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Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️

Jealous Pirate - Harry Hook x reader

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A/N This is a Harry Hook x reader imagine. This is my first imagine so if you guys want more you can request it, just send me a message. Also feel free to give me feedback, sorry if it sucks. I do not own the Gif. Also it is in your point of view.

Summary: You were a VK kid and apart of Uma’s crew. Everyone knew about your crush on Harry Hook, evern Gil and we know that boys not the brightest. One day when you are talking about it Harry joins the conversation. Then one lie leads to a jealous pirate.

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“Y/N just admit that you loooooooooove Harry,” Gil said with the biggest smirk on his face. “Oh shut up, I do not,” I said trying to hid the blush that was creeping on on my face.

“You so do, Y/N and Harry sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-,” Uma sang but was cut off by you. “Ok, ok, we get it. If I say I like him will you leave me alone?”

“Say you like who”, a thick accent asked. 

“Harry, hey. When um, when did you get here,” I said trying to make my voice not shaky but failing.

“Just now, so you were saying that you liked someone,” he questioned me with a foreign expression on his face I had never seen before. Jealousy maybe?When I didn’t answer Gil decided to answer for me. Perfect.

“Y/N was saying how much she loves-” 

“GRANT! I have a HUGE crush on Grant,” I shouted out just so Harry wouldn’t know it was him. I looked over to Gil and Uma who were shooting daggers at me.

“Grant?” Harry questioned with a puzzled look.

“Yes Grant, you know, Mother Gothel’s son,” I stated. I have never seen so much hatred and sadness in a person’s eyes as I did when I looked at Harry’s.

“What is so great about Grant?” He asked with venom dripping off his tongue.

“Me and Gil are gonna go so you two can have more privacy,” Uma said with a sly smile. As Gil and her walked out the room she gave me a wink before closing the door.

“Y/n you need someone who will treat you like a queen. Someone who would drop everything they have to be with you. You need a man, not some silly boy who will end up hurting you. He’s not good enough for you, y/n. He isn’t even half as good as he should be.You could do so much better,” He said with so much convention in his voice.

“Do you really think that,” I asked with hope laced in my voice.

“Of course I do, love,” He said as a smile spread on his face. “Harry, why do you care who I like anyway?” I questioned with a little hope that he would say he liked me.

“I-I, It’s just,” Harry sighed. “Y/n I love you. I know you like Grant but you are worth so much more then him. Trust me when I say he won’t treat you right. Y/n I could make you happy. I could give you the life you deserve. I could give you the world,” He said with so much love in his voice, as he stroked my face with his hook.

“Oh Harry, I don’t like Grant. I just said that so you wouldn’t know I liked you. Oh who am I kidding? I love you, not like you. I can’t see my life without you,” I said as a rushed forward to hug Harry. He immediately hugged back, carefully placing his hook on your back.

“Y/n, please be my girlfriend and let me treat you like the queen you deserve to be treated as,” Harry said as he pulled away to look me in the eyes.

“Yes, of course Harry!” I replied happily. Harry smiled widely and pulled me into a kiss.

“Finally!” Gil and Uma said at the same time. I pulled away from Harry and started to laugh. “You guys better run,” Harry said with an amused tone as we started chasing after them.

A/n Sorry if it seemed a little out of his character, I am going to write more imagines with him so I promise I will write it more like him.

yah so there might be a lot of “humans vs aliens and humanity is awesome, and even ‘aliens get fucked over by nature’”

but now suddenly im thinking, what if aliens invade some kind of fantasy world?

like, they decide to check out earth, and these aliens are not Clefairy/Deoxys/Beheeyem, 

“surrender now, you low-life earthlings!”

“hooh boy, yet another team trying to take over. is this team galactic?”
“nah man, they wanted to create a new world, and last i checked they didn’t wear costumes”
“its probably those ghost-types playing a prank, bet its a bunch of Haunters”

“Alright, troop, according to the human captive, a bit further in, there are berries that can cure us if we get poisoned. let us not forget what happened with the troop in section 6E”

*screaming and buzzing*
“Human, I demand this instant that you tell us what the source of the buzzing is!”
“oh geez, it sounds like a swarm of Beedrills. you guys better run, they’re extremely territorial”

“nonsens! we will fight off these ‘Beedrills’, we are much more evolved and stronger than whatever those things are! our weapons are much more developed than your puny human weapons”

“suit yourself”

and then they get annihilated by beedrills because those things are FAST and have you SEEN those spears??

