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Rfa+v+saeran cheating on the mc ? But they make up after a while :''>

☆o(><;)○ I don’t mind writing them cheating for angst purposes, but I am not going to write them getting back together.
Nothing against you, it’s just a personal pet peeve due to many failed relationships I’ve watched over the years. Don’t… Get back with someone who cheated on you. Odds are they’ll do it again, and think you’re just someone for them to fall back on.


- He loved you, he really absolutely did

- But… You always treated him like a kid. He was just a year younger than you! 

- He never really let it bother him much until he met a girl on the Shooting Star sever. I mean, it wasn’t anything new- A lot of his guild mates where girls and you knew that. But, she looked up to him? Treated him like he was a really strong guy?

- He appreciated it and didn’t really let it advance until she offered him some super rare items she had happened upon. Stuff he never ran into all his years of playing! 

- But if he wanted it… He had to send a few shirtless pictures.

- That wasn’t too bad, right? I mean, guys walked around without their shirts! I was normal…?

- But then she sends some back… And starts teasing him sexually… And before he can help it he’s already hard and straining against his jeans

- The two of you hadn’t even gotten to the kinky stuff yet in your relationship, and… Here he was getting it already.

- He didn’t even spend five minutes contemplating. He sent her a dick pic, got the item, and hurried offline to jerk off.

- The next day you came over, and he was just sweating the whole time. You asked him if he was sick, not feeling well, etc etc. He just brushed it off, made some flimsy excuse that even he knew you were suspicious of.

- But, you drop the subject. Start hanging around and playing your handheld while he does a raid in LOLOL

- After a while he’s completely immersed as you loosely wrap your arms around his shoulders, watching him play. Giving him little words of encouragement.

- When his group finishes, you kiss the top of his head and start pointing on the screen, talking about the cool loot he got

- And then he gets a whisper on the chat, and he doesn’t even have enough time to hide it before you read it

“That picture of yours kept me company over and over again last night, Yoosung. I came three times just from a dick pic alone~ What do you think sex with each other would be like? ;)”

- You lose it. He can’t even come up with an excuse- The message is way too explicit to even joke that it’s from some guy friend playing a prank.

- You’re just trying your best not to cry, demanding to know how long it’s been going on- Not believing the answers he says

- And why should you? 

- He doesn’t know what to do as you grab your stuff and slam the door shut behind you. He can’t even manage to get the guts to try following you.


- He loved you, you were his princess

- But a man had his needs, you know?

- He was worried about your relationship, how he felt like he couldn’t advance sexually with you, and he often voiced this to his make-up artist

- A woman he knew for years- Ever since he started working for this theatre.

- She was sweet, beautiful, and always listened to him. Hell, sometimes she’d be his drinking buddy if he needed one. (And damn could she nearly drink him under the table)

- Apparently, she didn’t have a lot of morals, though.

- And apparently, he hadn’t changed much from back when he was in that gang

- A drinking trip with some theatre buds turned into a weird bar date with his make-up artist.

- I mean… You didn’t know. You were home, cleaning…Possibly cooking… Just being too cute and simple. 

- Way too simple.

- After the both of them were buzzed, his complaints of you turned harsher, voicing his needs to be able to get off just once for fucks sake 

- And his make-up artist was more than willing to oblige. I mean, he was sculpted like a fucking god. Who wouldn’t want some of him?

- He came home reeking of beer and smoke- Lipstick on his neck and traveling lower. Hell, there were even traces on his lips.

- And he was way too buzzed and blissed out to care as you started crying, started asking what the hell happened

- He just rolled his shoulder, getting you off of him, and loudly proclaiming he was going to shower and go to bed

- When he got out, you were gone. But his phone lit up with a sexy text, and he still couldn’t be bothered to care about your absence. 


- You really thought you had changed him. He showed his emotions more, he even treated Jaehee nicer. Hell, he even stopped pestering Zen so much.

- He treated you like a princess- A queen. Buying you so many things, letting you use his card for shopping trips. I mean, you didn’t beg for this to happen- He just shoved them on you and nearly begged you to go out to buy things. 

- You didn’t understand why he was so adamant, until you decided you didn’t feel like shopping one day and came home pretty early.

- You walked in to Elizabeth in her cage and was immediately confused. Jumin never put her in a cage? Unless he wanted to keep her away, but even then that was rare.

- Then you heard groaning from down the hall, and you felt your heart stop.

- You don’t know how you managed to get your legs to move, but you slowly stepped down the hall, taking a deep breath before peering into the bedroom

- Finding Jumin’s back shoved against the bed, being dominated by another man.

