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Sorry if I haven’t been uploading any work of mine lately. I’m still working on the current short comic I’m making and well, it may take sometime as well because…formalities, that’s all I can say xDDD
I’ll continue to post when said formality is done ((i can’t tell or promise when though)). Thanks for understanding~ :))


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19. Just looking for people to talk to and trying to get through university/jobs. Truth be told I go by Matt most of the time now because it’s just easier but sometimes I still go by Mareh.

I was born female but don’t take to any gender in particular. I’m just me and that’s all that really matters (: I have been on testosterone for about 8 months now, but I don’t consider myself a trans guy. In short, I’m agender and I like women. Sometimes I find myself still saying I’m a lesbian because people still see me as a woman haha.


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Hey guys. So long story short my girlfriend ( @sigma-enigma ) is a bit short on money for a dental procedure she needs down.

I’m at work right now but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I will be opening 8 commission slots to help her out.

I can’t link anything right now but I will once I get home.

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yours would look better than mine, cause you’re outta my league by pureblood_whovian

(pairing: Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane    rating: teen   words: 6.351)

The guy standing next to Raphael is the most dazzling person Alec has ever seen. He’s tall (though not as tall as Alec) and lean. His eyes are bright and surrounded by specks of glistening glitter. His brown skin is flawless. The clothes he is wearing would look absolutely ridiculous on any other human being but somehow this guy manages to look nothing short of stunning.

“I don’t think we’ve been formally introduced,” says the man, noticing Alec’s blatant staring and smirking. “I’m Magnus Bane. And you are?”

or the Hogwarts!AU that actually has nothing to do with Hogwarts.

I have a question. So generally speaking, do guys typically give short responses to messages. When I talk, I try to keep the conversation going. I’ll have like 3-4 sentences so the person responding can have something to talk about, you know, to avoid the convo being dry. But the person I’m talking to just answers my questions back. I guess that’s better than one-word responses, but still. They don’t try to add on to the conversation or even ask me questions back. It’s like they can’t keep the conversation going. And I don’t want to automatically jump to conclusions because that’s not healthy and it could very much be that they have trouble maintaining conversations. But then again I feel like if you really want to talk to somebody, you would put in some effort. Like, I just can’t be carrying the entire conversation.