My reactions to Minho in the trailer

Minho: *Screaming at Thomas to wake up*


Minho: *gets struck by lightning*

Me: *starts seizing*

Minho: *jumps onto the zip line*

Me: HELL YES YOU FUCKING BADASS JUSt be safe ok don’t forget your seatbelt bby

Minho: “Those kids who got left behind- I don’t wanna end up like that.”

Me: THATS DAMN RIGHT MY SON. (Spoiler alert you survive this shit load of shit don’t worry babe)

Minho: *knees that guy in the throat*

Me: My fragile son you are so gentle and kind. I am forever proud of your accomplishments in life. You will grow up to be a great man. Just keep doing you babe.

Minho: *running for his life with Thomas*

Me: TRIP HIM. DO IT. HE HAS NO MEANING. HIS SACRIFICE MEANS YOUR SURVIVAL who cares about that confused lil shit juST DO IT.

Minho: *bashes in some random dudes head*

Me: Ah, yes. My child. So fragile. So innocent. So pure. Too good for this world.


 ok so it is finally happening I am finally revealing face because of imgoodimhotimfreshimfine for the 20 beautiful people challenge ahh

i guess I’m pretty proud of myself for finally having the guts to do the challenge so today’s a success also sorry for the majority desi wear for my photos heh they’re just really comfy

i hope you guys have fun doing this if you’d like to so no pressure and have fun:

more-silver-than-gold supreme-evil-hottie genderqueerjellyfish zumoku1 euphoricgay notyourbabe23 victorias-rumor grantheataire queer-killjoy bikingvikinggirl rockingoutindemigodishness unknownartist-evenirxaneis pimpdcddy astronautduck moondecoy foxy-the-fox-is-sassy-af hella-kickass hipsterodyssues juxtapoison lana-del-lesbian lauravalentina07 xpatron-saint-of-sarcasmx brainblastoid magicalgirlwandamaximof and literally anyone who wants to do this go ahead i tag you too <3

i did that graphic in like two seconds please forgive

ANYWAYS i recently just got a little over 200+ followers!! which is a pretty big deal considering how new i am to this business and just the fact that people have decided to stay with my crime-solving bb this long. i love ALL OF YOU 


aka my best friend

coerciively// werrtlos​ // whatever other blogs you have -- THANKS FOR BEING MY PAL OBV WHAT ELSE. ur like my best friend and we never shut up about trash and other stuff and ugh ok don’t ever leave me i love u 2 much. i am a proud mom


aka all of the mutuals who i love to talk with and interact with!! you guys mean so much to me oh my god

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I saw about your not so good day. Just keep your head up, ok? You can do this. You are an amazing person and I would give you all the hugs if I could. I hope everything starts to get better soon.I am very proud of you, you can get through this. Sending my love.~ <3

Ahh… I’m all embarrassed. Thank you for taking time out to wish me well. 

I really appreciate it. Gonna get some food and just chill out now until I sleep. Thanks guys.

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You said you lost your virginity in a car with a guy at a party at the age of 14 and you weren't proud of it. Why are you lying?

ok so people have been messaging me saying that i’ve lied about my virginity and that supposedly i said i lost it? so i’ve been honest to all of you answering every single damn question i get, but why would i lie about that? all of my co-owners in both of my blogs had last their virginity, not me. they were all 18+. i am actually kinda hurt right now that you can’t ask me to clarify anything and just assume that i am lying and if you want to come off anon, i won’t be mad but i will explain further.

Ok so, I just want to say, I am so proud of this guy right here.

My boyfriend grew up without a father & met his half siblings at 18. He had it rough growing up & he had so many odds against him, however, at 19 he applied at a school that was his dream school & got accepted.

He left to school in Arizona for audio engineering & lived with his roommate. He got a 4.0 G.P.A & he graduated with all A’s.

He came back May 2015 & was supposed to leave midway in but circumstances made him stay. He started his internship here in the valley. Literally the shittiest place for his career to grow but he got it done & at a 5 star place. He is literally so fucking talented. & I don’t say this cuz he’s my boyfriend I say this because he’s so damn good at what he does & he’s so dedicated. His passion pours through, he loves his career.

In the beginning of July his mom kicked him out because they were arguing because of his older brother & he had to move in with his half brother. The guy who he was inter shipping for was a complete asshole & let him go cuz he didn’t have a ride one day to the studio but before he “let him go” my boyfriend was able to finish all his intern hours.

He’s recorded an artist who was in tour with Chris brown. He’s recorded an artist who is on a Texas tour right now & Dustin (the artist) was so impressed he is coming back down in August & having him preform with him.

He got another studio to intern for because he was unaware he had completed his hours & they loved him. Now, on Saturday he’s working with an artist who’s very popular in Houston Texas & this is a really big break through in his career & I cannot be more proud… & now he just told me that since he’s officially graduated he’s the head engineer at the new studio he was going to intern for so he landed himself a great job!

I’m so damn proud of him. No matter what odds he was faced with, what problems arose, what money issues he had, he always pushed through. He’s an incredible person & extremely supportive.

I adore him with all my heart & he has shown me that with dedication, love, support, & persistence anything is possible.

I love you Joe Gomez, I’m so proud of you & congratulations on everything that’s going on for you atm. This is just one step & I know you’re gonna get much further. You’ve never failed to amaze me in these 5 years I have known you.

