guys with stretchers

In defence of Jaune in the last couple of episodes:

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws.

Yes, Jaune has been very bitter against Qrow. But in the end he was also the other guy holding the stretcher.

Yes, Jaune argued with Ren and is wrapped up in his own thoughts, but he also listened to Nora and looked to Ruby for her reaction to the proposal. In the end he conceded to Nora’s reasoning and let Nora and Ren take the mountain route.

He’s a young man dealing with the realisation of a very dark world. Of course he’s going to be protective of his friends. He’s the tactician; its his role in the team to make sure they execute the best plan and not kill themselves in the process. Splitting up is dangerous, especially considering there are enemies much stronger than them. It was Qrow who fought Tyrian because RNJR didn’t stand a chance and now even he’s out of commission. Ruby is still targeted. Jaune can’t protect both Qrow and Ruby on his own. He would need Nora and Ren’s help. Splitting up does increase their chance of finding help, but sacrifices their defences.

There may be some unpleasant attributes coming out of Jaune, but everyone has those and expresses it differently. What’s important is that he’s still giving out the good stuff too. Like the fact that he cares for the safety of his team, and even Qrow. Enough to recognise that splitting up is their best chance at saving the dusty old bird.


A little ‘ThrowbackThursday’ to when I had dreads, I must admit the Ragnar hair is definitely missed!! 

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