Sakura: let me go!! I need to teach him a lesson, shannaroo!
Sasuke: alright that’s enough
Random guy: yeah you better run! Keep your women on a leash man!!
Sasuke( raising his eyebrow): you know I was trying to help you their, but now…You deserve it( releases the beast)
Sakura ( smiles with a murderous glint in her eyes): your dead ☠
Random guy: (excessively sweating)*gulps*…… Runs

Artist: 和っか‏ @wakkatootti

Permission ✔
Cold Outside (Credence Barebone Imagine)

Your parents weren’t wealthy, they weren’t lavished and spoiled or rotten from the inside out with greed like everyone you knew seemed to think.

You were a simple child, perhaps a little too simple, but careful like your parents nonetheless. You sat on your knees behind the counter of your parents’ pastry shop, sniffling every so often - your nose stuffy and red from the cold.

“Y/N,” your mother said from her place behind the counter, “it’s getting warmer out, why don’t you go play with your friends?”

You looked up from your colouring book on the floor to the woman above and sniffed again, “It’s cold outside, Mommy.”

You heard the hum of an impatient woman and shot up from your place on the floor and straightened up your posture, turning into the back room to fetch your overcoat, scarf and matching gloves.

You recognized that woman immediately, the pointed nose and squinted eyes, she scowled down at you from her place behind the counter. Brown hair cupped by that hideous grey hat, skin wrinkled with anger and form shivering from the cold she loomed you, you forced yourself to smile up at her before dashing past both women with a quiet goodbye.

“Y/N, you forgot to pick up y - ” your mother moaned as you rushed out the door, the bell’s ringing and swinging door the only evidence you were ever there at all.

You always hated being seen by customers, especially that horrible woman. Your mind always exaggerated her features in memory but she was still just as hideous inside as she appeared outside in your mind.

Since your parents had realized their dream of opening a bakery together almost eight years ago, that awful woman came every Monday to purchase treats, for herself of course. You knew she had children of her own - adopted, but still hers.

You’d seen them all shuffle single filed out of that dreary old church every Sunday in their ugly blue uniforms, their mother, leader of the Second Salemers preaching to passersby about the danger of witchcraft in America.

Just as you turned a corner, you were blinded by a thick sheet of paper. “Ah!” You swatted the killer paper out of your face and while the wind tried to carry it away, you turned with a grumble only to be blinded yet again.

“P-Please!” You heard a cry, and as you gripped at the paper angrily, scrunching it up and gaping at the dozens of fliers being swept away with the wind you couldn’t help but feel terrible for ever having felt angry at all.

Ahead of you by just a few paces were four boys, “Please, sto-stop it. I need those.” A pale-skinned boy in an ugly blue uniform crawled around on his hands and knees in a pathetic attempt to pick up the fliers.

The other three boys laughed as they stomped the fliers into the snow and dirt, some picking them up to shred them into pieces just to throw them in the Second Salemer’s face. You frowned, those boys weren’t much bigger or older than you and so you puffed out your chest, your coat stretching snuggly across the expanse of your small chest.

Stomping towards the group fiercely, your little legs took long strides that probably looked ridiculous to anyone else, but intimidating to you. “Stop it!”

Your eyes briefly met with the cowaring boy on the ground, who’s knee-high socks and NSPS uniform was completely covered in mud and a flash of sympathy crossed your youthful face before twisting into an angry scowl which looked more like a pout.

“Leave him alone, what’s wrong with you? Those aren’t your fliers!” You pointed accusingly at the group and stomped your foot. “Go away!”

The red-head of the group snorted at you and bunched up a flier with his fist, tossing it at you and raising his eyebrows tauntingly.

“Why do you care? You part of this circus or somethin’?” The brunette of the group turned and laughed at you, poking his tongue out and shredding up another flier.