- You couldn’t help it, you let out a loud gasp- Some gross choked sound that caused both of them to stop and look towards the door- At you

- But you didn’t stand there long. You felt your eyes spill and you just darted out- Grabbing your phone and purse and booking it. You needed out- Needed somewhere to think. To breathe.

- Jumin let out a grumbled sigh as you left. He knew he should have locked the door- But he was too pent up- Too eager to finally get off for once.

- He heard the other man whistle and get ready to pull out, but Jumin harshly wrapped his legs around him.

- “I never said stop, did I?”


- I’m not going to sugar coat this- I have NO fucking idea how or why she would cheat on you. I even discussed it with a few friends and the most serious answer we could come up with is her cheating on you with coffee beans. orz


- He didn’t deserve you. He didn’t, and no matter how many times he told you this, you never listened

- Harsh nights of him pushing you away? You were right there beside him. Him trying to do a self-depreciating joke? You took it seriously and wrapped him in a hug of kind words.

- He felt so disgusting.

- He loved you, but he didn’t deserve you. He tried everything to let you know that, but you just blew it all off, like the wonderful person you were.

- So he finally resorted to this.

- He knew you were going to be home soon. He didn’t even attempt to hide what he was doing. 

- Just some random woman had hit on him. He actually tried being alluring for once, and it worked.

- So he took her back to his place, ignoring her comments on the security of his home.

- And took her right on the couch- The first thing you would see once you opened the doors

- He had it timed so well that you walked in right in the middle of it

- He heard bags drop, and you try to stifle some gasps as the woman he was fucking immediately scrambled out of his grasp.

- You just left. Didn’t even try to grab your things- You just up and left, while the other woman berated him for getting her caught up in such a mess.

- When they were both gone he just laughed. Just laughed to himself and regained his breath.

- Finally, you got that he didn’t deserve you.


- He wanted more pain. He just constantly felt guilt, and nothing but guilt, from being in a relationship with you

- You were so beautiful, so kind, so forgiving. You weren’t anything like he was used to.

- Being abused, being blamed, being a scapegoat. 

- No matter how loving you were to him, no matter what help he received, he just wanted the old relationship again. He wanted Rika.

- He couldn’t see that well, but what he could see he knew you looked nothing like her. Not even the same height or hair length.

- So… Behind your back he started seeing someone that reminded him more of her. Even how they met was nearly the same. She had long blonde hair, she was short and cute. God, she even nearly sounded the same.

- Maybe it was Rika coming back? A revenge of hers?

- He was just so hungry for that pain again- For his guilt to have a reason for existing. To have a reason to suffer for someone again.

- Amidst all of these emotions flooding back, he didn’t even think about you as he asked her out for coffee

- Didn’t even consider that you lived close by to the coffee shop they went to

- Didn’t even think you may walk by as he held her hand, leaning in close to drown in every word that spilled out of her mouth

- He jumped as he felt a water bottle slam into his shoulder. He couldn’t tell who did it, but as soon as he heard his date exclaim, he remembered he was still with you.

- He listened as you babbled through sudden strained sobbing, as you demanded to know what you did wrong, demanded to know what you lacked

- He didn’t speak. He just let you stand there and make a fool of yourself, let others stare and whisper, let his date shoo you away

- Hours later, when he came home, he wasn’t surprised to see it lacking your things. It was almost peaceful- Everything looks more minimalistic. His heart did ache, but he was so glad for that pain again

- He was glad he never took any pictures of you.


- He hated how clingy you were. He hated how you just accepted all of his issues without any hesitation. 

- He was so fucked up. How could you not see that?

- You were so fucking stupid. So fucking stupid to think he could be in a relationship with you.

- He didn’t even try to hide him cheating. He was just slightly surprised it took you a week to notice, once he started the habit

- The habit of just fucking girls in hotel rooms, instead of attending any dates you set up for him

- The only way you found out was because he was answering a text he got on one of his throw away phones as you cuddled up to him. You saw the contact name, the sexual messages, and froze as he answered it like nothing was wrong

- “I. Is that? Was that?”

- “Yeah.”

- He was just so fucking tired of everyone treating him like he was so blameless, like he was a victim. No one considered that he just didn’t give a fuck, that he liked hurting people. Shoving them away.

- He didn’t deserve people giving him kindness, and he wasn’t afraid to show that.

- You just slowly got out of the bed, trying your best not to cry as he ignored you. After a few sniffles, you grabbed your purse and left. 

