guys this one was just begging to be made

Thoughts from The Last Jedi (feel free to add):

  • no one,,,, I cry,,,, NO ONE needed to see Kyle Ron shirtless
  • She really did have a perfect moment “drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.”
  • Luke coming for Kylo with that matrix shit and brushing it off like YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • Where is Oscar’s Oscar?? He made this movie.
  • Exccussse me??? it is Kyle that should be kneeling and begging before Rey [pls explain mr johnson???]
  • Finn just never giving up :))) Srsly what did this guy not do??
  • Be sure to watch out for the MOST SUAVE slide into a trench you will ever see (courtesy of Oscar Isaac)
  • ROSE TICO (aka Kelly Marie Tran)!!! Go get ‘em girl!!! Fulfill your dreams!!! Eat the Rich!!!
  • Poe Dameron is Leia’s son.
  • That’s! How! We’ll! Win! By! Saving! The! People! We! Love!
  • She just Dropped the lightsaber and then bam! fuckin’ sick.
  • the mirror of erised was relocated to the jedi island, apparently
  • “rebel scum”
  • That moment when the camera lingers on Rey’s face as she hugs Finn and you just know, she has a family.
simply.cute97 || jjk (m)

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Summary: You’re a popular camgirl, named simply.cute97 and you decide to put on a special show with fellow cammer domjeon09.

Relationship: Jungkook/Reader
Smut, Light Fluff
sex work, masturbation, loss of virginity, dirty talk
Word Count:

A/N: bonus points i u know who’s screenname belongs to who.
this started as a simple request found here.

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My first Mino scenario. I honestly really enjoyed writing this and i had a lot of fun doing it. I really hope you guys like it, feedback is much appreciated as always so please don’t hesitate. 

A/N: disgustingly fluffy bc i live for fluffy cliches okay fight me. this is my first mino scenario so if you like it let me know if i should write more for him

Pairing: Song Mino x reader
Genre: fluff, smut
Word count: 12,791 (idek man mino did things to me)

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I’m Nothing Without Her – Part 3 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,674

Warnings: curse words

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took forever! I’ve been extremely busy, but here it is. The final chapter to the mini I’m Nothing Without Her series. I hope you enjoy it. Also, this wasn’t beta-proofed, so sorry for any grammar errors.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

[Part 1] [Part 2]

I watched Liam and Brett from the sidelines, standing next to my teammate Nolan. The team was completely quite as Brett ran towards Liam. Brett tricked him into thinking he was running to the left side before he changed his mind and ran to the right side. Liam missed Brett completely and ended up falling to the ground. Brett pulled his lacrosse stick back before he flung it forward, letting the lacrosse ball fly straight into the net, scoring a goal. The guys on the sidelines “Oooh-ed”, completely impressed by Brett’s trick.

“Perfect split dodge,” Brett explained the play to us with a smirk on his face. He walked backwards until he reached the middle of the lacrosse field. He picked up the ball with his stick and started running towards Liam again. Liam charged towards Brett, only to be shoved to the side with Brett’s shoulder, making him stumble to the ground again. Liam quickly looked up and saw Brett make another goal.

“Perfect rocker,” Brett said as he walked by Liam. The guys were impressed by Brett’s lacrosse skills.

“Just remember to cover your back, especially if your opponent’s a dick,” Liam explained to us as his eyes never left Brett’s.

“You got some pretty big cleats to fill with Scott leaving. You ready for all of this?” Brett asked Liam.

“I managed all summer,” Liam answered, causing me to roll my eyes as I let out a small scoff.

“Summer’s over.”

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Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better.

Sneak Peak:
“You always did like Harry more than a friend should. But then you got into a relationship and you knew your feelings never went away they were just repressed.

But right now it’s like they all came back again in full force, they weren’t hiding anymore.

“Why didn’t you text me back last night. Were my jokes so bad you threw your phone out the window?” He chuckled.

You suddenly frowned remembering last night with Lucas coming home drunk. And everything after that. You didn’t want to think about what happened, because whatever you thought would help didn’t. You woke up feeling shitter then before and Lucas was still being the same, he didn’t change. You were stupid to think that him having sex with you would change that.”

I’ll probably do a part two. Tell me if you want that!


As soon as you heard the front door shut downstairs you sighed. You looked over at your phone and it was 2am. But what’s new with him coming home late you thought sadly. You hoped he wasn’t in that mood because you certainly weren’t. But that hasn’t stopped him before.

You heard him downstairs in the kitchen probably getting some water to minimize his drunken state. Oh you really hope he wasn’t drinking tonight. So you quickly locked your phone and pretended you were fast asleep. And maybe he would just climb in bed and just fall asleep too.

As you buried your head in the covers, you saw your phone light up. It was a text from Harry, and you grinned.

You always texted each other about random stuff when you couldn’t sleep at night. Harry usually busts out the awful jokes and sends you funny memes to make you smile.

Harry was a great friend and you’ve became even closer ever since you both worked together in the bookstore down the road. Your whole life you never really had a true best friend where you could tell almost everything to, until him. So you were sad you didn’t have time to reply to his text at least to say goodnight.

You laid down in silence for a little. But You didn’t hear him come up the stairs so you decided quickly to maybe send Harry a quick “goodnight text” just so he doesn’t think your not replying. But as soon as you reached for your phone the sound of footsteps stopped you. You quickly brought your hand back to the bed and closed your eyes to look asleep.

The bedroom door opened and you heard him shuffle in. You could already tell he was drunk because you could hear him trip over his feet multiple times as curse words flew out his mouth.

He walked over to the closet to take off his clothes and was left in just his underwear. The bathroom light illuminated and he walked into brush his teeth and do some other things. Usually he would just jump into bed. He never cared to get fully ready for bed if he was drinking.

Maybe he wasn’t you thought, and smiled a little. Maybe he just came home late from work and wasn’t out get pissed drunk. Which made you think that he was getting back to his old self, and that’s who you loved.

The side of the bed dipped and you could feel the warmth of his body come in contact with you. He got himself comfortable on the bed before he slipped his arm around your waist to pull you onto his bare chest. You almost leaned into his touch until he spoke.

“I know your not sleeping.” He said and you could smell the alcohol on his breathe and you cringed.

You didn’t say anything hoping he would just go to sleep and you can all just start off tomorrow morning fresh.

He sighed into the side of your neck, you thought in defeat. But then you felt him slowly start to leave kisses on your neck. While creeping his hand up the shirt your were only wearing which was his.

You thought it would just end there before he fell asleep. But then you felt his hands coming down to your underwear.

“Lucas, I’m really tired.” You finally gave up the act.

He smirked down at you “I knew you weren’t sleeping.” He said while still assaulting your neck.

Your weren’t facing him so he couldn’t see the uneasiness on your face. But that soon changed when he flipped you around to face him. Even in this dim light you could see his blood shot blue eyes and you missed seeing his ocean eyes.

They use to be so clear and beautiful before they were tainted with the red rims that is now part of him most of the days.

“That’s better.” He says to you as he leaned in for a kiss but this time on the lips. You didn’t push him away because you thought this was just a good night kiss. So when you felt his lips connect with yours you brought your hands up to his cheek and kissed him back. It was slow and gentle and you missed this. Just simply kissing him and not doing anything else.

You pulled away from the kiss to lean your head back down on the pillow because in all honesty you were getting tired. But Lucas wasn’t having it.

“Come on Y/N don’t sleep on me yet baby.” He says well placing his hands between your thighs.

“Lucas your drunk…”

“I’m not that drunk” he tells you while his hand still hasn’t moved.

You tried to reason with him. “Babe, I’m just really tired can we just do this another time. Please.” Why are you begging him, you shouldn’t be. Your subconscious told you.

“Come on Y/N, let’s just fuck around for a little bit. We haven’t in a while.” He whines while kissing your cheek.

But you remember the last time you did have sex it was like a week ago. In the car after you left one of your friends birthday parties.

Lucas said he couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off you all night. Which did make you feel pretty. But he literally made you guys leave early because he wanted you right then and wouldn’t wait. You couldn’t really say no when he went behind your back to tell everyone you weren’t feeling well so you left early, which was a lie.

You did want to stay longer, but Lucas insisted that you guys leave. You felt bad for lying but Lucas kept saying it was alright because he was gonna make you feel so good.

He couldn’t even wait until you guys got home.

You remembered he stopped driving and pulled over. Even when you told him that you felt more comfortable if you were at home in your own bed.

But he didn’t listen.

He said how he couldn’t restrain himself any longer and how he had to take you right in that car.

You remembered him saying how if you weren’t so beautiful and sexy that he could of waited.

Like it was your fault.

But he didn’t wait.

You were uncomfortable and not enjoying yourself that whole time he was inside of you, because yet again he put his own needs before yours.

So right now in this moment it felt like the same thing was happening.

