guys this isn't mine okay

:’) I hate how the media portrays mentally ill ppl :’) especially people with delusions/hallucinations/paranoia/etc :’) please treat us like real people :’)


sweet4mysweetssThis guy is amazing! #rhettmclaughlin My daughter was shaking and about to pass out! She was speechless and could not even talk. A teenager speechless… She was totally fangirling! He was so kind to take the time to take a picture with my daughter totally made her day!! #rhettandlink #goodmythicalmorning #niceguy #youtuber #fangirling 


Deception, disgrace, evil as plain as the scar on his face.

psa. remember to read a roleplayers guidelines and their biographies, especially if they are an original character, a canon character from a tiny fandom, a canon divergent, an au, or a preseries of some kind. remember to ask questions if you are confused. remember to avoid assumptions, reread details before in depth interaction, to try to play it safe before you play it how you presume things will go (both while plotting and while threading). if these are things that are too much for you or things that you don’t have the time or energy for, or if you consider blogs that require and request this “too high maintenance,” then please, accept that you might not be the right match for that writer. guidelines exist for a reason and trust me, some one-on-one study time with your partners information will benefit you both in the long run and will help the both of you avoid awkward confrontations – or just awkward feelings and situations in general – that might bring all interactions between you both to a screeching halt.

and remember: it is okay to make a mistake. it is a lot of material to read, and not all of of us have the best memory. but please, please, please make the attempt and if you feel unsure about anything – ask!