guys with green hair

Big plan!!! 📣
  • 🙋Hi people!
  • I have a really big plan!
  • But first who is a fan Jacksepticeye?
  • Because I want to do big fanart with people who are Jackfan like me.
  • If you want to be on my art just say "green hair guy" and I add you (your profile picture in my version). I don't know how long it takes my time but I hope that results will be great....
  • and I hope that Sean don't saw this idea...
  • Ps. I'm sorry if I said something wrong but y'know I'm not good in English
  • Ps2. In the end I write how many people are on this fanart (@you)
  • Ps3.If you know someone who is too big fan Jacksepticeye but don't have tumblr you can send me link his picture and accept (because I only draw person who said "green hair guy")
  • Pa pa ( It's mean "bye bye" in polish)
...ok, I’ve wondered about this since I was a little kid.

So, the gang’s tracked down the bad guy to his spooky mansion, and are hiding from him/looking for clues.

And he’s a pretty distinctive guy, correct? Oversized olive-green jacket, matching pants, green skin, grey hair, huge chin, weird hat.

He’s basically like if someone cosplaying the Gorton’s Fisherman–

–fell in a vat of pea soup.

So, given all these distinctive features, and also while hiding in said spooky mansion…

how the heck did the gang get three exact outfits to look just like him?

…each perfectly tailored to their size?

complete with identical replica masks?

The show doesn’t even try lampshade it. I’d bet good money the screenplay just says:

“Enter VELMA, DAPHNE, and FRED, each with a full-body costume of MR. HYDE. Why? Because reasons, that’s why. Deal with it.”


So I’m thoroughly convinced that if there’s a guy with shaggy brown/dark hair and green eyes then there’s a good chance he’s probably gay and stubborn