guys we're married


30 days of volleyball: day 10 - best volleyball friendship: luca vettori and matteo piano

tfw someone says one word to you or holds a door open for you and you feel yourself developing a slight crush and then five minutes later your brain is like ‘hey so imagine marrying them?????’

  • Temari: *covering her ears with the pillow* Stop making that noise!
  • Shikamaru: *sighs and turns towards his wife* I thought it was you...
  • Temari: *turns the light on*
  • Gaara and Kankuro: *standing at the bedroom door, clenching their teeth and heavy breathing*
  • Shikamaru: *rolls his eyes and goes back to sleep*
  • Temari: Guys, we're married now!
  • Gaara and Kankuro: *still giving a deadly look to Shikamaru*
  • Temari: Guys, seriously
  • "Trust me"
  • "They need you. So get in there! And you be a man. No! Be more than a man... Start with the man part. Just be a man first..."
  • "You know, if I was standing on my wallet, I'd be tall."
  • "He was trampled by a herd of middle-aged secretaries at the midnight release of the Talking Justin Bieber doll."
  • "I don't run. I stalk my prey."
  • "If you ever want to save the world again, you know where I am."
  • "With all due respect, shut up."
  • "This is real? You really love me?"
  • "I was an assignment, and then you fell in love with me. And I know that sounds crazy, and if I didn't know any better I'd say it's crazy too, but the fact remains you fell for me."
  • "I like to remember all of my victories. Even the little ones."
  • "Of course she's not picking up, she's evil!"
  • "If you would use a plate when you're eating taquitos, I wouldn't have to scrub the floors, would I?"
  • "One question though. Who's Luke Skywalker?"
  • "How's your memory, buddy? Do you remember Die Hard? Star Wars? Chewie? Yoda? Yippee-kai-yay?"
  • "Sometimes, I think you're a bad person."
  • "Don't start with New Hope. Start with Phantom Menace. Everyone loves Phantom Menace."
  • "I will not let my last words to be a demand for pizza combos!"
  • "I'm a much bigger nerd than you thought I was."
  • "It’s a sweater. Why's it so soft?"
  • "You're no longer a perfect 10."
  • " You really love it here, don't you?"
  • "I think better when I'm blowing up avocados."
  • "My wife never came home."
  • "If you remember me, then you'll remember that a nerdy guy, like me, could make you happy."
  • "I think that you should kiss her."
  • "I know I don't know you very well yet, but thank you for giving her all of this.""
  • "He's not that bad. You should maybe give him another chance."
  • "Kiss me."
  • "This is my team and nobody is going to take us down."
  • "It was a bit like old times, wasn't it?"
  • "I was pretty proud of you...moron."
  • "I miss knowing kung fu."
  • "It made a nasty scar right over one of my favorite scars."
  • "I want it noted that I took out six of their guys."
  • "We're gonna get married and be together, forever. I love you."
  • "Like the mother I never had."
  • "She is one of the strongest and one of the most amazing women I have ever met.
  • "This is what happens when you draw your plans from Star Wars."
  • "You don't mind if I stick around a bit do ya?"
  • "You don't have the authority, pretend ya do."
  • "Remember, family and friends are everything. Money, greed, and power are a dance with Satan...and he looks like me."
  • "Everyone hates me. I accept that."
  • "Do you have UNO?"
  • "If you love something, let it go. And if it comes back, you can eat it."
  • "I haven't felt anything in years."
  • "I hate being a nemesis. Maybe I should take her out to coffee."

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