GTA V Interview with Steven Ogg, Ned Luke, & Shawn Fonteno
  • GTA V Interview with Steven Ogg, Ned Luke, & Shawn Fonteno
  • Playboy Morning Show

here it is! the full playboy morning show interview with the boys!

feat. ‘hot coffee’, and steven’s spine-tingling growl. 

slightly nsfw, although that kinda goes without saying. 

i had to compress the audio quality down to 96 kb/s in order to bypass tumblr’s upload limit, but if you want to listen to and download the interview in its original quality, you can do so here.

Alrighty, I DID IT! RoboCop The Spine and some interesting driving skills XD

I think I drew it the wrong size so I’m sorry if its pixely… 

Ok, if you weren’t there, this is from David’s twitch game stream last night. He started playing this driving cop car game and was crashing into everything. i’m sorry David but it was hilarious So the chat came up with RoboCop Spine, and I just HAD to draw it.


"ugghhhhh tree" -David Micheal Bennett


They are going on tour and have a book written by THEM describing THEIR LIVES! And let me just say that i am so frickin happy for both of these adorable dorks that i have been crying for the past 30 minutes (and still going) because they have done so much and i feel so happy so happy for them.
*Tears are coming up* I just want them to know how much the phandom cares for them and for their success. WE R SOOOO PROUD OF U GUYS!!!!
Ok so now im just gonna go cry for another 10 years and be really happy for these idiotic creatures we call Dan and Phil.

Good job, Captain Swan!

Top two couples on tv! Look at that! :)

Win or lose the final, we have bragging rights up the wazoo, ok? We are one of the TOP TWO, out of 64 contestants!

That is an incredible achievement, guys! I am so proud to be part of this fandom!!!

We’ve really come together over the past few weeks, and it’s been glorious to see all this unity and love! You’re wonderful! Go, CS!

anonymous asked:

So my oldest friend came out as bi to me the other day and I was the first person he told. I am so proud of him, and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help make this comfortable for him? also, is it ok to point out cute guys to him now? :P

Just listen to him when he’s talking about it. As for the pointing out cute guys bit, it’s super well-intentioned but might come across a little patronizing. Just keep being friends with him. Not much has to change. Really nothing has to change at all.

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I swear, you have completely changed the Phandom forever (in a good way). It's like a phanfiction and phanart revolution, and it was all started by your beautiful mind. I love it. You should be so so so proud. Honestly, you should get an award or something. Dan better watch out, you're the true internet cult leader :P

jc this message slayed me whatt omg no thank you so much whatttt i feel so responsible now omfg so sorry for sucking you guys in my weird headcanons jccc :’’) thank you so muchh! i guess i am pretty proud of being able to keep drawing and maintaining uploads on the blog like i never thought id draw this much jesus christ but im DEF ASHAMED OF COMING UP WITH THESE AUS BASED ON REAL PEOPLE OHGODDD and pls dan is not the cult leader phil is ok he got dan as his defense squad leader and literally does nothing yet thousands of his fans would defend him in the internet for stealing his idea like everyone go home lester’s the new mvp word

in all honestly i really really appreciate this message! i guess i really am passionate about phan that i just tend to draw them every chance i get lol and im glad to be able to contribute to the community! dnp are great people and they really deserve the best fandom :) or like idk 2024398peoplearoundtheglobebeggingthemtocomeoutsubtlycomeonits2015

Thanks so much bby! you’re srsly too kind!! hope you have a gr8 day/night!! :)) really appreciate this <3

So today we were hugging with my gf, and a lady with her son came at us, i thought she was going to said something like we shouldn't show affection in front of her child or something, instead:
  • Lady:I am sorry for bothering you girls, I just wanted to say that you guys are inspiring for showing affection in public, specially when so many people probably discourage you with harsh comments all the time, and i am really proud that people like you are around, i want you to show the new generations *she points towards her son* that it's ok. Long live love!

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H E Y. I can wait.

1. First impression: ok i think i followed monica first?? and you v shortly after. but at the time i had no idea what i was getting myself into omg. i loved and still love reading your tags to each other. you guys are my otp and friendship goals tbh
2. Truth is: once upon a time i rec’d you fic and here we are now. you have been so sassy lately but i am infinitely proud of myself for dragging you to eru/ri hell with me. still not sorry about it. also you love me.
3. How old do you look: early 20s like you are~
4. Have you ever made me laugh: all the time. the stories you tell in your tags make me laugh daily. and yes i read them all ;)
5. Have you ever made me mad: YES right now because you are still sort of in denial about your new ship and you keep calling me hellspawn
6. Best feature: your lovely voice. pls come here and narrate my life and read me bedtime stories
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: not anymore ur fuckin rude
8. You’re my: bae, smut junkie 
9. Name in my phone: n/a
10. Should you post this too? you already did!

mutuals send me a “hey” and i’ll do this!

