guys this is sci fi

No, but listen, people

I know there’s this fandom joke about everyone’s outfits being horrid and Lance being the only one with a sense of style, but listen me here. 

Isn’t the show supposed to be set in the future? I mean, it’s not quite confirmed but we can pressume the story takes place in a  futuristic, technology-wise advanced earth, right? Well, you know what other element of society is also always evolving?

That’s right, fashion. 

So, what I’m saying is that this is probably how people on earth actually dress by the time period  the show is set in. They don’t have terrible tastes in fashion, this is the fashion in this world. 

That being said, Lance wearing normal 2010s teenager clothes becomes a whole different concept. He isn’t going with his time’s fashion, he is wearing something his parents, or even his grandparents would have wore. So basically he is the sci-fi equivalent of a guy in the 2017 wearing zubaz pants, sky jackets and neon headbands, or something like that. Which is, i have to say, absolutely hilarious. These aren’t four awful looks + one with actual style. These are four totally normal looks + some nerd wearing his grandparent’s clothes like a goddamn futuristic hipster. 

This fucking dork just took the concept of vintage to a whole new level, i love him so much. 

I’m Guy Fieri and we’re rolling out, looking for the greatest diners, drive-ins, and dives at the end of the universe.

There are 42 flavors in Flavortown.

ever notice white people have taken to bashing Blakc Panther and calling T’Challa racist because he doesn’t share his tech and medicne with those around him? 

Like…so we’re just going to ignore when Wakanda DOES share tech and medicine? We’re just going to ignore that the REASON T’Challa is seen as controversial by his people is because he takes an active role in helping people internationally? 

More importantly, we’re going to ignore how white characters have done THE EXACT SAME THING????

Thor and the Asgardians haven’t exactly been the Red Cross in the MCU. All the technology they have, all the medicine they could share, but they don’t. Where’s the callout posts for the Asgardians? Or the Atlanteans? Or the Inhumans? Why is it only bad when it’s the Wakandans.

Like…”super advanced isolationist country that doesn’t share it’s tech” is a fraking sci-fi TROPE! You guys are getting upset over tropes that didnt bother you for years but now that it’s a Black country, it’s a huge issue? 

Yeah, you’re not clever. People see through your bullshit

Okay but you guys know what this all means in Sci-Fi right now? 

The latest Star Trek Captain and First Officer are women of colour. 

The main leads in Star Wars are women, and men of colour. 

Wonder Woman and her tribe of Amazonians (many of whom are woc too) are on the big screen breaking all the records. 

The Ghostbusters are all brilliant women who ain’t afraid of nothing. 

And now the Doctor is female too! 

Women are taking Sci-Fi back! It’s ours again, we created it and now we get to have it! Little girls can dress up as all their heroes and be excited by that!

White Men are going out! They’re no longer always centre stage and it’s fucking fantastic

It’s such a good new move and I’m like…. I’m so happy to be alive to see this happen!!

I find it baffling how evidently Bill Potts is not dead and yet the fandom is acting as though she is.

GUYS WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! Vote for them on the website or if you are not in the area (like me) vote on Twitter by putting the hashtag you see beneath their names, their @ and #teenchoice !!! Guys if we all do this we can make them win!!! Vote Becky AND Nay for choice sci fi actress (let’s hope one of them will win), Dacre for choice sci fi actor and DONT FORGET to vote for the movie itself for Choice sci fi movie!!!!!! COME ON GUYS!!! Think about if these win, it will give a better chance for a sequel!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