“Lucas. I am really tired right now okay?!” You said in a stern voice. You tried to get him to face you so he could see how serious you were. But his face was still on your neck.

“I’ll be quick. Come on… I’ve had a long day at work and you’ve been so busy too. I miss you…” he tells you.

It was those times when he would say things like that, that you think it’s the truth. You hoped it was because you missed him too, but the old him. Maybe things are turning around for the better. But you weren’t sure.

Silence filled the room but you could still hear the sound of his lips on your skin. He moved lower and lower until he got to the rim of your underwear. He didn’t look up for confirmation but at the same time you didn’t stop him.

You have been working a lot so maybe this would make him happy again. Maybe after this he would stop coming home drunk. Maybe You were being to busy with work and everything.

Maybe this was a way to make up for it.

But you didn’t feel good because deep down you knew you didn’t want to be doing this right now.

And after it was over and Lucas pulled out of you and said those three words.

You knew something didn’t feel right.


There were so many new books that arrived today. You could barely keep up with the whole catalogue and making sure you put them on the right shelf.

The book store was packed today probably because of these new books. A lot of them you had to put aside because so many people were calling them to put them on hold before they sold out.

You were humming a tune that’s been stuck in your head for weeks until you heard something behind you.

You turned around a saw a book on the floor. It must of fallen off the cart you thought as you grabbed “Everything Everything” and put it back on the cart.

You then continue with the teen fiction section making sure you put them in the right alphabetical order by the authors last name.

Sometimes you have these brain farts when you can’t remember which letter comes first in the alphabet so you have to start from the beginning and sing the alphabet song.

“A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i-” suddenly you heard another thud behind you.

You turned around again and saw another book on the ground. But it was down the end of the aisle and it couldn’t be from your cart.

You walked over there and picked it up and placed it back where it belonged. Right when you did that a book on the shelf right beside you fell. You slightly jumped before it could hit your foot.

“What the hell?” You said out loud. You swear if it’s those kids again from a few months ago.

You peaked through the slot where the book had fallen too see who was on the other side pushing the books down.

No one was there you just saw to the other aisle. You sighed in frustration. Maybe it was a ghost-

“BOO!” Harry jumps into your view on the other aisle. You jumped and yelled and hit your head on bookshelf.

“Owww” you touched your forehead but you looked at your fingers and didn’t see blood.

“Oh my gosh!” Harry comes over and starts laughing uncontrollably. “You should of seen your face!”

You tried to look mad at him but it was hard when he looked so cute and happy laughing.

“I swear I didn’t mean for you to hit your head.” He says while still laughing.

“Well I did. And you distracted me from my work, you ass.” You couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and grinned.

“I’m sorry.” Harry pouts. “But I’m not really, after you nearly got me fired last week for setting my phone alarm to go off while I was checking out people! And “I’m sexy and I know it” came on!“

You giggled remembering how embarrassed Harry was as he tried to search for his phone to shut off the alarm as he had a line of customers ready to check out.

“I’ll get you back styles.” You point at him to make yourself look intimidating but it really didn’t.

“I’ll be ready, Love.” He raises his eyebrow and You just shook your head.

“Well the least you could do is help me put these books on the shelf. Especially the ones on the top shelf Mr.Long Legs.”

“Sure thing Ms. Shorty.” He teased.

“Hey!” You went over to the cart and got another book and so did Harry.

You checked the list to make sure you were putting it in the right place. Okay where is the name Hopkins? You thought as you skimmed through the H’s. After you found it you slide the book.

“You know I’m not short your just insanely tall-” you turned around to get another book, when you almost crashed into Harry. He was standing behind you as you you were putting the other book away. While he was putting another book above your head.

You were pretty much trapped between Harry’s frame as his hands were above you looking for the right author.

“Oh so now your trying to trap me?”

Harry looks down on you and smirked.

And suddenly you wanted look at Harry all day. His green eyes were mesmerizing. You tried to look away but when you did you just ended up looking at his pink lips.

You always did like Harry more than a friend should. But then you got into a relationship and you knew your feelings never went away they were just repressed.

But right now it’s like they all came back again in full force, they weren’t hiding anymore.

“Why didn’t you text me back last night. Were my jokes so bad you threw your phone out the window?” He chuckled.

You suddenly frowned remembering last night with Lucas coming home drunk. And everything after that. You didn’t want to think about what happened, because whatever you thought would help didn’t. You woke up feeling shitter then before and Lucas was still being the same, he didn’t change. You were stupid to think that him having sex with you would change that.

“Hey hey.” Harry lifted up your chin to see your sad expression and glossy eyes. “If my jokes were that bad you could just tell me. I promise I won’t be offended, Love.”

You blink away the water in your eyes. “What? No that’s now why. I just fell asleep. I’m sorry and you know I love your cheesy jokes.”

“Ok just making sure.” He pulled away from you and picked up another book.

“Ohh I heard this book was pretty good.” He held up the book “Before I Fall”.

“Me too, they made a movie too and I’ve been dying to see it. It’s kind of mysterious and creepy too.” You explain.

“Yeah but I don’t think it’s in theaters anymore.”

“Aww that’s too bad…” you remember seeing the trailer and maybe wanting to see it but you didn’t have anyone to see it with. Lucas hated doing things like that.

“Maybe you can come over tonight. It’s on my Apple TV and we can watch it together.” Harry offers.

You look up from cataloging to see that Harry was waiting for your answer. You knew your answer already. But your mind suddenly went to your boyfriend. It didn’t matter what he thinks you told yourself. You are just hanging out with a friend and will be done before 11 if he is even home that early.

“I mean if you have other plans I totally understand-.”

“No, I don’t I would love to come.” You say and he smiles.

“Ok I’ll wait for you after your shift is over.”

“I’ll be waiting.” You say as he walks away to finish the rest of the work he had to do.

Now all you were thinking was that you hoped four hours will go by quickly.


“Do you want coke or Pepsi?” Harry yelled from his kitchen.

“Coke definitely!”

A few moments later Harry comes back with two cokes in one hand and a big bowl of popcorn in another.

He handed you a coke and said,“ your a coke girl, my favorite kind” he said jokingly and you giggled.

He also brought a big blanket down from upstairs. When it was time to sit and watch the movie Harry sat down right next to you barely leaving any room between you too. He layed out the blanket over your bodies and put the popcorn between you two.

It was now about seven o'clock and the sun was setting soon. But Harry’s apartment was so cozy and homey. You loved coming over here.

Harry pressed play and the movie started. As the movie was rolling Harry kept asking questions and making commentary that made you laugh.

“Why would she do that-”

“Harry be quiet this is the good part.” You placed your hand over his mouth and he licked your hand making you pull away and wipe your hand on your shirt.

“Your such a child!”

But then Harry hushed you to be quiet because the climax of the movie was happening.

When the movie ended you guys decided to watch The Notebook. It was Harry’s idea actually but you loved the movie too.

As the movie progressed. Your eyes began to get droopy but you tried fighting it. But you barely got any sleep last night.

So when you placed your head on Harry’s shoulder you fell into a deep sleep.


The sound of a phone ringing woke you up. Your eyes were still closed as you grabbed your phone from your pocket and answered.

“Hello?” You said with you groggy voice.

“Y/N, where the fuck are you?!” Lucas’ voice boomed from the line.

Your eyes flew open. You were confused where you were for a second. But you took in your state as your laying in Harry’s lap as he’s fast asleep next to you practically holding you. You looked at your phone to see the time, and when it read 1am you nearly had a heart attack.

Holy Fuck.

“I’m so-rry. I’m at a friends and we were watching a movie and I accidentally fell asleep. I lost track of time.”

“Where are you? Send me the address I’m picking you up.” He demanded.

“No, it’s ok. I’m leaving right now. I swear you don’t need to come.” You tried no calm yourself from panicking.

“I swear to fucking god Y/N, if your not hear in a fucking 30 minutes I will-”

“I’ll be there, I promise I’m leaving right now. I’m sorry. I love you bye.” Lucas hangs up on you without saying anything.

“Is everything alright?” Harry yawns beside you. Making you realize that you were still very close to him. “Who was that? You got up quickly and started gathering your stuff.

“I have to go. I should of been home awhile ago. Lucas is worried” You frantically look for your other shoe as Harry watched you.

Harry knew who Lucas was, he met him a few times when they started dating. But he always gave him a weird vibe.

“Oh crap it is 1am. We slept for awhile did we?”


“That was the best nap I’ve ever taken. Your very warm and cozy Y/N like a pillow.” Harry said randomly.

Your stomach did a weird flip after Harry said that. You looked over at him with his hair a little messy from sleeping, and looked adorable.

You wanted to go back to the couch and let him hold you again.

“Let me at least drive you home.” Harry offered getting up from the coach.

“Of no you’ve done so much already. It’s fine I can walk.” You said too quickly.

“Absolutely not Y/N it’s 1am. What kind of friend would I be if I let my pretty friend walk home at night.”


