guys we have cast

TMNT 2018

Guys we have just very little information. 

We dont know who the cast will be, or how the animation will be too, etc …. 

So dont worry for the moment, and wait until new information comes, ok? 

Do not give up on the show so fast for just read a summary. Because maybe you have imagined something, but it not turn out to be what you really think it will be.

In my case I’ll wait until they upload promos, trailers, pictures, more detailled info, etc … 

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I know you guys finished the casting moonshadows but would you ever go back to film more? Like Moony in his child state, or like bring Reg into it? Like the first year on the train when Reg is with them. Idk just ideas, I love your channel and you guys are exactly how I see the Maruaders

We have not finished filming Casting Moonshadows! I don’t know where that idea came from, but don’t worry, there will absolutely be more CM scenes in the future! And we would absolutely like to bring in Regulus sometime!

However - and I am just repeating something we have said many times and that needs to be respected - we will not record scenes with post moon!Remus. Sara is not comfortable portraying that version of Remus, which is absolutely ok!


TalesFromTheFrontDesk: It's Mine! ALLLL MINE!

Full disclosure, this was a coworker, not me, but he is OK with me sharing the tale.

My Coworker is the auditor at one property on the nights I’m either off, or at our other property. We Shall Call Him: Another Grumpy Night Auditor or AGNA.

To add to the cast, we have “CCG” or Crazy Coffee Guy, and Polite Lady or PL

To set the scene: We have our coffee on a table that is sort of in a little hutch with the way furniture is arranged. There is realty only room for one person at the table, or two if they are friendly.

CCG comes down to the lobby, gets himself a cup of coffee, and stands in front of the table drinking it.

PL comes down, and wait patiently for her turn.

AGNA takes care of a few things, puttering around, and starts a second coffee cause he think we might need it.

CCG refills his cup, and continues to stand in front of the coffee, drinking his coffee.

PL keeps waiting.

AGNA: Ma'am, can I help you with anything?

PL: No thank you, I’m just waiting to get some coffee

AGNA: Sir, now that you have your coffee, can you step aside?

CCG: I thought this coffee was for guests?

AGNA: It is sir, it’s for all of our guests.

CCG: But I was here first!

AGNA: Yes, but as we all learned in kindergarten, sometimes we need to share.

CCG: Can I refill my cup first?

AGNA: Yes, sir, but then you need to step aside so others can get coffee.

CCG proceeds to top off his cup, put a lid on it, grab another fill that one, grab a third, fourth, and fifth, and fill those until the airpot runs dry, and with a nasty smirk, picks up all five cups and starts to walk off with them.

PL: You know, I feel really sorry for whoever married you.

AGNA grabbed the new pot and brought it out.

By: GingerBigMan


Right around 13, my body stopped being this thing that took me through life and became this thing that was (and never could be!) good enough. Food was no longer substance that nourished my body, it turned into the enemy. And for over a decade I’ve been trying to figure out WHY?! I’m a reasonably intelligent person yet I can’t for the life of me figure out how to truly LOVE me and eat in a way that represents that love. I thought I was the only person that felt this way, but I’m not. Ladies, let’s learn to love ourselves again. And let’s support each other along the way.


bros it’s 5am and i have a show tomorrow and call time is 1 imma kms

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Seriously, the Oswald posts get to me, too. I really don't understand why people want to glorify the murder of him, because yes, he's a villain, we get that, but he is literally also the character we have seen be the most human of... almost the entire cast of characters? Including the good guys? We have seen him lose and hurt so much, I don't fucking understand these posts. But oh, the minute you say something about Ed deserving it all hell breaks lose. I hate this fandom sometimes. It's toxic.

You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that I’m not the only one disturbed by that stuff. It really shocked me the first time I saw one of those posts. And of the worst things about it was that it was supported by so many people in the fandom. Like people that I genuinely love and care about. And I was like so confused. It really sucks because that garbage gets reblogged onto my dash by my mutuals even after i block the people posting it. So I feel like I can’t even escape it. I’ve tried to think of positive ways to try and get people to feel more sympathy for what happened to Oswald. Like lately I try to reblog a lot more gifs of him in particular. But I don’t know, it’s just so weird.  I feel like people are not understanding the extent to which this stuff literally disturbs me.