- No texts, no nothing. Just the occasional Saeyoung pissed off at him for once.

- Whatever. At least he was getting laid.

(ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ)

Home alone

Word count: 1,870

Genre: smut

Member: Jungkook

I decided to post this because finally Jungkook's “we don’t talk anymore” full cover came out <3 I hope you will enjoy reading this :* p.s. sorry for all the mistakes ;)

Because everybody  supposed to be out until the evening performing for some kind of show, you just put your cheeky black thong, that doesnt cover up almost anything, and your‘re oversized band t-shirt. You put your hair in a messy bun, and went to the kitchen for breakfast. When you went down stairs, you rubbed your sleepy eyes, and when you looked up you didnt believe what you saw. Jungkook stood next to the fridge drinking watter from a bottle, watter was dripping down his chin. Jungkook wasnt wearing a shirt, just a sweatpants, through them you could see his morning bulg standing up his pants. His muscular body looked amazing, you didnt realize that you were standing with your mouth open staring at him in silence. Jungkook opened his eyes and when he saw you staring at him he choked on water that  he was drinking. „ug-hhh..- ghh-gh.. hey y/n i though i was home alone“. you just stood and coudnt say a word to him, when you caught him staring at your brests, you werent wearing a bra, so your nipples stood up right in front of him. You imeadently turned around and puted your hands on your breasts to cover up. „i thought the same, other vise i woud not stand here in front of you like this…“ you never saw any of the guys without a shirt, because  when they finally would came back home from work you already were a sleep, either any guys didnt saw you like this. You were the youngest here, even maknae jungkook were older than you. But you cant lie you always had a crush on jungkook and he had on you, and now after seeing him in his sweatpant with his bulg, and his perfectly build body.. jungkook came closer to you, but not close enough to touch you, leaned down next to your ear. „y/n are you emberesd?“  you could feel his lips almost touching your ear. You imedeantly turn to face him, „NO im not!“ you regreted your actions, because you didnt realize how close he was, your breast touched his bare chest. Jungkooks eyes open wide, because of your unexpected action and friction of your breasts against him, witch turned him on even more. When you realized that, you wanted to run away from him, but jungkooks arms went around your waist and pulled you even closer to him, now you could feel his cock rubbing againts your tight. You regretted every single choice of this morning, that you didnt put your bra, didnt put on pants, and that you chose to put a thong not a normal underwear, because now you could feel a liquor dripping down your thigh. Jungkook noticed a little spot on his gray sweatpants. „y/n i didnt knew i have such an effect on you“ a smirk imedeantly appered on his face. You wanted to push him away, but at the same time you wanted to feel him inside of you so badly. „jungkook what are you doing, please stop, arent you have to be at the concert by the way?“ „i think you misunderstood y/n concert is tomorrow, boys went to our manager just to talk they will come back after a few hours“ „oh god i though its today, otherwise i.. just let me go i need to eat breakfast!“ with a quik move you manage to excape from jungkook arms and went to the cabinet, and took out same spaghetti, jungkook just took out the chair which was under the island in the kitchen and sitted down without taking eyes of you. You leaned down to take a pot from the lowest drawer, and heard jungkook coughing. FUCK i forgot that im wearing a thong. „nice thong i wish i could see this view every single morning y/n“ „YOU PERVERT“ you putted down the pot on the table and you were about to go to your room to change, because you didnt want to be more emberresed that you were now, but jungkook grabbed your arm when you were next to his chair, and quickly placed you on his lap „JEON JUNGKOOK stop what your doing right now“ you tried to escape, but his strong arms was holding you tight next to his chest. Because you were trying to escape, you didnt realise that you brushed your entrance against his cock until then when he let out a small moan. „y/n you cant tease me like this, you cant be wearing this around our house, nobody can see you with it only i can..“ i felt his soft lips touching my neck and bitting it softly, i coudnt resist his cock touching my entrance and his lips on my neck, so i let out a soft moan, imedeantly covering my mouth with one hand. „dont cover up baby, i want to hear you, unlles you want to be punished“ he bitted my neck even harder leaving deep purple marks on it „jungkook no, boys will see them..“ i coudnt talk more without letting another loud moan, and start moving agianst him, to create more friction, to feel his hardness against me. „baby girl you arent so innocent  how your acting in front of guys, i didnt thought you are such a naughty one, how you dare to even buy that thong and wear it here in front of my?