Official voltron s2 meme list™

- trash nebula is my home
- *hacker voice* im in
- paul blart mall cop
- paul blart mall cop’s poster of zarkon
- hunk is gordon ramsay
- the cow
- two guys sitting in a hot tub, five feet apart cuz they’re not gay
- that one photo of lance all stretched out across the screen and smirking
- turning galra has made you a better human
- i can’t believe shiro is fucking dead
- coran stars in Yuri on ice (2016)
- hunk and lance deserve better
- team sheith vs team broganes
- keith’s emo arm crossing through the entire washing scene
- coran is a bishie
- sparkly anime eyes
- yup
- using “quiznak” all the time

Things I want for Voltron's season 3

Explanation on what happened to Shiro (let him be safe and sound)

Explanation on what happened to Kalternecker, the magnificent cow

More Lance screen time

On a filler episode Hunk makes the paladins go to a super new intergalactic food chain that everyone is talking about and the owner is actually the guy from the shopping mall episode.

Pidge finally finding her brother (the father can wait until season 4)

A flashback episode on how Shiro and Keith met each other (plus scenes of Lance being on the same class as Keith)

More Klance, we only had the two guys on a hot tub

Lance’s character development

More info on Keith’s galra heritage (and perhaps he turning furry, purple and having a tail)

More info on the past paladins

Allura’s rats are the main characters in an episode

Allura and Pidge bonding moment, I want Allura to be the big sister Pidge never had

Lance bisexuality turns canon