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So my cousin got me into Hamilton a while ago and I noticed some things: My name is Angelica and my best friend's name is Elizabeth, I have a crush on a guy name John, this guy in my class is named Thomas and he's dating someone named Jamie, my dad's name is Philip and my grandmother's name is Margarita. And the cousin that introduced me to Hamilton was called: ALEXANDRA and her little brother's name is AARON.


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ok so im a major lesbian but ive been having major identity crises bc sometimes i look at a man(meaning a total of 3) and find him attractive?? but then i mentally put myself in a situation where i'd be romantic with said man and I feel ??? Unpleasant. It makes me feel like a fake lesbian and then im scared im faking everything despite having an undeniable attraction to women. Ive been a self aware lesbian for years now but im just now struggling w this. Am confused??

lesbians can have aesthetic attraction toward men n it doesnt make them any less of a lesbian ! like i had a cis gay white guy who came into my class wearing a lana del rey shirt n no one questioned his sexuality its fyucked up that we have do go thru hoops to prove we’re truly gay lol so you’re fine its okay  its normal you’re fine

Today in English class some how the topic of feminism and equality came up.

We discussing the struggles different people face in the workplace ( mainly women and immigrants), on of the guys in the class shouted out “ but women are treated equal to men”. All of the girls, and some guys as well, shouted back “No we/ they are not”. You know that there is a problem when every 13-14 female in the class shouts that they know that they are seen as inferior to there male counterparts. When they know of the sexism and inequality they already have faced/ will have to face in a short couple years.

this drug dealer guy in my former class has got such a great aesthetic like he makes so much money and it all seems to go into clothes and shit and i see him creeping around all over town outside different schools and places and every time i just realise more and more that i want like a website just dedicated to his fashion so i can sit there and just. yess. finally. swell.

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what do you believe will cause the apocalypse/end of the world?

hey guys!! i’m taking a class on post-apocalyptic literature and for one of my assignments i need to ask people this question and gather the results.

i forgot about this entirely and my class is in four hours, so if you want to send me an ask with your answer to this question, that would be great!!

and if you send me a response (and reblog this post please!!!!) i’ll give you a blog rate in this format:

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So there's this other trans guy in my class and we've started to low key be friends but he's also really cute and I got the gay for him. And while we were discussing the struggle of dating while being trans HE SAID HE WOULD DATE ME but he has a girlfriend right now but it's not working well. I'm not sure if he was just saying that he'd date me just to cheer me up or really meant it,,, I don't want to flirt since he's not single but I really want to at the same time help

YOU JUST GOTTA STAY CUTE AND BIDE YOUR TIME DUDE!!!! tbh i dont think hed have said he would date you if he really wouldnt


—Still, if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.


You’re going to need to suit up because Eddie Redmayne in a freaking suit may blow you away. THAT LIP BITE THO.