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Whats ur fave shippy moments?! Also what made u ship them?! Sorry if this is weird!

  • “i’m gonna get closer to you i don’t care”
  • “our old pal Ryan Bergara, we’re a package deal”
  • every time Shane calls Ryan baby
  • those gay ass stares every once in a while
  • those 20 second stares during the live Q+As
  • Shane saying that Ryan could save the president’s life
  • “do you not know how love works?” “maybe i don’t.”
  • Ryan finding everything Shane says hilarious
  • “you’re a dancing, smoochin’ kinda guy”
  • “hey, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.” *wink*
  • Shane staring at Ryan during the white shirt video
  • shirt matching
  • the series of London Dates
  • “we’re just two guys sitting in a tub”
  • big guy/little guy
  • Ryan thinking aliens would only abduct the finest specimens but also thinking Shane would be the perfect subject for abduction
  • “you seem to be well versed in the arts of sexual deviance“
  • the vulture mine episode where Shane tells Ryan to open the door in that voice and Ryan does it
  • “hey, by the way, this is growth! you’re killing your light without even whining about it or being afraid!”
  • Steven considered making Shane and Ryan go on a date and Helen thinking it would be cute
  • “eating popcorn our favourite thing to do in the world”
  • the look Shane gives Ryan in the Sallie House before he lies on the pentagram


✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. five )   ❜

          (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.  ’
‘  bad idea.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect. her son’s feeding her sedatives. yeah, he was like, ‘go on mother, eat these pills.’  ’
‘  you just made this go so much more dark than it needed to be.  ’
‘  well, i just don’t trust this boy.  ’
‘  yeah, have some pills, smoke this cigarette. goodnight.  ’
‘  this is a very irresponsible landlady. if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  this is gonna get a little morbid, but who’s to say that a burning body doesn’t small like barbecue?  ’
‘  no, of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s weird!  ’
‘  has any skull shrunk at any other point in history?  ’
‘  now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.  ’
‘  you don’t think it’s weird that all of her was gone except for a skull, parts of the spine, and a fucking foot that was still completely intact like nothing happened?  ’
‘  i bet if george clooney was on the tonight show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe. clooney’s flammable.  ’
‘  clooney is probably flammable, you’re probably right.  ’
‘  so, a fire that was too hot for firemen did not damage her apartment?  ’
‘  too much fire here. what do i look like, a fireman?  ’
‘  soot and a foot. that’s all they got, huh? soot, foot, and a cup skull.  ’
‘  that’s a bizarro version of a dr. seuss book right there.  ’
‘  the foot did not catch on fire… one of ‘em anyway. that other one? phew. donezo.  ’
‘  the first theory… is ridiculous. i’m just gonna say that right now, it’s ridiculous.  ’
‘  i don’t trust anyone who says, ‘it seen it happen.’ that sounds like a country bumpkin if i’ve ever heard one.  ’
‘  it seen it! i seen it with my own two eyes!  ’
‘  i seen it happen while i was playing my banjo!  ’
‘  yeah– well, okay… keep going.  ’
‘  can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? and you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,’ can you imagine just exploding? just catching on fire. all your pals would be like, ‘huh?’ not a good night. for him or his friends.  ’
‘  is it very european to burst into flames?  ’
‘  put that pen down. you look like a jackass.  ’
‘  a lot of people explodin’ in europe. something you might wanna look into. this runs deep.  ’
‘  when i think spontaneous combustion, i think, like, ‘bam!’ like a popped balloon, just shards of person just exploding.  ’
‘  that asshole in fantastic four? what do you have against him?  ’
‘  if my clothes are on fire i’ll do a little dance to try and get ‘em out, stop, drop, and roll, what have ya.  ’
‘  maybe she just passed out or died or something.  ’
‘  i’ve never had a doctor speak to me like that. i would love it if i showed up and a doctor just started unraveling strange little tales.  ’
‘  the answer could lie with extraterrestrial origin.  ’
‘  what if aliens just get drunk and fly around the universe and shrink people’s skulls and turn them into little piles of ash?  ’
‘  i can see how aliens would be involved in kind of like shenanigans and be hooligans.  ’
‘  i don’t even smoke, but i would love to have one last cig before i go.  ’
‘  this is a weird case! this is just sinking in! what are we doing here?!  ’
‘  what if we’re just lab rats to these aliens?  ’
‘  they’re gonna shrink her into a little tiny titty.  ’
‘  no… no. what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  if you used voodoo for evil, you would kill me!? you would murder me?!  ’
‘  it’s a hypothetical, i wasn’t thinking of doing that.  ’
‘  sometimes we argue, but i don’t want to murder you.  ’
‘  i never said i wanted to murder you!  ’
‘  you wanna kill me!  ’
‘  this is a hypothetical situation!  ’
‘  alright, yeah, no. continue to tell me about it now that i know you want me dead.  ’
‘  i think you might intellectualize too much.  ’
‘  so this is kind of a night out… with spirits.  ’
‘  wha– you look so scared already.  ’
‘  i do find that more compelling than any of the other dumb ‘evidence’ you’ve dug up.  ’
‘  any time i can get you to do that shrug, it means i make a great point. it’s a great point. it makes me heart warm.  ’
‘  i’m gonna buy you one of those haunted dolls for christmas.  ’
‘  put away your fear and just focus on what you feel.  ’
‘  i’m bad at feeling. i really wanna believe in something outside the norms of, you know, physics.  ’
‘  i took an improv comedy class once because… well, i’m a white guy.  ’
‘  so, the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?  ’
‘  the takeaway here is that sounds that don’t belong in that environment may or may not be ghosts.  ’
‘  my jacket just moved in a way that it felt like somebody touched me on the shoulder and i think if you had felt it, you would scream.  ’
‘  wait, what? that was never part of the bargain.  ’
‘  a lot of times i just do these because i know you’ll hate it.  ’
‘  i feel like i’m gonna fucking cry.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna talk about it. i wanna leave.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the hell up.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the fuck up… i stepped it up with the bigger curse word there.  ’
