quiet guy and you’re the only one who can make him get scolded by the teachers to shut up
  • he’s kinda weird bc at school, he’s legit so quiet, and as soon as he goes out to hang out with you, he’s Badass & Noisy and full of swag
  • when you do something embarrassing he’s making That Face and going like “since when did you think that was a good thing to do??”
  • he actually raps and you’re like ??? really
  • he’s also good at it
  • when you’re going out with him to the movies or something else girls are just like “wow omg who’s he, he’s really hot!”
  • girls flirt with him and ask for his number
  • and you know hansol ain’t got time for that so you step in the way and go like “DUUUUDE he’s not interested please get away”
  • then the girls scoff in disappointment and annoyance but as long as your bff is happy, you are!!!
  • and in return he helps you study in subjects you aren’t good at
  • he was on his phone with you by his side
  • and he asked if you wanted to listen to this cool rap that suddenly blew up and you said yes, bc like…. you’re his best friend you gotta make him happy
  • and the lyrics are so sweet and cute
  • and the beat was lit too tho
  • but then you realize it’s hANSOL’S VOICE RAPPING NOT ANYONE ELSE. BUT. HANSOL.
  • when you finally look at him he was looking at you, grinning and asking if you wanted to be his girlfriend
  • what do you say?
  • [ seventeen voice ] sAY YES

He’s fast and she’s weird.

Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed

Adventures with the Guy at the Coffee Shop, Pt 2
  • Me: Large coffee, please.
  • Guy:
  • Me:
  • Guy: ...You really like this stuff?
  • Me: You I like coffee?
  • Guy: Yea!
  • Me: Yea, I like coffee dude, that's why I order it
  • Guy: That's so weird.
  • Me:
  • Guy:
  • Me:
  • Guy:
  • Me: Did you really just say it's weird that I like coffee? You work in a coffee shop?
  • Guy: I know, and it's just so weird. You seem too young to like coffee.
  • Me: I'm 30-
  • Guy: -NO WAY!!!!!!! YOU LOOK LIKE...NOT 30!!!! I AM TRIPPING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
  • Me: ...Thanks. So, i'll take a donut as well. I like those because they also taste good to me.
  • Guy: Well yea, donuts are great. I just thought coffee was like an old person acquired taste. But turns out you like- ARE kinda old, man!
  • Guy 2: Oh my God. Miss you are NOT old. Please have a nice day, this good tasting coffee is on me.
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Sky High could probably be considered one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies, because it was basically flawless except for the ending where instead of either choosing to rock the single life or go out with Warren Peace who genuinely seemed like a good person, she chooses her asshole best friend who is probably the most idiotic and dickish character in the movie besides his father and the bad guys. Also, there's this really weird and kind of awful cover of a really good English Beat song in the ending credits which rubs me the wrong way. But yeah. Sky High.

Imagine talking to Noah about his obsession with serial killers, and how you think that somehow he admires them

*You are talking to Noah about slasher movies, he is recommending, some for you to watch alone. You notice that he talks very passionately about the serial killers, in the movies.*

Y/N: You know the way you talk about the serial killers, it is almost like you admire them or you’re obsessed with them.

Noah: Well, you know Y/N some guys like sports. I like serial killers.

Y/N: You are so weird, Noah. But, anyway I never really liked jocks.

Noah: Good to hear that. How about socially awkward guys, who are obsessed with serial killers?

Y/N: They are kind of growing on me.

*Noah smiles and you smile too.*

Ps: not my gif
ID #13475

Name: Alex
Age: 25
Country: Denmark

I am a guy who is currenlty figuring out where my place in life I volutneer talking with people online about their issues in life I believe strongly anyone should have someone to talk with when they need it the most without paying for it also I love stupid metaphors, weird art, handmade items, technology, animals, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, movies, music, games, dirty jokes, dark/stupid humor and last the weird corners of the internet

Preferences: No preferences really if you think we’d fit then go for it


Ok guys this is not the official song but it’s the closest that I could find to the song from the chemical scene!

Kehlani-Gangsta (movie version)

anonymous asked:

I was like 90% sure request are open if so could I have what dating Charlie Bradbury would include!