“No way, at least let me call you an uber?”


The uber arrived 7 minutes later. As soon as you saw there headlights you went to the door.

“Hey I don’t even get a goodbye hug?” Harry pouted.

You smiled and turned back around and Harry wrapped his hands around your waist pulling you closer to him.

“Text me when your home safe.” Harry whispers in your ear and you just nod. You didn’t want to leave but when Harry pulled away you knew you had to go.

But all you wanted was to back in Harry’s arms.


Part 2: Part 3:
Best of Me

Requested: Yes.
Pairing: Bill x Reader
Prompt: Bill gets caught up in rumors of you cheating on him and later comes to regret breaking up with you.
Warnings: Attempted rape

Originally posted by dreamfantasys

You and Bill had been dating for over a year now and things couldn’t have been better for the two of you. That is.. until a couple of weeks ago while the two of you had been on vacation in Los Angeles, where Bill liked to spend most of his time whenever not shooting any projects.

 Recently, Bill had been going about his secret social media accounts and exploring articles of what people had to say on his life as if they knew him personally. Normally, Bill avoided social media at all costs- being a very private person- but ever since he found an article of yours and his relationship, which he would soon realize was a bad idea to go snooping, and the author of the article was going on about you being unfaithful. 

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A-Z NSFW: Kihyun

Originally posted by babywoon

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

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A = Aftercare 
Aftercare needs a bit more work than the other boys, sex with Kihyun gets a lil more playful with him. It’ll completely depend on the night at hand, but standard aftercare with Kihyun involves a soothing bath, or shower if it’s just to quickly clean off, and a very necessary check over and rub down with sweet smelling lotion, to make sure everything is still in working condition after he’s through with you. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Kihyun is super hands in bed, he’s got this sensual touch, he likes trailing his hands across the smooth skin or tracing figures, so large spaces of your body are things he favors like your tummy, back, thighs, things of that nature. On the flip side, Kihyun’s pretty damn confident in his mouth, or more so his tongue, his skills with the wet muscle could almost rival his own cock and he’s proud of that. 

C = Cum 

When Kihyun finishes, it’s almost a game to him. He’s one that has a fixation on pulling out and painted your chest and stomach, or back, and relishing in the sight of his lover completely wrecked and worn out while covered in his cum. It’s a weird male pride thing, and probably even dabbles into cum play, like he’ll spell out his name on your skin, and just really hit home that you’re his and he’s yours. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Almost nothing is hidden in a relationship with Kihyun, he’s pretty open about things with you, especially sex talk, there’s no shame or nerves when it comes to just talking about anything and everything. But being Kihyun, and his attitude during sex, he doesn’t exactly throw it out that one of his biggest fantasies is just flipping the role and being completely at your mercy. Letting you have full dominance over him, and giving himself as a willing toy. Maybe he’ll spill one day. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Kihyun’s not overly experienced, but he’s certainly skilled in what he does. He’s got your body figured out like a map, he knows exactly what to do to make you squirm, what buttons he can push, how far he can push you to the edge. He’s pretty damn skilled. 

F = Favorite position
He’s not particularly picky with positions, if he’s in you, then it’s already a win in his book. However, he’s pretty fond of anything from behind; having you against the wall, bent over a desk, on your hands and knees, he has full control from there. He’s got access to your entire body, everything’s in reach, and it always is nice that he can reach new depths from the positions. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Kihyun’s damn intense in the bedroom. Unless it’s a fun day and he’s letting lose, or he’s drunk, the atmosphere is near suffocating it’s so heavy with his aura. He’s pretty dominant, and the mood let’s it be felt, but there are moments when he breaks lose, and he’ll crack off a dirty joke or something during, and slip right back in to his role again. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He’s fairly clean and organized with his body, I can imagine him trimming pretty well, keeping everything neat and in order down there. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Kihyun’s more of a romantic during the non-sexual part of the relationship, even the second after sex is done, he’s curled up against you and toying with your hair and whispering sweet nothings, but during sex he’s a fire cracker. Romance is rarely there aside from special or touch days when love and affection is really needed, and he’s exude adoration during. But on the usually, it’s not very romantic.  

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
I feel like he’d be one that has a hidden stash of pictures he’s take with his lover, as a secret reserve for times like this. He’d be that weird artsy s/o that’s like ‘we should totally take some polaroids of us butt fucking naked, bet they’d be #aesthetic and shit’ but really it’s just for his secret wank stash. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He’s insanely dominant in sex, not really a dom in the sex of the term, but it’s fairly blatant he’s in control most of the time. Kihyun’s sweet on marking you, hickies galore with this one, watch out, as well as over stimulation/making you cum multiple times before he’s done. He’s quite big on pleasing you to the fullest, and that includes insane body worship. He may be in control but you own him completely. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

He’s fairly open with sex, but only with his lover. He’s kind of wild, but he’s very private, he’d probably be one of the guys that’ll rip someone’s head off if they walked in and saw his lover in such a intimate way. Sex is contained to the bedroom, the shower is the most adventurous place, but generally, the bed is the easiest and softest, considering he’s not going to let you out of his clutches for a long while.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Most of the time, he’s just ready to pop off and is basically trying to seduce you. But when it comes to taking things in your own hands and ensnaring him in your web, he’s pretty easily turned on by nibbling his neck or really getting a touch on his thigh, trailing your fingers up the muscle and squeezing just shy of his growing arousal and he’s got you whisked away to the bedroom before you can blink. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Dominant as he is, he’s not into the whole degrading and pain thing. Spanking is one thing, but he’s not going to actually hurt you, safe words are in place for a reason. No insane hair pulling, choking, spanking hard enough there’s bruises and he’s not going to go around calling you a bitch or slut in bed, he may be in control but he’s got complete respect for you and really, in the end, you’ve got more control than he does. 

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Ha, his favorite form of teasing, pray for god when he’s got himself laid out between your legs, you’re in for a ride. Kihyun’s a huge lover of oral, he’s a right master at it, feeling your thighs tighten around his head and tremble under his grasp, and your begging and whimpers filling her head are enough to work him to the edge. That being said, unless it’s a quick morning thing before he has to slip off for schedule, he’s not the biggest on oral from his lover, more petting are his thing, from playing with you so much he’s already toeing on the edge, and he’s not going to let you make him cum without him taking full care of you. Having you whining and moaning for him is a huge turn on that your touch is too much, can’t have you pushing him over the edge just yet. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Being the tease he is, Kihyun always has you on the edge before he even lets you have his cock, and the second he’s inside you, he’s ruthless. Fast pace, if people outside don’t hear him grunting or you moaning, they’re definitely going to hear the sounds of skin hitting skin. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies are literally the bane of Kihyun’s existence. He almost will go as far as to say he downright hates them. Half of the fun is getting the time to build you up just to break you down, and do it all over again, and quickies rob him of that. Of course he’ll accept when there’s not other option, but he’ll probably pout afterwards and make you promise to visit after he’s done with whatever put him on the time crunch. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

While he’s fairly adventurous in the bedroom, that’s about the lengths. Kihyun will toy around with kids, playthings, roleplays, positions, anything of the nature as long as it follows one rule: it stays in the bedroom. Kink master he may be, but he’s a private lover. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He’s pretty wild, Kihyun’s stamina is almost over the line, but being that he draws you to the edge before he’ll give you himself, it’s more than enough to throw you over the cliff. He can stretch out the ol in and out for a good 10+ minutes before he’s at his end. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Toys are typically things to restrain you, Kihyun’s a fan of handcuffs, nice silk scarves, anything to have you laid out at his mercy without hindering his ability to have both hands working you to the fullest. He’s pretty determined that you fall apart by his touch, and nothing else, so toys aren’t too present during sex, but being the everlasting tease he is, and he likes seeing you get so worked up, he has dabbled in bringing a few vibrators in here and there.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

Kihyun’s terribly unmerciful. You don’t have a hope in heaven to get past sex without a dose of Kihyun’s teasing. It’s one of his favorite pastimes, having you spread out on the bed, and having himself tucked between your legs, nibbling and kissing everywhere but where you need him, only caving when he’s going you begging so nicely for his mouth and tongue. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He’s very vocal in bed, dirty talking is the majority of Kihyun’s bedroom sounds, he’s more of a grunt and moan kind of guy, not unbearable loud. He’s vocal, but he’s made it a point of keeping his voice low just so you can hear him over the sounds of his hips slamming into yours, commanding you to beg or telling you how good you are for me, so good, fuck. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

Kihyun is almost another person in bed, he’s got an unusually dominant aura, that sometimes it feels like you’re having sex with your boss, in the sense that he’s so dominant and powerful, that it’s almost laughable on the rare occasion the safe word is used. That act is right out the window, any snarky attitude he’s developed in the bedroom is gone, and he’s almost at a level of crying that he’d done something wrong to result in the safe word, that he’s hurt you in some way during what’s supposed to be one of the most intimate and affectionate acts people can do. Then it’s right back the moment he’s told it was just a cramp, or he pinched some skin by accident. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