‘  i’m not even trying to be a jerk about this, i’m just getting tired of you asking me if i get scared about things i don’t believe in.  ’
‘  it’s like asking me if i’m concerned that, when i fall asleep, the moon turns around and winks at me with a big, evil face and has a boner or something.   ’
‘  tell me what’s more probable: the moon having a boner or a ghost being real.  ’
‘  the dark side of the moon just has a giant, dusty boner. that’s about as real as ghosts.  ’
‘  now we’re heading into the belly of the beast.  ’
‘  i’m excited. this is maybe he only time i believe in what you’re talking about.   ’
‘  bigfoot’s meat and bone.  ’
‘  no, that’s dumb. it’s not supernatural, it’s natural.  ’
‘  this is the heaviest sandwich i’ve ever embraced.  ’
‘  my organ’s are starting to shut down. i’ll be dead in five minutes. i think i might need to go to the hospital.  ’
‘  could you imagine being the guy who coined the phrase ‘bigfoot’?  ’
‘  ain’t that like a couple of funny brothers… destroying their father’s legacy.  ’
‘  don’t make bigfoot believe in your little ghostly energies bigfoot is meat and bone.  ’
‘  i don’t think that’s how bigfoot rolls.  ’
‘  the vest is gonna make me look more festive… and i won’t get shot, so there’s that. that’s an added bonus. having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  you honestly think we’re going to encounter a sasquatch, the sasquatch is going to attack you and your life is going to be saved because you’re wearing a helmet? it’s gonna bring a rock down upon your head, we’re gonna get it on film, and we’re gonna say, ‘thank god you had your helmet on your head.’  ’
‘  i think we’re ready to rock and roll, man.  ’
‘  you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  if i see people taller than me i get concerned about them because i think they’re gonna die young.  ’
‘  i wasn’t fat-shaming bigfoot. i was just mentioning that this is a creature of enormous strength.  ’
‘  his name is cedric. he struck me as a cedric when i first saw him after i destroyed his apartment.  ’
‘  well, if it’s any consolation, you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  i think it’s time for a little beer break.  ’
‘  if a bigfoot actually walked out right now, this would be the greatest thing ever captured on camera, if we lured out a bigfoot with a beer.  ’
‘  they said that… i agree, but they meant it more, so hit them!  ’
‘  nah. this guys inhaling too many… cat… shit… fumes.  ’
‘  yeah, this is all jolly right now, but can you imagine what this is gonna be like at night?  ’
‘  it is a very old piece of footage, but so is… die hard. still good.  ’
‘  i’m saying just ‘cause something’s good doesn’t mean it’s bad, or–  ’
‘  that’s a completely different train of thought. what the fuck is going on here?  ’
‘  (wheezing and laughing) it’s been a long day.  ’
‘  now you look like a man i would never talk to under any circumstance.  ’
‘  don’t judge a book by it’s cover? it’s a hell of a cover. this place is beautiful!  ’
‘  i don’t wanna kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on, it’s a hotel.  ’
‘  holy shit! it’s a jacuzzi tub!  ’
‘  this is the best place we’ve ever ghostbusted.  ’
‘  like a ghost sitcom? sign me up!  ’
‘  well, he can go to hell.  ’
‘  oof. i don’t even wanna talk about that evening.  ’
‘  i stole this off the woman who died in the titanic!  ’
‘  …shadows do tend to follow you, though. that’s sort of how they work.  ’
‘  you gotta fuckin’ calm down, man!  ’
‘  ghost 101. week one, knock books off shelf. week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of a hallway. week three… sheets.  ’
‘  this is one of the best days of my life.  ’
‘  i freaked out because i thought something flew in front of me, but come to think of it, it could’ve been the reflection of my light turning off.  ’
‘  you know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were too busy going, ‘ugh ugh okay, oh, what did i do? oh, what did i do? i always get myself into these things ooo.’  ’
‘  are we doing more of this or can i use the jacuzzi hot tub that we’ve been blessed with?  ’
‘  are we gonna spend the night here and not use the jacuzzi?  ’
‘  the jacuzzi jets don’t work… we’re just two guys sitting in a tub.  ’
‘  yeah… it’s daft punk. the dj’s daft punk came into our suite at night and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.  ’
‘  it’s not haunted. i know it’s not haunted. it’s not haunted.  ’
‘  you’re like a stupid string puppet that i can just bring along with me and i can pull it when i wanna hear something dumb.  ’
‘  no– they’re. no. no. nope.   ’
‘  the ball also stopped at the ‘i love pot’ graffiti, so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it.  ’
‘  wha– what are ya doin’?  ’
‘  look it up. it’s a thing on the internet.  ’
‘  who are you pointing to?  ’
‘  i bet i could squeeze an apple till it exploded.  ’
‘  you hear that in the distance? it’s the excuse train coming.  ’
‘  great. that’ll be good. i’m gonna snap that.  ’