“I said go away! Do you want me to start screaming?” You threatened, your bottom lip quivering the more worked up you got. “Oh no, guys, we’d better run. Second Salemer’s gonna start screaming.” The ginger taunted. “More like crying.” The brunette smirked, about to open his mouth to speak again when his face met snow.  “Ow!”

Your hand raised above your head, you stomped your foot again, “Go away! Go away!” You screeched as you flung snowball after snowball at the now retreating group of boys.

“Go! Go!” You had long since forgotten about the stray fliers and so as you chased away the group of tyrants, you accidentally trampled a few with your boots. You stopped immediately and let your arms drop, gasping softly as you ducked down onto the ground to gather the remaining fliers. “I’m so sorry,” you apologized, “I’m gonna tell my daddy and he’ll - “ the boy’s shaky hands shot up to catch yours and he whimpered, head down and body quivering, “Plea-se don’t tell anyone! Ma will find o-out!” He begged.

Your eyes widened as they met his properly, his pale face was beginning to grow red, the tips of his ears, nose and lips were all beginning to deepen in colour and as you took in his strangely sharp features, you realized his eyes were also growing puffy and red. He was crying.

“I lost the fliers, Ma is going to be livid with me.” He panicked, scavenging through the melting snow as tears fell from his brown eyes. “These ones are all wet and soggy,” you told the boy, and he almost immediately started wailing, head in his hands - he cried and cried and just wouldn’t stop.

“It’s okay, it’s fine. We can just go get the other ones, right? Those boys threw a whole lot in that direction.” You pointed a finger in the opposite direction and the raven haired boy sniffled, his cries slowly subsiding until only soft hiccups remained. “I-I can’t collect all of them, there’s so many.” You reached out and wrapped your fingers around his wrists, pulling the small boy up into his feet.

“I’ll help, silly.” The boy was completely at a loss for words as you turned, hand-in-hand and running off down the street to fetch his fliers. “We need to hurry, Mommy said it’ll rain today.”

Struggling to keep up with your quick steps, the boy’s eyes wandered from the street ahead to your hand cupping his mindlessly. His eyes watered but he quickly blinked away the tears, he was truly terrified right now. “Look, Second Salem boy - fliers!” You turned to face the brown eyed boy and smiled widely, “I’ll go get those ones across the street, you get the ones here.”

You dashed across the street after a quick left-and-right. You busied yourself catching fliers from the ground, the air and even peoples’ hands to get as many as possible in a nice, neat stack.

On your way back, your eyes scanned the street for the timid boy you’d met, but you saw nothing. You clutched the stack close to your chest as you walked, checking alleyways, looking through glass windows and turning corners. Only when you gave up and began your trek home did you find him again by the side of the street, picking fliers from the gutter.

“There you are,” you pouted, “I thought you left me to do the work.” The boy looked up at you wide-eyed, about to speak when his eyes were forced shut - a droplet of rain had landed on his forehead.

“Oh, oh n-no.” You smiled at the boy, “C'mon,” you grabbed him by the tie carelessly and dragged him down the street and into your parents’ pastry shop away from the cold and the rain. “Mommy, I brought a friend!” You called, smiling at the regulars seated by the window and far wall of the store on your way in. “Mommy, I brought a - ”

“And what’s your friend’s name, dear?” Your mother’s head revealed itself from behind the counter, oven mitts adorning her hands. “This is, uh,” you stopped and frowned almost immediately, your entire body freezing up in thought.

Anyone else who didn’t know you would’ve assumed something was seriously wrong with you at that moment, but your mother and a few customers joined together to laugh at your odd behavior.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” Your mother knelt down to eye-level with the boy at your side, all the while you stood useless, still attempting to remember the boy’s name. Had he even told it to you at all? It took a moment for him to respond, but he eventually spoke after a long, timid stare at the ground. “C-Credence, ma'am. Credence Barebone.”

You smiled up at your mother almost instantly, “Credence! His name is Credence, Mommy!”

You clapped your hands together and gasped as the fliers flew to the ground. “Where did you meet Credence, Y/N?” Your mother asked as she began collecting fliers from the ground, brows furrowing as she skimmed over the content. “Ah, a Second Salemer?” The boy, Credence, began shrinking under the gaze of everyone excluding yourself, as you were oblivious to the agenda behind the extremist group.