“  now you felt his one large hand on your breast, and other one on your inner thigh. „please i need to feel you“. „what do you want me to do say clearly, i cant understand baby girl“. „i need to feel your finger inside of my tight pussy“. „as you wish“. He took my shirt imedenatly, and his hand traveled next to my entrance. „take this off“. I lifted my butt a little bit and took off my thong. „so fast baby, you are so impatient arent you?“. I coudnt say a word when i felt his fingers rubbing against my slit, touching every single part possible, but not going deeper. „ babe you have to talk with me unless you aint gonna get anything!“. „fuck jungkook dont tease me!! i need you to put those long ass fingers inside of me!!“. „how rude i wasnt gonna do that but i guess i dont have a choice now…“. he stood up „wrap your legs around me“ without any struggle he went and putted me on the table in front of the large window. „baby girl my sweatpants are wet now, thats your fault, for being so wet for me and sitting on my lap..“ i was about to argue with him, but i felt his two fingers thrusting into me without any warning, i let another loud moan, his fingers started to trust in me even harder, without me realising he putted the third finger, and his other hand went on my folds and started rubbing fast circular motions. „dont you dare to cum baby…“ i coudnt resist the pleasure he was giving and no matter how hard i tried i came on his fingers. „u-m-mm.. im real-ly s-sorry.. i coudnt hold any longer..“. „that was a big mistake baby girl“ he said with a lust and anger in his eyes. Jungkook slided down his pants with his boxers, i coudnt take my eyes off his huge, pulsating, veiny, hard cock standing straight and poking my thight. „you see what you done, and you didnt even wait for me… i need to punish you“. He slapped in me without letting me to adjust to his size, think, blink, breath, or even calm down from my past orgasm. „OHH GOD, JUNGKOOK!!!“. „yeah babe i need everybody to hear you screaming my name, for all of the neighbours to hear how good i‘m fucking you“ he tried to talk as calm as he could, but he was panting, and i could saw a sweat on his forehead. I was already very sensitive from my past orgasm, but he putted, even more pleasure when he placed his mouth on one of my nipple. „ughh jungkook im c-close..“ my voice cracked when he trusted in my with all his force hitting my g spot. „come for my baby girl“ i heard car stopping next to our house, and someone running next to house dors, but i coudnt care less, i coudnt think about anything only about jungkook cock filling me fully, and the feeling he was giving to me. Soon i heard keys locking the front doors, which were in same open space as the kitchen with me on the table with jungkook. „fuck, you said we have a few hours!!!“. Boys ran in the house, because they heard me screaming, and thought something wrong was happening. At that moment when they came in, my second orgasm hit me even harder than the first one. Boys only could see jungkooks back and my legs and arms around him, but they didnt need anything else to understand whats is happening. They started talking over each other.  Namjoon: „JUNGKOOK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??“ . Jin: „hell no this is the table where we are eating!! Couldnt you find a better place to fuck her?“. J-hope: „AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My innocent eyes!!“. V: „jungkook when did you and y/n gotten so close?“. Suga was the only one calm „guys cant you see they didnt finish yet?“. He turned around all the guys so they won’t be facing us. Jungkook trusted in me a few more times for us to ride our orgasms, and then pulled out of me. He pulled his sweatpants on, and quickly put my shirt on me, pushed away my thong under the table with his foot. He gently helped me to stand on the floor, kissed me on the forehead and turned around to the boys. „i’m sorry jin, i will clean all this up, i though you guys won’t be coming back for at least next few hours“. Boys turned to face us again. I tried to stand behind jungkook, but my legs were too weak to stand by their own, i quickly grabbed the table to help me. Suga: „jeezz man help her to stand after all of what you did to her“. Jungook imedeantly turned around and saw me trying to stand on my shaking legs, he grabbed me on his arms, so i dont have to struggle anymore. He said quetlie in my ear „sorry y/n, i need to clean you up, and at least put same underwear, i dont want guys to stare at you when you are like this“.Jin: „you need to fucking clean all of the mess you two made!!“. Namjoon: „dont worry you can clean all of this later, now go finish everything, and dress up“. Jin: „but..“. Suga: „shut up jin, nobody is eating on that table only you, so that should be your problem“. Jimin: „why only jungkook, has fun and we have to deal with all these performance problems, it’s unfair…“. jungkook was carrying me up stairs in his room when we heard Jimin shouting from the kitchen: „YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE YOU LEFT Y/Ns THONG UNDER THE TABLE, AND YOU DRANK MY FUCKING WATER!“.


