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How (I think) the next Animal Crossing game should start

Okay so I’ve thought A LOT about how the next main game in the series could start (i.e. naming your town & determining character appearance) and this is how I think it should go!:

It starts as a cutscene; you’re travelling to a new town, you’re looking in the mirror of a rest stop bathroom, and that’s where you chose your face, hair, skin tone, & you’re given a choice between a few starting shirts & dresses. Once you’re finished, you leave & see the bus you were on is leaving without you so you chase after it, but you trip, & you drop all of your maps! You have 6 different maps & they scatter on the ground, and you have to look through them to find the map of the town you were going to. This is how you decide what your town map will look like. If you don’t like what you see, you restart like you would in New Leaf. Once you’ve decided, you collect your things, stand up and flag down a cab. It’s Kapp'n! He asks you for the time, your name, and the name of the town you’re headed to. You tell him the name of your town, and he knows it! He lives near there with his family, and his daughter runs a ferry business there, that she inherited from him! You’re dropped off at the train station (or whatever place of transportation the game has) & Isabelle is there to greet you, you’re the new mayor! But we knew that already.

Lemme know what you guys think!

okay imagine this. They finally find Shiro and neither Shiro nor Keith can control themselves (they’ve just missed each other so much.) and they end up kissing. Afterwards they get ready to explain, but everyone is like “Yeah, we already knew you guys were a thing.” All expect Lance that is, who is like “What? How? When? Why did nobody tell me?” Then Pidge replies with something like “Oh my God Lance! How blind are you? It was literally the most obvious thing ever!” 

Kurt in a Skirt

The title pretty much sums it up.  Based on the headcanon that Kurt finds skirts more comfortable because of his tail.

Please enjoy!

Most of the time, Kurt considers himself a very patient person.

If there’s one thing he has no patience for, though, it’s heat.

It comes from being covered in a layer of dark fur, he supposes.  Great for keeping warm in the winter, not so great for keeping cool in the summer.

Normally, he doesn’t have much of a problem with it here.  Xavier’s is in the famously cold American northeast after all, and the dorms and classrooms are all air-conditioned.

But it’s currently the dog-days of summer and of course, of course, the air conditioner decided to break this morning.

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We already knew that Yuuko knew ABOUT Lava Lamp Guy, and was aware of his existence and consciousness, but she is not surprised to see him (I mean, technically I don’t think anything would ever surprise Yuuko Ichihara) and she knows his abilities. More than that she knows enough about the enemy team to make a very accurate guess at not only who COULD send him to her, but also who would WANT to send him to her. And it’s Xing-Huo.





Meanwhile Watanuki is just gently going “what the fuck” in the corner and for once I am shouting more that the Noodle Son and THAT SCARES ME MORE THAN THE REST OF IT.

Actually, no. No it doesn’t. BUT STILL.

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More Kate, Drunk, London please😋


(kate drunk london)


“Will you let me check us in first?” he said. His voice was low, bleak, and it only fed her panic.

“Can’t you just tell me now?”

“It’s somewhat involved.”


But she nodded and gestured, and he let out a long breath and took the little bag from her - they had packed their random odds and ends and yesterday’s clothes into a bag he’d bought in the hotel’s salon. Leather. Beautiful.

He had to tell her something. In the interests of honesty.

Surely if he had slept with Jacinda he would have told her before sleeping with her?

Her stomach soured; the beer, the dinner-


She jerked forward on the sidewalk and stepped into the airport after him, not seeing any of it. Blind with anxiety.

She was on birth control as a matter of course, but there hadn’t been any protection. No one had asked, are you clean, and oh God, what a stupid idiot. Oh God. What a dumb girl she’d been, letting that feeling get the best of her and sweep her away.

He took her hand and tugged her towards the airline counter. He gave her a sharp look, apparently noticing how clammy and limp her hand was. 

“Rick,” she said faintly. She felt faint. She felt like she might throw up. She cleared her throat when he didn’t hear her. “Castle.”

He halted in the middle of the concourse, people flowing around them, the line back towards the door and roped off. “What’s wrong? You look like you’re about to throw up.”

“I can’t - just talk. Just tell me. I can’t stand here and not-”

“Kate,” he gritted out, glancing behind him towards the airline counter. “There are kiosks. Just let me-”

“No. Tell me.”

He released her hand, dropped the bag on the floor. “I made a deal.” He stared at her; she had no comprehension. He scrubbed both hands down his face. “I made a deal to save your life.”

“What.” His face. His face was - she didn’t understand. “You made a deal. With who?” With- “Him?” His eyes were so dead, so bleak. “How… are you part of this?”

