Slow and Steady

“Hey Baek!”


“Why do you always look in a hurry when we’re together?” Chanyeol trying to catch up with Baekhyun with his speed walk.

“What do you mean? You’re just saying that cuz you’re slow” Baekhyun trying to find a solution to get away from this situation as soon as possible. It’s like he’s being interrogated with his feelings. Which he, himself doesn’t even know what’s happening either.

“I have longer legs than you are.” Chanyeol retorts.

“ I suggest you walk faster.” Baekhyun stammered. Despite that he’s the one walking even faster than before.

“Are you avoiding me?” The giant was able to catch up in time with his oh-so-daddy-long-legs. He asked worriedly thinking he did something wrong to Baekhyun that made him act this way.

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know maybe because you’re starting to like me.” Chanyeol joked. Out of curiosity of how Baekhyun will react and this whole awkward ambiance would just end.

“Love actually.” Apparently not what Chanyeol had in mind. Baekhyun hoping that he’s too tall to even hear him mumbling.

“What?!” Well he forgot that he has elf ears for nothing. “Did you just say–”

“I didn’t! Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” Rubbing his nose which means its a sign that his lying and a shocking looking giant can’t believe what he had just heard.

“Hey Baek! Wait up!” Chanyeol smiled. Flustered Baekhyun has always been Chanyeol’s favorite.

The Aquabats! Setlist 7/23/2016

The Aquabats!
House of Blues San Diego, July 23, 2016

The Aquabats! Super Show!
Fashion Zombies!
Super Rad!
Look at Me (I’m a Winner)!
Shark Fighter!
Kitty Litter and Pussy Foot vs The Aquabats!
PIzza Day!
Impromptu Action Song! (MCBC broke his mic)
Lovers of Loving Love!
Soccer Kickoff Contest! (Pimento/Palmetto Snakes vs Flag Masters/Tall Flags)
The Legend is True!
Hey Homies!
Burger Rain! (w “November Rain” and “Streets Have No Name” tease)

E. Banana Splits! (w The Banana Splits and Warren)
Pool Party! (w Nerf Herder)


Hey guys! Checkout my short animation of rolling girl Mochi Version

Manga: Suki desu Suzuki-kun!! Why say goodbye! 😣 ( #sukidesusuzukikun ) From Shoujo’s World This time our hero is a…basketball player?! Main character Hoshino Sayaka is a very shy girl yet she more than others, know what the feelings of love feels like… The characters: ~Suzuki Hikaru, a short guy from a normal family whose hobby is basketball. ~Itou Chihiro, a cute girl who is the best friend and childhood friend of Hikaru, is secretly in love with him. ~Suzuki Shinobu, a short guy, but super popular from a rich family who first hated Chihiro, but unexpectedly fell in love with the tomboy girl the moment he saw her looking at Hikaru and Sayaka together. ~And lastly Hoshino Sayaka, who apparently seems to be a quiet girl but hides the talent of a genius with whom Hikaru falls in love with. That will be the fated encounter of the future genius actress Hoshino Sayaka and the basketball player Suzuki Hikaru. A complicated square unrequited love relationship is about to start: Hoshino Sayaka <=> Suzuki Hikaru<= Itou Chihiro <= Suzuki Shinobu #mangakiss#mangalove#mangaboy#mangagirl#mangacouples#mangalove#manga#Shoujo#kawaii#senpai#anime

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@VICTUBIA @gabbiness well, I told Raz I was doing a piece of writting (it’s still wip) and I think this is also a present for you, Gabbi. Hope you like it :)


??? was a nice guy; short brown hair, brownish eyes and a smile that illuminated his face. Even if I said he was a nice man, on the past few days he was having a strange dream that was making him be kinda weird and preoccupied. He was thinking he had gone mad or something evil happened to him.

“Blood everywhere, lots of bodies being horrifically murdered and he is the only one being alive in that room. Alive, but covered in reddish blood that smelled so bad. He was terrified, watching the moon’s reflection, staring at it while its rays illuminated his now pale-reddish face covered. He saw the moon turning into a red one, but it was only an illusion. He turned down his head, watching that all that destruction was made by him. Not only that, he was sure he was the assassin because of the knive that was know resting in his shaking hand.

