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Midwife did her home visit today and she said everything looked good! The last minute things we need are hand towels and to pick out baby girls outfit. I also need to pick up some stuff for postpartum, (all of your guys’ tips helped so much, thank you!) and pack a hospital bag just in case. Roslyn is still head down and my belly was measuring at 37 weeks. She’s not going to check me for dilation until Monday, so hopefully I’ve made some progress!! We are getting so close, I can’t believe I’m already at this point. She will be here before we know it.

hold your breath (count to three) || Travlyn

a/n: this is for the talented and wonderful chaotic gay @ladylqueen AKA queen’s birthday. I know I’m late but lmao it’s still the 24th in California, cRIES

anyways, here’s some sweet sweet HS Travlyn to ease the soul, considering how things been lately sighs. Written in second POV, from Travis’s eyes, because it felt better than my first attempt with 3rd pov.

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being black in gifted and advanced classes was so lonely for me, mostly because i was the only black person (and sometimes the only person of color) in many of my classes. i had to move schools going into first grade because my previous school did not offer the classes i needed. the one thing my previous school did have however, was a large number of students who looked like me. but at my second elementary school, there were only six black students there when i was in the fifth grade.

the hardest part about it was whenever we talked about black history and the slave trade etc. they showed videos of what it was like for black people during Jim Crow, what with the dogs attacking black folks and white guys pouring bleach into our swimming pools etc and that was traumatizing to learn about as a small child, and all i really wanted was to have a black friend to talk to about it, someone else who could relate to the strange things i was feeling but i didn’t.

a particular incident was in the eighth grade when we learned about the slave trade. it was the first time i’d heard a teacher talk about the KKK. one day, my teacher brought in an old medallion that was once worn by a real life klansmen. she passed it around to the class and everyone was saying, “whoa man, thats craaaaaazy” “that’s so cool” and i felt so terrified and uncomfortable and i wanted to leave class but i was frozen with fear. finally i told my teacher that i did not want to see or touch it, and she could not understand why.

after a while i became embarrassed that i felt such pain about those videos and lessons since my classmates and white friends didn’t feel that way, so i became very VERY self hating. i would make jokes at my own expense and i just wanted to fit into that group so badly. it also did not help that black history is NEVER taught correctly in public schools. i know gifted classes were good for me on one level but i can’t help but feel like regular classes and being socialized with people who looked like me would’ve helped me with the intense self hatred i still find myself battling every so often.

cgleome  asked:

Hi I just downloaded the app for Iphone so I haven't finished his story but I wonder if you could do an imagine for Yoosung's first kiss! Thank you so much <3

Note: Sure!~

You are at Yoosung’s house, watching a movie. It’s been a while since you guys are a couple but you’ve never kissed. It makes you sad and you are pretty sure it makes Yoosung sad too. You understand that he doesnt know how to do these things but you are a couple, what’s a couple without a single kiss?
“Yoosung” you say “do you love me?”
He looks at you “whaaaaaaaaat what what what? Why.. why did you say this with all of a sudden?”
You kiss his cheek and say “nothing. I just love you so much” you watch him blushing.
You try to make a romantic moment so you talk more. “Yoosung, is it weird that I miss you everytime?”
“Wh- What? So you say you miss me even when I’m with you? Do you mean I’m not as nice as I used to be before?”
You are so shocked that you start laughing. “Oh my god, Yoosung! I just love you so much hahahhahahahha!” you watch him turning into a tomato. Seems like it’s gonna be hard to make a romantic moment.
You hug him and kiss his cheek again. “You smell so nice you know?”
He is blushing so much that you try so hard not to laugh. “I.. I love the way you smell.. too…” you feel you are blushing too and when he looks at you he starts laughing. “Oh my god you are so so cute when you blush!”
You cant even look at his face so you just go on watching movie.
When the movie is over, you see Yoosung fell asleep. He looks so innocent when he sleeps. He looks like a baby, he looks so pure and you can fall in love over and over again. Why doesnt he kiss you? Doesnt he love you anymore? Or is he that shy?
You cant keep yourself from kissing him. When you touch his lips, he wakes up and when he realizes you kissing him he screams and runs to his room the he locks himself.
You are so shocked that you cant move fore a minute. Then you go in front of his door and talk. “Yoosung? I just kissed you because… you looked so pure and beautiful while you were sleeping. I’m so sorry if I bothered you… I thought I could kiss you since you didnt kiss me even for once. I am your girlfriend and I started to feel as if you dont want me anymore. And seems like I am right.” you feel so sad.
After like one hour, Yoosung opens his door. You still wait there.
“I… I’m so sorry… I’ve always wanted to kiss you but you know… I’ve never kissed someone and if I make this wrong, I thought you wouldnt like it.” says Yoosung with a sad face.
“I understand you… I’ll wait till you are ready.”
Then with all of a sudden he says “I’m ready” and starts kissing you. But when he hits his tooth to yours, he stops. “OH MY GOD IS MY TOOTH THERE? DID IT FALL DOWN? OH MY GOD.”
You start laughing. “It’s there, Yoosung. Come here my pure boy” you say and start kissing him softly.