“What?” he croaked. “No. Part of what? No.”

Her hands were shaking again, and it wasn’t a hangover. “Made a deal with who, Castle. Who did you-”

“A man contacted me. After you were shot, he received a package in the mail. From Captain Montgomery. He was too late to prevent the shooter, but he could - he can keep you safe. He’s blackmailing-”

“Who?” she choked. “How - who is - tell me who it is-”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, Kate. I swear. Anonymous guy; he showed me a few things, things we already knew but weren’t made public. He calls me sometimes. To warn you off.”

She jerked back, lifted a hand to her mouth. He stared at her, his head bobbing, his body half turning away. A glance back to the kiosks before the airline counter. 

She couldn’t think. It wasn’t there. Nothing was there. Things she’d built up in her head, the panic attack she’d been half inside of, the heartsick way she’d expected a different confession.

She had nothing.

“Ah, I’ll just… check in,” he said quietly. “Give you a second.”

He glanced at her, another moment where he studied her face, but she was struggling just to breathe. To keep breathing.

He met a guy. Made a deal. For her life.

And half her wall in rubble, the other mortared with the fear, the crushing terrible certainty, that she was marked with a crosshairs, that a bullet had her name on it.

Castle grimaced, turned his head. 

And then he walked away.


Complicated (Prt3) - Barry Allen x Reader

Complicated (Part 3) - Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: sorrryyy i had a pooop day so like here ya go

Summary: Reader wakes up from coma after being struck by lightning. A lot has changed since then, what will become of The Flash now?

Disclaimer: it’s messy whoops. Also, I’ve never actually watched Arrow, I apologize for that.

Warnings: suggestive themes ? swearing

Word count: like, 1,180

2 years later

     I heard a beeping noise next to me and groaned. I turned to my side and tried turning the alarm clock off. I realized there was no alarm clock and opened my eyes. I frowned at the room and quickly sat up.

     I noticed I was connected to a heart monitor and much more. The monitor showed my heart beating fast & I reached for all the wires connected to me and tugged them off.

      I heard footsteps down the hall & saw a Flash of lightning. I tried getting off the bed, but the lightning grew arms & stopped me from going any further.

     I saw more people coming through the door, but kept my eyes on the person who held me. I looked at Barry with wide eyes. And he looked worriedly at me.

“(Y/n), you’re awake” he looked at me unbelievably and tried sitting me down.

“Yeah, and I’m going to get out of here, too” I frowned at him, standing up again.

     I saw him blush. I was confused until I looked down and realized the limited amount of clothing on my body. My eyes widened as I realized I was thinner and my muscles were a lot more toned than before.

“What the–?!”

“You might wanna sit down for this” I heard a woman say before starting to examine my body.

“What are you–?!”

     The woman had red hair and pale skin. She handed me a sweatshirt & sweatpants with the S.T.A.R. labs logo printed on them. I quickly put them on before looking up at everyone.

     I saw Iris, Joe, Barry, and the woman who handed me the clothing. I also saw another guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Along with a Hispanic guy with long dark hair, who was smiling at me. I frowned at him before continuing to look around.

     “Caitlin, give her some space, I’m sure she has much to tell us” the Hispanic man said and Caitlin, I assumed, stepped back.

     I saw a black guy standing next to Iris and Joe, they looked as to be related. Then saw Dr. Wells, except he was wearing a ridiculous outfit & he was holding a drum stick. I hid behind Barry and looked at them with with wide eyes.

“Barry” I whispered at him.

“Yeah?” His voice was gentle and quiet.

“What happened?” There was a hint of fear in my voice.

“Before we get to that I think everyone else might need to leave” Barry said eyeing everyone else.

“What? Are you kidding me! She finally wakes up and you want us to wait outside?” The guy with long hair protests against Barry, “at least introduce us to your ex girlfriend, Oliver Queen’s sibling”

“Ex?” I hear Iris’ voice from the other side of the room, but am too busy looking at Barry.

“Girlfriend?” I looked at Barry, waiting for him to explain.

     He sighs and moves out of the way so I can see everyone & everyone can see me. I feel uncomfortable but try brushing it off as I cross my arms over my chest. I avoid everyone’s eyes, especially Iris’, & look at Barry impatiently.

“Guys, this is (Y/n)–”

“Yeah we already knew that, go on” I hear the younger black guy say.

“(Y/n), this is Caitlin Snow, Julian Albert, Cisco Ramon, Wally West, Harrison Wells–the third one–”


“Call me H.R.”

“–& you know Iris and Joe” he introduced me to everyone.

