guys you better run


tbh, I had so much fun writing these!!!!

  • Getting Gladio to give you piggyback rides
  • Giant bear hugs!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  • Gladio picking you up in his arms and twirling you around in said bear hugs.
  • Imagine being his childhood sweetheart and still being together as adults.
  • Sitting on his back when he does (normal) push-ups or lying underneath him and him giving you a kiss every time he bends down.
  • Dirty pick up lines
  • Him playing and holding your hands and loving how small they are compared to his yet they fit into his perfectly like matching puzzle pieces.
  • Being able to easily sit on his shoulders and him placing kisses to your thighs when you do so.
  • Gladio lifting you up by the waist so you can reach and/or see things better.
  • Imagine trying to tackle Gladio in a hug but he’s too big and strong so it doesn’t work
  • Doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does, the guys hitting on you better run fast because he’s out for their blood. It will be up to you to calm him down.
  • Having to go on your tiptoes whenever you want to kiss him
  • Or him having to bend down/pick you up to kiss you
  • Imagine him walking around the house shirtless (without his jacket) and still blushing every time you see him despite you thinking that you should be used to it by now.
  • Sleeping on top of him with his arms wrapped snugly around your waist.
  • Playful slaps and squeezes to your bum
  • Imagine trying to sneak up on Gladio to give him a surprise hug from behind only for him to know what you’re about to do (every time) and surprising you instead by turning around and giving you a big hug instead.
  • Gladio throwing you over his shoulder
  • OK BUT imagine Gladio whispering naughty/cheeky little things in your ear asfkhghfhvc>///w///<
  • Won’t be afraid to show affection out in public
  • Gladio has a secret talent for braiding your hair and doing your make-up
  • You often find yourself trying to stay up late enough to see Gladio return home from the palace since he’s there from when the sun rises to when night falls. Majority of the time, Gladio’s come home to see you fast asleep on the couch. He just smiles and carries you to bed bridal style. He’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead before laying down next to you.

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Angry Merida chasing the Big Four after they steal her bow

Jack: Throw me the bow!! It’s what she’s after!

Rapunzel: Ok! Go long! *throws bow*

[Bow flies through air]

Hiccup: Jack! She’s after us now!!

Jack: Don’t worry- you know I can’t catch!

[Bow lands in Jack’s hands]

Jack: … I hate myself. *hands bow to Hiccup and runs away*

Hiccup: …I hate yourself.

MONSTA X REACTION: When he see how another boy give his girlfriend his number

Shownu: He’ d approach calmly.

“hey baby. is he a new friend? Nice to meet you I’m (y/n)’s boyfriend”

Wonho: “omo omo, another stupied guy with this idiots nouns” *confident*

Minhyuk: “this guy… he better run”

Kihyun: “Are you serious? this is so unnecessary”

Hyungwon: He’d be watching from a far, laught a lot.

“look at this idiot trying to get my gf… poor him”

Jooheon: “Is he doing what I’m think he’s doing?” “YAH!”

I.M: For me he looks like the kind of silent jelly guy, but in this situation the last thing he’d be is silent. He’d  wave and scream “jagiya” announcing that you’re his gf for everybody.

~ADM Cherry~

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Run (Jungkook x Reader, pt 10)

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Crime AU

Fifteen steps at an angle, through a door, twenty steps to an elevator, and then forty seconds rising through the building. Thirty steps right, a left turn and another twenty steps and they stop.

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“…Soren… Are… We frauds?”

( @green-kool-aid I DID THE THING. I’M REALLY PROUD OF IT. IT’S BEEN YEARS SINCE I ANIMATED AND JUST NGHHH. This was supposed to be something happy and simple but H a. Nope.

Feels and complexities ftw.)

BTS Scenario: Getting Jealous When You Hang Out With Other Guyfriends


“Jagiya, I’m not mad that you have guy friends…I just… Want to be more important to you than they are.”

He would feel somewhat guilty for saying these things but he could feel a fire burn inside himself when he sees you with other guy friends. Of course he’d try to hold you by your waist or hold your hand any moment he could get but he didn’t want to smother you either.


“Of course I care! It may not seem like it but I do! I don’t want you running off with another guy that’s better than me and its scares me to death… I need you.”

As Suga is normally the guy to conceal his emotions, that changed when he would notice you were hanging out with different guys more. He would get mad at the fact that you think he didn’t care. He’d even get so mad that he would start crying and hitting things. You’re “his” girl and no one else.


