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long story short: ever since presenting masculine 24/7, i am finding it impossible to get a job because i am transgender. now, i’m being kicked out of my house.

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Not until I started watching The Almighty Johnsons did I ever think I would be into dating a short guy. I changed my mind, especially if it’s Anders,  I would not mind at all.  This is super hot.   I learned something about myself, I feel like I’ve grown as a person.  I just hope that means I didn’t get too tall to bag a short guy ;)

(I found him extremely hot as Fili too, Dean O’Gorman is a god)

Sweet Tea And Road Dust, Part 2

A/N: Here’s more Sweet Tea and Road Dust for y'all–or Ranch Hand Hiccup, if you prefer. I’m having so much fun indulging in all my Southern feelings. tauredraconis, you know, girlfriend. You know.

Part I

*sigh* You guys…I keep writing short things that inevitably turn into longer things. I don’t even write modern AU so I don’t even know wtf I’m doing at this point.

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Ok, but let me just say that Oikawa is easier to draw than Iwaizumi, as is kageyama compared to hinata. So if I shipped oikage things would’ve been much easier.Just saying XD

Eren is easier than Levi. Never tried drawing Jean but he’ll be easier than Eren imo. Kise is easier than Aomine. Akaashi is easier than Bokuto. Kuroo is easier than Kenma. Sugawara is easier than Daichi.

Fml. This is why I am so slack at drawing my fav ships.

I Guess This is Growing Up

read it on the AO3 at

by fruitstripegum

Based off of this fic-prompt by steterblog on tumblr:
Hmm how about de-aged stiles and polyglot peter

In which toddler stiles only speaks polish

And only peter understand him

I will say I’ve never thought of the Steter fandom and since Stiles is a baby throughout most of this fic there is no romantic attachment to him by anyone. And I went into some Peter feels.

Words: 2307, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Project Help!

So I want to do a small project for the students at my school and for that I need your guys’ help!

I need you guys to send me some short and inspirational/motivational quotes from both Mark and Jack so I can write them down on pieces of paper. I have two different quotes that I like, but I would like a few more!

You can send me these quotes through my ask or fan mail! Thank you!


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Michael Clifford standing across the room in a party, dressed in ripped, black skinny jeans and a tasteful tank top. His right leg propped on the wall as he comfortably leaned back.

He placed the cigarette bud between his lips, followed by long drag. I could only imagine what it tastes like, his lips to be more specific. Perhaps his tongue was bad boy flavoured, with just a hint of naughtiness and a giant dash of sex appeal. There was no doubt that I was infatuated by this human being.

He flicked the burnt bud out of his hands and peered up, catching my eyes from across the room. Caught off guard, I stumbled backwards, making it evident that I was sharing feelings of shyness. I bumped into a skinny blonde guy, with broad shoulders and long legs. I quickly muttered a sorry before instinctively returning my eyes to Michael. But to my displeasure, I was no where in sight. Had my stalkerish ways sent him running home?

“Looking for me?” A heavy voice muttered in my ears, instantly paralyzing me.

“Uh- Sorry, you have the wrong person.” I stuttered, lying through my teeth, turning to face Michael. A devious smirk plastering his face.

“I believe I might be mistaken then.” He sang, eyeing me up and down.

There was no evidence in his voice that gave the impression of being mistaken. He was the kind of guy who knew what he wanted. The kind of guy who gets chased instead of doing all the chasing. I knew exactly what he was doing, yet I was allowing myself to fall for it.

He spun on his heel, attempting to walk away. I was a bad liar and most times I regretted not taking chances.

“Wait!” I yelled over the music, watching his head dash around. His black fringe swooping over his face gracefully.


“I was looking for you.” I boldly stated, my heart pulsating throughout my entire body.

“Straight forward, I like a girl who gives it to me plain and simple. ”

“What about you, are you straight forward? Or do you embrace you enigmatic side?”

“Oh me, I get straight to the point. I hate stalling, so I hope you don’t mind me saying this. I want to fuck you!” He smiled, making my jaw drop.

Before I could answer, he took my hand and dragged me into an empty room down the halls. The walls were covered in posters of random rock bands and pop singers.

“Do you oppose?” He said, removing his tank top and cocking his eyebrows. I couldn’t help but oogle at his arms and bare chest.

“To what? You fucking me, I think not.”

“Then stop standing so far away. Come here.”

Despite his dark appearance, he handled me gently, like I was precious to him. I expected him to be more rough.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the nape of my neck, causing me to involuntarily moan.

“So responsive.”


“What would you like me to do to you?” He said between kisses, making my body heat with excitement.

“I want you to strip me.”

“And what else?”

“I don’t want you to take your time with me. I want you to handle me roughly.”

“Can I leave marks on your neck and waist?” He muttered, sticking his finger into my shorts and rubbing me slowly.

“Mm, yea!”

“Good. I didn’ t want to be gentle in the first place, you just looked like a good girl.” He smirked, shoving me into the bed.

He straddled my hips and reached for something under the bed. He rose with a shiny metallic handcuff dangling from his left hand and blindfold in the other.


“Good girls are bad girls who haven’t been caught. I want both.”

“Ooh, you bad girl. I can’t wait to have fun with you.”