Part two!!! Anrez your such a tease!!!! >~<

I wanted to make a short comic to show how romantically awkward V is, just like me spend this poped into my head. I thought it was funny and a great idea till I go at to the panel where I had to draw Anrez with no shirt… so many bones…..

Anyways just to clarify before I get hate mail, ANREZ AND ANGEL ARE MY OTP THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANREZ AND V A SHIP. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. V doesn’t view Anrez romantically either, she just gets nervous around guys without shirts. Especially hot guys like Anrez. ;)

Part one:

V © me

Anrez © @anrez-op-skele

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all my friends always talk abt how attractive some guys are without a shirt on and I just don't?? get it????? like it's just a guy without a shirt??? what's so special about that???? anyway, i'm basically wondering if this is a common ace experience

It probably is. I mean, you can see their chest muscles but ??? I don’t get it either.

Obstacle Course

When Chad had signed up for the obstacle course he didn’t realize just how much work it was actually going to be. He knew it was going to be tough but he didn’t realize it was going to be this much work. Somehow he’d forgotten just how out of shape he really was. Sure it was still a few weeks out but he really wasn’t sure if he was physically able to do it. He tried to work out but that was too hard. This was going to be a chance to show off to some of the girls and he wanted to impress. Of course it was a stupid shallow plot to get a girlfriend who probably wouldn’t care about him anyway but he didn’t care.

That’s when he started talking to some of the guys around college. To get some little tips and tricks on how to get really jacked really quickly. One of them suggested a guy named Tyler. He’d heard of him once or twice but never actually met the guy in person.

To his surprise Tyler was more than happy to oblige. He had to ask if there was anything he wasn’t willing to give up but that just sounded over dramatic at the time. Chad just ignored the question saying he’d do anything to be a big strong jock. And that was it. Tyler gave him the pill and told him to take it.

Chad took it when he got back into his dorm room. The pill worked instantly. His small frame ballooned out with muscle. He could feel the sheer power building inside of him as his muscles kept growing. He flexed almost out of instinct trying to get some of the energy out of his system. Staring at the closest mirror he liked what he saw. Now he flexed with purpose. He wanted to see those big balls of biceps and feel the deep horseshoe triceps. His pecs bounced effortlessly as he flexed them. Not to forgot about the solid abs he’d gained.

The next morning he woke up to the hair. His entire torso was covered in dark hair. Apparently it was keeping him too hot in his sleep because he’d found his shirt and covers on the floor next to him. He ran his hands through it with surprise. Before this he could barely even grow hair on his belly button. Now his whole front was covered in the stuff.

Getting out of bed he saw his new facial hair. “Damn. I’m so fucking hot.” He said as he ran his fingers through it. Girls would be all over him now. The hair made him look so masculine; making him look more like the man of his dreams.

He started wandering around campus. Looking around seeing all the girls with their boyfriends. He saw the occasional glance towards his direction as the boyfriend pulled their girlfriend closer. Like at any moment he could just steal her away and take her for himself. It just made him smile even broader. Partly because he knew it was true.

“Damn. Those girls are so lucky,” he paused. Everything around him just stopped; slowly uttering the words, “Those guys are so lucky.” Chad corrected it like nothing happened. ‘I’m not gay,’ he laughed uncomfortably about himself. There was a part of him that kept coming back to that thought for the entire week.

However, it was finally time for the college obstacle course. He didn’t have time to think about it. They had everything set up on a field off campus and it took him a while to actually find it. But Chad was more happy that he’d finally be able to show off his body. He saw a bunch of the guys without their shirts on so he decided that was the way to go. Most of the girls looked over at him and giggled at his hot body. He saw a couple of the guys too. They were so cute as they tried not to stare for too long. It was like they wanted to be around him but kept their distance like they would do something they might regret later.

“Fuck…” he uttered. It was sinking in. He was gay. All he could think about were the guys. And those guys were hot. Chad stared blankly at the sky realizing this was his life now. “Fuck…”

“Wake up there buddy,” Chad felt a firm hand slap him on the butt. “C’mon the race just started. Can’t give up yet.” He jogged in place around Chad. “Race you to the top.” The guy started running to the climbing section. “Unless you like the bottom!” he called back giving chad a sly wink as he ran. He sprinted off ahead to the first obstacle. Chad wasn’t about to let this guy beat him. He still needed a name and number. And he definitely wanted to get to the top.

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Law and Luffy are rival hosts at a host club and one day the (romantic) tension between them becomes too much and one of them snaps.

Law’s jaw clutch, yellow eyes burning as Sabo read the weekly requests by the customers. The whole host club sat around listening to ranking change, Zoro smirking as he broke into the top five this time while the crown prince adjusts that hideous orange cowboy hat as he once again got first. 

