guys with nicer hair than girls

Sirius sighed and tried to focus back on the screen. It was very hard to do with a cute (as much as the dark showed) guy on his left constantly shifting and muttering something to a redheaded girl in the next row. He was doing this since the movie started and Sirius almost hated him despite how curly and pretty his hair was. He really wanted to understand what was going on between the main characters. 

Only ten minutes later, full of the same loud whispering, the man seemed to find a comfortable position. He became quiet and didn’t move. The movie turned out to be not that interesting and Sirius almost regretted that the guy stopped being annoying. Listening to his muffled swearing was much more entertaining. And his voice was definitely nicer than the lead actor’s. But as the time passed Sirius felt someone’s breathing more and more close to his skin. Sirius hasn’t decided yet if it was creepy or not when the stranger’s head fell on his shoulder. Well, that wasn’t what he expected.

Sirius shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t know how to react. Some unfamiliar and strange man (who was truly adorable though now that Sirius could see him closer) was asleep on his shoulder. Doesn’t happen often. He shook his head sleepily, mumbling something and burying his face in Sirius’s shoulder. Sirius smiled and turned to the screen. He tried to move as little as possible to not wake up the other man. Maybe he just had a hard day. 

His sleepy almost-friend (you should consider someone a friend if they sleep on your shoulder for half of some really sappy movie, right?) didn’t wake up until the very last line of credits. The girl in the next row, apparently his friend, turned to the once, grinned and didn’t bother anymore. Sirius thought she’d come to them in the end, but she didn’t. So, Sirius carefully shook the guy’s shoulder. He made a protesting noise and opened his eyes. He blatantly stared at Sirius for a few minutes before looking around and understanding where he was. The corners of Sirius’s mouth twitched as the man blushed.

“Um, I’m sorry,” he said after clearing his throat, “Was tired.”

Sirius shrugged with a smile, “Sure. Shall we go?” he nodded at the entrance.

The man stood up and followed him silently. Sirius hesitated. He wanted to ask his number or at least the name, but it didn’t seem appropriate since the other one still looked far too sleepy and not interested in any conversation.

“Don’t I even get to know the name of someone who makes such cute noises in their sleep?” Sirius asked as carelessly as he could when they stopped in front of the cinema. 

“Remus,” he answered, blushing again and looking around. Sirius understood that he was trying to find that friend of his. “And you?”

“Sirius. So, do you always fall asleep in the cinema or was the movie that bad?” Sirius smirked. 

“I don’t, it only happens on special occasions,” Remus rolled his eyes, but smiled, “And I don’t know about the movie. Didn’t have a chance to see it.”

Sirius laughed. “What are special occasions?”

“Let me think,” Remus tapped his chin with an amusingly thoughtful expression. “Okay, here’s the list: 1) Get tired at work; 2) Have a friend who will drag you to the movie you don’t want to watch; 3) Accidentally get tickets in different rows and people around won’t switch; 4) Have someone very comfortable and good-looking sitting next to you.”

“You didn’t ask me to switch,” Sirius chuckled, ignoring the fact that he felt his cheeks burning at the last point.

“Well, I didn’t want to lose such a pretty sight,” Remus winked. Or tried to wink, as much as his still blurry eyes could do. Sirius laughed quietly at this. 

He tilted his head at the side and smiled slyly, “We can watch a movie together some time. You’re welcome to use me as a pillow again.”

“Amazing,” Remus smiled widely, “I never can deny such a good pillow.”

Sirius couldn’t get that smile off his head all the way to his flat.