“Losers, come out and play….”

(((Bonus points for anyone that can connect the title reference.)))

Awwww….Pennywise actually really likes it when the losers come around….

Drawing for tonight, really quick but also took too long but also looks really rough.. Please excuse my sloppiness! It’s time for bed, night guys.


prompt; #20: “Someone took objection to my face with a bottle” Last Orders, Nothing But Thieves

requested by: @laziestgirlintheworld
pairing: Kazuchika Okada / Female OC
warnings: n/a
a/n: short short short BUT i’ve had a busy day and my best friend is visiting from the other side of the country so i need to go to sleep like now, hope you enjoy it <3
tags: @wrestlingismyfavourite @devittsbalor @fireangel1978 @laziestgirlintheworld @ghostofviper @onewingedgloria @littleblueghostspoon @narwhalneglect @princesstoniii @keltic-goddess @grappling-giraffe

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Finally the night was coming to a close, and everyone went out back to wait to get on the bus to head to their cars back in Brindleton Bay.

EDDIE- “It really was a great night for this. It feels amazing out here! I hope you guys enjoyed your night.”

TARIC- “I think Weston enjoyed his night watching you in the hot tub, Eddie.”

EDDIE- “Oh, please…I was doing all of that on purpose just to tease him. He seems like he is a real nice guy.”

TARIC- “Yeah, just likes to gamble.”

EDDIE- “Well he was playing the wrong table with me tonight. As he went home empty handed.”

ALVARO- “I really do not feel well, guys.”

TARIC- “Have you had fun, Hank?”

HANK- “Yes, this was a lot of fun, all the guys were pretty cool, once Glen had a few drinks and mellowed out. But, like you… I am ready to go home to the kids.”

TARIC- “And poor Kiki, she sat with the kids tonight, and now she is going to have to sit up with Alvaro all night….”

HANK- “Good thing I didn’t drink, so I can make sure they get home okay…LOL”

i know i say this all the time but those old guys with candles and night caps and pajamas knew exactly what the hell was going down

A visit to the in laws

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were on our way to his parents house for a visit with his family. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was looking forward to the visit. On the way we stopped at my friends house to pick up some books she had borrowed that belonged to my mother in law so we could return them.

Hubby pulled into the driveway and I went inside. Amy was out but her hubby was there with the books. (Amy and Riley were the couple from the theatre story) I don’t remember exactly what Riley said but something about how good I looked and too bad I had to get going and couldn’t come in and stay for awhile. Of course being the naughty slut that I am I told him if he could be quick I’d let him fuck me while my husband waited in the car out front.

He liked that idea. He led me to the kitchen where he started to kiss me and grope my tits. I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock. Sucking it just long enough to get him hard before standing up turning around and pulling my pants down over my ass. Riley pushed his nice hard cock into me and I let out a moan as he grabbed my hair and started pounding into me. He told me how good my pussy felt and I told him how wet he was making me. I could feel I was getting close to cumming and kept begging him to give it to me.

He was assaulting my cheating cunt hard when my phone started ringing, it was my hubby. I answered it saying I was cumming which was 100% true. “I’ll be right out babe.” I manage to say. He said no to worry that he just called because he wanted me to ask Riley if he wanted to join him and some of the other guys Monday night for some beers and to catch the football game. I said I would ask. So while Riley fucked me I asked him if he wanted to hang out with my hubby Monday, he said he was definitely interested. So as I continued to cheat on my loving hubby I told him yes and hung up the phone. Riley was now really giving it to me hard. his hands were tight on my hips as he slammed into me making my eyes roll back in my head and causeing me to moan. I told him I was about to cum again and he was ready to cum as well so I told him to cum in me while my hubby was outside waiting, which he gladly did. After he pulled out I pulled my pants up, fixed my hair, grabbed the books thanked Riley for the fuck and the lovely load and left.

The whole time I was with my hubby and his family I could feel Riley’s load leaking out of me. It made me incredibly wet and horny and I couldn’t keep my hands off my hubby. I kept teasing him and touching him knowing that as soon as we got home he was going to give me another good pounding.