Noramly Law couldn’t care less that Ace was first. (they all learned to deal with the fact he was the most popular) but what really boiled his blood was that Ace had been coaching someone to get a higher rating. 

Luffy was third

And Law was fourth.

How dare he cheat and ask his older brother to give him pointers. How dare he.

“Now guys we have been having problems with the shirtless calendar this month. The sales are lower than normal.” Sabo starts flipping through his papers. His pretty face and his soft but confident demeanor are probably why he’s ranked second. 

If it wasn’t for Ace’s polite and heart winning smile he would have been the club’s prince without a doubt. 

Even Law can admit his lovely to look at. 

The blond passes some papers around. It was the usual stuff, useless sale numbers and a lot of color-coded graphs. Law briefly looked them over, noticing that some customers service comments about him were all from his regulars.

Seems like he did better this week than the last one.

Law fought the urge to lean over and check Luffy’s report. Obviously, he was better but it’s never bad to check if he was superior- which he was!- to the straw hat wearing weirdo. 

Even if Luffy took his third place. Next week it’ll be his again without a doubt. 

“Maybe it’s because of it’s the same.” Luffys hums around the stick of meat in his mouth, does that brat never stop eating? Sabo gestures for the boy to go on, patient as ever.

Around them, the host club leans in. Luffy was the little brother of the group. Every man here would do anything for him even though he was so stupid it wasn’t even funny.

Law hates the fact only he can see the fact.

Ace and Sabo made sense, they were his older brothers after all. But Zoro, Sanji, Kidd, Usopp, and Marco all seemed to do whatever the brat said. He didn’t even know what was happening half the time! 

Those large eyes stared at everyone almost emptily devoid of any intelligence and Law’s eyebrow twitched with irritation. His pet peeves are idiots. 

“It’s the same stuff. An adventure is boring if you know what you’re going to do before it happens.” his rival says like it’s perfectly normal to think this way. “Why buy a calendar of you guys without shirts if I already have one? It’s even the same guys!”

Oh. Shit that makes sense. 

Sabo seems to think so too, since he’s nodding. The blond sighs looking back at his papers while rubbing at his chin. “Then what should we do? Shirtless is how far we can go, any fewer clothes and we get in trouble…”

“We should dress up as pirates!” Luffy suggests throwing his arms into the air like a child. Law glares at him for being so loud.  “Pirates is the best and more clothes means we can be anything and our customers want us to be fakes!”

“Cosplay?” Ace translates with ease. He’s smirking, eyes just a tad bit too eager as he looks at Marco. “Could be fun no?”

The only senior among them smirks right back “Very fun.”

“Those two need a room”  Law mumbles under his breath rolling his eyes at their flirting. Why couldn’t they just admit they like each other and get together already? It was annoying to watch. 

“it’s gross,” Luffy mumbles back and Law almost jumps. He looks around shocked to see his rival sitting so close to him.  When did he get across the room and sit next to him- where the hell is his food?!

Luffy’s eating it. That little shit.

“give me back my food brat.” He hisses uncaring of the meeting. Honestly, he only shows up to eat half the time. Luffy frowns at him before stuffing the rest into his mouth. 


“You piece of shit! I haven’t eaten all day and I won’t until Monday you-”

“Is Mingo not letting you eat again?” Luffy’s eyes are sharp in a way that makes Law squirm in place. Sure he joined the stupid club to not go home in the first place but he hates how the members know of his home life.

Especially Luffy. 

 “It’s not big deal.” He grunts pulling his fluffy hat down. He doesn’t need pity dammit.  

“I’ll take Torao on a date so he can eat. We’ll go have some meat!” Luffy chirps, grabbing his hand before Law can pull away. Not like he would. He’s too fucking shocked.  What the hell-?

“We-I- you!” He glares “We’re rivals! not- not boyfriends!”

“Oh.” the other male says like it’s news to him. Was Law the only one that saw them competing?  “ Torao be my boyfriend.”


“I reject your rejection. Try again.”

“That’s not how this works!” 

“Be my boyfriend.”

“Are you even listening to me!?”

“Yes. Now be my boyfriend.” 

The sad thing is by the time the meeting ends Law has three dates set for the weekend and the whole host club are smirking at him knowingly. 

Danm it all. 