Anyway, I hope you know that you can message me to talk about this kind of stuff. Like even if you’ve never spoken to me before. That goes for anyone reading this. I think it’s too easy to assume that everyone in the fandom thinks the same way. But there are some good people here who love both Ed and Oswald. They are just … rare. lol


“I’m not yet fortunate enough to take only the scripts that capture my fancy, but each one has to be a new experience, to put me in a light that audiences haven’t necessarily seen me before. I’d love to try comedy, which I’ve never actually done. I could fail miserably at it, but I’d have fun working it out.” (Rose Leslie photographed by Sophia Evans for The Guardian)

Horitsuba Drama CD #1 Part III

And now the thrilling finale!

Valentines Day will never be the same.

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The new Legend trailer + interview with Director Brian Helgeland:

Tom Hardy can bring this unique dimension to misguided, even evil characters — in films like Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises,and now in Legend. Why do you think this is?
He’s really a true actor. He’s looking for the part to play. Most movie stars have a persona. You get the same guy over and over again, it’s a comfort zone. They figure out what it is their audience wants to see out of them and deliver it. That’s what makes a movie star in a lot of ways. Tom, I don’t think, has an interest in that. He’s all about the character. There are these wild swings in what he does. He’s very much a chameleon, never plays the same guy twice. That makes him hard to pin down. … Even when he’s a protagonist, it’s a character performance he’s looking to do, really.

The irony in that is I got the best of both worlds because of the character of Ron Kray is, in the world of crime, one of the great characters of all time. He’s so outrageous. Because [Tom] got to play Ron, it made it OK for him to play Reggie who’s much straighter. What was exciting for me was I wanted Reggie, on the surface, to be more of a classic leading man movie star, which Tom is not really interested in playing that. But in this case he played it because it’s a counterpoint to the other brother. He was handsome and dashing, and all those things he generally avoids.

And he can fight.
He’s very serious about that stuff. I am, too, but not to the degree he is. I think the physicality of a character is part of how he expresses who the character is, so he doesn’t want to end up in some generic fight scene. Both brothers have their own style in approaching violence. That’s as important to him as bringing the person to life as anything else that he has to do.

We went through weeks and weeks of rehearsals to get a move down so it could be played for real when we were going at it. There’s a scene where he fights himself, or the brothers fight, I should say. His stuntman Jacob Tomuri — they know each other from Mad Max: Fury Road — that morning when we were going to roll, Tom came up to me and asked, “How many takes do you think you’re going to do?” Which he never asked me ever. I said, “Why you want to know?” He said, “Well, because we’re going to be really hitting each other. [laughs] So I need to know so we can pace ourselves.” I said, “In that case I would say three takes.” He goes, “Oh good! Three takes we can go for it on each take.” It was three takes and they really hit each other. I’m terrified Tom’s going to have his nose broken in the middle of a take.

How did you wind up casting Hardy?
My initial instinct was to get two guys to play the brothers. Reggie’s the lead. I knew I had to cast Reggie first whether same actor or not… Tom was on the top of the list for Reggie. He read it right away — I was in London at the time — and we had dinner. Casting two guys means you’re tied in to having guys who look similar. I figured I’d try to get Tom for Reggie then worry about someone you’d believe as his twin brother. He was talking about both brothers. He was very familiar with them as most people over there are. And about halfway through dinner as I was listening to him and looking at him, I was starting to think he could pull off playing both. I was also initially worried about that because I didn’t want it to be a gimmick. On one hand it’s exciting but you don’t want it to be swallowed up by that conceit. I thought he could pull it off because he has such a take on both of them. At the end of dinner he preempted me. He said, “I’m in. I want to play Reggie but I’ll only do it if I can play Ron also.” Right on the spot I said, “That’s a deal.” And we were off and running from there trying to figure out how to do it.