Kihyun’s another one that’s a grower, not a shower. He’s not much bigger than average, a bit over the line, toeing at 5.5/5.6″, and more on the thicker side of things than being slender. 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Kihyun would be one of the horndogs, fight me. I feel like 90% of the time, he’s going to be nudging you like, ‘can we go now? i’ve been hard for the last hour and it’s not getting any better. h e l p’. He’s definitely going to be one of the rabbits, constantly ready to hop on you. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Usually, so much adrenaline is pumping that even after sex, Kihyun isn’t worn out that much. Multiple rounds are in order to knock him out, if he even does. He doesn’t sleep afterwards, more so he just caves in to post sex cuddling and pillow talk until he comes down from his high, and can relax enough to sleep. 

a concept for modern day Losers: richie is always the one to kill new trends, and not in the good way. when dabbing came out, every roast he did on anyone was automatically followed with a dab. every joke or stupid pun included an over exaggerated dab. every time he made one of the Losers laugh too hard, he could be seen with a dab spaz attack in the background. plus, he’s the kind of guy who tries to make it cool so of course he’s the one who gets eddie to dab after his constant begging and pestering. eddie says he hates it, but we all know he does it just to see the smile richie has afterwards

Sehun Boyfriend Material

Out of Bed

Originally posted by exomystyle

  • a lil nub
  • the cutest little numb
  • so weird but its great bc you all are super weird together
  • and its more of a quiet weird but you guys just like get each other idk
  • Oddly fond of small talk?
  • Or not really small talk but he would love you telling him little bits about your day
  • Like that your coffee was extra yummy that morning or that you got a compliment from a co-worker or that you just bought the cutest dress that you think looks amazing on you (and trust me he thinks so too ;)) 
  • He would just really like hearing about the little things you like and make you
  • Comfortable silence 
  • simple date night’s 
  • laying on the couch, your head on his chest or vice versa depending on the day, listening to each others heart beats, the drull of the tv sometimes playing in the back ground
  • And 9.5 times out of 10 these dates would turn into sloppy make out sessions rather quickly
  • asking  blunt questions when your least expecting it
  • “Y/N?”
  • “hmmm?”
  • “You want to fuck me don’t you?”
  • getting caught off guard by his blunt questions
  • him crawling across the couch to flip you over and straddle you
  • even in public things like this would happen
  • he really wouldn’t mind pda or at least he doesn’t show otherwise
  • all he shows is dang does he really like you
  • he either has a cute puppy smile or a sly smirk 100% of the time
  • both should warrens concern
  • hes a mischievous little shit so he probably did something
  • sometimes it would be a prank and you would smack his chest and he would chuckle
  • othertimes it would be a romantic dinner that he just couldn’t wait to see the look on your face
  • asking really dumb questions together
  • being confused together
  • the members making fun of you guys for being slow
  • planning pranks to get back at them
  • being kinda an “immature” couple but who care because you have fun
  • also the kinda gross couple because you makeout ALL the time
  • but hey who would be able to resist him?

Originally posted by r-velvets

In Bed

  • So so innocent at first
  • you would definitely need to take the lead for a while until he got the hang of things
  • and then watch out Daddy Central
  • he would certainly make you feel every centimeter of his rather gifted package
  • really really rough in general
  • and a bit frantic bc boy is he horny and ready to rip your clothes off in a second
  • so much neck biting you best have some full coverage concealer to cover up those marks
  • dragging his teeth across your entire body
  • paying special attention to your ass
  • man is he an ass guy
  • and yours is EXACTLY his type
  • him convincing you to call him oppa
  • you being slightly unsure at first but then getting super into it
  • lots and lots of dirty talk
  • him telling you how good you felt or praising you for just how wet you were 
  • scolding you for if you ever dried up
  • commanding you on how to move or telling you when you could speak or not
  • he loves it when your super vocal
  • he is especially fond of you moaning his name… especially while sucking him off
  • fucking in basically every position imaginable
  • teasing you under the table when you go out to dinner with friends and then excusing yourselves early to either fuck in the bathroom or ur car, u guys hardly ever could wait until u got home
  • fucking quite frequently in public places
  • him loving when you deep throat him
  • him grabbing your hair in a makeshift ponytail and forcing you farther down his shaft
  • him being for the most part silent as you choked on him only letting out the occasional groan
  • making sure to repay the favor later on by eating you out
  • though, while it was repayment, he also made you suffer a bit
  • he just couldn’t help it, overstim was one of his favorite things to do to you
  • and when ever he ate you out he always made sure u came at least twice
  • whenever he was repaying the favor tho by eating you out… well usually he made you cum until you were begging him to stop and even then he wouldn’t stop until you physically couldn’t cum anymore
  • ;))))
  • yah hes also kinda a cocky little shit especially after you guys have been together for a while
  • have fun enjoying him large package
The Rise of Justice - Requested

Requested by anon:  Could you do a Bruce Wayne x reader but the reader is Clark Kents little sister? She’s not kryptonion, just a normal human that Ma and Pa Kent had after Clark showed up. And Clark is super protective of her, and Bruce is head over overly priced shoes for her! And can this take place in BVS and the boys are still, all like, you need to be stopped, No YOU need to be stopped! Reader knows about their secret identities and is trying to hint that maybe they’re over reacting. Plus a little smut…Thx!

Pairing: Bruce x reader

Word count: 3,492

Warnings: Language, smut - unprotected - and I changed the whoooooole story line.

A/N: Wow, BvS was so much time ago…


Originally posted by kryptoniteclois

Sunday morning after spending time at home felt both sad and lazy. (Y/N) would visit her parents and brother at Metropolis every weekend, arriving there during Saturday mornings and leaving at Sunday’s afternoon.

She loved visiting her family, and she surely missed home, but her job at Gotham was better than anything her older brother Clark could get her on Metropolis. Therefore, she moved out and agreed to visit every weekend.

“I have a friend that is looking for a…”

“Clark.” (Y/N) interrupted his brother. “Enough, we’ve talked about this.”

“I don’t like you to live in a place where a psycho killer can’t be controlled.” Clark hissed.

“Don’t worry about Joker; I’m sure I don’t fit in the victim-profile.” She joked.

“You are dating Joker’s favourite millionaire. I’m sure you’re on top of the list.” Clark fumed, “Also, I was talking about Batman.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

If her older brother only knew what kind of relationship she held with Batman…

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336 HOURS | JJ

Pairing: Dealer!Jungkook X Agent!Reader ft. Agent!Jin, Agent!Yoongi, Agent!Hoseok and Dealer!Taehyung

Summary: Y/n aka Agent 23, undercover as a rich slut to try and get Jungkook, a drug dealer to break. Of course, at first, she tortures him to try and test his loyalty to her. But Jungkook believes that two can play at that game. She has 336 hours though to get out of that place, get back home and help take down Jungkook but how can she when she’s tied to a chair? 

Genre: Smut >> Angst >> Fluff

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 3,000+

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Of Paparazzi and Succulents

Summary: Actor!Dan is running away from a mob of fans when he runs into a flower shop. There, he meets a quirky florist who has an absurd liking towards succulents, seeming to think they have feelings of their own.
Word Count: 10,927
Warnings: Mobbing fans, anxiety attack, swearing, sexuality denial
A/N: Special thanks to @humhallephan and @moondaniel for giving me editing tips, you guys are awesome! This was originally a prompt from an anon so I hope you guys like it!

Read it on AO3


Dan knew it was a bad idea to go outside. He knew exactly what would happen when he went out (he could hear the squeals and screams even now), but he did it anyways. All he wanted to do was to go to store to grab some more dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, but of course, he couldn’t enjoy the everyday luxury of going out to the store.

As soon as he stepped out of his flat, a hush fell over the street and he sucked his breath in, waiting to see what would happen. Then, not even two minutes later, he was being pushed, screamed at, and had sobbing girls crying into his shoulder.

And all he had wanted was some damned dinosaur nuggets.

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Autumn Leaves Part One//H.S. Imagine//

So this one is a short first part to a short fall series ill be doing! I thought this mini series was a cute idea and it will be mostly fluff (my favorite). Each part will have a different fall activity and i’m leaning towards 4 or 5 parts (but don’t hold me to that, lol). I have no clue what days i will be posting them, but i love surprises and hopefully you do too! I hope you like it, let me know what you guys think.  

This is how i imagine Harry to look in these stories. In this mini series Harry isn’t famous, I thought regular cuddly boyfriend Harry who owns a bakery would better fit into the story, enjoy!

Harry, Wake up!!”  You shouted. 

You and Harry were cuddled together in bed and now all of a sudden you were shouting like a four year old at Christmas. He wondered exactly how long you had been trying to wake him up and declared it was much too early for this.