Thank God for Strangers With Nice Abs

prompt: “we live in different buildings and our bedrooms are front to front and you used to watch tv shows in your underwear until the day you caught me staring. now you walk around naked, what are you trying to tell me???” (modified)
wc: ~4k

Monty liked a lot of things about his new apartment. It was roomy, quiet, and Clarke had done a great job decorating. And it was definitely better than sharing with Maya and Jasper. Man, did that ever get tiring after a while.

Not only had he walked in on them way too many times for his liking, but it had also started to get on his nerves how coupley they were. He never used to mind that stuff, but he had been single a little too long, and he may have just been a tinyyy bit bitter about it. And of course being 24 and sharing an apartment with two other people definitely wasn’t helping his relationship status. So no matter how many times Jasper told him that they liked having him around, Monty just couldn’t stay a second longer. He needed his own place.

So 50 Park Avenue, room 306 it was. Money was definitely no problem, seeing as Monty had always been an opportunistic businessman. Dealing pot in high school, working at the local electronics shop through university, and finally his prestigious computer engineering job at Weather Corporations. He was pretty set, and it was nice.

Of course, just as he was settling in, he discovered that the nice view out of his bedroom window came with a little more than he had bargained for.

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This is what happens when I look at my OCs and think, “I haven’t drawn a lot of these guys without shirts yet…”

It devolved into Gym Day where partnerships help each other work out! Clyde shows up sometimes to be a Big Bully and a Showoff.

Official Steven Universe merchandise: Countless beautiful designs of the characters, in-universe designs like “Mr. Universe” t-shirts and “Cookie Cat” allover print sweaters. Crystal Gem dresses, hoodies, hats, flip flops, hair bows, etc etc etc. Plush toys, Funko Pop figures, other vinyl toys, a ton of different figurines, Garnet foam fists, posters, mugs, magnets, blankets, pillows, air fresheners, backpacks, a Lion-shaped piggy bank, books, a comic series with original stories and adventures and a themed monopoly game.

Official Gravity Falls merchandise: Three amazing books and a hellscape of barrenness. 

GOT7′s Reaction

Seokjin: *super embarrassed when he notices* “Jagi, is it really ok for you not to sleep with a bra on? I thought they were…necessary at all times.” He’d be questioning about your safety and ask himself if he’s even safe, from you know, groping you accidentally when cuddling. 

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Namjoon: “Aish, what are you trying to do to me? I know it’s very comfortable for you without it, but what about me?” *trying not to stare, but does so anyways*

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Yoongi: *shrugs* “I mean, that’s like how guys sometimes sleep without their shirt and/or pants. As long as she’s comfortable and getting her beauty sleep, that’s all that matters to me.”  

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Hoseok: “Does this mean it’ll be softer to lay on since that very unnecessary object is now gone?” He’d probably use this as an opportunity to lay on your chest as if it was his personal pillow. Of course you’d complain to him that it hurts after a while, but he’ll just smile cheekily and move over a tiny bit

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Jimin: Now depending on which Jimin you’re facing at that moment; Cute Jimin would be completely shy and just try to find somewhere else to look at. Sexy Jimin would probably wink and say something like, “Ah, I see you’re trying to tempt me. Well jagi, I have to admit it’s working.”

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Taehyung: *worried* “Isn’t she going to get cold without wearing it though? Aish jagi, do I have to be the replacement for your bra then? No worries, I’ll keep you warm!”  

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Jungkook: *flustered* “Jagi, how long are you going to sleep without a bra on?” Like Jin, he’s afraid of accidentally groping you and would refrain from touching you at all cost without your bra on. In his head he’s probably arguing with himself to try and not think perverted thoughts. 

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Honestly though, sleeping without a bra is the most comfortable thing ever. It’s like a breath of fresh air, but for your boobs. ANYWAYS, thanks for your request Anonnie, it was really fun to do! Come by again soon~

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I just wanted to ask a quick question: why do you always draw females as very slim and terribly beautiful, but most importantly, why do you draw them almost always in sexy poses, wearing rather sexy clothes that often let show a bit of the breast? Here I'm talking especially about the TMI/TID females, who, in your drawings, most of the times look like a little more than sex objects. You never seem to draw boys like that, though. Don't you think you're being a little sexist with your art?

Excuse me! I will have you know I draw boys as sex objects too! Have you not noticed the fact that I draw shirtless men most of the time?

No, but seriously, are you referring to the Shadowhunter Pinup calender? Cuz I will tell you that’s kind of what a pinup calender is.