I love my naughty life.

so last year at vidcon there was this one guy in the audience who was proper wailing. phil spotted him in the middle of his panel and he must’ve sympathised, bc he stopped and got up from his seat, then went over to the guy in the audience and called him on up stage. phil asked the guy why he was crying and the guy told him that his dog had left him and just full on koala’d to him, crying into phil’s shoulder. he told him that he was planning to run away from home that night, and phil only held him tighter. later on in the night, the guy revealed that phil had saved his life. that guy was Mitochondria, powerhouse of the cell. known to the world for his famous quote, I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone. phil lester, is a true hero.

In the night of Halloween there’s also Samhain,
from this sunset to the next we celebrate the harvest end,
when the winter starts to kill what must go away,
and wish for better things to come for the planting next year…

Have a great night guys & have fun!

Warning: This is not supposed to be tasty but it may haha depending on what you use & you can use candy and pumpkins from the halloween festivities just check that everything is still good.

You Bet [Part 2]

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Request(s): A freaking lot

Word Count: 3233… too long I hate it

Song: Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC for no reason other than I love that song

Summary: Steve is awfully distracted by your getup for helping out at the Snow Ball

Warning(s): Smut (duh), Swearing (have you met me), arguing (Nancy and the reader), Jonathan being the coolest, Dustin being a little shit, this is really basic honestly it’s pretty bad

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE! FUCKING FINALLY! THIS HAS BEEN DONE FOR LIKE A WEEK I JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN AROUND TO POSTING! I’M SO SORRY! Anyway, this probably isn’t that amazing but it could be worse i’m somewhat okay with how it turned out

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Truth or Dare

pairing : steve harrington x reader

warnings : smut (oral! fem on male)

requests : none :)

a/n : i’ve been making my friend watxh stranger things so i’m in a writing mood to write some stanger things stuff AND YES I MADE IT SO STEVE AND NANCY NEVER HAD A THING OOPS

“Time to get sheet faced?” I questionee as I held the neon orange piece of paper.

“Come on (Y/N), it’ll be fun.” Nancy nudged me as we walked down the school hallway.

“I don’t know, these kind of parties aren’t my speed.” I argued and she rolled her eyes.

“Everyone is going to go, even Steve.” Her voice was almost taunting at the last part. My heart leapt into my chest when she said his name.

“You’re going, end of story.” Nancy smiled before walking into her classroom leaving me speechless.

My heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I scavenged through my closet for a costume. As I frantically searched, my phone rang. I raced over answering to Nancy claiming that she’d be over in 10 and we’d go to the party.

“Nance, I can’t even find a costume.” I complained as I flopped down onto my bed.

“Come on, that’s easy. Wear that black and white stripped shirt you have and put on a black hat, bam you’re a bank robber.” She explained.

“You think that’ll look good?” I asked.

“Yes now get ready! I’m leaving now.” She said before she hung up the phone.

Nancy’s car pulled up as I put together the finishing touches of my costume, slipping a black beanie over the top of my head and checking the outfit over once more in the mirror.

I could see her headlights through my window, signaling for me to hurry up so I quickly escorted myself from the house, entering her car and greeting Nancy with a warm smile.

“You look like you’re about to steal some hearts.” Nancy winked at her clever comment and I rolled my eyes.

“Very funny.” I laughed as she drove off to the party.

Before we even entered the house I could already hear the loud music coming from the house. The silhouettes of the teenagers through the windows showed they were all dancing carefree without any doubts.

Once Nancy and I entered, one of our other friends Olivia called us over. A large group of people were sitting in a circle.

“Nancy! (Y/N)! Come join us in a game of truth or dare.” Olivia called happily, patting at the space on the couch next to her. Nancy and I complied and Nance sat next to Olivia and I sat down next to Nancy.

“What are you guys doing?” Steve Harrington himself walked over to the group, drink in hand.

“We’re playing truth or dare, you in Harrington?” A guy named Joshua called to him. Steve let out a huff and nodded, moving so he could sit in the only empty spot which was next to me.

“Alright guys, it’s Halloween night, so no holding back on dares you got it?” Olivia asked the group and everyone agreed.