Harry hesitantly rolled over to his side with a grunt, a chore that took him a few more seconds that usual, and looked at you. You were sitting on your knees violently shaking him with a look on your face that could easily be compared to a child who’s parents just said yes to ice cream. Your hair was in a loose braid close to unraveling and Harry’s shirt (that was a bit too big for you) was draped over your body. He immediately noticed the lack of warmth by his side as you had gotten up and it was freezing in the house, he wiggled his toes to try and create some warmth, as (according to Harry) you absolutely can not wear socks to bed. The shades were completely drawn and the light pouring in was irritating his eyes, causing him to squint. 

“Okay, love, i’m up! Whats the matter?” Harry asked in a deep, groggy voice, genuinely confused.

“The leaves!!” You shouted at in a high pitched volume. 

Harry propped himself up on his elbows and squinted to look out of the window. The leaves that had slowly been turning from green to shades of orange, red and brown were falling and littering your yard with color. Harry had to admit, it was surly a pretty sight, but despite the fact he was a morning person he couldn’t understand why he had been woken up to glance outside. He looked at you again and saw the expectant look on your face, waiting for his reaction. 

Well?” You pushed, it was then Harry remembered the reason for your excitement. In your five year relationship he had never known you to be any less then excited for every Holiday. When it was valentines day you bought Harry the most sentimental gift you could think of, a ring with your initials carved in it that had a place on his ring finger (he was determined to replace it soon) and littered the house with hearts. Of course Harry reciprocated your excitement and gifted you a simple locket with a picture of you two inside that you always wore. He even went that extra mile to cook dinner and place roses down the hallway in true rom-com fashion. When it was your anniversary you had made a huge scrapbook with all the pictures you could possibly find of you and Harry than decorated it with such care that Harry was sure you had been planing it for a long time. When the first flower in the yard popped up you were dragging him to the gardening shop and adding brown pigment to your hands from all of the soil. As soon as possible you were climbing in the attic and begging Harry to help you carry boxes of Christmas decorations out. You would blast Christmas carols all day long and invite Harry to dance with you as snowflakes fell outside (don’t even get me started on how excited snow made you). Harry always made sure to buy candles that went with the season and make the house smell wonderful, what could he say, after five years you had really made him a festive guy. 

But Autumn had to be one of your favorites, the scarves and the pumpkins and the leaves and the pies, oh the pies! You just couldn’t get enough of it. So once Harry wiped the sleep from his eyes and got his brain in order his heart skipped a beat to see you so Happy. A large, dimpled smile spread across his face as he watched the wind scatter more leaves on the ground. 

“Oh! It’s beautiful, my love! It’s officially fall than, yeah?” Harry had a fondness for fall in his heart as well, but mainly because he got the most cuddles when it was fall and winter season. 

“Yes, H! Isn’t this amazing? Get up you goober, i wanna go outside and see!” You tugged on Harry’s arm to pull him upright and blew a piece of stray hair from your face. You swung your legs off the end of the bed and went to find a pair of sweat pants to wear, Harry just watched you go, his heart growing a few sizes larger. 

An hour later you and Harry were sitting on your porch swing drinking tea, the tea was still a bit too hot for you to gulp so you took sips every once and awhile. You were holding a blue pillow from the swing close to your chest and listening to Harry’s soft humming. Your head rested against his chest and his heartbeat was the most soothing sound you had ever heard. The comfortable silence between you was interrupted every few minutes by the sweet sound of the wind or the crunch of a squirrel scurrying across the yard. Harry’s arms around you created a comfortable warmth, but a shiver still ran through you when a gust of wind blew over your bare arms. 

“Are you cold, my love?” Harry asked, pulling you closer to him. 

“No, I’m alright. I was just thinking,” You responded, “Don’t you think the porch could use some pumpkins? It looks too bare.”

Harry let out a boyish laugh, “Yes, i suppose it could.”

“And don’t you think the mall should have some sales on candles? The ones with the silver tops.” 

“Yes, i’m sure they so.”

The swing swung back and forth a bit as you adjusted yourself to look at your boyfriend, admiring the bit of scruff he had that tickled you when he kissed your forehead. “Do you think i would look good in that red scarf we saw in that commercial yesterday?”

“You look good in everything you wear, sweetness.” 

You weren’t sure if the goosebumps you got were from the temperature or Harry’s compliment, “Thank you, H. But seriously, we could paint the pumpkins to give the porch some color. And than buy some Autumn pillows for the couch, and a new cuddling blanket too.”

“Don’t we already have thousands of cuddling blankets?”

“That’s besides the point, baby, we can have as many as we want. Plus, you never see me complaining when you buy unnecessary things to bake with.”

“Fair point, love. You can never have too many cuddling blankets or star shaped cookie molds.” Harry was genuinely entertained by the excitement that laced your voice.

Exactly, and I’ve been saving up money just in case we see one of those expensive fluffy blankets with the frills on the end.”

“Wonderful idea.” Harry looked down and passionately kissed you on the lips, causing your heart to slightly flutter. 

“Hey! We can do that later, right now we have to find a pumpkin pie recipe from Pinterest!” And although Harry knew how to bake a perfect pie, as he did it almost every day, he decided to let you have your fun and follow you inside. Harry loved his job, but sometimes it was nice to follow a new recipe, plus he loved to see your face light up when you found one you loved. 

“Oh, and Harry?” You asked, “Do you think we could plant an apple tree?” 

Thanks for reading! If you sent me a request i haven’t forgotten about you and i’ll try to post them soon. Feed back is always appreciated and my ask box is wide open! xx

Burning Fire

word count: 4 154
warnings: smut

summary: Y/N goes to a party to relive old times. What she didn’t know was her boyfriend Kai would be there, too, becoming more jealous than ever before. 
note: The smut part is a little different to what I’ve written before (I wanted to try something new), but I hope you’ll like it anyway. 

1. “I hate that I love you.”
3. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
13. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”
16. “Come and make me.”
24. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
37. “Life’s so much easier with magic.” 
44. “Are you challenging me?” - “Maybe.”

*gif by me

(requested by anon)

She should’ve known him better than to believe for one second he would let her go to that party. Especially if there were boys and alcohol involved. Not that he didn’t trust her, it was them he didn’t trust. 

Kai and Y/N had started their relationship two months prior to this party. And even though he still had difficulties with his feelings, he knew she was his everything. She was his light in the dark, his bastion of calm, always there when everyone else turned their backs on him. He didn’t want to lose her, knowing that it would bring back his old self. The person he was before the merge, before meeting Y/N. That’s the reason he always wanted to come with her; he feared that one day he would be on his own again. Without a person who cared about him, loved him just the way he was without wanting to change him into something he wasn’t. He would never find someone like her again.

But that’s exactly what was driving her crazy sometimes. No matter how much she loved Kai, how much she wanted to spend time with him, she just needed some alone time sometimes. Time she could spend with her friends to relive old times. 

“I’m sorry, okay?” She bawled out, arms crossed in front of her chest. She felt the anger rage under her skin though it was nothing compared to the devil’s dancing in her boyfriend’s eyes. Never before had she felt fear in his company. Not until he had dragged her out of the room, being on the verge of snapping. Not until he actually had snapped. 

“Come on, Y/N, just one more drink. You need to loosen up a bit.” Her best friend Caroline said, holding two red cups in her hands. Both were filled with an amber liquid, nearly spilling over when Caroline danced a little in time to the music. 

“You may be a vampire who has a high alcohol tolerance, but I’m only human, remember?” Y/N asked, looking around. It felt as if someone was watching her every step. She even could’ve sworn seeing familiar blue eyes of a person hiding in the shadows. Caroline was about to roll her eyes when Y/N grabbed one of the cups, drinking it in one go. 

The alcohol trickled down her throat, burnt herself from the inside and ignited a fire in her. It made her head slightly dizzy already, allowing her not to overthink things. She looked around, creating ideas what to do next. 

“Whoa, slow down.” Caroline interfered as Y/N was about to grab another cup, emptying it the same way she had done it before. She should loosen up - fine, that was exactly what she was going to do. Without paying attention to her friend, she made her way past a group of giggling girls, heading directly into the center of the crowd, partying like never before.

She danced with different random guys, hooking her arms around their necks, swaying her hips and pressing herself to their bodies as close as possible. Not caring if it had indeed been her boyfriend who was watching her, she only wanted to have some fun which most likely was caused by the alcohol. Every time she emptied her cup she got another one right away, not even giving her a moment to rest. 

Many guys had come up to her by now, wanted to dance with her. She had thrown away her leather jacket earlier, revealing the tight, form-fitting white top she had been wearing underneath it. She stepped on a nearby table, draining another cup before she started to dance, moving her hips and playing with the hem of her top. Earning lots of cheerings and applause, she continued her actions, not realizing how Kai clenched his fists, about to make a move. 

Because nothing more happened, he remained hidden although he felt a burning feeling inside of him which was only amplified when a guy stepped on the table, too, snaking his hands around her waist and pulling his girl, his Y/N closer towards him. Y/N hooked her arms around his neck, moving her hips on his. This was too much for Kai, and he felt something inside him explode. Something that he initially had managed to keep under control since he had started his relationship. 

You’ve got to be kidding me.” He murmured, preparing himself by moving closer to the people, still standing semi-hidden in the shadows. He felt it seething inside of him; his eyes darkened as he stretched out his hand, mumbling a spell. 

All of a sudden - Y/N was still dancing with the guy, teasing him by roaming her hands over his chest - he started choking. His hands moved up to his throat as he coughed up blood. He fell on his knees, spitting out blood that built dark red spots on the wooden table. 

Y/N took a step back, neither being shocked nor surprised. She should’ve known she had gone too far, but with her alcohol caused lightheadedness she just hadn’t cared about any consequences. The only thing she could do now to do any better was to find him and get him to stop. Stop him before he could do something he would regret later on. 

It only took her seconds to spot her boyfriend casually leaning against a wall, a smug grin on his face while he kept eye contact with the guy on the table who was still choking and spitting out blood. Quickly she walked up to him, debating about just slapping him or begging him to stop. But before she could do either one, he made the decision for her. 

Life’s so much easier with magic, don’t you agree, princess?” His tone was different, dangerous and the way he had called her by her nickname had sent shivers running down her spine. Not the good type like usually but the ones that made her afraid of what he was going to do. Not only to her but to everyone present here at the moment. 

“Stop hurting him, Kai. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Stop it, please!” She entreated, trying to make him look at her. But he avoided her gaze; his eyes were focused on the coughing guy.  At this moment she realized what his problem really was. It would’ve been better to keep her mouth shut, but thanks to the alcohol she spoke without thinking, infuriating him even more without any intention. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?

These words were what finally got him to look at her. And it was one of the most terrifying things she had ever seen in her entire life. Although she had seen him snap some times already, she had never seen him burn with that much passion before. Like it was the first time he actually cared about what he was doing and not did it because someone thought he might do it anyway or because he sought some stupid way to get his revenge. 

Y/N yanked at his wrist, tears burning in her eyes. She blinked a few times, trying to hold them back. She wouldn’t cry in front of him - not because of this. 

"Please Kai, you’re angry at me. Not him. You want to punish someone; I get it. But please, it was my fault, not his. I knew you were here, watching me, and I still did everything I did. Just please, stop hurting him!” She pleaded, emphasizing the last three words especially. 

Finally, he obeyed her wish, and the guy stopped coughing blood. The crowd had built a circle around him though no one came up to help him. Y/N was about to go to him, see if he was ok, as Kai tightly grabbed her wrists, dragging her with him towards the door. 

It had been the quietest drive home ever. Usually, Kai never stopped talking, he always made her smile, and they had fun while driving. Not today though. Today every little space had seemed to be filled with friction like electricity was being conducted directly through the air. 

He had parked the car in front of her house, and Y/N had expected him to leave her alone, drove off again as soon as she walked in. Instead, he came with her, both of them now standing in the living room and staring at one another. The room sizzled with tension as the anger rose underneath their skins. But with all this fury there came another thing. Slightly only yet not unnoticeable. 

Y/N realized it at first, seeing his eyes darken in a way they only did when…

You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.” 

And with this he ran up to her, pinning her to the nearest wall, kissing her aggressively. His lips moved in sync with hers, leaving her breathless while she wounded her arms around his neck, digging her nails into his back. She wrapped one leg around his hips, pulling him closer towards her, feeling him grinding his crotch against hers. 

A low moan escaped her mouth as his hand found its way under her skirt, innocently brushing against her clothed heat. She already felt herself getting wet, even on this slightest of touches. It didn’t need much for her anyway. Whenever Kai was touching her like this, it felt like he was setting her skin on fire, damning her to burn for as long as they were both finished. It was even easier for him when she was slightly tipsy because she responded to every touch immediately.

“Look at that. So eager already although I haven’t done anything yet.” He said, tilting his head when he moved her panties aside and started drawing rough figure eights on her clit. Y/N couldn’t help herself but moan more which Kai quickly silenced by connecting their lips again. Biting on her lower lip, he waited for her to open her mouth before their tongues moved so perfectly in sync, fighting for dominance. 

Of course, Kai won this fight - he always did. Without warning, he pushed two fingers deep into her. Rough and deep he pumped them in and out, curling them around, stretching her out. She felt the cold of his rings brush lightly against her clit, making her shiver and squirm. 

“Spread your legs for me.” He demanded in the low and deep voice she loved so much. Doing as told she gave him better access, allowing him to push in even deeper. She sank his hips down on his fingers, wanting to feel as much of him as possible. He fastened his thrusts, hitting her spot almost every time. The room was filled with her moans; the temperature seemed to rise with every passing second. She reached her hands out to tug at the hem of his shirt, but Kai caught them with his free hand, pinning them over her head. 

“No touching, sweetheart.” He decided firmly. “Keep them up there. That’s right, baby.” Continuously he pushed his fingers in and out of her at a fast pace, making her moan his name as she felt her first orgasm approach. She clenched her walls around his fingers, tightened around them even more. 

“Kai.” She moaned, rolling her hips on him a bit to help release the friction, while everything inside of her screamed to move her hands, touch him and feel every inch of him. Meanwhile, he sucked on a spot on her neck, making sure to leave a mark there, marking her as his’. 

With every thrust he brought her closer to the edge, he felt it in the way her body tensed, how the moans left her lips in shorter getting intervals and how her heartbeat picked up its rate. His jeans tightened around his length as he became harder with each time she cried out his name, finally wanting to get her release. But he wanted to tease her, just like she had done earlier this evening. 

“You know, I still haven’t decided what to do to you.” Kai said casually, removing his fingers and taking a step back from Y/N who was whimpering at the loss of his touch, his warmth. She had been so close, yet he just left her in the lurch. She was about to finish herself off right in front of him as she noticed she couldn’t even move. Kai must’ve used his magic on her, keeping her in this position while he was staring at her, his blue eyes piercing into her skin. 

“Well, what about that - you’re not allowed to come until I say so. Do you understand?” His voice had imbibed this dangerous undertone again, causing shivers to roll down her spine. As she didn’t answer him right away, he got closer to her, pinching her nipple through the top. Y/N let out a cry of pain and pleasure when Kai asked her again, more firm this time. 

She nodded, and Kai let go of her. “Good girl.” He walked towards an armchair, turning it around so he could watch his girl’s struggles. Having a smug grin on his face, he flicked his wrists and seconds later all her clothes were spread around her, leaving her exposed in front of him. 

He tilted his head to the left as she felt the sensation of having something inside of her again. A moan trembled off her lips as his magic fingers continued where they left off. They pushed in and out hard and deep, again hitting her spot almost every time, making her a squirming and moaning mess. Her orgasm approached faster this time, her walls clenched around him every so often. 

But again he stopped right before she got to her release. He rested his fingertips on her entrance, his thumb drawing small, soft circles on her clit. Yet none of this actions was enough to send her over the edge. Y/N lifted her head up seeing Kai’s hand resting on his crotch, palming himself through his pants. 

As she had calmed down a bit again, he picked up his pace, pushing his fingers in deep again, curling them around. Y/N closed her eyes, getting lost in the feeling of his thrusts. She couldn’t think about anything else than how much she wanted to feel him - the real him, not just his magical fingers. How much she needed him. How much she wanted to come even though she wasn’t allowed to. 

“Keep your eyes open, princess.” He demanded, a low growl escaping his mouth. Seeing her like this had turned him on, so he had freed his hard length, slowly started stroking it while watching his girlfriend squirm as he brought her closer to the edge a third time. He enjoyed doing that more than he should. Though Y/N seemed to enjoy it too, at least a little.

But it was tough for her to obey his demand, her eyes just always fluttered close. 

“Na-uh. Keep them open, sweetheart. I want to look into your eyes.” He said, suddenly standing right in front of her again. The magic fingers were gone and replaced by the real ones. He added pressure on her clit by drawing rough figure eights with his thumb, drowning her moans with a demanding, passionate kiss. 

“Look how wet you are already. You’re dripping.” He remarked, lifting up the spell that was keeping her in place. Immediately her hands reached down to his length, but he stopped them midway between. “Not there.” Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing small figures on his back with her fingertips. 

He removed his fingers from her wet core, sticking them in her mouth so she could lick them clean. 

“Such a good girl.” He complimented, wrapping his arms around her after she was finished. He scooped her up and immediately, out of reflex, Y/N snuggled closer to him, resting her head in the crook of his neck. Her breathing was heavy; her skin felt like it was on fire and she still could only think about one thing. 

Gently he stroked up and down her arm, giving her a little rest. He walked into her bedroom, letting her down on the bed. As soon as she was laying on the soft sheets Kai’s dominant side came back, already having the next things planned for her. 