As for  showing breasts… to be honest, I don’t see them as being all that sexy. I mean, I recognize that breasts are something guys love to stare at, but to me it’s all just part of the human body. When I draw a shirtless woman I am not thinking “look how sexy this girl is. Let me turn her into a piece of meat.” I am just thinking “hey here is a girl. and yeah girls have boobs and boobs look pretty nice.” just like how when i draw a guy without a shirt I am not always thinking “look at this sexy mofo, don’t you want to sex him up?” (okay SOMETIMES Im thinking that) but usually I am thinking “damn I like drawing the male body. So many nice angles and muscles.” 

I have never been called sexist before so this message is shocking me a little bit. I’ve always thought I drew men AND women equally under-dressed! When you get an education in art, you have many years of classes where you stare at naked men and women, and in my case, it all never really phased me, it stopped being a sexual thing. (Granted, as I am asexual it probably never affected me much to begin with). 

Let me take THIS IMAGE for example. Here is Izzy. I drew her without a shirt, sorta, she’s wearing a sports bra type thing. Do you think this picture of her is sexist? Am I exploiting women in this image? Because when I drew it, I wanted to show her as being the hard working/training tough girl that she is? Izzy is the type of girl who men DO find sexy and good looking, but I didn’t draw her like this because I wanted her to just be a sex object, I wanted to show her, the way I would draw any shirtless MALE shadowhunter, as being a badass. She has her knife, she has obviously been training, she’s a cool girl that works hard and keeps up with the fellas. Is it sexist that I didn’t give her a shirt? I never really thought about it. If I were drawing a guy I would not have given HIM a shirt. Because guys have the luxury of stripping off their shirts when they get hot and sweaty and apparently a girl cant? Even with a sports bra? Like I said, I draw half dressed men WAY more often than I draw half dressed women, which leads me to wonder.. why do you think the men are not sexualized AT ALL but the women are? Double standard, yo!

In fact, I have usually been accused of drawing girls with faces and bodies so boyish that they get mistaken for guys. (Even if I show breasts, I usually draw fairly small ones) I have been working to improve that to make my girls a bit more noticeably pretty!

Anyway, I hope I have not made any women uncomfortable with my art by showing the female figure for the natural thing I consider it to be. Just as I hope I have not made any men uncomfortable by drawing the male figure as naturally as I see it. The point I have always had when drawing the human body is that I want it to be a blasé thing. I don’t want the naked body to scream SEX. I want someone who is showing their body comfortably in an image, to just be that, a comfortable thing. 

(Again, though, if you are referring to the Pinup Calender, then that’s another matter altogether and the point of that was for the men and women to look sexy on your wall!)


Of COURSE Nagisa had had crushes before!! Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands of them. He’s the kind that falls “in love” easily, so it’s really no surprise to him that he’s attracted to Ryuugazaki. He is a good-looking guy, after all. He’s tall, handsome, and has that serious, and mysterious air around him. He’s probably very smart too (not that he’s super into the brainy-type, but it’s always a plus, or so has society told him). He’s been into guys with glasses before, so he knows what he’s getting into when he starts trying to get him to join the swim club.

Except he doesn’t know what he’s getting into.

First of all there’s those arms he wasn’t expecting, although that still falls in the realm belonging to his obvious physical attraction for the “blue-haired megane” trope guy. But then there’s his flight. And that is a sight he has never seen before, and a feeling he hasn’t felt since the first time he saw Haru-chan swim comes back to strike him in the heart. 

And he’s gone. But he doesn’t know that yet.

And the summer goes by. And the crush is still there. There’s other cute guys, and girls in their class, but he doesn’t seem to be able to care about that girl’s breasts, or what that guy looks without his shirt. He can only look at Rei-chan, and wonder at how he’s more perfect, and beautiful every day that goes by. He actually lets him know from time to time. He will greet him in the train on their way to school, and tell him “Uwa! Rei-chan woke up extra handsome this morning!” and Rei-chan will blush, stammer, and tell him that there’s people around them, and he should stop saying weird things, but will thank him quietly with his eyes. 

The dreams have been going on for a while, but, again, he has had dreams about MANY people. Yet Rei-chan has been the protagonist A LOT lately. Sometimes he’s whimpering under Nagisa, begging him to touch him, skin all sweaty, and flustered, and he can almost feel his muscles twitch under him as if he were really there. Other times it’s he whom is under Rei-chan, sometimes touched in the most gentle, and perfect way, and other times being rammed against a wall, and ravished by a wild side of Rei he has never seen, but knows lies beneath that neurotic exterior. 

So maybe it is not a crush. Maybe it’s something more. 

He just doesn’t know what it is or how to call it.