Note2: Hope you like it!~

So @spevvy​​ and I had a movie date last night to watch “Singin’ in the Rain” together and I’m sharing the best of our commentary because let me tell you, Spev and I could totally be color commentators for anything. We’re that good.

Me: Omg, “not in front of all these people” is a total douchebag thing to do
Spev: [the green checkered suits] They look like the type of suit your creepy uncle would take back and say, “bitch I got an image to protect here”
Spev: When Kathy realised Cosmo was obviously the better of the two guys and then Don realises that even though she’s totally odious and has a horrible voice Lina actually did genuinely love him… I could have written this better… They should have asked us!
Me: Ugh please Don. You could have jumped into a cab. You totally wanted to show off in front of your fans.
Me: Omg. “You’d better keep telling me I’m a good actor”
Spev: “Erm, no”… “I never bother telling you what a great musician you are, but I need constant validation
Me: He is a total creep. Cosmo, are you in a bad situation? Do you have Stockholm syndrome?… “Upset” translation: you bruised my ego and I made Cosmo tell me I was a good actor so I knew it.
Spev: He’s [Cosmo] just the most wonderful thing. Also. Dat. Ass. Just sayin… Those trousers are obscene
Me: Cause they make dat ass look “oh baby” in this scene
Me: “Don, you’re a genius” Don who came up with 0 of the ideas… The title of the movie and the longest dance number goes to creeptastic fuck boi megalomaniac Gene Kelly. Of course.
Spev: This musical number bears no relation to the film. It’s just Gene Kelly showing off
Me: She’s got Stockwood syndrome

Then we watched The Avengers

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mbradleyg To Tyler, Josh and Mark: my baby boy, my dog breath, my Clark. Some of my most fond memories are playing that stupid telephone game in the van, sharing hotel rooms, deciding who gets to sleep with me cause I snore and sleeping in truck stops trying to get some respect from the truckers cause we are kinda like them, traveln around sleepin in our rig and stuff. These are memories I will never forget. Being able to look back at times like that and be present at time like MSG night #2 are the reason we did this. I’m so proud of Tyler’s ability to lead us as a group of guys just trying to do it the right way. I’m so proud of Josh for his loving spirit and ability to find the good in everything. I’m so proud of Mark for taking this thing and showing the faces of every single person that makes this great. Faces that have told the story of genuine success and the mantra of never stop creating. I love you guys.

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

So we walked in for the photo and the guy said, “No special poses, no kissing.” Everyone was going up, posing, leaving. Gillian was asking questions about the music playing. It was moving really quickly.

I went up wearing this ridiculous shirt and David said, “I like your shirt.” And I said, “Thanks, it’s my favorite thing I own.” Gillian was oblivious and posing for the picture, and David was like, “Hey, did you see her shirt?” so she came around to the front of me and said, “Oh my god! Look at that! That is so cuuuuute!….But who is it? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING!!!” Then we all had a laugh together and I looked like a maniac in my picture. THE END.

mavhenanfenharel  asked:

idk if you know this or not but the rake things are rgm painting knives! the rake in particular is their #13. there's a ton of different shaped ones. you generally use them with oil paints and really thick paints/glosses/pastes to get really cool textures in the paintings (like when ppl paint with palette knives exclusively)

What omg I did not know this!!! Thank you so much for sending, I’m like so happy. We did it guys, we solved the rake thing mystery

Anyway i gave these things a quick search on the good ol google and i found our problematic child

look at her

also shes got some cousins. 