ok… listen u guys… everyone reading this… I just want u to know… I am all so proud of you… you are all my tiny beans, beautiful tiny sprouts, small and precious space whales, and I am proud of you all…

also the cast party was rly fun and there was no alcohol or drugs except for one guy and he got rly drunk but he just got rly happy so it was fine and i have so many new friends and i just
i’m so happy
i’m so proud of myself for trying out and being part of the show and making friends and
i am so grateful for the whole experience i’m gonna cry again ok this is my blog i can get emotional and cry if i want to

A night to remember. …. First, you have no idea how this picture makes me cry, this is one of my dream shows. My favorite band + one of my favorites who is in my top 3 😋 Second, I am seriously so proud of ADTR. These guys mean the world to me. They’re incredible and I am so proud they took part of this event, first Blink show without Tom *ego* DeLonge. Im sure Neil wasn’t ok at all last night, little fangirl. This show needs to happen in Europe, I dont care of where and when, but holy fucking shit I need to see them together. #adtr #blink182 by sabrinasaporta

Eren Re-Watches Yu-Gi-Oh!

Episode 26: Rescue Mokuba! Kaiba vs Pegasus

  • Oh she’s so proud of herself
  • this assholes not gonna let the rest of them in is he
  • “We’re the Cheerleader!” IM DEAD
  • she hit him with the bag I love it
  • I love the guys just like “whered you come from? Ehe nvm idc”
  • I’m still pretty pissed at kaiba for that stunt with the wall
  • Whose he gonna make do it?
  • Goon number 1
  • or goon number 2
  • This is low as fuck I am personally offended
  • Ok at least yuugi figured out why kaiba being an asshole
  • im crying a lot
  • im very emotional
  • Yuugi moutou is a precious gift to the world
  • beautiful cinnamon bun
  • to precious for this world
  • too pure
  • peggy you are shit
  • you are literal shit
  • you are cheating scum and I hate you
  • He’s not even pretending well
  • Now he’s gonna try to psyche him out


Starbucks Lady: Hi! What can I get started for you today?
Me: Um, a tall Americano please. Unsweetened. Black.
Starbucks Lady: Ok! And for you?
Bro Friend: A grande matcha creme green tea frappacino please.
Starbucks Lady: Whipped creme?
Bro Friend: Of course!

Me: *hysterically laughing internally*

Ok, since when did girls start ordering more manly drinks then guys? Hemingway would be proud right now. BLACK COFFEE. Fraps are SO good though… Maybe more Fitzgerald style. Ok, I’m literary rambling again.

andersonplushummel replied to your post:Guys, what if my dream will NEVER come true, what…

i’m having the same doubts, but i think we all are, so all we can do is work hard and hope for the best. i like to think that everything is going to be ok <3

It feels like I won’t ever make it. I’m stuck in a school I hate because I wanted to make my father proud and now he doesn’t even like me anymore, i’ve no friends and i am all alone… And I just think it will get worse and worse, and I will never be able to tell the rest of the world that it will be okay… I will never be an actress, my dream won’t happen…

Ok so most celebs dont even take the time to acknowledge you let alone tell you a simple Thank you. I appreciate artist like this.. And i say artist because its a true form of art when acting is done right! This guys has a blessed life and a humble soul. Support good people you guys. He is awesome… And not bad on the eyes! And yes this is him from Tyler Perrys movies.. I am a Proud fan! #BlackMen ##Film #Fitness #Actor #TylerPerry #BabyOilSong #GodBlessesThoseWhoDeserveIt @christiankeyes @christiankeyes @christiankeyes 😩😍😭🙌

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i NEED 2 COUNT HOW MANY TIMES WE’VE REFERENCED CAMP ROCK OVER THE PAST FEW DAYS ( ͡° ͜ʖ; ͡°) ok the sad thing is tht i am a lo53R rn bc i’ve been doing hw & i wish i was watching freaky fri bc its a fukkin classic//TAKE ME AWAY = CLASSIC

oh pls don’t do that. i can’t face my demons rn..„..we r CAMP ROCK TRASH and this is..a bit embarrassing..but not rly??? i know i shouldnt be proud of us but i am. random fun cartoon trivia: do u know that lil cult movie called the shining. ok so theres a the shining reference on the new spongebob movie. yep. i think ill never stop talking abt this movie my mind is so blown??!!? also, take me away is me. do u realize that that fukkin hot guy lindsay lohan likes asks her to listen to the hives w him??? why would a hot guy invite someone over to listen to the hives?? does this happen irl?? (the hives was the opening band at my am concert B))

HA!! i knew it!! i know my sean beanz too well B) freaky fri ended a long time ago tho i was gonna watch a rly&newtrashy disney movie after it but then i chose not to. it was the smart decision tbh

so today I went to visit a stranger (adult) who is a genuinely good person and stands for a good cause, had many many achievements/awards and metals to show and actually liked me very much considering it was the first time I met this guy. But made me wonder…what the fuck am I doing with myself. I don’t have anything to brag about and be proud of, I couldn’t impress someone with what I’ve done or what I have. I couldn’t imagine someone being genuinely interested in my life as I was of his. Fuck, I woke up hungover again, snorted and addy on the ride there, and smoked a bowl prior to that. I was fucked up in his house without him knowing. he liked me though, so maybe it’s all ok?