Aleks “No Homo” Marchant

DryeGuy Raps 'Guns and Ships'
DryeGuy Raps 'Guns and Ships'

Since everyone keeps asking me to do it, I’ve finally rapped ‘Guns and Ships’ in Lafayette’s voice.

It took many eons to get this right…


Outlast 2 Trailer

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borb snek (for baby meme)??? -daily-fletchinder ;;


Excalibur is so sorry his genetics keep springing out these very long children

also if you haven’t please watch this:

Also once again guys I am not taking new requests I’m sorry ;; these are all old!

[!!!] hey guys, disappointment here :”))))) doctor dreamy pt2 was supposed to be out today, but unfortunately it’s going to have to be held off until tomorrow bc i have things i need to do tonight, and thought i’d be able to finish it beforehand. it’s pretty much done, the ending just needs to be finished. if it’s any consolation tho it’s over 10k!!!! so yes definitely tomorrow!!!! even tho i said that about today… but i promise tomorrow :”)))