     I gave a small wave to everyone before turning back to Barry.

“What the hell happened, where am I, & why”

     “You got struck by lightning two years ago & were in a coma until now–”

“I’m sorry, did you just say two years? I’ve been stuck in this god damned bed for two years?” I pointed to the bed.

“Well, you were at a proper hospital, but Dr. Wells took you in and kept you stable–”

     “Dr. Wells? How am I alive–Oh my god, who’s helping Oliver run the company?! He can’t do that by himself! He makes stupid decisions when I’m not there!”

     I dropped my voice down to a harsh whisper. I started pacing with my hand over my mouth.

     “And who the hell is helping the Arrow? What if he’s dead? He could be so dead right now. Oh my god, Oliver–”

     Barry walked over to me and stopped my pacing.

     “(Y/n), calm down. Everything’s ok at Starling City. I’ll explain all of that later, but right now we have to be quick about this.

     “You’re at Star Labs. The original Doctor Wells brought you here to keep you stable. Oliver’s fine as far as I know and is so going to kill me”

“What do you mean by ‘the original Dr. Wells’ and ‘Harrison Wells, the third one’?,” I asked him in a hushed voice.

     I looked back at Harrison Wells ‘the third’ & frowned. I swallowed hard and slowly looked back at Barry. I pulled Barry by the hand and started walking a little further from everyone. I talked to him, still in a hushed whisper.

“I don’t trust him-hell–I don’t trust anyone”

“What?” He whispered back at me, “why not?”

     “I don’t know, but there’s something off about him” my frown deepened, “I can’t explain it, but I just can’t trust a face like his. Plus the whole ‘third’ and ‘original’ Wells is throwing me off. Mind explaining?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

     He turned to everyone and dragged me back to them. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed.

     “Look, I’ll explain as we go, but right now we really need to help Cisco train”

“Train?” I asked.

“Yeah, he kind of challenged a meta human from another earth who wants to take back and kill H.R.”

“Meta human?” I frowned at him.

“Oh, that’s right”

     Barry frowned back at me. He turned back to everyone before shrugging. I felt a gust of wind and saw the flash of lightning again. I looked down and saw an ice cream cone in my hand.

     I looked back at Barry, confused. Either way, I started licking away at the ice cream. I hummed in satisfaction and waited for Barry to explain. Barry spread his hands out.

“I’m the Flash” he explained

“Sick” I said instinctively & heard Cisco laugh.

“So much for secret identity” Julian, I think, muttered under his breath.

    Regardless of it, I still heard it. Barry noticed too and shot Julian a glare. Which he frowned at and mouthed ‘what?’ as if not realizing he was being rude. I awkwardly coughed before continuing.

“Sorry, I meant, thanks for the ice cream,” I licked away at my ice cream cone, “and  what the hell is a Flash?” I questioned.

     “Like aiFlash? The company? Do you run it? Are we in the company right now? Is S.T.A.R. Labs actually aiFlash? Can I get a free flash drive?”

“Geez, this is going to be a long story”

     Barry rubbed his face again and started leading some of us out. I quickly followed, still eating my ice cream.

“I’ve got time”

Soulmate!AU Jinyoung & Daehwi
  • Ever since you were 5, you were able to see a star the size of a tennis ball on top of people’s head
  • You were 5 so of course, you asked your parents about it
  • “Mommy, why is there a white star floating above your head?”
  • Your mom was surprised, “O-oh?” Cause who would’ve thought her daughter would already have signs leading to her soulmate
  • Thus as you grew older, everyone you made eye contact with had white stars
  • You did notice two pink stars tho
  • “Why do you two have pink stars when everyone else has white.”
  • They literally chOke
  • Baejin : “Maybe cause we’re your best friends since childhood??”
  • Daehwi : “Further than love~ Closer than friendship~”
  • You : “do you think…. YOU GUYS ARE MY POTENTIAL SOULMATES?!”
  • Silence.
  • //Cue the blushing; look at those pink fairy dust on your three cheeks (six cheeks?)
  • All three of you guys packed up your stuff and ran home. Oh wait, look- you guys live on the same level of the same building for the last 13 years of your lives.
  • That night you searched the internet because the web has it all
  • Q : ‘Is it possible to have more than one soulmate?’
  • A : Yes, it’s totally possible. I’m a living proof.
  • A : Currently married to 3 guys and 1 girl- therefore, yes.
  • A : yes
  • You quickly opened the group chat
  • y/n “GuYS. wE’RE SOULMates.”
  • BJY “Duhhh! Finally! Do you know how long we waited for you to notice dummy”
  • LDH “OH MY GAWD! took you long enough!!!”
  • y/n “WAIT. YOU GUYS KNEW?”
  • You quickly put on your shoes and ran to the door
  • Opening it to meet Baejin, smiling at you as he flicked your forehead
  • “Ow what the hec-”
  • He laughs as he takes your hand and runs to Daehwi’s house
  • All three of you sat down on the floor in Daehwi’s bedroom, facing each other
  • “Okay, now explain to me how you guys already knew we were soulmates and didn’t even bothered to tell me?”
  • LDH “Well… you know how you can see stars above people’s heads?”
  • Nods.
  • LDH “We can also see them, but instead of stars I see suns.”
  • BJY “And I see crescent moons.”
  • “I- Oh my god… Oh my…” sHooK
  • They both nod, like ‘been there, done that’ and hugged you
  • Awww group hug :,)
  • The next day, you woke up to Daehwi shaking you (shake it, just shake it)
  • “Morning! Hurry up!! We’re going to be late to school! Jinyoung is waiting outside with your backpack!” and he runs out of the room
  • You can hear jinyoung : “Good morning! Hurry up sleepy head or else we’re leaving you.”
  • “Okay Okay- by the way Daehwi are your eyes okay? Cause you know it’s bad to look at the sun all the time.”
  • //Cues the gasp and laughs