“Well,” Your mother smiled at you and then at Credence, “you can’t hand out fliers in that weather.” She motioned outside with a nod and you turned to look outside where the rain angrily patted against the glass window. Credence panicked at this, turning to you with wide eyes.

“Ma will definitely give me a lashing for this, I-I should go.” You pouted and reached out, caging Credence’s arm in yours and urging him to come with you to the kitchen, “Well I’m sure your Ma wouldn’t mind you staying for a little while longer? I could give her a discount on her next order of pastries.”

Your mother wriggled her brows suggestively and you nodded, “Please stay and play with me, Credence. I’ll even help you hand out fliers next time!”

Credence bit his lip and looked from you to the door for several moments before the alluring aroma of whatever was being baked and your pleading stare seduced him beyond reason into staying. “I-If it’s not too much trouble, ma'am, may I stay?” You squealed and clutched Credence’s arm tighter, looking up at your mother thankfully.

“Of course, dear,” your mother said. “It’s cold outside.”

BTS Reaction: You have self destructive tendancies.

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

The first time he saw you doing that was b/c you were upset. You pulled on your hair in frustration and he stopped you immediately.

Jin: Why are you doing that? Don’t do that.

You: I’m just really stressed and I aghhh -You made a noise of frustration.-

Jin: If you need me just know I’ll be there when I can okay? When you’re upset or stressed just call me. -He starts massaging your head-

Jin: Don’t hurt your pretty hair. -He leans down and kisses your forehead then continues massaging your head until you feel better-

Suga/Min Yoongi:

You guys were cuddling and he was running his fingers up and down your arm. That is when he saw red marks on your skin and questioned you about it.

YG: What’s going on here? -He pokes your arm-

You: Nothing big.

YG: I don’t want to see your pretty skin like that.

You: I’ll try to not make you worry. I just get upset and scratch my skin.

YG: Talk to me when you need someone. -He then leans his head back and continues caressing your arm.-

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

He saw little lines on your hands when he was playing with them. At first he thought nothing of it but he realized that everytime he would look at your hands they were there. Another thing he realized is that they were nail marks.

JH: Noooo it’s a tragedy. -He lifts your hands dramatically-

JH: Why do you do this to your gorgeous hands? You’re leaving red marks. -He pouts-

You: I’m sorryyy -you whined-

JH: This -He points to your hands- no mas.

You: No mas

JH: -Continues to play with your hands hoping the marks would soon be gone-

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He saw you with your hands in your hair, pulling on it in not a nice way and a frown on your lips then he immediately took hold of your hands.

RM: No.

You: ????

RM: You have beautiful hair don’t harm it, baby.

You: Oh.. Sorry Joonie.

RM: It’s alright. -He kisses your head then starts running his hands through your hair- Just talk to me when you’re upset, okay?

You: Okei thanks Namjoon, love you.

RM: Love you too.

Park Jimin:

He saw red lines along your skin while you were sleeping and he let it go since he didn’t want to wake you up but when you woke up he asked you about it.

You: I was not in a good mood and I guess it’s just habit when I’m down.

JM: But look what you’re doing to your skin.. -He holds up your arm-

You: I know.. Like I said, it’s habit and I can’t seem to break out of it.

JM: Then let me help you. -He pulls you into his arms-

JM: I’m donating kisses to save my beautiful girlfriends skin.

You: You’re so cute, Thank you chim. -you kiss his cheek.-

V/Kim Taehyung:

Little red marks on your skin?


Why is this..?

Tae: What is this?

You: nothing.

Tae: nOtHinG -he says sarcastically-

You: -eye roll-

Tae: No lies, what. Is. This?

You: nail marks?

Tae: Why?

You: Being sad.

Tae: Then don’t be sad.

You: Magically the emotion of sadness shall disappear?

Tae: Ye with me. -He smiles and pokes his own cheeks-

You: You’re so sweet Tae.. You are my everything!

Tae: You’ve got the best of me~

Jeon Jungkook:

He saw you from afar that you were really sad and stressed then you started pulling on your hair in a way he didn’t approve of and stopped you.

JK: NO!!!!

You: -Looking up very surprised that he yelled-

JK: -he’s shaking his head and walking towards you-

JK: Why would you hurt your head like that?

