My buddy John and I had some free time today so we did a cover of A Day to Remember’s “If it means a lot to you” hope you all enjoy :)

An Epiphany, Featuring a Ribbon Necklace.

I am humbly grateful to be a servant to all…and a vehicle for manifestation of a greater mission.

Thursday night, Bubi’s friend Iván arrived to visit from Santander. We met in Times Square and as I walked towards there from Rockefeller Center, amidst crowds speaking all languages, I felt a sudden elation…knowing I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, feeling the souls of all the ones that have come before.

Earlier, in the morning, as I put on an A.P.C. T-shirt depicting a vintage postcard of the United Nations, I stated an intention. “New York, N.Y.” prays the legend under the printed image, cryptically accurate…as this fair city is the union of all nations…all mental states. (I was also wearing Scooter’s 514 Levi’s and socks that Daniel Zapata gave me.)

As I walked with Bubi and Iván talking about holograms, we walked up the staircase lit in red and he took my picture. I wanted to feature a necklace worn as sweet treatment…made of ribbons stripped from the old maypole at Le Petit Versailles during this past Beltane.

Oh! The Visions! A fuchsia cap I wore to The World many times protects my head, eternally preserved since the 80s.

We all stopped by the office and I gave Bubi his birthday present. We ate at Wasabi and I spoke to Denny, who was heading to Marie’s Crisis Café.

I went back to the office to work afterwards and had a lovely check-in with Scooter and reassuring conversation with Dominic. So blessed to be able to freely express!

In the subway, I felt meditative. I am so excited for all there is to do, and all there is to come.