-There must be someone alive here! I cannot be the only one- told to himself, self-assuming he really was the only left with live. He starts to walk shakingly.

Surprisingly as it may seem,the corner of his left eye saw the figure of a woman. He turned his face as he walked, he wasn’t sure that it wasn’t another trick of his mind. But it wasn’t. He stopped as the strange woman suddenly stopped in front of him.

She was a normal woman, with hazel eyes and brown hair. She wore a pair of red glasses and a broken red clothing. When he saw her, a strange fear went to his body .

- You are that horrible person that has sent the death to all these people- said the woman, in a deep voice.
- I…
- Don’t say you didn’t!-she shouted, almost crying.She felt pain in her heart as all the images came into her mind. She looked at the floor, while a rushing heat went into her right part of her body.
- Are you alright?- he asked bravely.
- Do you think I am alright?- she said as her head tilts to its normal position, showing one hazel eye and one red eye. A grin decorated her face. The air, unexpectedly,became warmer and warmer. While Brian doesn’t know what to think or say, the strange woman created a spear, that glowed bright red light.

-*"Red spirits magic? Is she a magi?”*- he thought as the woman created numerous spearheads as a way of protecting herself from that man. The only thing is that he didn’t have any powers or anything similar to this.

Strangely, a female voice made ??? almost collapse where he was. That voice remembered him of his early age, all that suffer, all those people that were killed on the Barr era, that stupid queen called Minx, the death of all his family… Those images came so quickly in his mind that he wasn’t able to control them. He felt so angry.

*??? was born on a shadow clan. He was trained to be able to control shadows even as a baby. He robbed in order to live; in those ages it was difficult to survive. At the age of 15, he was trained to be an assassin and the death never scared him. Then, everyone he knew, even his family and friends, were killed.*

Surprisingly, few shadows appeared in front of him and he felt powerful and without fear of that strange woman.

- Who are you ?- he asked emotionless.
- I’m Mokka, you demon. I will stop you!!!- she shouted while running towards him. She start attacking, but he was dodging every attack of her. He was so quick and had so much agility than her that in a few seconds he immobilized her with his shadows.
- I’m not afraid of you- he said as he invoke shadows in order to transform them into a defesive weapon. He protected himself as the woman came quickly and almost and almost spear stabs him in the chest.

(Well, I know this is not much for a one-shot fanfiction, but it really means so much for me. I once heard a song called Blood like Lemonade and thought about Raz. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do this piece of writing, as I am a rather shy and nervous person. But, since I “joined” Victubia, I think creating things to them is really fun and I pretty enjoyed when I was watching Gabbi’s streams. Victubia and all people involved in it are really amaizing people. Even Raz. This is, probably for you, just a piece of writing, but for me, it’s all what I’ve read, see, watch and chat in Victubia. Thanks for being so awesome and for being really friendly when I first came. You mean so much for me ❤. )

Let’s talk about Homeworld and Pearls

So, we discovered today that Homeworld LIED to Peridot about not having powers and being nothing without her limb enhancers. 
This is just proof that Homeworld really is the dystopia many of us believe to be: brainwash people and tell them since the beginning that they are nothing without what they give them, and having them believe it without question. 1984 anyone? 


this also explains why Pearl is labelled as defective

Because she discovered she had powers and abilities Homeworld told her she couldn’t have 

And this is bigger than just saying “she was a servant who rebelled and this is why she is defective”


this means she is a threat to everything Homeworld is build on

think about it

there are hundreds of pearls

if them all followed Pearl’s example, all the lies of Homeworld would have been uncovered, and all the gems that had been lied to would have discovered the truth 

what if - wild speculation here - what if actually are the Diamonds that have no powers, and have build all their reign on lies and fear 

Pearl could have been the one to destroy them, simply by discovering herself 


LOOK CLOSER - Short Film

After so many days of conceptualizing, 15 straight hours of shooting, and several sleepless nights of rookie editing, the end product was definitely worth it!!