Loki es el hermano de Thor. Loki tiene un corazón partido pero es celoso, es arrogante, es orgulloso pero es bravo! Fuerte!


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Okay i just saw a picture of Nick Bateman and thought about stiles crushing hard on him and scott being like dude he kinda looks like derek and stiles having a heart attack because omg scott you idiot derek is RIGHT HERE

I just looked him up and first of all um yes I approve of this hypothetical fan crush Stiles has on him.

And Stiles probably doesn’t make the connection at first, he’s just getting off to the idea of abs and stubble burn, and so what if he really loves starting out these fantasies with him in a leather jacket and tight jeans, alright, who wouldn’t want to picture that? And what does it matter if Fantasy Nick Bateman might sometimes be a little bit stronger than Normal Human Nick Bateman probably could be, lifting him up like he weighs nothing and pinning him to walls and growling against his neck? It’s a fantasy, it’s not like he gets bonus points for realism.

But then one day Stiles is just innocently ogling pictures on his phone while they all sit around together, and Scott makes that comment and suddenly it hits him all at once and he’s just staring down at his phone (so he doesn’t turn to stare at Derek) and he’s suddenly taking in that jawline and those eyebrows in a way he never had before (and holy shit he’s always preferred the black and white pictures of him because it makes his hair look black how did he not realize this?)

You guys, we gotta hurry. I just got back from Walmart and they’re selling Nintendo 3ds systems for 149.99 on sale. Plus every time you buy one you get a 50 dollar gift card, brings the total price down to 110 dollars after tax. Now listen, we can flip those sons of bitches for 230 bucks a piece easy! They’re all limited edition Zelda ones!! HURRY! HURRY!! COME WITH ME!! We can be rich and we also all get to keep one and we can play Nintendo gaaaames.

Major Favour Request

I try not to ask much of you because it is not fair of me, but I don’t know what else I can do, I feel stuck at the end of my rope and I think some help from some of you would really help not just me, but my best friend. If you don’t follow ro-ku, you are probably unaware of what happened last night and so before I ask my favour, I will give a little backstory:

Ro-ku, posted a farewell message last night. I’m not sure how much time there was from her posting it and me seeing it but I immediately texted and tried calling her sister - no answer. I don’t think I’ve ever experience such hysterics before, unsure of what to do. I quickly found a way to contact her other sibling and thankfully, and seriously I didn’t even know I was capable of being so happy in that moment, he answered immediately and I told him everything that I knew. The scariest part is that he had no idea and everyone else in their house was sleeping. He told me she locked herself in the bathroom and wasn’t replying to him. I immediately ran over to her house to try to help, and on the way, he woke up his parents. Long story short, her parents brought her to the hospital and she is going to be okay, physically. 

I know there is so much I could have done differently to help her more, but please please, my favour to ask, and please please please it would mean EVERYTHING to me if even some of you did this, could you maybe send her some nice, positive, and supportive messages that could help her see that she deserves to live and deserves to be happy? Just click here! I want to help her so badly but I am not sure what else to do right now. She probably will not be able to reply until she gets released, but I think it would be great for her to see just how many people care about her. Please, it will mean so much to me though! Thank you everyone xxxxxxxx 

You know another reason I hate Ted Mosby? When he was like oh my god, I’m marrying a girl who likes Star Wars! Chill nerd bros, you are not a minority in liking Star Wars. I’ve never met a girl who didn’t like Star Wars. The only girls in the universe who don’t like Star Wars are the girl characters in Star Wars and that’s cause they lived them, Ted, that’s cause they lived the Star Wars!

Today I saw some old men doing those slow Chinese exercise I always forget the name of, and then noticed that one of the men were doing the exercises with a sword. Downtown is amazing ( • ᵕ • )

Note to self: Apparently it is odd to call somebody just to tell them that you found a beautiful tree

-stares at all of you guys and your non-tree loving life styles- (≖△≖✿)

  • Nate:I'd say call if you need anything, but you never... never need anything.
  • Eliot:Yeah, I did. *looks over at Hardison and Parker* And thanks to you I don't have to search anymore.

you guys. i am screeeeching. WHAT. THE HELL. IS THIS.

something about cupcakes rights and sprinkles and interplanetary unicorn president and DAVID FREAKING ARCHULETA ENDORSING THE WHOLE BUSINESS. i mean, i always suspected as much. but still i’m dead.

I think the most irritating thing about fandom is how much they all demand for strong, platonic friend/bro-ships, but as soon as they’re given one, all they do is ship the hell out of them and then get irritated when they aren’t together in canon.

Stop demanding something and then ignoring when you have it. It’s starting to be disgusting.

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Esther (yourbiaslikesitrough) is my favourite, she is so nice and so sweet, she is the admin of kaisoothirst and makes amazing gifs, she cares about so many people and puts others problems before her. She deserves so much love and happiness and i wish for all her problems to go away, she is perfect <3

yourbiaslikesitrough ♡

send me nice messages abt ur favorite bloggers and ill @ them


So I’m always complaining that I dont have enough room for everything in my Kikki K planner with the weekly setup, but when I was instore and checked out the daily one it’s so much bigger! I mean I obviously knew it would be thicker because more pages but it’s more than double the size! Is it worth getting the bigger one and dealing with the size and weight or sticking with the weekly layout and good size?