guys you won't believe this

OK real talk.

Parties have been obstructing each other for ages. Whoever is president, i’m sure they can’t do that MUCH damage. 

What i’m afraid of, however, is the fact that you don’t have to pass laws to inspire the people. This is an openly racist, sexist, hate-filled compulsive liar taking the seat. I’m honestly afraid that a lot of people will see this as a ticket to follow and spread the hate.

So please, especially in the few days following the election, stay safe. Stay positive, stay kind, but most importantly stay safe. This is but a mere dark moment. Don’t let it consume your light.

How long has it been since the first time I did this, you guys?
I remember I was so in shock when I got 200 followers not too long ago and now HERE I AM AGAIN AND I AM STILL IN SHOCK!
500? 500!?
Wow, I just…wow, yeah, thank you all so much for following my blog!
I don’t know why anyone is even following the Trashcan that is me, but thank you so much again!
I’ll really never get over how happy interacting with you all makes me <333

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I can’t believe Ash is going to win the Kalos league


❞  I like the feeling of leaving, but I love coming back more. It’s home; it’s a good, quiet place to be.