How did Hardy shift from one twin to the other while filming?
He went, from hour to hour, he would be one or the other. There were exceptions, but he usually Reggie during the first part of the day because it was the bigger part. Then many days Ron didn’t work at all. But if it was the two of them, Tom and I would rehearse in the morning and he’d read both parts and we’d work out blocking. He’d record Ron’s side of the dialogue, give it to sound guy who’d cut it together in a way he could fit his Reggie dialogue in between his Ron dialogue. Then he’d go off to hair and makeup and come back. He would wear an earpiece that no one could see. We would play Ron in his ear. His stunt man was his body double for Reggie and Ron so he could have someone in front of him to look at. Then we’d play back Reggie’s recording in his ear when he was playing Ron.

Why Legend — and not the plural — Legends?
First of all, it’s about Reggie, really, more than Ron. They’re part of legend as far as lore and legend go, like the legend of Robin Hood or the legend of King Arthur. The legend of the Kray twins fits right in there. … It’s hard to know what’s true or untrue about them. ln some ways this is my version of the legend. I hope through all the research I did, that it’s a closer version to the truth.

I take it you went beyond The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins — the book on which Legend is based?
The book is reportage. It’s just the facts of where they were born and this and that. It draws some conclusions about twins. It’s very keen on twins being in tune with each other, which I didn’t find to be the case from the people I talked to. It was helpful for the timeline of when things happen. I did an enormous amount of research before I wrote the script as far as meeting a dozen or so people who knew them. And reading every book I could get my hands on — even the cheapest most dime-store book. It was interesting to see where they all overlapped.

Legend opens in theaters Oct. 2. //  via

Celebrity Crush - Dylan O’brien

So I saw The Scorch Trials on the weekend… Safe to say my favourite scene was the shower scene…. 

You were considered to be one of the biggest new stars there was. You had been acting since you were a kid in films, and when you were a teenage, had played roles in several of your favourite TV shows, and now that you were older, you were beginning to get the major parts, hence the title “Best New Star” that accompanied your name everywhere. You had recently managed to score a role in the newest adaptation of Batman, as none other than Batgirl, and that, coupled with your various roles on popular TV shows, had thrust you into the spotlight, hence your appearance at Comic Con 2016.

“Ok, so you have an interview with Clever TV at 10, then you’re commentating a panel right after that, and then you have a break until more interviews in the afternoon,” my manager informed me, making me groan.

“Why would they ever allow me to commentate,” I chuckled darkly, already planning the several cheeky things I was going to pull.

“They said they wanted fresh fun faces to lead them..,” she shrugged, giving me a stern look. “They’ve also said you can molest any of the panel members and no crowd surfing.”

“They take the fun out of everything,” I pouted childishly, taking a long sip of my iced tea a nice fan had bought for me. “Ok so. Interview. Let’s go there.”

“Hi, I’m Joslyn Davis for Clevver News, and I’m joined by Y/N Y/L/N!” the interviewer cheered, causing me to cheer along with her. I was always doing interviews for this particular channel, and they were always fun. “Today we wanted to try something different. BRING OUT THE WHEEL OF DARES!”

“Oh god no,” my eyes widened, eyeing the colourful wheel placed next to me.

“Ok so basically, you spin it, and you do whatever it says on the wheel. You get one pass and whoever wins out of you and me, gets a prize,” Joslyn told me, raising her brows at the end.

“If the prize is all you can eat burritos, I’m totally in,” I grinned, spinning the wheel and watching it turn.

“Actually the prize is a kiss from Dylan O’brien, but burritos works too,” she shrugged, sending me a cheeky smirk. I rolled my eyes, thanking the lord for all the makeup I was wearing, considering it was hiding the blush that had formed.

Every interviewer I sat down with LOVED to take the piss out of me for my crush on the infamous Dylan O’brien. I have been a big fan since Teen Wolf started, and had gushed about the actor on several social media platforms, much to the amusement of my fans. Everyone was always trying to get us to meet, but I always came up with excuses to bail because I was too embarrassed to face the boy now that he most definitely knew of my school girl crush on him.

I had finished my interview with Clevver News, and was making my way to Hall H to moderate whatever panel they had set up for me.

“Alright, remember,” my manager stopped my backstage, blocking me from walking on. “No molesting the panel members. No crowd surfing. No asking for food.”

“So basically no being my actual self,” I raised a brow, giving her a ‘bitch please’ look. “Why does everyone think I’m going to molest the panel anyway? People have been tweeting about it all day and I still don’t know who’s up there.”