Unedited. Hope you guys enjoy, it was fun making this haha.

Who lives with you in your house?

*Repeats the question back to the interviewer*

*Looks at someone who is off-screen*

*Uncomfortable laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


Who lives with you in your house?

*More uncomfortable laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Finally gives an answer “I live with my son”

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Don’t worry though Cris…we already knew!

Hands Off - Calum Hood

Originally posted by bwfivesos

Word Count: 655

Requested: Yes

Anon asked:  can you do 33 with calum? Maybe like you guys flirt a lot but aren’t really together or just friends with benefits?

Masterlist  | Prompt List

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✘ ✘ ✘

The boys had just finished their MSG show, and I could not be more proud of them. To be able to say that I’ve been here since the beginning–literally–to probably one of the biggest accomplishments in their career, is beyond amazing. My motherly moment was interrupted by Calum’s words.

“Hey (Y/N), are you gonna help me celebrate tonight?” Calum asked cheekily.

“Of course, Calum. That’s the only reason why I’m here.” I joked back. Calum and I have had this on-going flirtation since this tour started, and a few months ago, it became more. Not like confessed our love and are in a relationship kind of more, but the ‘let’s hook up from time to time’ more. “I’m not here to show support for my other friends, just you babe.” The boys can only laugh at my bad attempt at sarcasm.

“We all know what you two do behind closed doors. No need to hide it with secret messages anymore.” Michael conveniently mention from his spot on the couch.

I look at him, eyes wide, and a confused expression upon my face. “Wait a minute, you guys have known this entire time and you still let us sneak around?”

Luke nodded his head, “It was fun to let you two think that you could keep a secret from us. We’d have figured it out at some point anyway.” He shrugged.

“Not cool, mate.” Ashton finally spoke. “I thought we had something special.” He placed a hand over his heart and feigned hurt.

Calum immediately continued Ash’s scene, “We do. It didn’t mean anything to me baby. I promise.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you really feel, Calum.” I laugh. These boys were going to be the death of me I swear.

✘ ✘ ✘

After we all got showered and clothed, we decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate. I had lost the boys an hour ago, so I just stayed at the bar, where I could drink the whole night away. I was about 7 shots in when I felt a large hand on my back, slowly making its way down to my bum. I may be drunk, but not drunk enough for this. Just as I went to say something, I heard Calum’s chuckle in my ear.

“Did I scare you (Y/N)?” He asked in a mocking tone.

“Yes you did. I thought you were some creep trying to cop a feel.” I let out a relieved sigh. “Now could you please get your hand off my ass right now, or you won’t be getting any tonight.” I give Calum a sarcastic smile before turning back to the bar to order another round.

“No can do princess. All these men are staring at you in this dress. I need to show them it belongs to me. Only me.”

I scoff, “Last time I checked, we weren’t together and you don’t own any part of me.”

“Well what if I want it to be more.” Calum said, taking a seat next to me. “What if I want to be with you like that?”

“Is the Calum Hood actually saying that he has feeling for someone?” I asked rhetorically. “I never thought I’d live to see that day.”

“I’m not joking around, (Y/N). Do you want a relationship with a rockstar?”

