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For the date thing: 17, trans guy, 5'2", like Markiplier style hair but blue instead of red, hazel eyes, I like to sing, play guitar, cook, DAB, be a meme lord, and watch youtube. A lot. I would take you on a date to go see the stars. I'd take my mate's ute, grab some comfy pillows and blankets and check them in the back, and drive us out to the middle of the countryside on a hill where you can see for miles and the stars shine like diamonds, but they don't shine as bright as your eyes.

AHHH I LOVE MARK’S HAIR and blue is one of the favorite colors, so, yeah

nicenicenice, DABbing is a pretty amazing thing to like

omg, that sounds like such an amazing idea!!! also, \(^.^)/ that’s so sweet and thanks for being cheesy

I would love to date you!!! <3

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you

You left, and for over two years, I didn’t have feelings for anyone. I thought you broke me. Thought you damaged me so completely that I couldn’t ever trust or care about anyone ever again.

And now here I am, looking at the gorgeous guy, with beautiful blue eyes and the most amazing smile, and I’m contemplating asking him for coffee. I get butterflies when I see him, and he can make me laugh. Really laugh.

You haven’t broken me.

Maybe things won’t out between him and me. Maybe it will. Maybe I won’t get the courage to ask him. But that’s okay. I’m healing, I’m moving on.

You haven’t broken me.

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a very beautiful Holiday!

Personally I’m rocking my Black Butler Beanie xoxo

Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful <3