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So, I know you guys usually attend cons together, and a while back Sheila attended one alone (I think it was Wondercon? I remember it was SoCal because I'm here), and I was just wondering what the experience was like? Did you do anything different? Any hints for us if we go to a con alone now that you've done it?

We’ve done it a few times before. Gone to cons alone instead of together. Wondercon, Sylar had work so he had to leave halfway through each day. 

My tips for doing a con alone are….

Listening to music during a convention is unlike anything I’ve done before. Its fucking awesome. Especially if its a groovy dancey playlist. It passes the time quicker, relaxes you, and gives you a good experience even if you have no where to be. Walk the con halls, really get to know the venue, find the nooks and crannys of the space. Basically, take a walk in the con. 

Wander into a panel if you can. Even if you don’t know anything about AMVs or ‘Making petticoats’ if it sounds even somewhat interesting, go in and listen. You can learn SO MUCH at con panels. I have numerous times. And some of the best times I’ve had were watching a panel. I will never forget ‘Whose line is it Anime” that shit was hilarious. Nor will I forget ‘Attack on titan blind date’ or ‘altering store patterns for cosplay’

-Artist Alley
AA is my literal favorite thing about conventions. EVERY con I attend I make sure to slowly scope out the ENTIRE artist alley. And when I’m not with sylar and don’t have plans, even if Im in cosplay, I like to check out each and every booth. Because the artists there get excited for cosplay too – AND THE ART IS AMAZING. Its the one thing I splurge on at cons. Pins, stickers, prints, cards, UGH I love it there. But slowing down and taking care to look at booths really makes you appreciate who is there and all they work they put through to show there. 

-Schedule Goals.
When I’m alone I usually plot out my day. I think. ‘Well I’ll go to AA first because the cosplay panel isnt until 2pm. And if I’m done with AA early, I’ll walk the lobby a bit to get some pictures of me taken.’ By the time I’m actually heading to the panel I think ‘after this I’ll get some food and check out that DragonAge gathering. After thats done its probably time to head back to the hotel.’ Thinking like this instead of just standing in the lobby and waiting until someone invites you places helps the day pass by and your more likely to cross paths with people doing the same thing. 

-Again I can’t reiterate how much more enjoyable this is with music in your ears. Its like a fucking otherwordly vacation. Even if Im in cosplay, I pop my headphones out for two seconds, do poses and get photos, and pop em back in. And if I end up talking to people its the same deal. If the day is going great on the friend side, I’ll end up putting em away, but its great to have them as a fall back clutch if you end up being alone the whole time. 


A Friend // Miraculous Ladybug AMV

A montage of moments set to the Umbrella Scene music. Learning that Adrien considers Marinette his first friend just explains so much about their dynamic! I always wondered why he seemed to go out of his way to engage her in conversation even though she could barely string two words in front of him, but now it makes sense. Adrien wasn’t doing it just because he’s a good guy. He’s doing it because he does genuinely care for her.

Audio Credit: @dreamwips

Please check it out and tell me what you think! It’s the first AMV I’ve ever made.