(again I’m answering on mobile so sorry if this looks weird)

- Nerdy marathons all of the time, you’re sad? Stick on the Star Trek movies. You’re sick? Let’s watch Game of Thrones
- Charlie loves to bake and she loves getting you to help her out, although somehow it always ends up messy and in a make out session
- Prank Wars with you and Charlie against the Winchesters, so far you guys are in the lead
- Whenever you’re scared/tired/upset etc Charlie always gives the best cuddles, she’ll hold you for as long as you need
- Hunting wise you guys make a really good team however there is always at least one argument because each person worries about the other

- Jamie ❤️


Tolkien characters + Hogwarts houses | Part 2 [Part 1]

I kind of just wanted to send this to @abutterflyobsession but it felt too weird to just throw an au idea at her… not that this feels any less awkward.

Have you guys seen French kiss? It’s really good. Basically this American woman is afraid to fly, so her fiancée goes to France with out her for a history thing (he’s a historian I think) and he falls in love with a younger French hotty. So American girl faces her fear of flying, knowing in her heart that if he can just SEE her he’ll fall madly back in love with her.

Sitting next to Kate (American chick) is a French guy that’s kind of shifty, bristly, and doesn’t care much for lofe. He hides a plant in her bag and gets separated from her.

Later he finds her and in an attempt at getting this plant back (that secretly is hiding a very expensive necklace) tells her he will coach her in how to win back her ex.

Of course the plan works but now Kate can’t understand what she ever saw in her ex to begin with.

It’s a really good movie and I just feel like it would work so well in the strange magic fandom.

Fusion Reborn

Right so I loved this movie. It was super fun, the colors were very pretty, and the environments were very interesting and unique.


Janemba. Janemba is pretty cool. Also before he transforms the little Oni guy is super cute and I love his design.

Now Janemba himself, while an obvious rip off of Majiin Buu, is a very interesting villain. An oni worker mutated by all of the sins of the universe piled into one giant yellow baby monster. Who then steals the whole movie by warping heaven and hell itself into this weird dimension that opens the gates of death. Honestly it’s super awesome and really cool and he would be much higher in my DBZ movie villains list if he didn’t have one major set back.

Dude has as much personality as a piece of paper. He just says his name over and over again and unlike Pikachu, it isn’t charming. Then he devolved into guttural moaning and grunts. Honestly if he would have had some more personality he would have been perfect. But sadly he falls short in this department


So there’s an otherworld tournament going on (now that Buu has been taken care of) and it’s interrupted by Janemba when he messes with the entirety of the afterlife. Goku and Vegeta, who gets his body back in all of the chaos, fight this monster and ends up fusing into the iconic Gogeta!

Honestly this movie is pretty good. It has a good plot, beautiful animation, and a villain with interesting and unique powers. Who doesn’t want Lego teleportation?

This movie has a beautiful color scheme, even near the end when it gets kind of darker colors, they aren’t necessarily bad here, and actually add to the movie when Gogeta finally arrives. It makes his appearance more impressive if anything. Plus seeing Gohan punch through Freeza is pretty cool too!


honestly I’m not sure what this guy’s motivation is but it almost works. Janemba seems to be a creature that just enjoys fighting, and/or destruction. There’s no real motivation behind him which can be taken in a bad way but I hardly noticed this until I actually gave it thought. I guess if you want you can chalk up his motivation to being “I am the creation of the universe’s evils and HEY GUESS WHAT KIDS ITS VIOLENCE TIME”


I love Janemba’s design. From his lovable fat yellow design to his Valentine themed color demon design this villain is just very appealing to look at.

His attacks are very appealing as well. Distortion of space, Lego teleportation, and able to transfer his own evil energy into random objects to make one of the coolest weapons in DBZ? This guy rocks! Again the only thing he really lacks is a personality.

Honestly there isn’t much else to say. This is a very good movie with a good plot and some amazing animation. Definitely check it out if your a Dragon Ball fan. If only to see a chubby Gogeta

Friends or Nah

Friends Or Nah….

Xavier x Reader

Prompt: You and Xavier are best friends. One day he starts acting super weird and no longer wants to do anything with you (no video games or hanging out). After several failed attempts you finally find him in his locker room and well…..just wait to see.

No warning, maybe a little fluff here and there.

As your legs swing back and forth; you are waiting on your best friend Xavier trying to figure out what exactly is going on between you two. Things have been really weird between you guys these past weeks. You guys use to chill and watch movies, go out to different video game and comic book stores for events but now he has been very different. It has been weeks of no contact and all of a sudden he just avoids you. Every time you try to talk to him, he brushes you off and goes somewhere else. You were even doing different challenges on UpUpDownDown until he told you one day that he didn’t want you on there for a while with no explanation. So here you are, sitting back stage on a bunker waiting, hoping you can catch him.

You hopped and down made your way through the halls.

