Phone Guy: I don’t even know how that ridiculous urban legend got started.

Mike Schmidt/Jeremy Fitzgerald: [stare at each other]

Mike Schmidt: [whispering] It was your big-ass mouth!

Jeremy Fitzgerald: I wanted to keep it a secret! You were the one who was broadcasting it at the lunch table!

Mike Schmidt: I can’t believe this…

Jeremy Fitzgerald: We actually started an urban legend.

Mike Schmidt: That’s dope.


im alive guys and bringing in a former dust bunny enjoy ( ◜◡^)っ

    The tone of the violin’s strings, echoing through the large hall provided quite the melodic tone. Soon afterwards, the delicate addition of the piano mixed in, along with other wind instruments that eventually drew up the orchestra that set along one end of the hall. It was typical dance music: soft, harmonious, and it provided for much of the ball’s central theme. Couples quickly – yet elegantly – arrived to the dance floor of the large hall, beginning to crowd up as they danced in rhythm to the music.

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this really is so asdfasdassdf *,*
I love the scary
which gives a touch of voice
and animation!!