As the game pursued, the dares slowly began to amp up. Barely any truths were asked, and it went from simple pecks between strangers to lap dances and strip teasing. More people have joined and I was silently praising that I was able to sink down enough into the couch so I wouldn’t be called on.

“(Y/N) has anyone dares you yet?” Nancy asked, finally looking over at you.

“No but it’s fine.” I quickly spewed our knowing that she was now going to dare me.

“No! You said you’d play so you should. So, truth or dare?” Nancy asked as my heart rate escalated.

“Dare, I guess.” I said softly and Nancy smiled.

“I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with…” She eyes the group of people even though I knew very well who she’d pick. “Steve” She finished the sentence and Steve and I both made eye contact. He grinned and nodded giving a simple okay. We both stood up, walking over to the small closet and closing the door behind us.

“So, enjoying the party?” Steve asked as he finished closing the door and scratching the back of his head.

“Yeah it’s alright, what about you?” I asked trying to remain calm.

“It’s going really well now.” He smirked taking a step closer.

“Why?” I asked growing even more nervous.

“Because I’m in a room with the hottest girl at this party all by myself.” He took another step closer so now we were only a couple inches apart.

“Really?” I asked, my voice timid.

“Really (Y/N), I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you the whole night.” With that he sunk his head down, connecting my lips with his. To my surprise, the kiss was slow and sweet, as if Steve was trying to savor every taste as well was I.

Steve’s hands gravitated to my waist, sliding around it and holding on loosely but with a firm grip. My hands flew into his hair, tugging harshly at the soft strands causing him to let out a low moan.

Steve’s tongue ran across my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, granting him the access he was asking for, swirling our tongues together in a fiery dance of passion. Steve began taking steps forward until I was pushed back against the wall, Steve’s mouth moved from mine to my neck. Leaving harsh kisses down my neck and then he immediately stopped.

I whined at the loss of intimacy and he took a step back grinning. As if on command, the door flung open with Olivia with her hands on her hips.

“Did you guys just stand there? That’s boring. Well, while you guys just chatted in here the game ended and a lot of people left so you guys can leave if you want.” Olivia explained, before walking off. Steve turned to me smirking slightly.

“What do you say we go back to my place? My parents aren’t home right now, actually they won’t be home all weekend.” Steve offered and I happily agreed.

The minute we walked into Steve’s house, Steve pushed me up against the door, kissing me once more but this time it was filled with passion and lust. My arms wound tightly around his neck and his large hands went for every inch of my body, exploring as well as discarding articles of clothing.

“Wow.” Steve breathed out as I stood there shirtless. He quickly grabbed my hand, pulling me over to the couch in his living room. Laying me down and then throwing off his shirt before hovering over me. He kissed down my body, only stopping to replace his kisses with a harsh bite. I moaned out loudly at the feeling and I could feel Steve smile against my skin.

“That’s right, baby. Be as loud as you want. Nobody will hear.”

With that I flipped us over so I was straddling him and his eyes went wide.

“The same goes for you.” I smiled seductively to him as I slowly undid his belt and the button of his jeans, I pulled them down, allowing for his concealed hard on to spring free. I admired his naked body before I lowered my head towards where he needed me most. I licked a long strip on the underside of him and he let out a deep growl at the feeling. I wasn’t satisfied with his reaction so I decided to completely take in as much of him as I could.

Once he hit the back of my throat I began to pump him through my mouth at a painfully slow movement. Using my hand to caress everything else I couldn’t fit in. Steve’s mouth was filled with whines and whimpers at the pace. Finally getting closer to the satisfaction of his actions I began to pump faster on him, swirling my tongue around him as well. He began to buck his hips, making me take even more of him into my mouth.

He began to let out loud groans in pleasure at the feelings and once I reached a speed and could feel him twitching, he pulled me off.

“As much as I love you for that, I’d rather cum inside you.” Steve admired and I blushed. As I sat there straddling him, I slowly unclipped my bra and felt the cold air hit my chest. Steve’s hand gently brushed up against my face as he brought my face closer to his.

