guys this was a really great film


Request: can you do a jealous tom holland imagine?

Tom was normally a very calm and nonchalant person to be with. The relationship never had bad drama that couldn’t be resolved in a day or two. Before the filming your movie, you don’t even think you can even recall a time he was truly jealous over a guy.

Since the two of you were fairly successful actors, he loved visiting you during filming, just as much as you loved visiting him. Your current movie was your first film that was primarily about a relationship. It was a musical and it circulated a boy and girl in New York meeting and the toils of keeping a relationship.

The costar was great and really professional about the whole thing. You don’t think there would have been a problem if Tom had come to visit on another day. He had surprised you and you thought nothing of it.

The main scene of the day was the kiss in the streets. Tom was aware of the scene and thought it would be okay so an assistant pulled a chair for him behind the cameras.

At first, he only saw how stunning you looked. The dress you were in wasn’t too fancy, but Tom preferred you in your casual attire instead of formal attire. You were absolutely dazzling him without even trying.

A twinge of annoyance didn’t make its presence known until the third take. He furrowed his eyebrows at the feeling and brushed it off. It’s only acting. Tom understands that more than any other boy would.

Using his acting, he acted like the sight of you and your costar kissing didn’t feel as if a knife was in his stomach. By the last take, Tom’s leg was shaking subconsciously. You laughed when you approached him. “You okay there, Tom?” You asked, “You look like you need to use the toilets.”

He glanced down at his leg with confusion. When did he start doing that? Tom awkwardly crossed his leg over the other. “Nope, I’m all good,” he said in a casual tone, “So, done with this scene?”

“Yes, and we’re going out to lunch,” you revealed, “Meaning the all the main characters, if you’re okay with that. I can ditch them if you want.” You laughed at the last part as a joke.

Tom shook his head in what he hoped was nonchalant. “That’s fine,” he smiled to hide his uneasy feeling, “Want to head out soon?” You grabbed his hand and pulled him along so the two of you could catch up with the crew.

The restaurant was nice and large. The cast got a booth and sat down. You sat next to Tom on the edge and your costar sat opposite you by coincidence. The cast included Tom in the conversation, especially since more than half of them loved him as Spiderman in Civil War.

When the conversation changed to the scenes filmed that day, Tom felt the similar feeling in his gut. He decided to ask your costar a bit about himself. “Yeah, I’m from Georgia,” they responded, “I kinda lost my accent when I moved to LA.”

Tom laughed. “It’s hard to ignore my accent.”

“You sounded pretty American in Civil War,” your costar chuckled himself, “Weird that the last two actors for Spiderman have been British. You were great as Spiderman. I loved that homework line.”

“Thanks.” Tom ended the conversation and wanted to kick himself. He probably seemed so jealous. You’d probably be angry at him, since the two of you were actors and understood that costars rarely meant anything.

“What do you think, Tom?” You broke him out of his thoughts.

He almost jumped, asking immediately, “Sorry, what?”

You looked at him strangely before explaining the plans to meet up to go out after filming. Tom forced a smile and agreed pleasantly. The conversation kept moving without another hitch.

It turned out that you were done for the day so you and Tom walked around a bit before going to the hotel and getting changed for the night. You wore a nice party dress that took Tom’s breath away. The plan was to meet the cast members at the club nearby.

The two of you got there before anyone else did so you ordered drinks. Sipping your drink, you eyed Tom. He had been acting strange this whole visit and it worried you slightly. He turned to you with a guilty expression. “Y/N, I’m so sorry how I’ve been acting. It’s been a pleasant visit and I’m just ruining it.”

“What? You’re not ruining anything,” you stated while raising your eyebrow.

He sighed, “Yes, I am. I’ve been acting so jealous since seeing you film that scene and-”

“Jealous?” You repeated, “Tom, you haven’t been acting jealous. I just noticed that you’ve been acting strange. Are you jealous?”

“What? I’ve been so embarrassed by how jealous I was acting.” Tom’s cheeks turned red as he realized that you had no idea how he felt.

There was a pause while you thought of what to say. Finally, you stated, “Please tell me when you feel jealous, since I didn’t even notice. I didn’t even think of a reason for you to feel like that.” You kissed his now deep red cheek and smiled.

At first, Tom was confused. You were kissing another boy for almost thirty minutes. Obviously some negative feelings would arise. He understood what you meant when you pulled him to the dance floor. You, an incredibly beautiful woman, looked past the other attractive people throwing themselves onto you. Out of everyone, you only focused on Tom.

Me: So what are your opinions on *film/video game/tv show/ book I’m really into*

Persona I’m interested in: We’ll I think it’s really great, I especially love the subtext of the narrative and how…*goes into an analysis of the various themes and schools of philosophical thought behind the thing I love*


I swear there is nothing more sexy than articulate analytical and critical thought


“The casting director recommended him, initially, and said that he’s not just about the Marvel movies. Of course, Captain America is a cool character and he’s great in that, but they introduced me to a movie called Puncture, that’s an indie film where he shows his sensitive acting abilities, and I’d previously seen Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. So, he was in between his Marvel projects and was very actively looking for different types of projects. He heard about this project, and it was a nice mutual attraction. It was my first English language film, and I got a lot of help from Chris. He’s a really smart guy, and we had a lot of discussions about the dialogue. It was great. The hardest thing about working with Chris was hiding his muscles. He’s supposed to be in the poor tail section for 17 years, eating only protein blocks, and it was tricky to hide all of that muscle mass with costume and make-up.” —Bong Joon-Ho about Chris Evans. (Snowpiercer)

The best part was the light sabre fight with Ewan McGregor in Sith. Ewan is a great guy, I get on with him really well. We both have a great affinity for our light sabres – no pun intended - and we’d always spar when we had a spare few minutes. So when we got to Sydney to film Sith we argued them into letting us do the scene ourselves and really went for it - no stunt guys - and it works even though we were black and blue afterwards. It was like being nine years old playing your favourite game with your friend.
—  Hayden Christensen (Daily Mail Interview, Spring 2005)

“yeah, jeremy’s a great guy. that was a little independent film directed by baltasar kormakur [everest, 2 guns, contraband]. it was fun working with him then, and fun working with him now. he’s a really generous, good person who’s there, committed to having everything work out, and who you like being around.”

 - forest whitaker on working with jeremy renner on ‘a little trip to heaven’

I’m pissed off about The Great Wall and I haven’t even seen it, and I’ll tell you why.

1) Hollywood does not need to do anything more to feed the myth of a white savior. Let’s make a movie about Chinese people and Chinese culture in a coproduction with China and one of the best Chinese directors there are. But let’s do it with a white guy. THAT’S so great (he said sarcastically).

2) But now that it has flopped here in the states, what do you think Hollywood will attribute to its lack of success?

  • Poor reviews.
  • White savior myth.
  • Chinese culture.

If you guess C then congratulations, you won! What did you win? A few more years where American movies feature almost exclusively white male leads.

Do you really think the Hollywood system will blame the casting of Matt Damon in this film for its lack of success? NO! That dude has carried one of the most successful action series of the 21st century on his star power.

Do you think Hollywood will blame the poor reviews on its lack of success? NO! Not when you have the Transformers films continuously getting torn to shreds by critics and still making money.

Hollywood clings to its outdated and unsupported beliefs that “non-white” films do not succeed. Films like Rogue One, Suicide Squad and The Jungle Book do very little to convince them otherwise, while The Great Wall flopping will just support its belief that American audiences don’t care enough about representation. Because Hollywood is stupid!

The Great Wall’s premise was based in an outdated and honestly racist idea that only white dudes can be heroes. And because of Hollywood’s backwards mentality, its lack of success will enforce that stereotype.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

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in "call me by your name", what is the first love scene between elio and oliver like? does it happen at midnight like in the book? (also you're so cool for answering everyone's questions)

You guys honestly underestimate just how glad I am that I get to talk about this film, and my uni friends were so thankful that I had an outlet so that I didn’t have to chew their ears off. 

It does happen at midnight, and it largely follows the book, expect for Elio seeking Oliver out on the balcony. It’s great, I was so impressed with how they managed to show both their hesitation and tentativeness. The build up is slow and we really get to see them gathering their courage, inching closer and retreating a bit again, only to move in closer again. And you can really see that it’s about more than the sexual attraction, they hug and touch very carefully before it becomes really sexual. (I keep saying that I loved particular scenes, but this made think of the morning after scene, where Elio follows Oliver into town, and I keep thinking about how much I loved this one, too, because Armie really gets Oliver right there, his honest disbelief when Elio tells him he had no idea, and how much he’s into him and ugh, that film was just so great) - I hope that answered the core of your question, if not, feel free to hit me up again


Hey guys! My wonderful boyfriend is an extremely talented film student, this is his most recent film Safe Haven!

It’s already hit 150 views and I thought it would be a great confidence booster if he got 200. He’s in his last year of college (high school for you americans) and it’s really good! If you like indie films you should definitely check it out, it’s only about 5 minutes.

You know what else is a feminist film?

Spy 2015, starring Melissa McCarthy

It’s no great leap in feminism in films, sure, but its protagonist is a really great character in that she’s not only intelligent and competent, but also physically capable and quick on her feet, and her largeness is realistically handled

Because I can name a ton of big women who can fight like she does, no problem, but Hollywood doesn’t seem to understand that being fat does not mean you’re incapable of physical prowess. 

She gets tired onscreen, sure, but she’s still able to push herself to realistic physical extremes and beats bad guys just fine

Not only that, but the film is told in a feminine perspective. 

You’d think a film with a female lead would automatically be told in a female perspective, but that’s not always the case. 

Jurassic World, for example, shows us a bit of dissonance in that, rather than being a film told from a woman’s perspective when the female lead is onscreen, any woman watching it can tell you it’s being told by a man who thinks he knows what a woman’s perspective looks like–but didn’t quite get it

Which is interesting, since Spy’s director, Paul Feig,  is male

But not so surprising since he also did Bridesmaids

And despite all the sexism surrounding her as well as all the fat shaming and other offensiveness she’s had to deal with, the main character, Susan Cooper, remains the most important, interesting, competent, sensible, and capable character in the entire film. She affects those around her positively, is a good person who learns to stand up for herself to an alarming degree, and is able to hold her own, doing the rescuing so many more times than she’s rescued

NOT ONLY THAT, but the film has, including Susan, six major female characters with three major male characters (four if you count the guy they were spying on), where each male character is practically a one-dimensional cliche that can be summed up in one to two words –> “suave incompetent” “toxic masculinity” and “pervert” whereas half the female characters have depth while the other half, while also limited in character, are presented in a much more positive light than the males

It flips the script on action and spy films that have been around for years

And its simple but iconic name is well-deserved

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Aw Brooke have you given up on Abhishek? I remembered you really like him and your likeness for him made me like him too. Oh I guess Abhishek was a star, in my eyes, from my childhood and your last ask made me realize how things are changing so fast.😢

I do like him, he seems incredibly nice and he’s a talented guy, but realistically his career is not going great right now. His acting career, at least. He’s diversified his portfolio, so to speak, by getting so involved in Indian sports and I think that’s really cool. Plus, like I said, he has his own production company, so he can make the kind of films he believes in if he’s so inclined.

He is what he is, though lol there are so many new young actors right now to compete with, and the Khans aren’t done yet either. Maybe he’ll find his niche over the next few years, but I think the idea of him as a popular romantic hero is a pipe dream with the way things stand now.

Okey. I just finished all the endings, and, i just wanna say that i am so amazed by all the work that has been put into this project. The whole story and the different paths to chose were unexpected, the filming is amazing, the effects were astonishing, and Mark is really great at acting ! Ethan, Tyler, Kathryn, Amy, Pam, and Robert too ! They’ve all done such an amazing job ! We can definitely see how much you guys worked on this project. I really, really, love it, and can’t wait to see another project coming out ! (well for now you all deserve some rest x) !)

To all Teamiplier (counting Pam and Robert in it of course ^^), GREAT JOB !



Life Lately:

Our vacation is nearing to its end so I distracted myself from that stomach wrenching thought. I started to go back on sketching and journaling. So far, It has been fun although I decided not to post them on any social media sites except for tumblr since I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable in doing so. 