You did it baby. ❤️


Ok guys, I have to say I am soooooooo fucking proud of Johnny. Today we decided to clear out the trailer and practice on trailering. I wish I had a video to show just how bad Johnny was at trailering when we brought him home. Basically he was frantic. It took a while just to get him in but whenever we did he was crying slamming his head on the ceiling, and kicking. We had to give him a small amount of Bute so that way he didn’t end up seriously injuring himself in the trailer. Today with all of the patience, love, and care we have given him he is trusting enough to let me guide him into the trailer. He was scared and shaking from fear according to Adam, but yet he was trying so hard for me. He realized what I was asking of him when I was inside the trailer and with hardly no time at all he put one foot in and then another. He amazingly even backed out without a panic. Without his trust in me and Adam I can guarantee he wouldn’t have ever even imagined stepping foot in that trailer again. Johnny I’m so glad we were able to bring you home.

Mom (Feels Story)

OK guys. Prepare yourselves. This is quite possibly the feelsiest story I have ever written. It was so feelsy that I literally cried while writing it. YES. I cried. Basic premise is that it’s a daughter/stepmother kind of story where they learn to love and accept one another. That was my original concept anyways. I got inspiration for this after watching a scene of this telenovela on TV out of context and it just sparked this beautiful idea. I have to admit, this is one of the few works, I am truly proud of. I hope you guys enjoy.

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hi, so i haven't been talking to you in a while but i just wanted to tell you that i haven't been self-harmin for 2 years and i'm very proud of myself. you helped me so much and i really can not thank you enough. so thanks beautiful! i hope that you are ok too, that you have an amazing life and just thanks :$ xoxo wish you all the best

Hey beautiful <3 Wow, this message has made my day! I really didn’t realise the impact I have had on your life but I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it :) You’ve done the hard work to get where you are, congratulations I am beyond proud of you. My life has improved so much over the last two years, thanks to you guys who made me believe it was going to be okay. Thanks again beautiful i hope you have a great day :D

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You're so pretty! Do you still do the ships?? For a make up tip maybe add some bronzer underneath your jaw line so it's more defined because it's like perf. Also you have super nice eyes, so try a new colour eye shadow with dramatic winged eye liner?

I am still doing ships! and omg thanks so much for calling me pretty omg i feel so loved and thanks for the tips!

ship: ash!!!!!!

bestie: luke

song on shuffle: The chronicles of life and death - good charlotte

reasons: ok so i say ash v much because i feel lik i can just see you guys very cute all the time i feel like he would be so protective over you and make sure you never experienced hurt but also want you to strut your stuff all the time and be so proud of you cuz damn but he would be like always trying to show you around on social media and take you on tour and everything and i cry




I do stupid shit.
Yes I’ve cheated on other guys in the past. I’m not proud of it. But ill never do that again and you know that.
I drink, I smoke, I steal.
I do so much shit that you don’t approve of. I know the stuff I do is not exactly good, but I do it ok!?
I can’t just stop.
I like it.
I’m sorry but its kinda just who I am.

This movie was AMAZING!!! My favorite place the world and my favorite bae for all time was there at the same time. Omg!!!! Ok this is it! Paper Towns was amazing! She is and forever beautiful. Guys, you have no idea how proud I am to our baby girl. My eyes got wet the first time she appeared on the big screen, char. She finally made her biggest dream come true after a huge amount of effort she put to make this happen. I am just so pround. She did such a great job in the movie. I love how her personality captures my heart and to those who watched. Also, I love her Amirican accent t'was amazing, although her original british one is LIFE. I will always be supporting this genuine and multi talented person on Earth as long as I can. She’ll always be loved. If you didn’t saw it yet, then grab your tickets as fast as you can or else you’ll miss a diamond while digging for stones. Must watch! I love you @caradelevingne 💋 #PaperTowns 📍

Ok one more picture (for now). But I wanted to talk about this guy right here @aviatortailz Jason came to camp to play the role of Tyrone Jackson and throughout the four weeks has grown so much as an actor and has amazed us every day with his amazing dance moves. I know everyone, including me, is so proud of him and I am very thankful to call him a new friend. ❤️🎭 #mscsummer2015 #FAME #ilovethisselfiesomuch

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John wrapping his arms around Louis and holding him against his chest after Louis sends out the "thank you" tweets. Whispering "I am so proud of you" and kissing Louis' cheek. Saying inbetween kisses to different parts of Louis' face, "You're the best and bravest guy I know. I'm so proud to be with you." Louis letting out this long breath and feeling so safe.


ok but then they listen to coffee by miguel (since john tweeted about it) after louis feels better and they have nice sex. 

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

Absolutely not. I am a proud bisexual, as you would know if you read my little description up there ^^^ I have a boyfriend with whom I have all of the sex but I’ve never had sex with a woman (which is ok and doesn’t detract from my sexuality)

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Someday it will all be better, trust me. And as previous anon said, there are people who care about you, think about you and hope that you are ok. I know saying all of this is super cliche, but i mean it anyway. And remember, where you are now is good enough. No matter what anyone says you should be doing, you are already doing so much and I'm so proud of you.

those last tree words made me cry like a little bitch again (which I am, no denying that), but anyway. Thanks for the support guys, it means alot