“Just… Keep it in your pants,” she gave me a small smile, patting my shoulder gently. I rolled my eyes, straightening out my outfit self consciously. One of the crew backstage told me I could go on stage to set up, almost pushing me onto the stage, causing the fans that were making their way into the hall to erupt into giggles. They waved at me, a few running to the front of the room to talk to me. I sat on the edge of the stage, taking photos and signing things and just passing time until the panel was set to start.

“Y/N up and at em! The panel will start in 5 minutes!” one of the crew members walked onto stage, helping me up and walking me over to the moderators stand. “Basically, just introduce the panel members, ask them the questions in the envelope and then get questions from the audience. Pretty simple.”

“Do I have to stand the entire time…?” I glanced at the seatless area warily, hearing the crew member sigh. He walked away, leaving me standing there awkwardly with no answer. “Rude much.”

“You can come sit with us Y/N!” a fan yelled, making me chuckle. “You’ll need something to sit on, trust me!”

“I think she’s gonna need a bed more like,” another one chimed in, causing a few girls to giggle.

“You should hype her up on energy drinks, otherwise she’ll faint,” the first fan laughed, slowly making me more confused as the conversation went on. “Wait, do you not know who you’re moderating for?”

“Uh, should I?” I gave them a weird look.

“Oh wow,” the fans giggled, giving me evil looks. “This is gonna be great.”

“Wait, no!! Tell me!!!” I pouted, clasping my hands together.

“Why ruin the surprise,” one the fans winked, making me pout harder.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The panel is about to begin!” a loud voice spoke, making all the fans squeal and rush to their seats. I awkwardly leant on the podium I was stood behind, glancing down at the envelope placed infront of me. I fiddled with it, tempted to open it before loud screams erupted in the hall. I glanced up, seeing all the fans looking towards the side of the stage, meaning someone had stuck their head out to tease the fans. Typical celebrity behaviour. I rolled my eyes, turning my attention back to the envelope in my hands. I ripped it open subtly, skimming through the questions, my eyes widening gradually as I went.

“Oh you’ve got to be shitting me,” I muttered, dropping the cards onto the podium and dropping my head on the table, hearing a few of the fans near the front giggle at my response.

“Y/N! Introduce the panel!” a loud voice told me from backstage. I let out a loud sigh, lifting my head and putting on a brave face, thanking the lord the only part of me visible was my face, seeing as how my legs were shaking like crazy.

“Alright guys, sit down!” I spoke into the mic, watching all the fans wiggle anxiously in their seats, phones up and already recording. “I’m sure these guys don’t actually need an introduction, but apparently I need to do it anyway. First up, we have the creator behind this amazing show, Jeff Davis!”

The crowd erupted into screams and loud cheers as the man walked up behind me, waving shyly at the crowd.

“Next is the incredibly beautiful, Shelly Henning!” The audience got louder as the brunette walked onto stage, pecking my cheek softly as she walked past and into her seat.

“It’s the sexy alpha wolf himself, Tyler Posey!” A bubbly ball of energy ran onto the stage, nearly knocking me down as he went, making me giggle as he bounced around waving to the fans. He ran back over to me, giving me a tight hug before pushing me gently away from the microphone.

“I’m gonna introduce this next one,” he winked. “Y’all can’t see this, but Y/N literally looks like she’s gonna fall over in 2 seconds.”

“Leave me alone,” I pouted, holding onto the podium to help me stay upright. “I’m not gonna fall.”

“Alright then, LADIES AND GENTS… DYLAN O’BRIEN!” Tyler cheered, watching his bestfriend come barreling onto the stage, waving to the overly excited fans. I watched him run around with a dopey smile on my face, gripping the podium tighter as my legs began to shake uncontrollably.

“Y/N!” Dylan grinned, running over to me and picking me up, spinning me around a few times, making me squeal. “Anytime I wanna meet you, you always bail.” He put me back down, hands still holding onto my waist, clearly seeing I was intact going to collapse.

“Because you’re an idiot and do things like that,” I rolled my eyes, covering my red cheeks with my hands. “Go sit down. I have to do my job.”

