guys this is our show

seriously guys, just watch 3% on netflix!

it’s the first brazilian show produced by netflix and it needs some recognition bc:

- DIVERSE CHARACTERS!!! i’m not kidding, there are so many different storylines and people and just fucsjsk watch it now
- good plot!
- good acting!
- good cinematography!
- blurred lines between good and bad (i mean, there’s not just only the Big Bad Guy™ and the main character, they all have their motives and it’s just great)
- addresses issues like mental health and disability (not just on the sidelines like most shows!! main characters guys!!)
- really cool things about our society in general and what it may become

i mean, i see people complaining about tv shows not being diverse enough or not portraying people in a realistic way but when shows like this one air, they just get ignored so…. yeah! watch it!

Black sails is basically like come watch our show produced by that guy who likes explosions!!!!! Pirates! Blood! Murder!!! and then when you’re 2 seasons in it’s like welcome to our gay treasure island prequel fic

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I guess… shenanigans!
After getting inspired by the recent shenanigans video ‘Hanging with Lil J’, I thought to make something that showed our favorite pranks. Hope you guys enjoy!

So this is the response I got from BBC about the queerbaiting…. apparently John and Sherlock have never shown any romantic or sexual interest in each other, you know like, they’ve never ever flirted over a candle lit dinner, said they cant have any relationships with anyone else because their life together is to adventurous for anyone else to be in their lives. John’s never said that he wants the two people he loves mary and sherlock to be up there with him. Sherlock’s never asked john out on a date (TBB) and John certainly doen’t pick girlfriends /flirt with people who mirror Sherlock or look like sherlock in any way. Sherlocks never said it was always john, no of course not. we must have imagined all of that right? and oh the writers said it wasnt gay, of course we should believe evrything they say right? becuase theyve NEVER lied, said they lie, and enjoy lying for the sake of a show’s plot. We must have imagined all that too. I guess we just imagined the whole thing right? All the winking and smiling and giggling naked in a sheet like a little kid, and everyone on the show thinking theyre a couple, and them not denying it, and all the god forsaken eye fucking. guess we imagined that too. oh well, my bad. a detective who reads deeply into things and is always right. but a viewer who reads deeply into the show using the same techniques as the detective is wrong. of course, it all makes sense now. thank you. 



DS: I feel incredibly sad, and thankful. All the members feel very thankful that we were able to receive so much love and do this for a long time. Please wait for a little bit, and I’d like to thank you guys.

SR: I’m thankful that we could do this concert, and I’m very nervous. We will show you guys our energy tonight. As the youngest member, I’ll be following in the older members’ footsteps.

T.O.P: We’re finished with the last concert in Korea. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things. I feel lighthearted but also lonely. Thinking about not being able to see you guys for a while is very… I think I’ll miss you guys very much.

GD: There are a lot of disappointments, since I don’t know when it’ll ever happen again, it’s more bittersweet than any other time. Thank you for all your efforts.

YB: If you guys look after us and care of us, the 5 of us will be back soon.

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YOI fans, listen up

So, the brazilians YOI fans are thinking about making something at the GP final day/the last episode day We are thinking about wishing good luck to Yuuri I mean, we all know Yuuri is a fictional character (duh) but his improvement in the anime can’t be ignored, and we, the fandom, could do something for him, since we love this katsudon so much He doesn’t have a lot of fans in the anime besides his family and the small nugget Minami (for what we see) so let’s show how we support our baby and how we believe in him!! So, we are going to start the hashtag “#DavaiYuuri” on Twitter to wish good luck to him and maybe, you know, tag the criator to see it! Our goal is to make the hashtag one of the trendings, so we need the most help we can get! Hope you all like the idea and help us

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Santa is such an icon,” he says, “and I’m frustrated, because if you trace his origins he’s based on an important and philanthropic Catholic Saint, yet we’ve ended up with this overweight, cartoonish guy who breaks into people’s houses. At our recent shows we’ve been throwing lots of inflatable Santas into the audience, and I don’t know if it’s indulgence or masochism. The truth is I can’t stand Santa.

"We’ve taken a very sacred time and commodified it, so that there’s a capitalist campaign to buy more, consume more, and then you have a conflict between the spiritual and the mundane. I don’t want to sound didactic, but that’s what I think.
—  2006 interview in The Independent: Christmas with Sufjan Stevens

I’m not gonna lie… I fucking loved the episode. The problem is I come to Tumblr excited to see everybody else’s love and support for the show and get sorely disappointed. There’s no theories or exciting posts about things that other people noticed that I didn’t… just bitchy posts about queer baiting and how BBC kills our favourite shows. Come on guys.

My skip code question for our dads: “Thank God for you two guys for this show: John and Mary and Baby Watson. Sherlock’s a lucky, beautiful uncle with love! A wonderful story. I just can’t stand to wait three weeks for series four: the best one. Kiss! XD”


160313 G-Dragon Instagram: #SHANGHAI#SHENZHEN✔️‼️

TOP posted the video on hIs instagram too: HERE

Video Translation:

GD: Greet them in Chinese.

TOP: Good. Good. I’m good.

