why not both?
mike and Vince get home after an exhausting night at work or something or maybe get home after work from a bar or something if you want them to pass out from being drunk

lol idk this just came to my head
sorry, I know it sucks cause I rushed it and its all sketchy and shit so sorry



“You are worth every star in the infinite universe.”

- @littlespacedreams


Nearly everytime when I’m out with my parents taking out the newspapers on thursday I start to think … about everything, really. Most of it always ends up in me getting depressed again … but this time not that much.

I remembered what Yuu some days ago said … and it gave me a little idea.

I hadn’t had the time to draw it until now.

I dunno why I drew Vinnie with star hair, I’m not even very good with drawing stars, but hey, it looks good and I kinda like it ^^;

I still say I’m not worth anything …

But yeah … have a Space Vinnie and the little star he’s holdin’ represents me and stuff … X’D


If I’ve seemed quiet over here lately, it’s because I have been working on things. What things, you may ask? It’s still a bit of a secret, but I have been laying groundwork for my own ORIGINAL CONTENT! 

The next several months is going to involve lots of prep work and planning, so don’t expect to see anything from this new thing for a long time. I’ll keep you guys updated, though! 

Will I still do fan stuff on Tumblr and Youtube? Yeah, as long as I have time and interest I’ll still do fan things! Think of this new stuff as a main course, while everything else has been an appetizer. I won’t take the appetizers away; there’ll just be a new tasty dish slam dunked onto the table for your faces to enjoy! 

Well that’s all! Thanks for all the support over the years. I really appreciate every single one of you so much. 

Afina out!  

saw zoolander 2 and forgot benedict had a cameo until he turned up in drag whipping owen wilson and ben stiller’s asses down a fashion runway while suspended by a harness sporting angel wings to thunderous applause from joe jonas and all i can say is i’ve seen it all man i’ve seen it all

I used to have a crush on of my best friends when I was 16 and turns out she used to have a crush on me???????? This is so unexpected?????????? And great????????????? But also like why did we not know this when we were 16?????????? Why?????????????,