You: Habit

JK: We have to make it disappear.

You: We’ll try?

JK: We’ll get rid of it, once and for all.

You: You r extra

JK: Isn’t that a good thing? You get extra love, extra care, extra everything?

You: (」= _ =)—

You: Alright sure. Let’s go with that.

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 14

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“Y/N. Keep your eyes open.” He said through ragged breaths.

He was still running, the buildings getting closer together and in the opposite direction that you should be going. He was headed back. Surely he wasn’t going all the way back uptown…

The bouncing movement made you feel nauseous and you pressed your nose into his neck to inhale his scent, hoping it would take your mind off the horrible feeling creeping up your throat.

Fortunately your eyes drooped closed and you knocked out instantly against his protests.


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I am aware that nobody likes it when I post non Cookie Run related stuff

While I did draw the original picture, Sasu (I’ll tag you if you want!) was the one who digitalized it, and I’ll say it a thousand times, it looks amazing!

This is supposed to be a self portrait of myself that I’ve been trying to draw for years. And now that it is complete, I can draw all my friends in this glorious new style, which no one cares about because it’s non Cookie Run related so why even bother :D

Mini Rant Time!

Hiya, cutie pies. Wow, it’s been absolutely insane lately. First the big Markiplier Project, then Mark’s hiatus, then my hiatus, and now Sean is going on a bit of a hiatus as well. So much hiatus.

So, I wanted to talk about some things really quick, but I’ll try not to be too long-winded. Here we go:

1. I am back and ready to start writing again for the blog, though I will be posting more on a “when I feel like it” basis rather than trying to post large amounts each day. This will be healthier for me, and it’ll mean that I can give you guys better content in the long run.

2. I will be on Fall Break October 12 and 13, which means that I will be out of school when the Big Project drops. So more time for floor party!!! I’m also thinking of doing a livestream on one of those days since I’ll have some time to myself. I’ll keep you guys updated.

3. Lastly, please don’t freak about Sean going on a break. He really needs this, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening. We know our green bean, and we know his work ethic. If he says he needs a break, he needs it. And we should respect that. In the meantime, there’s plenty of videos there for us to watch as we eagerly wait for him to get back!

That’s all for now, cutie pies. Thanks for all your awesome support, and stay gold!

Jason Todd's daughter HC

— Jason would teach her how to punch properly. His main rule would be “don’t slap, punch.”
— Jason would try and give her a good childhood as he never experienced one himself
— jason starts to worry whether or not she’s getting enough food, due to him growing up without it
— Although he’s a sarcastic father, he is also protective of his child
— Jason is a very organize guy, but his daughter isn’t so he’d try and organize her stuff.
— No matter what his daughter did/do he will always, always be there for her. period.
— Jason, being a single father, when he’s interested in a girl his biggest goal would be whether or not she’d be nice to his daughter
— Jason would try to not involve his daughter in any of the vigilante stuff. He would obviously teach her self-defense but he wants to preserve her childhood. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her, considering most of the family had a near death experience
— After his daughter grew up she begged him how to shoot. Jason has a small scar on his leg when his daughter missed the target as it ricocheted off
— Jason considered naming his daughter after his mother
— Jason would try his best not to be involved in crime fighting anymore. He wants to focus more on his daughter
— One time Jason took his daughter out on patrol for a short time, after his daughter annoyed him/convinced him. They ate fast food during it and while Jason was fighting a thug his daughter chucked her soda at the thug. Jason avoided killing him but ended up doing so later on without her so the thug wouldn’t track her down
— Because Jason is fluent in my languages he would help his daughter with her homework for the class she’s learning for a language.
— When Jason is gone his daughter would sometimes sneak into his closet and would wear his leather jacket
— Jason is a paranoid person so he has a rubber bullet gun for her
( please credit me )

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Were you just 14 when your parents built a very strange machine?

It was designed to view a world unseen,

Theyre gonna catch em all cause theyre Reshi Phantom!!

( @marshie-daily  @sableyedaily @dailyphantump @dailymisavus @banettedaily  i needed some ghosts for this, so i used yours! I hope you dont mind ^^)

‘scanlan hiring lionel was an intentional act done to hurt/replace grog!!’

