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It’s weird - I have such a fondness for guys in trenchcoats and cargo shorts and anime t-shirts, bony guys with goatees and ponytails and obnoxious sunglasses and too much leg hair. I like trilbies. I am genuinely attracted to that kind of man. I like the “neckbeard” stereotype. You caught me.

But I no longer look like that kind of woman. I don’t look half as weird as I used to. I’m unusual, yes, but in a very stylized “alternative” kind of way, not haphazard. And I am always afraid that those guys will think I am pitying or judging them when I’m staring, when in fact it’s no I think you’re really cute and I want you to come talk to me 

ericguthriebeefcakes asked:

A few weeks ago I came out and told my mom that I was gay.... It kinda sucks really because only my mom knows and I'm afraid of telling people at school. I really don't want to be made fun of... I'm only 5.4 and 16 years old and I hate it. One it sucks to be short and two I see all you guys on tumblr and every single one of you are either hot or very cute. I'm not that tho and it sucks because without that I feel like I won't ever find a guy. I'm just so alone and wish I had someone to hold me..

Honey, with your message realized that you are beautiful :) haha in not tall either, I don’t know how much is in inches but I’m 1.66 cm and that means I’m a really short guy hahaha anyway, I think that if you don’t feel saved in your school then don’t tell them yet, just wait until the time pass, I didn’t came out until I was 18 with my really close friends, then to the world, and I was at university, so, just wait until YOU feel ready… but guess what ? The most difficult part for be was coming out with my parents, and you already did !!! So, you don’t have to be afraid Anymore, BUT ! I think yeah you have to wait, cause people in schools can be stupid… So, if you need to talk to somebody I’m hear, little cutie boy :)


“Oh, get off!” Liam scowled playfully as Niall continued to poke and prod at his cheeks. 

“Aw, why can’t you love me like you love Y/N?” Niall frowned, bursting into giggles a couple seconds later. “Give me your love!” 

“You can’t have any of my love, it’s mine! It’s also Y/N’s, but not yours!” Liam quipped, pretending to kick Niall in his moneymaker. 


sorry guys this one’s really short i’m not feeling so good today

gifs aren’t mine

Dear Anonymous,

It’s not that I make him that way so much as a lot of his mail does.  People love picking on Apollo, myself included, and one of these days he’s just going to snap.  People also enjoy telling him how cute he is, which causes friction with his short guy insecurities.

Apollo’s trademark face is that exasperated grimace.

Let’s see, my favorite Apollo letter… probably this one.

(Link in letter)

Dear thereminbeholder,

Then we are definitely overdue for this crossover.

Dear Anonemus,

Well, I think the biggest problem is that you’re linking your harddrive.  Try uploading the image to a hosting site like imgur first and then we’ll see just how scary Iris can be.

Dear Mr. Medal-Badge Conundrum,

They’re shaped differently.  The prosecutor’s badge has more of a flower appearance and Alba’s medal is more like a star.  Its white areas come to a point whereas the badge fans out.

Dear Chop Suey,

It very well could have.  Takumi loved his mystery stories, that’s for sure.

I’ve never watched it, though, at least not so I can remember.  I’m sure I’ve seen at least some of it.

(Original non-review)

Dear Julia,

Not personally, but I did follow the now famous orenronen LP before it was released in America.

Dear Bagadew,

All character letters are done in order.  That’s the fairest way to do it and that’s why the wait is so long.

Letters to me get pulled out in groups and answered periodically whenever I get around to it.

Dear megabluephoenix,

Thank you very much.

I’d definitely like to do something like that again, but that depends on both time and inspiration.  I’m short on both these days.  It’s definitely still on the table.

Dear agumon9000,

That is some pretty stiff competition.  I even hear it has Hatsune Miku DLC for all your grating digital noise needs.

For real, though, I’ll be unreachable once MGS:V is out.  If you need me, you’ll have to drop into Mother Base where I’ll be hanging out with my puppy, my mute inviso-sniper, and my militarized Segway.

-The Mod

anonymous asked:

Any tips for dealing with height dysphoria/looking taller?

There are shoe lifts available which can give a little bit of height, however these won’t work with all types of shoe and may be uncomfortable to wear.  Some shoes also have thicker soles which can help a little bit, such as boots or some trainers.

Wearing well fitting clothes can also help a lot to give the illusion of being taller.  If you’re being swamped by your clothes it can give the impression that you’ve brought clothes too big because you can’t buy clothes in your size.  Clothes that fit, particularly in the crotch area, also make your inside leg look taller, which can make a big difference (as demonstrated by this gif from here).

What I personally found worked for me was realising that I’m not the shortest man out there, and no one else gets bother because of their height, so there was no reason for me to give myself stick for it.  There are plenty of short guys out there, both trans and cis, and no one else thinks much of it, or thinks any less of anyone because of their height.


we also have the whole dress code in France too if you’re in too short shorts and tank tops, and it’s still fucked up it basically only concerns girls but 1) if you actually break the dress code then you just have to wear a lab coat all day, or you have to go home but certainly not during class time (generally during lunch time), and 2) we never have been told ever that it’s distracting for boys, just about ‘dressing appropriately’ for work, like they expect you to do in a real job