reasons why shyan/skeptic believer is a Good Ship:

- opposites attract trope
- the scaredy cat + nonchalant “doesn’t value their life” partner trope
- copious amounts of slow burn friends to lovers trope possibilities
- height difference
- “why are you so freakishly tall get down here” “who said that” “oh my god you asshole” “ryan is that you” “bitch”
- 🎶 Two Guys Sitting In A Bath Tub Five Inches Apart ‘Cause They’re Not Gay 🎶
- ryan scooting closer to shane in the bed bc he’s scared reblog if u agree
- their dynamic in general
- shit bro idk
- i meant to just watch a dumb series about ghosts but then i got feelings instead, this is actually bullshit bye

Enchoi Your Friday: Pool Day with the RFA

It rhymes! Anyway, this was supposed to be with just the twins, but we just couldn’t leave out the rest of the gang. ;)

  • You were complaining in the chatroom that the weather is getting too hot
  • And the AC in the bunker was broken to make it worse
  • You suggest that the entire RFA go for a pool day or something
  • Saeyoung agrees…but he doesn’t have a pool in his underground house
  • Jumin, however, does and offers his since he barely uses it except for his swimming exercises
  • Everyone is all for it…except Saeran
  • When he found out Jumin and Zen were going, he was a bit hesitant 
  • All the arguing plus Zen’s talkativeness might threaten his enjoyment
  • But somehow you and Saeyoung pull him along
  • Saeyoung gave Saeran a pair of swimming trunks that were blue with Hawaiian flowers…while he’s wearing red ones with Hawaiian flowers
  • “Why are these matching…” Saeran deadpanned
  • “They were having a deal.” 
  • You guys get to the pool and Jumin, Zen, and Jaehee are already there
  • Jumin is stretched out in one of those recliner chairs, sunglasses on his head, and a slab of sun lotion on his nose
  • Meanwhile, Zen asked Jaehee to take a full body picture of him for his social media…and she was getting carried away
  • Saeyoung is the first one actually in the pool, as he canon balls straight in
  • You sit on the edge, just letting your legs dangle in the water at first
  • He swims over to you and puckers his lips for a kiss
  • Not thinking, you lean forward, but before your lips touch, he had grabbed onto your legs and pulled you into the water
  • Before you can protest long, he pulls you underneath the water and kisses you
  • Meanwhile, Saeran can’t swim well so he’s hanging out in the shallower side of the pool
  • Zen comes over and tries to give him a “big brother” kind of pep talk, and Saeran is dying inside because oh gosh it’s happening again
  • And besides that, Zen’s narcissism gets ten times worse because he’s shirtless
  • Yoosung arrives to the party a little late, and he barely has time to set his things down before Saeyoung tosses him into the pool in front of Saeran
  • Saeran is silently thanking him and dashes straight to his friend, “Hey, chipmunk! You came too?”
  • “Yeah,” Yoosung replies getting hair out of his eyes. “And I have inflatables. There’s even an ice cream one if you want to use it!”
  • Saeran is so touched
  • It takes so many tries for Saeran to actually mount the ice cream floaty
  • In some weird turn of events, Yoosung is pushing onto his butt trying to help him up
  • He pushed too hard and Saeran goes sprawling into the pool
  • Jaehee is on the sidelines watching, discreetly taking photos and trying not to laugh
  • Finally, Jumin decides to get into the pool…and of course, he brings Elizabeth on her own little floaty
  • This little floaty keeps drifting away from mista trust fund though…straight towards someone else
  • Cue Zen having to stand on the other side of the pool because of his allergies
  • Jaehee has to enter the pool slowly…feet, knees, stomach, and then the rest of her
  • Nobody, not even Saeyoung, dares interrupt this process
  • She waits until Saeyoung goes after Elizabeth or goes to bother someone else, and then she comes over to you
  • You two do little laps while talking and relaxing on the deep end
  • Everyone started to get a little hungry after a while
  • Jumin was prepared 
  • He thought having a BBQ would be a perfect meal for after food
  • It was a strange hybrid between Korean and American BBQ, and surprisingly Jumin is one heck of a good barbequer
  • Somewhere in the middle of the meal, Saeyoung tugs on your hand and brings you back to the car
  • You’re not sure what he’s upto, but you go along with it…turns out he’s going to the grocery store
  • He said he was craving his HBC and Dr. Pepper, but he really just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few minutes and spend some time with you
  • A few grocery store shenanigans…and a few board game purchases later…you two start heading out when Saeyoung has an amazing idea
  • With your help, you guys bring back huge tubs of different ice cream flavors and toppings for everyone
  • Cue Jumin and Saeyoung teaming up to experiment with their different flavors and concoctions
  • For the rest of the night, the group of you just ate loads of ice cream and played board games deep into the night

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Official voltron s2 meme list™

- trash nebula is my home
- *hacker voice* im in
- paul blart mall cop
- paul blart mall cop’s poster of zarkon
- hunk is gordon ramsay
- the cow
- two guys sitting in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay
- that one photo of lance all stretched out across the screen and smirking
- turning galra has made you a better human
- i can’t believe shiro is fucking dead
- coran stars in Yuri on ice (2016)
- hunk and lance deserve better
- team sheith vs team broganes
- keith’s emo arm crossing through the entire washing scene
- coran is a bishie
- sparkly anime eyes
- yup
- using “quiznak” all the time

