guys with tank top

Paladins at a Pool
  • Lance: * is laying on his back in the water *
  • This is great!
  • Keith: * is anxiously waiting for Shiro to get out of the dressing room *
  • Lance: Ugh! What are you doing, Mullet?
  • Keith: I'm.. Relaxing... * keeps staring at the dressing room *
  • Lance: You want to see Shiro's titties, don't you?
  • Keith: * sighs * Look.. My boyfriend went missing for a year and then suddenly got buff. Of course I want to see his titties!
  • Pidge: Did Keith just say Titties?
  • Hunk: Write this down in history. Lance influenced Keith!
  • Shiro: * walks out in black swim shorts and a tank top * What are you guys talking about?
  • Keith: * sighs and sinks in the water *
  • Lance: * bursts out laughing *