“Turn around on all fours, ass up in the air.” 

She did as told, waiting in anticipation for what would come next. It didn’t take long until she felt his large hand on her ass, softly rubbing it. Every now and this his slid his fingers down to her wet heat, collecting her arousal, teasing her folds, brushing against her clit. She relaxed under his touch, enjoying it even though she wanted more, waited for more. She knew Kai too well to believe for one second that this was all he had planned. 

“So beautiful.” He muttered as he slapped her ass hard. Y/N let out a hoarse moan as he changed from rubbing her soft flesh to slapping it. The pain was mixed with pleasure; it was a new sensation to her. Never before had he spanked her. Nevertheless, there was no denying she didn’t like it. 

“You’re enjoying this, don’t you? What do you think about one for each guy that came near you today, hmm? Count them with me, babe.” He told her before she felt another slap. In between moans she spoke out the numbers, feeling her cheeks sting after the fifths. She was sure there were red bruises already which would make it impossible for her to sit tomorrow. 

After the tenths the pleasure was overshadowed by pain, she moved forward, trying to flee his hand. Little whines left her mouth, tears streamed down her cheeks, slowly dropping down on the bedsheet. 

“Please Kai, stop it. It hurts.” She cried out, burying her head in the pillows. 

“You should’ve thought about it before.” He said before his tone got a little softer again. “But fine, I’ll give you twenty seconds. Come and make me.” 

Immediately, Y/N turned around and crawled up to her boyfriend, locking eyes with him. She got on her knees, pulling him down on his shirt until their lips collided in a passionate kiss. He cupped her face, gently wiping away the last tears with his thumbs. 

Meanwhile, she worked on the removal of his shirt, moving it up a bit and only breaking away from him to pull it over his head. Her hands started roaming over his toned torso, only slowly wandering down towards his length. Luckily, he had taken off his jeans and briefs already, making it a lot easier for her. 

Agonizingly slow she started stroking him, biting his lower lip before making her way down, leaving kisses all over his chest, his stomach until she got to where she wanted to be. She blew a light stream of air on it, running her tongue along the underside of his length up to the tip. All the time she held eye contact with him, seeing him react to her. 

“Y/N!” He growled as she took his tip into her mouth, drawing small circles with her tongue. His hands reached down and he tangled his fingers in her hair. Just then she began bobbing her head at a steady pace, humming a bit to create vibrations around him. “That feels so good.”

Pushing her head further down on him, she took him in completely. Little whimpers left her mouth. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop her from bringing a hand to his balls, fondling them as she continued bobbing her head with Kai’s help. 

Even though it was hard for him to concentrate on anything else as he let out low groans, he figured out what she was trying to do. She had his ways to get what she wanted and right now everything she wanted was him.

Are you challenging me?” 

Maybe.” She answered innocently after she had exchanged her mouth with her hand. His shaft was wet by her saliva now, making it quite easy for her to move her hand up and down. She gathered his pre cum with her thumb, bringing it to her mouth. 

“So hot.” He commented, grabbing her chin and moving her up until they were on the same level. He kissed her deeply, her hand was back on his length, continuing to work on it. She would’ve finished him off if Kai hadn’t grabbed her hands, pushing her on the bed with him on top of her. With their lips not breaking contact he slid his fingers down towards her core, teasing her folds and drawing figure eights on her clit, poking at her entrance without actually pushing in. 

Soft moans trembled off her lips, and she locked eyes with him again. His’ had turned almost completely black now, definitely burning with a different kind of fire than earlier this evening. 

“Fuck me, Kai.” She moaned, wanting him more than ever now. She didn’t even care about the still prominent sting on her buttcheeks anymore or the stupid rule that she wasn’t allowed to come, she just finally wanted to feel him inside of her, stretching her out so perfectly. 

Although he wasn’t in the mood to take orders from her, he wanted the same thing and aligned himself at her entrance. He teased her just with his tip, wanting to hear her beg before pushing in. Her heartbeat increased, her skin felt like it was set on fire again and she couldn’t wait for it any longer, giving him what he wanted. 

A devilish grin on his face he entered her with one deep thrust, filling her to the brim. Not giving her anytime he withdrew before pushing in rough and deep again. He made her feel every inch of him, watching her eyes roll in the back of her head. Like always he found her spot quickly, hitting it every time, making a moaning mess out of Y/N.  

“You’re so tight, sweetheart.” He groaned, picking up the pace. He even used his vampirism, cheating with it to thrust in even quicker and harder. In addition to that, he pressed his fingers on her clit, drawing rough figure eights on it. Her breathing turned shallow as she felt herself getting closer to her release. She was craving for it, hoping that Kai would finally allow it. 

The room was filled with their moans and the sounds of flesh on flesh. It seemed as if the temperature had risen, setting not only both of them but the room on fire, too. She dug her nails into his back, scratching it which only spurred him more. Purple-black veins flashed under his eyes as he sank his fangs into her neck. Y/N let out a small scream though it surprisingly hurt less than she had thought. Instead, it added to the pleasure, brought her closer to her orgasm.

“Fuck Kai, I’m so close.” She whimpered, feeling the burning feeling inside of her. She slightly arched her back, bucking her hips down on him, trying to get him in even deeper, clenching her walls around him. 

“Hold it.” 

Again he picked up his pace, adding more pressure on her clit as he continued to pound into her relentlessly. Y/N pulled him in for a kiss, tasting the metallic flavor of her own blood on his lips. 

“Please Kai, I can’t.” 

“Hold it.” He repeated, working on finishing them both off at the same time. He could see how hard it was for her to follow his rules. She wanted - no, needed - to come, yet she wasn’t allowed to. A single tear streamed down her cheek as she finally got what she wanted.

“Come.” Kai demanded as he sank his fangs into her neck again. Her back arched off the bed, her eyes rolled in the back of her head, screams of pleasure left her mouth as a mind blowing orgasm washed over her, leaving her shaky and breathless. Simultaneously Kai came in hot spurts inside of her, not slowing down for one second as he rode both of them through their highs. 

“Sometimes I hate that I love you. But it’s what I do, I love you, Y/N. No matter what.” Kai said, pulling out of her and wrapping his arms around her still shaking body. He gently wiped a tear from her cheeks, kissing her forehead before she rested her head on his chest, hearing the distant throb of his heart.

“I promise not to do anything stupid again.” She assured before a big grin spread across her lips. “Though I must say I really liked your dominant side.”

Both let out a laughter of joy, forgetting about the things that happened earlier. Nothing would ever come between them. Not really.  

One, big, dysfunctional family!

@markiplier I hope you see this bc I just wanna tell you that video was BOMB !

I can’t believe you made a video with all the egos interacting with each other, it was so good!! Everything I’d hoped for :D

But it begs the question…Where was the author during all this..?

WAS HE THE ONE WRITING IT?!! I have so many questions, mark!!!

(EDIT: gUYS I know that the author and the host are the same person, I made this post b4 Mark replied to that person, lmao,,,)

The Charity Match

Cal and/or Simon x Reader

Request: “request where simon and calfreezy both like you so they make a bet whoever wins the sidemen soccer match gets to kiss you ? you can choose who”

Warning: There are like two bad words. And some cringey jokes. Yikes

Note: This was originally 2200 words but then I cut out like 400 of them (it was super angsty you should be thanking me). Big, huge, gigantic thanks to Ayu ( @sdmntokyo ) for making this gif for me even while she’s on hiatus. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. Happy reading :)

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Jenny from The Broch...!

I just saw the “stray” clip and let me tell you!!!!!!!!!! 

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I am BEYOND furious. 

1. This MESS better be fixed asap by the end of the episode.

2. Jamie needs to grow back the pair he seems to have lost in the fire. How dare he allow Jenny to treat his lady that way!?!? She saved your baby and disappeared because YOU told her to!!! MAKE SOME STORY UP. Do not leave the whole load to Claire! 

3. Also, WHO IS THIS MEEK, EYES-DOWNCAST-LOOKING AT JAMIE FOR REASSURANCE-GHOST??!! Claire is a force of nature to be reckoned with and she speaks out her mind. Don’t give me the whole, “oh, she’s matured with age” bu**sh**. That kind of badass behavior just doesn’t fade.

She is NOT the meek and obedient type! I mean she made a whole campaign around that!!! JHRC!

4. Clairebear also shouldn’t be begging Jenny for forgiveness.

5. And Jenny…

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6. To make up for all this extra mess I have to watch I better see a whole lot of this…

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and most definitely this…

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I just-argh!!! Guys, I can’t be the only one who is ready for them to just hash it out already! I need my Jamie and Claire baaaacccckkk!!    

Q smut!!! (Joker x reader!)


