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Welp my tablet pen broke!!! so I can can’t reeeeeally finish this set before in about a month… (I know you might be wondering why I would post this now instead of waiting for a month, but tibia honest I don’t want to wait)

This is intended to be FrUk, that tall red guy standing with the glass talking to the some chick? Yeah that’s francis, and High school Arthur is going to be short and a little chubby, that would be super adorable > v <

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(1) Y'know, I think Juvia's supposed to be the Fairy Tail version of Gintama's Sarutobi Ayame at her debut and up until the Fantasia arc. If you've read the series, she's also a stalker but she knows her limits. The furthest she's gone through for Gintoki is wearing some guy's glasses that she can't see and protecting them. But that was when he broke her real glasses and told her to use that while he went to fix the real one. In the end, she broke the fake one herself when she knew just how much

Ohhh, I think I understand what you mean. (I haven’t watched Gintama yet tho but I’ll keep in mind what you said about Sarutobi Ayame when I start it)

This is an opinion I don’t see much but I do agree with you somewhat. 

To be honest, I didn’t particularly dislike Juvia when she first showed up. I wasn’t quick to judge like “ew she’s stalking him now?” because I’ve seen characters like her before.

The thing was, it didn’t take those characters long before they underwent a good development, which was either realizing that sometimes it’s best to let go of the person who obviously does not feel the same way OR realizing that there are BETTER ways to pursue the man of your dreams. Like, approaching him first and foremost as a friend/comrade, making sure he’s comfortable with your presence, getting along with his friends etc.

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Nothing keeps me up at night quite like the thought of what if my soul mate has passed me by already? What if he was the guy jogging on the treadmill next to me yesterday, with his music to loud and pace to fast? Maybe it was the boy with the checkered shirt who let me skip him in the queue at the grocery store? What if it was the cute guy with glasses reading poetry next to me on the bus, the one that winked when i got off. What if he’s passed me by and i never even knew
—  L.S.