GD: Good?

TOP: I love you all

GD: heuheuheu

Translated by: choi-top-hyung@tumblr

Tensions are high right now. I get it. We are trying to understand how America voted a guy from a reality TV show into our presidency. We are wondering what drove people to vote for this candidate who has hurt people we love. We are grasping to understand why this outdated system is still in place (in case you were wondering, Trump is president from his electoral college wins, but Clinton won the popular vote). I turn around and am surrounded by people who don’t understand, who are fearing for their lives, who are crying and can’t stop because they’re afraid.

Things looks bleak right now, but we can’t lose hope for a better tomorrow. That’s why I’m posting good things that came out of yesterday’s election.

Catherine Cortez Masto is now the first Latina senator to ever be elected.

Tammy Duckworth, a disabled war veteran and Asian American, was elected as senator in Illinois.

Kate Brown is the first LGBT governor ever in Oregon.

Minnesota elected IIhan Omar, a Somali-American woman, as a lawmaker for their state.

Kamala Harris was elected, and she is the first black, female senator since 1999.

The future of tomorrow, millennials, did not support Trump in this election (at least, most of us didn’t.) If this jaded attitude towards politics that many millennials have is demolished (aka, not voting), we can fix the mistake we made yesterday in the future.

Things are not going well right now, but hope cannot be lost. Change has bursts and setbacks. We are possibly entering a setback for the next four years, but we can (and will!) fight against it. Stand up against bigotry when you see it in your communities. Offer safe spaces for your POC and LGBT friends and family. Call your representatives and let them know what you stand for. Have intelligent and crucial debates with people who disagree with you. Don’t let your rights be taken away without fighting back.

I’ll be with you.

Saw a band last night. The band. Our band. Our show.

The seat beside me was as dark as the leather on the lead singer’s jacket, and the 5,000 cap size venue felt like a ghost town without your presence. You were thousands of miles away while I experienced the music you yearned to see live. The music we drove highways listening to either low or maximum level. The music we sat in a parking lot across from a playground playing in the background of our first, second, and last fight. The music I cried to and you cried to and mother earth cried to as she rooted so incredibly hard for us. But, you weren’t beside me. Instead, a tall man who was drenched in musk and cigarette smoke stood in your place and never once paid me any attention. But, just because I couldn’t see you didn’t mean your spirit wasn’t there. I smelled you in the air as the odor of wine floated up the walkways. I heard you in the instrumentals that pushed and pulled like the tide. I saw flashes of you through the ever changing lights, so bright and erratic like their personal mission was to distract me from your thought. I painted your face through the lead singer’s, attaching your name to the curve of his nose and the cut of his jaw. His lips moving so gracefully pressed up against the microphone reminded me of our hard kisses, the ones that either led to our passions or goodbyes. I felt you in the thrum of the bass as it coursed through my body. I was trapped by you through the echoes banging against the venue walls, like the echoes of our backs against counters and floors and hearts pressed too close for comfort in sweat stained sheets. I pictured your bruises through the morphing colors of blue and pink and green in their backdrop, even subconsciously reaching to my neck for a love bite that wasn’t there. I even tasted you through the sweetly dripped lyrics being fed to me as the show served its courses of sound. When the encore began, my body electrified reaching for a stage bursting with energy hoping to somehow grab it and tuck it into my chest, feeling alive.. alive.. alive.. and I swore I saw your shadow in the silhouettes of the musicians. And as the lights dimmed and the vocalist ever so breathlessly thanked the crowd and closed the show, vanishing from the stage, I watched you thank me, bow your head in farewell, and disappear along with the band. The house lights slowly rising making the visible dust particles, the you particles, all around me dematerialize from view as you so often did. And then you were gone again.

I didn’t see a show last night. I’m not holding a ticket with a band’s name etched across the top. I saw you. I watched you. I experienced you. You were the headlining act to a tour I hadn’t a clue I was even attending.

Our band. Our Show. Your performance. Funny that.

—  Headlining Act: You

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Can I ask how or when you 'knew' Harry and Louis were really dating?

Hi! You know, I was reminded of why just a couple of days ago actually. I was on a trip with my guy where we had to have these stickers on our shirts to show that we had paid for the boat tickets. We were waiting for the boat to dock and the wind was blowing slightly. I didn’t notice it but my sticker, that was placed right above my boob, started to fall off so he just put his hand on it and rubbed it slightly to put it back in place. I was reading a book at the time and didn’t even react until a moment later when I thought “Oh, wait…”

Because a few weeks ago a colleague of mine was being silly. I was wearing a dress and apparently my bra strap was showing and he was about to snap it but on instinct I slapped his hand away. I mean, I have no problem with people touching me, but that was an area where his hands didn’t belong and I just remembered that incident the other day on the docks. 

Why? Because when a person I am being intimate with, a person I trust, someone I am so used to having around me touches me I don’t react. At all. I know it’s him and there is no reason for me to doubt his intensions. 