Buzzfeed Unsolved - Supernatural: Season 2 quotes pt. 2

  • “Give that baby a basketball.”
  • “Why someone who choked on a peanut doesn’t get to be a ghost?”
  • “So you think 90% of the people who have stepmothers are like ‘aww my stepmother, I’d like to bury an ax in her face.’?”
  • “I feel like a fancy little lord in this room.”
  • “I’m not doing this because I want to steal. I’m doing this because I want to give the ghosts significant reason to haunt me.”
  • “Be the first ghost to murder someone in history. We’ll get it on film, you’ll be famous.”
  • “You know me, I’m a fan of conspiracy theories.”
  • “Spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.”
  • “Oh man, see now you’re asking the right questions. Now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.”
  • “I bet if George Clooney was on The Tonight Show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe.”
  • “George Clooney is probably very flammable you’re right.”
  • “I don’t trust anyone who says ‘I seen it happen’.”
  • “Can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? And you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,” can you imagine just exploding?”
  • “Is it very European to burst into flames?”
  • “Put that pen down you just look like a jackass.”
  • “You have a different standard of ‘cozy’ than normal people do.”
  • “How many people were poisoning each other?”
  • “Everyone’s always like, ‘how could they have done all this? How could they have gone so crazy and killed so many innocent people?’ Well here’s why, ‘cause they’re all insane.”
  • “They were lost in the sauce, that could be the whole footnote of the Salem witch trials.”
  • “The doctor’s not writing prescriptions, he’s just pointing at things and saying ‘yup, that’s a witch’.”
  • “If you had someone practicing witchcraft in this house you would know.”
  • “The ghost sounds a little bit like Lil Jon.”
  • “I think everyone needs a hobby, and if you don’t have one… That’s when you’re probably gonna start killing people.”
  • “It’s a real thing that happened, all those people danced ‘til they died.”
  • “We just never stay anywhere nice.”
  • “I don’t want to kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on.”
  • “No, no, no, you’re gonna scare the ghosts away.”
  • “We’ve never ghost busted anywhere.”
  • “A ghost sitcom?”
  • “We can never go back there.”
  • “Shadows do tend to follow you though. That’s sort of how they work.”
  • “You gotta fuckin’ calm down man.”
  • “Ghost 101. One, knock a book off a shelf. Week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of the hallway. Three… sheets.”
  • “Stop telling the ghosts to follow me home.”
  • “This is one of the best days of my life.”
  • “Dude I thought I saw something fly in front of me.”
  • “Ghost, I’m beginning to suspect you’re not real.”
  • “I’ve just realized what I’ve gotten myself into again.”
  • “You know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were busy grumbling.”
  • “Are we doing more of this, or can I use the jacuzzi tub we’ve been blessed with.”
  • “We’re just two guys sitting in a tub.”
  • “You make it sound like you’re listening to a recording of Pavarotti.”
  • “Is it Daft Punk?”
  • “The DJs Daft Punk came into out suite at night, and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.”
  • “You’re right, it was a ghost marching around for seven hours.”
  • “I never said I wanted to murder you!”
  • “I think you might intellectualize too much.”
  • “So, this is sort of a night out with spirits.”
  • “You look so scared already.”
  • “I’m gonna buy you one of those for Christmas.”
  • “I’m bad at feeling.”
  • “So the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?”
  • “That sounds like a great idea. Let’s lock ourselves in the murder room.”
  • “I think you just wanna see me freak out.”
  • “Why have I never seen the moon’s boner?”
  • “This is the dumbest example you’ve ever given.”
  • “I think the moon having a boner is as realistic as ghosts.”
  • Doesn’t know wtf he’s doing.
  • You guys usually just buy the tub of butter, but this time Tom insisted you be like the bakers on tv and buy those block/stick things instead.
  • But,,
  • He forgot to let the butter soften, so it was still hella hard in the fridge so he’s like: “Oh I’ll put it in the microwave for a second.”
  • You gave him a look. “A second, literally, Tom.”
  • “Yeah I will.”
  • He doesn’t.
  • And the butter is like now weird.
  • But you still use it.
  • He stirs the mixture and gets it out of the bowl.
  • So you push in and take over.
  • He forgets that the cake tin is hot and tOuches it!!
  • “Oh fuck!”     “What the fuck!”      “Ow.”
  • You laugh.
  • And then he stands with the tap running on his hand for 20 minutes.
  • “This might be 3rd degree burns.”
  • You roll your eyes.
  • “I swear! Look. It’s all red.”
  • “Yes Tom, but I can’t see your other layers of skin so I think you’ll be fine.”
  • “Until I’m not fine, Y/N. Do you even care?”
  • He ices the cake but pushes too hard and starts too early so the icing has crumbs throughout it now.
  • “Look what you did, Y/N!”
  • “Me?!”
  • It still tastes good.
  • He eats the left over icing by itself.
  • “You’re gonna feel sick after that.”
  • “Nah, I’ll be fine.”
  • You ignore him and start washing up.
  • Once you’re all done and the kitchen is clean, you face Tom who’s not looking fab.
  • “I don’t feel good.”