Tonight the boys were coming over to watch some movies and just have a good time. Usually it’s at Sal’s house but they decided to change it up a bit.
Q was in the kitchen making food for the boys while you cleaned the living room the best you could, cleaning was never your favorite thing.
Looking up you saw Brian looking so focused on cooking making sure that it was going to be great. He has this habit when he is really focused to bite his lip, it absolutely drives you up the wall and he knows it.
He stole a glance of you watching him intently and smiled to himself as he stirred the food. He reached to grab a spice and bit his lip as he was looking for it, he knew exactly was he was doing as he smiled a little bit more to himself.
You got up from the living room and made your way to him and wrapped your arms around him placing your heat on his shoulder.
“You can’t just do that without warning babe”
He chuckled slightly and put the spoon down turning to face you.
“Do what? Cook?”
You gave him an annoyed look as he cocked an eyebrow up and smirked.
“You know exactly what you did!! Briannnnn you know it drives me crazy.”
He wrapped his arms around you and put his lips next to your ear knowing that it was a sensitive spot for you.
“Oh I make you crazy? How crazy?”
You took a short breath of air as he spoke and looked up to him, and that’s when something clicked tonight was not going to be the night were he teases you all night like usual. No tonight you were going to get him back for all the times he’s made you flustered around others.
Your eyes met his and you gave him a slight smile which threw him off a bit since his words usually make you melt like a puddle.
Pushing your body on his you ran your fingers through his hair and put your lips next to his ear
“I guess you’ll have to wait and see.”
Before moving away you kissed his neck and let your hands come down tracing down to his chest. All of this took him off guard as he stood there in shock.
Your hands continued to get lower and lower until your fingers grazed his already hard member. You took your hand away and bit your lip before placing a small kiss on him which he tried to made longer but you wouldn’t allow him.
“y/n what are you doing?”
You shrugged and giggled a bit at the fact you could see the out line in his pants
“Hmm I don’t know but it’s almost 7 and I don’t think you want the guys seeing you like this.”
You winked at him and walked back to the living room and began to tidy up some more.
“If you keep this shit up all night you’re in for it when they leave.”
Brian looked at you from the doorway with narrow eyes, all you could do was smile to yourself knowing that you made him this flustered. He sighed and turned back to set the food on low so it would be warm when the guys came in, when he turned around he saw you bending down trying to get something you had dropped on the ground.
Q came up and placed a firm grip on your ass making you squeal and stand up.
“You little tease, I’m going to destroy you tonight for making me like this right before guest come over I can’t believe you.”
You smiled at him and kissed his cheek and took his grip off your ass.
“I guess I’ve made you upset but you’ll just have to wait daddy.”
His eyes just about popped out of his head when you said that, you knew his biggest turn on was when you called him daddy no matter what it always made him go crazy.
He gave an annoyed looked and made his way to the bathroom to probably rearrange himself so it wasn’t to obvious.
Not even a minute later you heard the door bell ring. You had already put the cats up due to Sal hating them and went to go open the door.
There stood your boyfriends life long friends Sal, Joe and Murr it seems that Sal and Murr had already started an argument and Joe looked as if had been baby sitting them all night.
“Hey guys!”
They all snapped their attention to you and smiled, you’ve known the guys since your sophomore year in high school so it’s like you’re one of them. You and Murr went to the same college and somehow he bumped into Sal and the rest is history.
You gave all of the guys hugs and let them all come in closing the door behind them.
“Where’s Q?”
Joe asked looking around and stepping into the kitchen to scope out the food.
“Oh he’s in the restroom I think, he said something about his hair sticking up in the back or something I’ll tell him you guys are here!”
Stepping away you walked back to the rest room and opened the door slightly and walked in. You saw a very annoyed Q trying to fix his “problem”
“Damn it y/n it’s still noticeable!”
You looked down at his hard on and smiled shrugging.
“Baby the guys are here I suggest you work something out”
He sighed and found a quick solution before pinning you against the wall for a brief moment.
“I highly suggest you stop playing this game because at the end of the day you’ll be the one begging me to stop.”
His warm breath sent shivers up your spine, you giggled at him and wiggled out of his grip.
“That’s if you can even control yourself until then.”
You slipped out of the bathroom and left him with that, you walked into the living room were the guys had made themselves at home.
Soon after Q came out and greeted everyone.
“You guys just make yourselves at home I’ll get the food.”
Q soon directed his attention towards you and began to walk your way.
“I’ll help you babe”
The rest of the guys went and sat at the outside table that you had already set up. Q started turning off the stove and looked at you almost expecting you to do something.
“Brian, baby could you please hand me that wine bottle I’m going to get the guys some wine.”
He did just as you asked, you already had the cork screw but dropped it. as you bent down to get it you made sure to time it so when he looked at you your ass would be what he saw. Coming back up you flicked your hair back and looked back at him knowing that when you do that it turns him on.
“Fuck y/n…”
was all he could mumble before the back door opened and Joe walked in.
“Hey guys those two are arguing like 5th graders do you have any wine? Cause you’ll need it.”
You laughed a bit and Joe and gestured to the wine that you were already opening.
“Man times like this I wish I drank ha, but Q it sure does smell good in here!”
Q laughed a bit and thanked him as he gave Joe a plate of food.
“Ah I’ll get out of your hair I’ll try to calm the toddlers down before you come out there.”
Joe patted your shoulder and made his way out.
“It feels like it’s already bees hours I don’t know if I can wait y/n”
You smiled at him and kissed his cheek once more
“Well good boys wait”
He sighed and grabbed the rest of the plates and you both made your way out side.
The night was filled with riotous laughs and many bad games of charades, but also many upon many little things you did to get Q riled up. At one point he had to excuse himself to the restroom once more.
It was soon time for everyone one to go home as you and Q waved good bye to your friends he shut the door as fast as he could.
It wasn’t ever seconds until he had you pinned up against the door kissing you roughly and made his way to your neck leaving marks.
“Br-Brian oh my god”
He stopped and looked at you and picked you up swiftly, you wrapped your legs around him as he carried you to your bed room and put you on the bed.
“Clothes. Off.”
You did as he said, you loved when he got this way so demanding. You soon were left with nothing on as you went back to sitting on the bed. He pushed you back so you were laying on your back and crawled on top of you. He bent down to whisper in your ear
“One rule you can’t make a noise while I eat you out.”
You bit your lip and nodded in agreement. He kissed your neck and left a trail of kissed down to your thighs before he pushed your legs open.
You could feel his hot breath on your core you could almost feel him smiling.
“You’re going to regret what you did baby you’re not going to be able to walk I promise you.”
He licked up your slit making you want to scream you held your breath as he hovered over you. You felt two of his fingers push into you roughly making you gasp for air. You put a hand over your mouth to keep yourself from moaning. He soon put his tongue to work as he licked your clit almost as roughly as his fingers slipped in and out of you.
Your hands flew to his hair as you arched your back, he showed no signs of slowing down any time soon and he could tell you were close as well. Bitting your lip to keep from screaming his name, you felt your orgasm coming up quickly.
“Go ahead baby. Cum for your daddy”
He mumbled in a husky voice as he curved his fingers making you go over the edge. But he didn’t stop he continued as you made a loud gasp and tugged on his hair. He slowed down not wanting you to be too exhausted for him.
Getting up from his knees he almost ripped his clothes off trying to get undressed. In one smooth movement he flipped you so you were on all fours. You could feel his throbbing hard cock slide up and down your entrance making you shudder with anticipation.
“How bad do you want me baby girl?”
“I want it so bad daddy please give it to me I’m begging.”
You could heard him chuckle as he slammed into you not giving you time to adjust to his size. Going rougher than he was before and hitting your g-spot with every thrust.
“Oh d-daddy it’s so good more more!”
Not even questioning you he began to pound into you fast than ever before, he grabbed your hair and pulled it which almost sent you over the edge.
“Da-I I can’t”
You heard him huff as you felt your walls clenching around him.
“DADDY YES!” You exclaimed as he pulled out and quickly flipped you over one last time and you opened your mouth wide for him to cum in.
Some got on your face but you swiped it up with your finger and swallowed it down as well.
The both of you collapsed onto the bed huffing and looking a mess.
“God you drive me crazy I love you y/n”
Turning on your side and kissed his cheek and smiled
“I love you too”
Seconds later you heard the front door open and a loud joe came walking in.
“HEY GUYS! I left my wallet! Have you guys ha-”
Joe walked in and stumbled upon you and Q making you both scramble for covers.
“Woah I thought I heard screaming but I thought you were just in a fight with your dad… I uh I’ll just get my wallet tomorrow you two have fun.” Joe tried to get out as fast as possible, you and Q looked at each other and both just burst into laughter.
“I’m glad it was Joe and not that ferret!”
Q exclaimed making you laugh some more.
“Doesn’t matter who it was though they know I’m yours.”
Q kissed you passionately after you said that
“You’re damn right you’re mine baby girl even if you are a tease.”

A/N I hope you guys liked it!! Send in some request! They are 100% open!