“Hey have you guys seen Xavier,” you ask Sasha and Bayley as they walk pass but they shake their heads no. So you set off to find Kofi. If anyone knew where he was, then of course it would be him.

“Kofi!” I scream

“Hey ____, what’s up?” he says with a big smile.

“Do you know where Xavier is?”

“”Well I’m not sure but check in his dressing room. That’s where he was headed a few minutes ago.”

“Thanks,” I yell running as fast as I can. As I get to the door I swing it open as fast as I can and slam it behind me.

“What the hell is going on? You have been avoiding me for weeks, not answering texts or calls and brushing me off. Now what is going on Xavier!” I yell not being able to control my anger.

“He..Hey ___ sorry about that. I guess I do need to explain myself,” he says in almost a whisper.

“Well the problem is uh I…”

“What is it Xavier, what did I do??”

“Nothing, you did nothing. You just are so damn beautiful! I have been avoiding you because I think I am in love with you.”

“You what?” I say shyly.

“I love you____ “he says stepping closer.

“I have been trying to get the words to say it but when I realized that I couldn’t be around you without wanting to kiss you, I had to distance myself. What if you didn’t like me? I kept wondering if you felt the same way. Every time I was near you I had the urge to kiss you…just…like..right…now..” he mumbles closing the gap before completely covering his lips with yours. Once you get your wits about yourself you finally kiss him back.

“So tell me, do you feel the same way?” he asks nervously

“Yes, I’ve been waiting on you to tell me.” I answer with a big smile.

“So let’s go out to eat okay, I owe you anyway.” Xavier says grabbing my hand and leading the way.

**Please give me some feedback. I’m pretty fresh to writing so please also be kind.**

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I’m so tired of people comparing Bleach and Naruto !! For me it’s not the same thing! I blame Kishimoto for not developping enough certain aspect…really !! There were things that are not believable ! But honestly, I’m just going to talk about the pairing in the manga, since the LAST is just a no-no possibility of discussion since it’s a weird movie for me !
Naruto sudden love for Hinata and Sasuke sudden love for Sakura ! I don’t understand no matter how much I read the manga. In the LAST novel, I read somewhere Sakura said that the love of a girl can’t change, huuuhh? Is that even true ? Ok well ! And in the manga, there were clearly SIGNS of change. ALSO, a girl can’t change her love but a guy should ? Aka Naruto. Really I pity him ! Giving up because he had too ! Anyway, I’m completely done with Naruto ! It just doesn’t matter anymore ! It’s over !

As for Bleach (♥♥♥), they were things that should’ve been better ! The battle at the end was like too rushed and also some unanswered question had to be explained in the novel instead of the manga… ok…well it’s okay for me ! As for the pairing, I saw developpement towards Orihime’s side AND Ichigo’s side, there are plenty of proof in the manga ! So for me, I’m more than glad that we have the ending pairing we got !! Things were right back to what it was supposed to belong ! Rukia couldn’t belong to someone else but Renji ! I couldn’t ignore how special their bond is since childhood ! The devotion, the longing and the unwavering love from Renji restored his bond with Rukia, and as Renji said it’s thanks to Ichigo ! Ichigo, linking once again two souls hurt by a separation ! And now my heart is at peeeeeaaaaace, my babiiiiies !!!

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I have to say that EQG3 really really felt like the writers were pushing sciset, but then movie 4 had sci and the creepy camp guy. What gives? Love you art btw!

Aah thank you ♥♥

And ikr??? I personally hate how they dumped Flash to just put another random guy just for the sake of romance. I wish they just would give up on that weird hetero romance attempt and just keep going with the friendship stuff, but nope. Fortunately EQG4 still has some good sciset, like Sunset’s implied crush on Scitwi, for example (or at least seems like she actually has a crush on her, which would be very cool) If there’s a EQG5 I hope they leave Timber on the camp forever and go deeper on Twi and Sunset’s relationship. They already have a good foundation for a one side crush, after all.

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Milk, sugar, honey, green tea, chamomile? (´。• ᵕ •。`)

(Milk: do u have any allergies) i don’t think so ?? kind of weird that I don’t know tbh

(Sugar: tell me about your first crush) oh god i think my first ever crush was on this guy called jack who was super smart and i really loved talking to him, he was probably the nicest boy i knew

(Honey: type out the last text u sent) “"I’m coming out now’ 👀 

(Green tea:where do you feel most at peace) my room at 5am is just so tranquil and soft,, it’s great

(Chamomile: comfort movie?) the breakfast club is just so !!

~send me tea asks~