“…Soren… Are… We frauds?”

( @green-kool-aid I DID THE THING. I’M REALLY PROUD OF IT. IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I ANIMATED AND JUST NGHHH. This was supposed to be something happy and simple but H a. Nope.

Feels and complexities ftw.)

Angry Merida chasing the Big Four after they steal her bow

Jack: Throw me the bow!! It’s what she’s after!

Rapunzel: Ok! Go long! *throws bow*

[Bow flies through air]

Hiccup: Jack! She’s after us now!!

Jack: Don’t worry- you know I can’t catch!

[Bow lands in Jack’s hands]

Jack: … I hate myself. *hands bow to Hiccup and runs away*

Hiccup: …I hate yourself.

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Oh my god I love you no one ever writes 7 days to die aus please write/ref more!!

Ahhh, you should bless @gaywood for giving me the prompt in the first place! 

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but okay, I love to think about them not knowing each other at first, and it’s like Ryan collects a whole pack of them that follow him around like puppies as he passes through dead or dying towns

and maybe they’re the first people he’s come across who are decent, who aren’t out for his blood and the guns he’s built with his own two hands or the tins of food that sit heavy at the bottom of his pack. 

There’s Jack who snatches his arm as he’s sprinting from a horde, pulls him into a room that’s well fortified, and Jack’s clearly been there for a while, if the amount of stuff in the room is anything to go by; and he’s obviously got it from other people- killed them, Ryan thinks, and he’s quick on the draw- but Jack ignores him, keeps his ear pressed to the door, tense, before deflating. They’re safe.

Jack saved his life and he’s still got his pistol trained on him, even as Jack blinks at the gun, confused for a moment before moving on to check the other barricades. 

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tbh, I had so much fun writing these!!!!

  • Getting Gladio to give you piggyback rides
  • Giant bear hugs!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • Gladio picking you up in his arms and twirling you around in said bear hugs.
  • Imagine being his childhood sweetheart and still being together as adults.
  • Sitting on his back when he does (normal) push-ups or lying underneath him and him giving you a kiss every time he bends down.
  • Dirty pick up lines
  • Him playing and holding your hands and loving how small they are compared to his yet they fit into his perfectly like matching puzzle pieces.
  • Being able to easily sit on his shoulders and him placing kisses to your thighs when you do so.
  • Gladio lifting you up by the waist so you can reach and/or see things better.
  • Imagine trying to tackle Gladio in a hug but he’s too big and strong so it doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does, the guys hitting on you better run fast because he’s out for their blood. It will be up to you to calm him down.
  • Having to go on your tiptoes whenever you want to kiss him
  • Or him having to bend down/pick you up to kiss you
  • Imagine him walking around the house shirtless (without his jacket) and still blushing every time you see him despite you thinking that you should be used to it by now.
  • Sleeping on top of him with his arms wrapped snugly around your waist.
  • Playful slaps and squeezes to your bum
  • Imagine trying to sneak up on Gladio to give him a surprise hug from behind only for him to know what you’re about to do (every time) and surprising you instead by turning around and giving you a big hug instead.
  • Gladio throwing you over his shoulder
  • OK BUT imagine Gladio whispering naughty/cheeky little things in your ear asfkhghfhvc>///w///<
  • Won’t be afraid to show affection out in public
  • Gladio has a secret talent for braiding your hair and doing your make-up
  • You often find yourself trying to stay up late enough to see Gladio return home from the palace since he’s there from when the sun rises to when night falls. Majority of the time, Gladio’s come home to see you fast asleep on the couch. He just smiles and carries you to bed bridal style. He’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead before laying down next to you.

|| Images do not belong to me ||

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1) Nicknames: Mel or Lissa (two halves of my name! i think they’re both really cute)
2) Gender: female
3) Star sign: capricorn
4) Height: 5′6 (i think?? idek anymore…turns out i’m a lot shorter than i thought!)
5) Time: 3:49 am
6) Birthday: January 4
7) Favourite bands: SHINee, EXO, Urban Zakapa, VIXX, BAP, LOONA, SEVENTEEN
8) Favourite solo artists: Kwon Jinah, Lee Hi, Ailee
9) Song stuck in my head: Taemin - Door

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