Its a funky ass rake family reunion guys. and oH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED HERE


oh wait here comes another one

what th e fugck. why he got those holes. this is th e thign you wou ld give to a person u hate when they ask to borrow a spoon for soup. wait shit hold on guys


i need 2 lie down

So, today was the first day of school for me and I had Latin. My Latin teacher starts off the class with a PowerPoint slide that has a picture of a Game of Thrones book and George R.R. Martin. So, he begins saying,

“Alright so, one thing you should know about me is that I love to read. I’d read anything. I love Harry Potter. I love Shakespeare. I love The Great Gatsby. I love To Kill a Mockingbird. I even read 50 Shades of Grey, which I did not love. But let me get one thing straight. I refuse to read Game of Thrones. Why? Look at this guy. The man is 67 years old and he has about 5 books and still has AT LEAST 2 more coming? I telling you right now, he’s gonna die before he finishes it. And as I think about putting myself in this situation, I would not do well in that mess. You didn’t see me after Firefly got cancelled. And let me tell you, I was not a happy guy. So In order to protect myself, I am not even going to watch the show or stand 5 feet from the books. Ok? Got it? Ok.”

And the entire class was just speechless.

Stolen Goods | Luke

baseball Luke

for sports blurb night w @smartsetclifford

A/N: for all of those who aren’t familiar w baseball, a cup is something guys wear to protect their dick

Summary: Your roommate steals something from Luke and she makes you return it

“I think I did something stupid,” you heard your roommate grumble. You looked over from your phone, seeing that she had just woken up, a pillow over her face.

“What a shocking statement,” you replied, going back to your phone. Your roommate, Jen, loved to party. Not that that was a bad thing, but she often came home with crazy and incredibly stupid stories about her night and you often urged her to stay home or at least not get as drunk as she normally did.

“No, Y/N, real stupid.”

“You just woke up. You already remember?”


“It must’ve been quite dumb.”

“It was,” she said, lifting her hand in the air. Clutched in her hand was a white object and you had to lean forward to figure out what it was.

“Is that, is that a cup, Jen?”

“It is.”

“Why the fuck were you cuddling a baseball cup instead of Squishy?” you asked, referring to her stuffed rhino.

“Because I think I stole it last night at the party.”

“Jen, who’s cup is it?” She let out a squeak, clutching her pillow tighter to her face as she mumbled something indecipherable into the sheets. “Jen, English, please.”

She pulled the pillow from her face. Her eyes were red from lack of sleep, her hair was a tangled mess, and a pink blush was rising on her cheeks from embarrassment.

“It’s Luke Hemmings’ cup.”

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anonymous asked:

You said that ten curses a lot, but where are the receipts??? I need this in my life lmao

well, there was the video where they did the thing for johnny’s birthday, right?

if you look at the little post-it that ten leaves for johnny, he calls him ‘fatass’ friendship goals

and if you guys saw him on hit the stage where they scared him, the first jumpscare a few of the thai fans pointed out that he almost said a curse word in his native language.

those are the only real receipts i have but stiLL they’re receipts

click on the bolded words for links to the videos!

Originally posted by 96sline

JiKook Backhugs

“Jikook is one-sided” my ass

Excuse me, but did Jungkook have to go and hug Jimin? No. He did it himself. And look at Hobi squishing and trapping him.

Jimin looks sly af like “Yeah biotch he’s hugging me on camera”

They’re so adorable together. I love Jikook

JinHope are like “Guys you can’t do that right now!” but JiKook are like lmao try to stop us

I just love this moment

Jungkook just casually slips his arms around Jimin and slowdances with him and Jimin just acts like it’s a natural thing to do

Excuse me Jungkook but did you really need to go on his back to put the headband on him?

Ew why is it so small?
“What scene are we?”
“Back hug scene”

Ok we get it Jungkook, he’s yours

They’re just talking and Jungkook slings his arm over Jimin

And of course Jimin backhugging Jungkook <3


Casually hugging during a broadcast with Seventeen I think???!!!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks @doodlemin)

anonymous asked:

Scout, as a Rob wiki, what's the name of the song he sings at the start/ending of Misha's panel in Minncon???? I need it like air

a rOB WIKI I’M??? i can’t fight it

….it’s aerosmith’s “angel”

Anonymous said:

I would like to humbly request that the next time you paint rob to paint him from one of the photos that shows him lifting his shirt because his abs are something truly divine


if you guys any high quality pictures of

send them to your good ol’ auntie scout

i honestly think this would be the most hilarious thing to paint. imagine

rob: scout, uh…saw that. that thing. of my abs

me: did you ever think, as a young boy, that there would be paintings of your abs hung above mantels

rob: you know, i didn’t even think of it that way

me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous said:

Rob and Rich had a very turbulent road to becoming bffs. It’s pure luck they eventually managed to remember the others name and have a conversation. And we wouldn’t even know what we were missing. Hypothetically, Rob might not even be with us anymore if they weren’t friends, seeing as Rich is the one who first noticed he was having a stroke.

what’s even more incredible is that rich made the choice to go forward with the drug that saved rob’s life. basically, the drug they administer stroke victims will either: stop the stroke’s effects where they are, worsen them to the point of no return, or completely reverse the effects and put someone back to normal

rich was in charge of that decision because there was no time to waste–so i’m like HOOO BOY CAN’T THINK ABOUT THAT TOO LONG OR THERE WILL BE LOTS OF DEWY FRIENDSHIP IN MY EYES


“Diablo is such a bad sterotype for Latinos!”

“Why do people like him?! He killed his kids and wife! He’s HORRIBLE.”

“Y'all are saying you wanna date him, but he’d probably kill you too”

“Diablo and Harley? He would set her on fire, good lord, don’t ship that.”

“Eughhh, he’s so SCARY. And looks so creepy…”

(Gestures to images up above, which made up about half of a comic book, there’s a lot more that I couldn’t fit)
You sure about all those things?

You’re telling me a man who says “Howdy, folks” is awful. Listen, I know we didn’t get to see a lot of Diablo, but please know that he’s truly a sweet guy. Someone who’s just trying to be the hero again and attempt to make up for what he did. He swore to never hurt a woman nor child, and he never has to this day. This is the man who politely asked for an awful villain to defend themselves, just because he didn’t want to just hurt someone without them having a chance (and to justify his right to fight) Spread the word about El Diablo, Chato Santana, or any other name. He deserves to be known as the beautiful man he is, and the man who deserves a second chance at life. At everything.

anonymous asked:

komahina where hinata catches komaeda preparing the setup for his own death in chapter 5 pleaseee i'd really love to see your take on that!!

Sure thing! I’m just gonna warn you guys, those, this is both graphic, and I’m also not 100% satisfied with it. I tried really hard to write this, but it was also really really hard for me to do, both because of the subject matter and because I’m unsure of characterization in this scenario. I might rewrite it someday, but I did try very hard, and I hope that shows and comes through.

Obvious CWs for #Suicide, #Self Harm #Gore & Blood

He was running around, just like everyone else, looking for those fucking bombs…! Fucking Komaeda, he couldn’t believe he was doing this. He’d known he was crazy, he’d known he was a jerk, he knew he looked down on him because of his reserve course status…but he hadn’t expected him to do this of all things. Bomb everyone, just to eliminate the traitor…! Maybe he had really lost it, though, from all the stress of all of this. He had mentioned deceit, distrust, and death in his motives for setting up the bombs. Admittedly, if all of the things he had said happened to him really did happen…well, maybe he couldn’t blame him for losing his sanity.

That didn’t mean that threatening to blow up everyone was fucking reasonable, though.

As he was running along the fifth island, he spotted Kuzuryuu rushing in the other direction, looking as though he was looking for the other students, not bombs. He was about to call out to him, to ask what was up, but he was already too far away. He glanced at the warehouse, and ran up to one of the doors.

Komaeda wouldn’t hide his bombs in that big factory…that’s too obvious. So instead, he checked the door off to the side…but to his surprise, it seemed locked. Had Kuzuryuu not checked here, then…? Well, he decided to. Someone had to, after all.

He banged into it, and it gave way after two tries. He could hear music playing, weirdly enough, but it was when he looked in that he got really surprised. He saw a bunch of those ugly Monokuma Panels falling. Instinctively, he grabbed one, stopping it from knocking into the next one. He looked throughout the room, but he didn’t see any bombs, or anything that looked like a bomb. He did see an MP3 Player, though, and he quickly turned off that music that was honestly a contestant for the most painful thing he’d ever heard, next to Monokuma’s voice. As he looked around more, he saw a thick black curtain that just screamed ominous as he looked at it. Is it behind there?

Carefully, he stepped up to it. If it was a motion sensitive bomb…he could make it go off by flapping open the curtain. That thought stalled him for a few moments…but then he heard something from behind that curtain, something that sounded like…muffled screams?

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