Official voltron s2 meme list™

- trash nebula is my home
- *hacker voice* im in
- paul blart mall cop
- paul blart mall cop’s poster of zarkon
- hunk is gordon ramsay
- the cow
- two guys sitting in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay
- that one photo of lance all stretched out across the screen and smirking
- turning galra has made you a better human
- i can’t believe shiro is fucking dead
- coran stars in Yuri on ice (2016)
- hunk and lance deserve better
- team sheith vs team broganes
- keith’s emo arm crossing through the entire washing scene
- coran is a bishie
- sparkly anime eyes
- yup
- using “quiznak” all the time


Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Reader gets a phone call from her best friend, Sebastian, who is drunk, and goes to his house to check on him

Word count: 1269

Warnings: Drinking, nothing more i guess

A/N: Sebastian is one of my first new-stage crushes (my first first-stage is john stamos)

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You got out from the cab and started to walk to your best friend’s house door. It was a raining night and the fact that you were all soaked would remind you of a romantic movie cliché if it wasn’t because you were worried. Sebastian had called you drunk and was babbling about something you didn’t quite get before he suddenly hung up, you got instantly tense and decided to go to his house and checked on him. You stepped outside the door and knocked twice. No one answered. You worried even more and took out the spare key you had. You opened the door, turned on the lights and looked around already inside. 

You walked through Seb’s house waiting to hear some kind of sign of him being there. You could feel your heart beating faster and faster as you started to panic even more than before. Suddenly, a sound that seemed to be a weep caught your ear. You walked to the source of the sound and you almost jumped after watching the scene that was in front of you. 

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anonymous asked:

okay but it took almost three months for my period to come and now I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN ;;; that's the most pain I've ever been in my whole entire life and I need comfort, so could you please give me RFA + V and Saeran on how they would react if MC was in my situation? ;;;;

U got it

I have sooooo many period requests in my box rn. Like, so many that I’m not even gunna ask dump those suckers on here cause it would be too long. So every1 that requested a period hc–this one’s for u fam.

~I am…suffering as well at this exact moment…I am dying slowly. T_T This is the end for Jalapeno it’s been nice knowing you guys and writing for you all RIP me.

◉ Yoosung

  • Butler Yoosung at your service
  • He’s fluffing pillows
  • He’s bringing you food
  • He’s putting on your favorite shows
  • He’s cleaning the house
  • Man, what isn’t this boy doing ?????
  • He is a flustered boy and doesn’t know what to do so he is doing everything
  • Also available for cuddles if you so wish, he is an expert cuddler!

◉ Jumin

  • Would probably be calling doctors tbh
  • He goes over the top when it comes to you
    • “Damn it Jumin I’m on my period not dying-though it feels like it-I need chocolate not a freaking M.D. “
    • “Even so, MC, I just need to be sure…”
  • Takes off of work until you’re 100% 
  • Will bring you food in bed and just stare at you while you eat
  • He thinks you look so cute
  • Will lounge and put your head in his lap and pets you like a kitty

◉ Zen

  • Lights some candles for you, draws a bath with some essential oils and rose petals and lets you soak for as long as you need
  • Cooks a nice healthy meal for you
  • Really, just, cuddly and handsy with you
  • Will have you lean into him on the couch
  • Wraps himself around you and just holds your hands and kisses your head often
  • If you need anything he will run out and get it for you he doesnt care

◉ Jaehee

  • She.Gets.It
  • GURL
  • What do U NEED
  • Chocolate?Wine?Ice cream????
  • She’s got the hook up ok
  • You guys can share a tub of ice cream on the couch and gush over Zen DVDs all night
  • And drink wine until you dont feel a thing tbh

◉ Saeyoung

  • Tries to make you laugh so you feel better
  • It’s what he’s best at
  • Does silly things like he doesn’t let you walk anywhere
  • Not even to the bathroom
  • He carries you everywhere you want to go
  • One time he hit your head on the wall whoopsie
  • Will re-enact your fav TV show episodes or movies
  • Makes Saeran join in
  • He does it for you but glares at Saeyoung the whole damn time

◉ V

  • So attentive !
  • Lots and lots and lots of kisses!
  • Lets you lounge in bed all day and will bring you chocolate covered strawberries and champagne
  • Caresses your hair
  • Will lay in bed with your head on his chest and he’ll smoke his pipe while you both listen to the radio

◉ Saeran

  • He…doesn’t know what to do
  • He’s a lost boy
  • Will toss you a box of chocolates
    • “Chocolate produces endorphins and helps reduce pain, so…” he hands them to you
    • “…Thanks, babe.”
  • Asks you what hurts
    • “My back and my legs are cramping so bad”
    • “Okay well lay down then”
  • Gives you an epic massage OMG praise the lorrrrduhhhh
  • When he’s done he will pull you on top of him and kiss you and you both just fall asleep

darriness  asked:

What do you think the Flash characters' favourite candy are? What snacks do they get when they go to the movies?

Barry: the guy who eats like, six tubs of popcorn, so he always brings the entire team because “we have to at least make it look like we’re NormalTM” and Julian fights him the entire time over it.  He also has a thing for Whoppers, which is fine because they’re the one candy Cisco won’t fight him for.

Cisco: depends on the movie.  If he knows that the movie is going to make him cry, then he goes with something like Sour Patch; if it’s straight-up action he’s a Crunch guy; rom-com is Jolly Ranchers; and the midnight premiere snack of choice is Swedish fish.  He does not share.  (He does, he just doesn’t know it.)  He threatens to put itching powder in the suit if Barry eats all the popcorn before he gets some.

Caitlin: Hot Tamales, actually, because she knows Barry won’t steal them in bulk and she likes that they’re less sweet and more sharp.  She’s a take-two-handfuls-of-popcorn-and-she’s-done kind of gal.

Iris: Sno-Caps and whatever Cisco’s having.  She’s also the one who takes a tub of popcorn out of Barry’s hands and he just lets her have it, even though he’s been silently and energetically fighting Julian for the past hour over the rest.

Julian: he’s an M&Ms guy and a spirited combatant in the Epic Popcorn Fights of 2017, which usually digress into Julian in Barry’s lap because Cisco threatened to Vibe both of them into another universe if they didn’t shh, even though they’re not making any sound, and it’s the only way they can eat popcorn without re-initiating an arm wrestling match.  (It has absolutely nothing to do with the horror movie, Thank You Very Much Allen.)

Cindy: Starbursts!  She’s not much of a popcorn fan, but she’ll make exceptions.

HR: kumquats that he snuck in by the dozen.

Wally: Skittles.  Straight-up Skittles.  Steal at your own peril.  He also sits directly behind Barry and steals popcorn whenever Iris nudges Barry so he looks over.  Brother-sister mischief makers, at your service.

Jesse: Wally’s Skittles.  She’s willing to risk her own peril because it’s more fun than just buying a bag.  Big popcorn gal.  Shamelessly leans over Barry to steal a handful.  He’s gotta catch her if he wants to retaliate and they call her Jesse Quick for a reason.

Joe: Kit Kats, and if you want to keep that hand, You Will Not Touch.  He also bought his own tub of popcorn to share with Cecile.  (Who is also an M&M fan and enjoys stealing the rest of Julian’s bag because he forgot it while fighting Barry.)