I pretend to ponder my options before speaking, “Well, now that you mention it, it does sound like an okay idea.” I can see Calum’s face drop at my words. “Aw babe, I’m kidding. I would love for you to be my boyfriend.” I say, kissing his cheek.

“Good.” He let’s out a breath, “Now that that’s settled, can we have sex now? You look so fucking sexy in that dress, (Y/N).”

"I thought you’d never ask.” I grab his hand and lead him to the front of the club, without telling the guys we were leaving. Like Michael said, they already knew what we were doing, so why tell them something they already know?

Playing “Guess the talent” LEVEL HARD!

Just noticed that the Danganronpa wikia has updated with only the names of the Student Council, so I will try guessing their SHSL talent and names. Just for the LOLS :D For the names I’m actually using the order they appeared in Junko’s chart in the anime and linking it with the name’s order in those tapes she showed them.


So, any ideas guys? I would love to hear it! /o/

This is Murasame Soshun. The only survivor and the SHSL Council President. So, not fun because we already knew it.

So I guessing this guy is the student council vice president jut because HE LOOKS LIKE IT XD So Ikuta Kotomi, but his talent, huh, maybe SHSL Mathematician? Because glasses. I saved his picture with the name “notthepresident” because HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A CHARACTER WHO WOULD BE THE COUNCIL PRESIDENT! LOL

ASAHINAAAAA! I mean, it is totally her. So, by the order that would be Someya Ryota, the name is kinda strange. Hm, SHSL Voleiball player? Everything about her SCREAMS athletic type and tomboy because she looks like Asahina XD

Kisaragi Karen. Hm, I guess her talent would be SHSL Secretary since she is the council’s secretary and I wouldn’t put that past DR XD

TERUTERU WANNABE! Obligatory chubby character. So maybe he is Hino Asuka…HIS NAME IS A PUN LOL I can totally see him getting this type of name. Talent? TALENT? HMMMMM. This one is hard…SHSL Metereologist…? Just because of the pun.

We didn’t even get to see how you died man. So sad. He looks cool. Goriki Tomohiko is the SHSL…secondary character? HE IS SO GOOD AT BEING IN THE BACKGROUND RIGHT? No I’m kidding, huh. SHSL Jewelry maker? He uses a necklace. Wow, I’m really grasping at straws right now XD

Oh this guy. He loved the pink haired girl and then killed the couple out of despise after having to kill her. Yeeeah, sad. So his name would be Kurosaki Taro…I think it kinda fits. He looks like the athletic type too, so maybe, SHSL Basketball player? I’m not creative with sports at all XD

SONIA IS THAT YOU? SO PRETTY *-* Why did you have to die? D: She was going to kill herself together with her boyfriend, oh man. So her name would be Kamii Tsubasa. Tsubasa-chan? It kinda fits! But her talent…SHSL Diplomat…she looks like royalty and stuff D:

The handsome boyfriend. That’s right, beautiful people get together to put more beautiful people on the world…not these guys, but you get it. Ichino Sosuke, I like this name for him too. He is too pretty, he has to be the SHSL Enchanted Prince or something like that. Ok, seriously, SHSL Poet. Because of the lover’s suicide kinda like Romeo and Juliet.

HEY LOOK, IS THAT GUY’S CRUSH! She is pretty too. Umesawa Aiko…yay, another name that fits! Hm, maybe SHSL Fashion Designer? She looks so stylish.

GREAT GOZU’S SON! YOU KILLED PIKACHU GIRL! I DON’T LIKE YOU! D:< He is the diesel character so SHSL MMA Fighter. But, I would love if he was like the SHSL Contemporaneous Dancer or something XD Following the order his name would be Yoko Shoji…GREAT SHOJI THEN!

PIKACHU GIRL! S-so cuuuute! Whyyyy! Her death was horrible btw. Her name would be…Kubo Daiki? Err…I don’t know, it doesn’t sound right D: PLOT TWITS SHE IS ACTUALLY A GUY! Ok then, SHSL Cosplayer. Just because she was using that Pikachu hoodie XD

Almost a hero. Almost. In a different timeline this kid killed Junko and the DR’s games never happened. He is probably the SHSL Toymaker, since he has those plushies with him. By the order his name would be Nishizawa Kiriko…yep, don’t fit. And when he was all like “I will avenge her!” I thought that maybe he had a crush on the first victim, that would be cute since he is so smol ç-ç

You are a tsundere, right? I get these tsundere vibes from her. Her name would be Kashiki Suzuko. Talent? Hmm. Oh, maybe she had a really useful talent like SHSL Firearm user? Or hunter! And she got took down first ironically!