“Me? Jealous?! Of them? Oh no no no… Maybe a little- But Jagiya you have to understand!! It isn’t easy to see your girl go off with a bunch of nobody’s when there is a perfectly good man waiting for her with open arms right here!”

Of course he’s in denial about being jealous since he didn’t want you to win the war. The war where you would say about how you get jealous when girls/fans surround him constantly so you should technically be allowed to hang around guys. Not that you’d ever cheat on a teddy bear like him.

Rap Monster:

“Hell yea I’m angry Y/N. They are not the ones you should be having fun with or hanging out with much at all! I’m your boyfriend… I just… Want to feel loved and not like you’re already starting to leave me.”

Rap Mon seems like the type to get angry then cools down only to get extremely upset. He has every right to be upset since he lost his one girlfriend to unfaithfulness and trust issues. It’s enough that he even let you in after all that’s happened so when he begs to you he does it with a sincere heart.


“Well, one thing is for sure, they aren’t as cool as me and they don’t have the skills I do so what’s so special about them Jagiya?”

He definitely shows his jealous and shows it well. He may be sweet but he’s also the type to be cocky about who he is but only to remind you of what you got. He loves you and that’s why he gets the way he does when he notices you drifting away or hanging out with other guys.


“This is not okay Y/N, at all! I’m not jealous but you shouldn’t be hanging out with other guys like that! It’s risky and they could take advantage of my girl!”

Even if he says he’s not jealous, you know not to listen to him because he truly is. He’ll say almost anything to change your mind about hanging out with other guy friends or even being their friend period. He’ll use the puppy eyes on you too!


“I.. I thought I was yours? Why are you always hanging out with those buff nice looking guys? Am I not good enough? I work out everyday and I try to take care of my appearance.. Please don’t fall in love with those guys.”

His innocence would slightly kick in but him being upset and jealous would definitely over power that. Insecurities would fill him and he would begin to question trust even though he loves you like crazy.


Again Oh Hae Young: Five things you know and one thing you don’t. (x)

Shu Headcanon (Secretly Obsessed Edition)

Shu watched you empty your locker, changing what study books you needed.
He caught sight of guys near you, looking at you. It made his blood boil. How dare they look at you. You were HIS.
They nudged each other and laughed, you looked over in their direction because of how loud they were.
One guy winked at you and Shu was in front of him in a second.
‘Ah! How.. how did you?! 'The stunned guy blinked at how Shu had suddenly appeared.
'You better run.’ Shu’s voice was thick with darkness. The guys nodded and rushed off.
You huffed as the close your locker.
'You didn’t need to scare them off like that.’ You scolded him.
He turned to you angry.
'I should have drank them dry!’ He growled. 'You liked that attention?!’
'No.. you just could’ve handled it differently.’ You sigh, he was always so protective.
'I don’t want to see another guy look at you, speak to you or even breath the same air as you!’ He angrily admitted.
This possessive Shu was too much, yet it secretly turned you on.
’ I can talk to guys if I want!’ You counter him, you wanted to see how far you could push it.
'Then I’ll break their frail necks!’ He thundered. You roll your eyes and walk away, you know he’s only a step away behind you.
'That’s stupid. Even though I’m yours…you still think I’ll flirt with guys?’
'It’s not you I’m worried about!’ His voice was deadly dark.
You stopped and turned to him.
'You would actually kill an innocent guy for talking to me?’
His eyes flickered with anger, 'I would. Then I’d lock you up in my bedroom inside a cage. No one would ever see you apart from me.’
You gasped at his dark thoughts.
'You would only see, think and’ His face neared yours, 'You. Are. Mine.’

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TRENT: No! *looks to Danny* Trust me, I’m not- I would never.
DANNY: I know.
TRENT: How did you even get that stupid idea?
KENNY: I heard you asking him out and him agreeing to it a while ago! You were at his place!- 

TRENT: *groans* I didn’t ask him out!
KENNY: Yes, you were! I heard it!
TRENT: We’re not going out.
KENNY: You better explain yourself. I bet your date wants to know too, right, DogPoo?
DANNY: Yeah, kinda.
KENNY: So you did ask him, right? I heard it. *looks to Danny* You better run, this guy is no good.
TRENT: Shut up, McCormick! I didn’t ask Butters out! Technically.

DANNY: What’s that supposed to mean?