Speaking of starting things, I am back on twitter! If any of you is interested in following me, please click here. I’d be glad to follow you back as well. I usually tweet about films/series/music - anything that suites my interest really haha. I have watched a lot of films lately and I’m filled with love. I don’t know if it’s the effect of not being able to binge watch but I loved every single film I’ve watched this vacation. Well not really every film. I’m not really fond of 6 Years. It was a mess. I didn’t like it. 

Anyways, I do hope you guys have a great weak ahead! Take care of yourselves.

x Y

Billy Dee Williams is back…as the voice of Two-Face in the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie. This is what he told THR on voicing the character and missing out on Tim Burton’s Harvey Dent,in a recent interview.

“Well, I never got to really work on it just thought it would have been really interesting. Tommy Lee Jones was really great and he’s one of my favorite actors but I thought it would have been different. You win some, you lose some. I remember as a kid reading the Batman comics and seeing what the character was through illustration. The whole idea of a nice-looking guy ending up with a horrible disfigured look was pretty intriguing to me.It was like playing out two personalities. In the Lego Movie, it’s really hard to really talk about it because it’s in pieces but the character, it’s not like doing a feature film in that sense. There’s more of an animated feeling to it.”

The Lego Batman Movie in theaters February 10,2017


February 4,2017

I’ve got a neighbor that is not stoked whenever 200 girls line up outside whenever 5 Seconds of Summer are at my house. He’s a really combative guy. He’s a not nice man, he screams at the little 14-year-old girls outside. All my other neighbors are great. This one dude is just a nightmare. The day we do “Castaway,” he decides to call the cops and tell them that I’m filming child porn at my house. He says, “My neighbor is filming child porn, he’s got all the girls lined up outside his house to audition for the movies he makes.”
The cops are knocking on my door when we’re trying to record the song like, “What are you doing in there, man? We gotta come in. What are these girls doing out there?” The cops come in after we just tracked drums, so Ashton’s got his shirt off, he’s dripping with sweat. This 19-year-old kid, walking around my front yard. He’s got his hair in a ponytail like “What’s up guys?”
—  Johm Feldmann, discussing the day Castaway was produced with Fuse
Films & Radio Shows

Hey, guys!
I just thought I’d share some of my favourite films & old-time radio shows. The radio shows can be found on YouTube. They’re all really great, & these are just a few. I hope if you check them out, you enjoy them! ☺

“Into the Wild”
“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”
“The Adventures of the Wilderness Family”
“Dumb & Dumber”
“Wayne’s World” (1 & 2)
“Nacho Libre”
“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
“Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”
“The Shining”
“Reservoir Dogs”
“Black Mass”
“Night of the Living Dead” (the original)
“Jeepers Creepers” (1 & 2)
“When a Stranger Calls” (the original)

Radio Shows

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

“The Old Ones Are Hard to Kill”
“Bottom of the World”
“The Meteorite”
“The Garden”
“No Hiding Place”
“The Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee”
“Deadman’s Mountain”
“The Cask of Amontillado”
“Dig Me Deadly”
“Strange Company”


“Sorry, Wrong Number”
“On a Country Road”
“The Hitchhiker”
“The Signalman”


I’ve known Taylor for almost three years now, and she texted me. I had actually just finished a movie, so I was at home and she texted me and said, “Would you ever be interested in doing a music video?” And I said, “Well, it depends on who for and who with.” And she said, “It would be for me.” I was like, “Sure, I can’t really say no now. You’ve put me in a bit of an awkward spot.” Plus, it turned out that the guy who filmed it was a friend of mine, Kyle Newman, who’s a visionary and truly fantastic. For me, it wasn’t just a music video. I got sent the storyboards and it was actually a very artist short film piece. I really enjoyed it. It was just working with great people and having fun. In my opinion, that’s the key to life.


Eva Green on Mads Mikkelsen: ”Mads is… It is very funny because when I did the Bond film I was very intimidated by him. Actually he got the scar here, and in ‘The Salvation’ I’ve got the scar here. So we swapped. But he’s great. He’s very intense, very in love with this work and he communicates so easily, you know, also with his eyes. Because it’s not much dialogs actually in this film, it’s really an atmosphere mood. And he’s also very funny guy. You know he does always very intense serious features and actually he’s one of the funniest guy I ever met.” [x]