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Reader gets a phone call from her best friend, Sebastian, who is drunk, and goes to his house to check on him

Word count: 1269

Warnings: Drinking, nothing more i guess

A/N: Sebastian is one of my first new-stage crushes (my first first-stage is john stamos)

Originally posted by bovaria

You got out from the cab and started to walk to your best friend’s house door. It was a raining night and the fact that you were all soaked would remind you of a romantic movie cliché if it wasn’t because you were worried. Sebastian had called you drunk and was babbling about something you didn’t quite get before he suddenly hung up, you got instantly tense and decided to go to his house and checked on him. You stepped outside the door and knocked twice. No one answered. You worried even more and took out the spare key you had. You opened the door, turned on the lights and looked around already inside. 

You walked through Seb’s house waiting to hear some kind of sign of him being there. You could feel your heart beating faster and faster as you started to panic even more than before. Suddenly, a sound that seemed to be a weep caught your ear. You walked to the source of the sound and you almost jumped after watching the scene that was in front of you. 

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anonymous asked:

okay but it took almost three months for my period to come and now I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN ;;; that's the most pain I've ever been in my whole entire life and I need comfort, so could you please give me RFA + V and Saeran on how they would react if MC was in my situation? ;;;;

U got it

I have sooooo many period requests in my box rn. Like, so many that I’m not even gunna ask dump those suckers on here cause it would be too long. So every1 that requested a period hc–this one’s for u fam.

~I am…suffering as well at this exact moment…I am dying slowly. T_T This is the end for Jalapeno it’s been nice knowing you guys and writing for you all RIP me.

◉ Yoosung

  • Butler Yoosung at your service
  • He’s fluffing pillows
  • He’s bringing you food
  • He’s putting on your favorite shows
  • He’s cleaning the house
  • Man, what isn’t this boy doing ?????
  • He is a flustered boy and doesn’t know what to do so he is doing everything
  • Also available for cuddles if you so wish, he is an expert cuddler!

◉ Jumin

  • Would probably be calling doctors tbh
  • He goes over the top when it comes to you
    • “Damn it Jumin I’m on my period not dying-though it feels like it-I need chocolate not a freaking M.D. “
    • “Even so, MC, I just need to be sure…”
  • Takes off of work until you’re 100% 
  • Will bring you food in bed and just stare at you while you eat
  • He thinks you look so cute
  • Will lounge and put your head in his lap and pets you like a kitty

◉ Zen

  • Lights some candles for you, draws a bath with some essential oils and rose petals and lets you soak for as long as you need
  • Cooks a nice healthy meal for you
  • Really, just, cuddly and handsy with you
  • Will have you lean into him on the couch
  • Wraps himself around you and just holds your hands and kisses your head often
  • If you need anything he will run out and get it for you he doesnt care

◉ Jaehee

  • She.Gets.It
  • GURL
  • What do U NEED
  • Chocolate?Wine?Ice cream????
  • She’s got the hook up ok
  • You guys can share a tub of ice cream on the couch and gush over Zen DVDs all night
  • And drink wine until you dont feel a thing tbh

◉ Saeyoung

  • Tries to make you laugh so you feel better
  • It’s what he’s best at
  • Does silly things like he doesn’t let you walk anywhere
  • Not even to the bathroom
  • He carries you everywhere you want to go
  • One time he hit your head on the wall whoopsie
  • Will re-enact your fav TV show episodes or movies
  • Makes Saeran join in
  • He does it for you but glares at Saeyoung the whole damn time

◉ V

  • So attentive !
  • Lots and lots and lots of kisses!
  • Lets you lounge in bed all day and will bring you chocolate covered strawberries and champagne
  • Caresses your hair
  • Will lay in bed with your head on his chest and he’ll smoke his pipe while you both listen to the radio

◉ Saeran

  • He…doesn’t know what to do
  • He’s a lost boy
  • Will toss you a box of chocolates
    • “Chocolate produces endorphins and helps reduce pain, so…” he hands them to you
    • “…Thanks, babe.”
  • Asks you what hurts
    • “My back and my legs are cramping so bad”
    • “Okay well lay down then”
  • Gives you an epic massage OMG praise the lorrrrduhhhh
  • When he’s done he will pull you on top of him and kiss you and you both just fall asleep