And that is exactly what I saw between Harry and Louis. The lack of boundaries, the familiarity and the intimacy they share. They just know.. There’s no reason to flinch when being close to each other and there is no such thing as “off limit areas” on their bodies. Their self-monitoring is sadly well developed when they are in public, but this particular ‘thing’ is something they are not aware of. They don’t know their bodies relax when they are close to each other. And they aren’t aware their body language tells a story of two people sharing a home and a life together. That’s what got me convinced these two are more than friends and have been for a long time…. 

(I’ll just leave this here. I think it explains my point quite nicely..)


After six intense poll rounds and millions of votes, fans have crowned Brit’s sexy romp with G-Eazy the top music video of 2016!

We made it to the end, guys! Fans of all the artists in our Top 40 of 2016 showed up in full force to vote for our No. 1 video of the year. This time around, the Britney Army proved just how dedicated they are to their girl by crowning the Princess of Pop this year’s winner. After nearly eight million overall votes and six exciting rounds, Britney Spears’ “Make Me…” featuring G-Eazy is officially Fuse’s No. 1 video of 2016!

When Round 1 launched in November, there were 39 other major videos competing for the title. A few weeks later, three “wildcards” came back in Round 4 for a second shot at the top. But in the end, none of them were competition for Brit and G-Eazy.

So cheers to you, Britney fans! Light some vanilla candles and order your favorite Starbucks frappuccino in honor of the pop star’s win. 👏👏


For Weird Wednesdays with @thefreckledone [Part 2]

The greyhound bus didn’t take anyone all the way into Pompeii. There was construction on the roads that made it too rough for anything not sporting four wheel drive to make the climb up. That was fine. The drop off point was less than a mile away from the town, famous for it’s crips beauty and distinct lack of volcanic activity.  

“Wait, so you’re walking?”

Sakura winced, pulling the bluetooth ear piece out and glaring at it before replacing it again once the ringing in her ear had subsided. “Ami, you know I can hear, right?”

“I told you to buy a car before you left. You’re hiking a mile with luggage. What kind of sweet hell is that?” her friend ranted, likely huffing and puffing from the recliner in her dad’s loft apartment just north of central Manhattan. It was a weekday, she wouldn’t be at her own place. “Do they not have taxies in the boonies? What about Uber?”  

“A mile is nothing to worry about, and I have comfortable shoes,” Sakura replied, feeling the weight of her duffle bag increase as if the acknowledgment of it’s existence made it that much heavier.

She didn’t mention the fact that her bank account was starting to look like the clearance price of a lightly used sofa sectional. A taxi might have put her in the red if it had a high enough rate. It was also the main reason she was taking up a position as a general practitioner for the nowhere town instead of completing her residency in the city. She needed to make a living and build up a better bedside manner if she ever wanted to qualify for a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship somewhere down the road.

“I’m going to miss you. Who’s going to remind me to go to bed at a decent hour? No one’s ever put up with me as long as you have,” Ami sniffed on the other end of the line. “You’ve finally left me…a-all for some stupid town no one wants to practice in.”

Sakura could hear the waterworks coming and laughed to ease the tension. “It’s not that bad. From what I heard there’s not that high a need for a doctor and they’ve been stubbornly resilient since the last one up and left. It’s not a busy place. I’ll have plenty of yearly check ups to practice my bedside manner on so it’s perfect for me. Everyone wants to save the day in a big way and forgets about the little guys. I think I’ll fit in just fine.”

“Yeah, but I think you’re forgetting the most important thing here: me. When will I see you again? I’m so lonely.”

“Ami, you’re married.”

“Yeah but that’s different.”

“Hang on,” Sakura said, pausing on the side of the road. She blinked and then turned around, searching for the curve she could have sworn she had already passed over. That pine tree looked oddly familiar. “Ami, how long have I been on this call with you?”  

“Not long enough.”

Sakura pulled out her cell and checked the time. She’d been on the phone twenty one minutes. She should have seen the town by now. She wasn’t a slow walker either, in spite of her luggage. She felt a vibration in her ear and then a crackle as her cell phone screen showed only one bar left, and even that one was blinking.

“Ami, your signal is starting to break up so I’m going to have to end the call. I think I’m close to the town, I’ll email you when I get there.”

“Your phone is old, that’s why. Sakura…come back soon! I miss you.”

“Love you too,” Sakura fondly cooed before ending the call and replacing the cell in her jacket’s front pocket.

Without the distraction, Sakura took another look around and decided she was in a new area and that she hadn’t turned herself around. She was being silly, thinking she had passed by the same way when she never once turned off the road. Ami’s call had just distracted her. Silly, silly, silly.

Sakura started walking again and in another minuet she could see the curve in the road that lead into a main street where a dozen different store fronts showed off open faces. A handful of cars were parked on the street outside and people were out and about. The further she walked the more of the town she could see and she was amazed by how big it was for being in such an out of the way location. There were plenty of people and cars, even if she hadn’t seen a single one on the road up from the greyhound stop.

Something like excitement made Sakura’s heart skip in her chest and she couldn’t help but smile. There had been more than one reason she settled on the occupancy at Pompeii and not one of the more local cities. Of course it was an interesting place that Sakura felt she could do well in, but aside from that she already knew someone in town.

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