“You are absolutely beautiful.” He gushed to me and I smiled, nuzzling my face into his hand. Pushing my lips to his, Steve moved his hands to remove my pants as well as my panties, leaving us both completely naked. He switched positions so I was once again my back was resting against the couch and Steve used his upper arms to hold himself up.

“Are you ready?” Steve asked almost in a whisper and I was caught off guard by his sudden carefulness. I nodded at him and brought him into another sensual kiss as he began to insert himself into me. We both moaned into each other’s mouths as the level of pleasure filled us both. Steve began to thrust in and out, slow and steady at first and then picking up the pace. My nails raked against his back and pulled tightly at his hair.

His head ducked down to rest in the crook of my neck and I decided to switch positions one more time. I flipped us so I was riding him as Steve laid back, letting me do the work. I bounced on him quickly as Steve tightly gripped my hips, helping me get into a rhythm that suited both of us. A knot tied tighter in my stomach at the new position I threw my head back, moaning out.

“You look so hot.” Steve moaned as he took one of his hands to massage my breast. The knot tied tighter and tighter until I couldn’t bear it and I came down from a strong high. I screamed out and Steve came to, moaning out.

As we both came down from our highs I fell flush against Steve and he wrapped his strong arms around my torso.

“I really think we should do that again.” Steve offered.

“What about your parents?” I inquired.

“Like I said, they won’t be home all weekend.” Steve smirked.

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BTS REACTION : another member complaining about how the two of you were “loud”


-”Jungkook ? Y/n ? We need to talk…” said Yoongi, approaching the two of you.

*Jungkook already guessed what Yoongi was going to say and started laughing*

-”Jungkook, this isn’t funny, I couldn’t sleep last night because of you two!” Yoongi added before turning around to face you “ The only thing I could hear were your moans, all night long… I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t have some fun, but keep it quiet next time !”

*Jungkook just kept laughing, clearly not giving a single fuck*


Namjoon was complaining about how he didn’t get enough sleep. As soon as Yoongi heard that, I small smirk appeared on his lips.

-”Why didn’t you sleep ?” asked Jimin

-”I don’t know… You should ask Yoongi and Y/n…” replied Namjoon in a sarcastic tone.

As soon as he said that, Yoongi got up and raised his hand as a warning that he was going to hit Namjoon.


The boys were filming a behind the scenes of the Highlight Reels. Jimin was being filmed and explained that his eyes were puffy due to him having  a hard time falling asleep last night because of the “noise” Hoseok and you were making last night. Hoseok just nervously laughed.


The next morning, all of you were around the dining room table, eating breakfast.

-”Hyung ? What did you guys do last night?” Taehyung innocently asked to Namjoon and you.

-”Trust me Tae, you don’t want to know…” Jin answered

- “Were you hitting Y/n? She kept screaming your name… You shouldn’t hit women you know?” Taehyung added

*All of the members started laughing, except for Taehyung. You and Namjoon were embarrassed*


You and Seokjin were just talking, alone. Jungkook walked by the two of you.

-”Hyung ! Be less rough to her next time ! I could hear you guys all night long !” Jungkook shouted before coming closer to the two of you “Honestly though, how do you guys have this much energy? You literally went for like 2 hours!”

*acts like nothing happened*


You were just chilling with Jimin. The two of you receive a notification on your phones, at the same time : It was Hoseok, sending a message in the groupchat.

Hoseok : Was Y/n being murdered or was she just having fun with Jimin ?”

*Jimin looks at you*


You were all just chilling in the living room.

-”What did you guys do last night ?” asked Seokjin

Taehyung innocently replied

-”Then why was the bed making so much noise? Why were you two moaning? Taehyung, don’t lie to me, it literally felt like the two of you were fucking in my room” Seokjin boldly added

Taehyung shouted, shocked by the oldest member’s statement

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Camila: I absolutely love Lauren, she’s amazing.

Ally: I thought you hated her?

Camila: wai- why would you say that?

Ally: I heard you guys last night screaming at each other.

Camila: Those were just happy screams..

Ally: And then you punched a wall and cursed.

Ally: You were like “OH MY FUCKING GOD!”, and you sounded like you were out of breath.