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At a camp day when I was a freshman, my friends were talking about twerking, and I had no idea what it was. They started yelling to someone I’d never met, who was another freshman. He was more than happy to demonstrate for me…on my lap. It scarred me for life at the time. However, we’re both juniors now, the twerking guy is drum major, and we’ve been dating almost 2 years. He’s my best friend too. Whenever some one asks how we met, it’s a series of awkward glances. And yes he still twerks…
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perfectlymelancholic  asked:

(Sorry for asking for two scenarios but I'm sitting in my sixties lit class and this just came into my mind.) Can I have a scenario where Gai tries to relate to the 'times' and his team is so embarrassed at his attempt to be 'forever youthful'?

This was so hard for me to write. Please forgive me if it was not worth the wait D: Thank you for the request. 

Gai relating to the Times

Tenten stood in absolute horror. Her face stricken with unimaginable repulsion. Neji stood beside Tenten; he too stood frozen, his eyes wide as his mouth formed his grievance. He died internally at the sight he was beholding. Lee was standing on the other side of Tenten, his eyes wide in astonishment and his face a cloud of disbelief.

“Gai-sensei…. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” Tenten cried in embarrassment.

Gai cocked his head towards the direction Tenten’s voice came from, seeing his fellow students in an utter stupor, but that did not stop him from what he was doing.

“What you mean? I am only keeping in touch with the YOUTH of this GENERATION by participating in your YOUTHFUL CULTURE” Gai exclaimed, unashamed as he smiled widely, giving them a thumbs up.

“Plus this fine dance you guys call “twerking” is an excellent way to exercise your thigh muscles and butt muscles,” Gai spoke optimistically as he continued squatting and twerking.

Tenten’s face turned red as her face showed her exasperation.

“Gai-sensei please stop twerking!!!” Tenten whined as her teammates were still too stun to speak.

“You’re right!” Gai exclaimed as he stood up straight before starting to dab.

“What are you doing now?!?! Stop!!!” Tenten screeched, horrified.

“Its appropriate when one has accomplished one’s goals to acknowledge it!” Gai claimed, continuing to dab for 20 more seconds.

“Gai-sensei…” Tenten whined.

Gai finally quit dabbing and gave a hearty smile to Tenten.

“Alright, alright. I hear your pleas. How about we go an enjoy a nice kelp smoothie to regain that youthfulness you seem to be missing,” Gai offered.

“Kelp smoothie?” Tenten questioned in uncertainty.

“YES INDEED. Isn’t that the hip thing you kids drink nowadays to STAY SO YOUTHFUL AND FULL OF ENERGY? Its healthy and delicious!” Gai mentioned, surely.

“UGHHH. Lee please talk some sense to him!” Tenten begged.

Lee stood frozen, his face had been blank the entire time, but Tenten’s voice awaken him.

“I’LL GO GET A KELP SMOOTHIE WITH YOU, GAI-SENSEI!” Lee proclaimed, smiling widely to which Gai returned his smile, giving him the thumbs up.

“No, no, no!” Tenten cried as Gai and Lee began heading off together.

“Neji, we need to stop them,” Tenten whined, as she looked to Neji who had remained eerily quiet throughout the exchange.

Neji’s eye twitched before he responded in a cool and calm tone.

“I don’t know them,” Neji stated as he began to walk away in the opposite direction from Gai and Lee.

Leaving Tenten helplessly alone to restrain Gai from his youthful pursuits. 

Dan's liveshow today brought up some thoughts that I feel need to be shared and problems that need to be addressed:

At vidcon, Dan had to sit through an hour long panel where the interviewer would literally just say his name to get girls screaming. Every time he drank water, said a single word, it was all screaming. He is more than a pretty face. He is more than a “teen heartthrob.” He is more than “the British boy.” He is an intellectual and creative person who shouldn’t be placed in a panel just to excite teenage girls and boys, but to be talked to about important matters and asked meaningful questions.

The panel was meant to be about comedy, that’s what all of the youtubers on that panel signed up for. It was called the Comedy Panel. But instead it seemed to be just torture. I’m sure many of the youtubers had actual things to say about comedy and it’s affect on YouTube, and how they come up with content and how it’s helped them personally. Instead, they had to rewatch their first videos in front of a giant audience. It is well known how much Dan dislikes watching that video - especially in front of thousands. He said it himself in his livestream that watching that was horrible. He felt so awful he wanted to leave the stage. And he actually did, but because he’s a good person he came back.

And then there’s the twerking. I’m not going to say anything bad about Glozell because to be honest I know little about her, and her friendship with Dan. But I don’t think it was good of her to do that to Dan publicly, especially without his consent. He’s a very awkward person who isn’t touchy-feely. And what about if it had been Dan twerking on Glozell without her consent? With recent events that have happened with other internet famous people these past few months, social media would be all over that, everyone would be furious at dan, calling him disgusting and many other horrid names. But because it’s a fucking guy who was twerked on by a girl, no one has said anything, even though Dan openly implied that the twerking wasn’t consensual and it made him extremely uncomfortable. Twerking isn’t that big of a deal but this is about something bigger than that. These double standards are atrocious when it comes to males in situations like this. The fact that Dan just laughed it off and seemed “unaffected” for the good of the panel says a lot about his character. Thank you Dan, and we’re really sorry.


Decided to load up this ol’ gem and this is how I spawn in. Didn’t touch the keyboard or anything 😂👏🏻

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