“You haven’t given me a cuddle yet,” he pouted, grinning like a little kid in a candy store when I wrapped my arms around his neck, letting out a soft squeak when he picked me up again, my legs automatically wrapping around his waist. (don’t we all wish tho….)

“Awwww.. OTP!” Tyler sighed. coming up behind me and joining the hug, making me scoff into Dylan’s shoulder. “Y/N, get your ass off my crotch!”

“Tyler get your crotch off my ass,” I rolled my eyes, sighing in relief when both boys let me go.

“Cya guys! Y/N and I are going on a date now!” Dylan shouted, waving to the fans before trying to pull me off stage.

“Uh no! Go sit down so I can bring everyone else on stage,” I pushed him towards his seat, giggling when he began to whine like a child.

“Then we can go on a date?” he looked up at me from his seat, giving me a hopeful smile.

“Maybe,” I rolled my eyes, ruffling his hair softly before walking back over to the podium and introducing the rest of the cast.

“Sorry guys, but I think that’s all we have time for,” I glanced at the angry crew member signalling me to cut the panel.

“What! Nooooo!!!” Tyler pouted, making the fans all whine in sync.

“Dude, we’ve already gone like 20 minutes over the limit. They’ll never hire me again,” I rolled my eyes, narrowly dodging an empty bottle that was being thrown at me by my manager.

“WAITTTTTT! ONE MORE QUESTION!” Dylan (O’brien) cut me off, pointing at a girl in the front row and winking at her.

“Y/N, will you go on a date with Dylan?” she grinned up at me. The room erupted into screams, everyone looking at me expectantly.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined, covering my face with my hands. “Y’all can’t just ask me that.”

“I’ll take you to Tacobelle,” Dylan chuckled, making me look up excitedly.

“Sounds good, let’s go!” I held my hand out, watching him leap out of his chair and bound over to me like a puppy, entwining his fingers with mine.

“USE PROTECTION CHILDREN!” Holland called out, both myself and Dylan sticking our fingers up at her. “Rude…”

“So my fair lady, off to get a burrito?” he held the door open for me, making me inter ally swoon.

“I’ve been craving one all day,” I nodded, blushing when I saw the amount of fans outside already, taking photos of us as we walked past. “Hey Dylan..”

“Mmmm?” he hummed, swinging our arms back and forth as we went.

“Is this really a date? Or do you just feel sorry for me?” I asked, making him stop suddenly, pulling me into his chest.

“Whilst I do admit to seeing most of your tweets and Instagram posts about me,” he winked, making me blush even harder and bury myself into his chest in shame. “I do genuinely feel something for you. You’re smart, funny, beautiful, incredibly talented, and you’re not afraid to be yourself. I admire that in a woman.”

“Let’s be real though, I am insanely talented,” I flicked my hair over my shoulder playfully, giggling when he scoffed.

“You know what I think you need a little practice on?” he mumbled, making me raise a brow. “Kissing. You can never get too much practice of it.”

“Oh really?” I hummed, moving my face closer to his. “Maybe we should practice right now.”

“Maybe we should,” he smiled slightly, leaning closer and brushing his lips against mine, pulling his face back at the last second. “OR we could go get Tacobelle!”

“Dylan!” I pouted, slapping his chest lightly. “That was mean!”

“It’s all about the suspense,” he winked, pecking my cheek softly before tugging me down the hallway. “TO TACOBELLE!”


And finally for the understudies of the main cast, we have the guy most well known in the fandom, Javier Muñoz! Strictly speaking, he’s an alternate- he consistently plays Hamilton on Sundays, after all. But he also goes out when Lin’s not there, so he’s an understudy as well!

He did much the same with Lin on In The Heights- he understudied for Usnavi, and later took on the role when Lin left. He and Lin have a really close working relationship, and it results in PURE MAGIC because Javier is amazing, I can’t pretend like I’m unbiased here, I LOVE HIM.

Here he is singing “Dear Theodosia”, like listen to that voice, oh my god.

It probably bears mentioning that he was recently diagnosed with cancer, and took some time out from the show as a result- but he’s since returned and spoken openly about his experiences.

Everyone show the guy some well-deserved love. He’s fantastic. Also, if you see him, know I am SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY.

Here’s his playbill- from ITH, as I don’t currently have access to his Hamilton one: