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Hi~I also want to send you an ask about the little test! Can I have 001 for All Out? Please! (・∀・)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking!! This will be a mess, but a fun mess!

01 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

Favorite character: Gossssshhh, this is such a hard question! Wow! But probably Hyosu. He’s such a beautiful donk, so sweet and precious.

Ise is also awesome though, I love everything about him. Especially his puffy eyes and yellow shoes/shirts. Oh, and Kasuga!!! Is just fantastic! I’m so biased for him.

Also, Adachigahara (or, thanks to drunk google, Hexi) is such a queen bitch, love him. Ooooo, but I’m getting seriously fond of Kibi and Kokuto now!! OHMYGOSH

Argh, you guys seriously can’t have expected me to say just one and be done with it, right??!

Least Favorite character: Ummmmm…. None??? Is that a thing?? I’m not majorly for Ise’s brother and his dickbag ways but I wouldn’t say I have a least favorite character.

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):

Ooooooooh, boy… Let’s do this!

- Matsuo x Ebumi (fight me, they are a wild ride and I love a good power couple)

- Ise x Mutsumi (do not get me started on this, I will never shut up. They are too pure and good)

- Gion x Iwashi x Miyuki (never shipped a poly ship before but these guys kinda gave me no choice in the matter)

- Kasuga x Hyosu (they’re basically married already so it’d be embarrassing not to…)

- Hirota x Miki-chan (this was so out of nowhere for me but I am so on board with it and never getting off)

Character I find most attractive: KASUGA HIROKUNI (though Matsuo and Kashima are both handsome as hell!)

Character I would marry: Well, according to the system Umeno laid out, it should be one of the forwards, so… Shinshi??? Although, I don’t really want to marry him, more just be able to witness his beauty every day until I pass into the void.

Character I would be best friends with: Hyosu!!! But I’d probably hang with Kibi too.

a random thought: The way the managers are treated is really refreshing. They are great characters on their own and don’t feel any less of one because they are the managers. They are not there just so there’s a girl?? They also interact with each other and seem to get along, which is also a nice change from the usual ‘girl automatically dislikes only other girl for no clear reason’ cliche.

Also, I have to say, the different body types are so INCREDIBLE. I wasn’t expecting it, I went in blind and have not been that pleasantly surprised in a good while. Everyone is important to the team and all have different things they are good at. No one is a joke because of their size and every character appears equally important and gets fleshed out no matter who they are.

An unpopular opinion: Once again, I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion… Really, it’s just a headcannon. But my brain has Sekki down as asexual/demisexual???

my canon OTP: Coach and his wifey 100%!!

Non-canon OTP: Ise and Yellow? Though that’s pretty canon, he looks AMAZING in it.

most badass character: Probably Coach. Dude has been there, done that, and he’s adopted a whole rugby team made of dweebs. Plus, his wife married him so he must have been something to catch her eye. But shout out to Keta too because, man, what he did takes so much guts and if that isn’t badass then I don’t know what is!

pairing I am not a fan of: I’m pretty chill with all of them, actually. But maybe Hanadate and Ebumi…??? Just, I don’t know, I don’t really see traumatic scarring as a great way to start any relationship. But whatever, guys. Ship what you want, who really cares.

character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Screwed up as in, caused them large amounts of emotional pain? Then for now, I’d say Matsuo. Stud Spud has that sad smile down to an art form, like, ouch.

favourite friendship: And I thought all the other questions were hard!! Ummm… Gion and Umeno’s is pretty darn cute, so maybe that?? Ebumi and Ise are really sweet too, obviously! And I love Sekki’s and his support squad’s (Mutsumi and Matsuo). Awww, but Kashima and Kamo’s is so good as well…. OKAY, I JUST LOVE ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS, DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!! Another thing All Out does so well is the friendships. I live for them.

character I want to adopt or be adopted by: Can I adopt all the first years that haven’t had much screen time yet?? Kitamachi, Hirano and Mikami. Cause those guys are super cute and I want to see them get more focus (which I’m sure they eventually will get).

HOORAY! We got through it!!! I put way too much time into this! I have such a habit for rambling and not making just one choice. But, I had fun and that’s what counts, so cheers again for sending me this! :)

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You guys are biased. My confession about adele deserving her Grammy never got posted. But all the others do

We’re not biased, there are many explanations as to why this happened

the most likely one is that we’ve received many different confessions regarding Adele and her grammy. if we’d post them all at once, this would be an Adele blog for like… a week lol

Another option is that your confession just not follow the guidelines. it happens more than you think

OR we didn’t receive your message. 

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If it isn't too much trouble, do you think you can do and ISTJ Aquarius female Slytherin?

What a cool combo. I feel that ISTJ is a very natural Slytherin MBTI type, tho my bestie is an ISTJ Slytherin so I may be biased?

The combination of Aquarius ISTJ Slytherin in general is incredibly goal oriented, ambitious, clever, stubborn with a very strong inner drive. They are also very unlikely to be one of the “bad guys” because they like playing by the rules and have a very strong sense of integrity and order. 

Aquarius ISTJ Slytherin Female are:

  • Clever and brilliant,
  • Eccentric at times,
  • Very practical and reliable,
  • Factual and logic driven,
  • Innovative,
  • Driven and ambitious,
  • Tend to not care what everyone else thinks unless it directly effects them or their ambitions,
  • Often overlooked, and these girls work it to their benefit, controlling things from behind the scene,
  • They have high chances of becoming some of the greatest witches of their times,
  • They will only back down from a fight if they know they can’t win or if someone provides them with evidence they are wrong,
  • Intellectually arrogant,
  • They cannot stand for incompetence and expect others to be on the same page as them if they go over things once,
  • Somewhat more honest and direct than the other Slytherin Girls, and at times insensitive as well,
  • This can lead to one of those fights that started over something incredibly ridiculous.
  • Very traditional in their values and can be very judgemental,
  • Their stubbornness can match the Taurus Slytherins, and at times it can blow the Taurus Slytherins off the scale,
  • These witches excel when the hierarchy is clear and they can work autonomously,
  • Aquarius Slytherin ISTJ girls highly value their independence and see any kind of dependency a weakness,
  • After these witches spend some time in Slytherin House their ISTJ tendency to abide by rules even when it hinders them becomes a lesser driving force, they know their personal integrity will be upheld even if they don’t report every little  mistake made,
  • These girls in green cannot understand those who will not achieve their goals or do what they say they will,
  • Laziness, incompetence and dishonesty are the fastest and surest way to piss these lovely ladies off,
  • They are incredibly socially aware and sometimes their no nonsense intellectualism can cause them problems socially,
  • They crave intellectual connection with people who can pick up on social undertones easily, and when they find these people their debates become the highlight of their day
  • They do well at anything they try, natural jacks of trades but they do the best as lawyers, government and military commanders. They make kick ass lawyers.

Also fun fact; Hermione is an ISTJ. Just imagine if she was in Slytherin.

Sorry it took so long and I hope you like it xx



Hello again everyone. Here are some more pics that I have done that I forgot to upload. The first pic was me playing around a bit with the design of Raven from the Justice League vs Teen Titans animated movie. I liked how the characters in it are more proportionate but I didn’t think the design of Raven’s face looked as good as the one in the 2003 show. For me it felt like her eyes in particular didn’t have that sharp, piercing, deadpan look to them. So I tried combining the outfit and proportions of JLvsTT Raven with the facial design of Raven from the animated series to see how it looked. Personally I think it’s an improvement but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be biased in my assessment. What do you guys think? Is it an improvement? Or is it worse? Is the original design for JLvsTT Raven fine as it is?

In my last post. I had a pic of Raven reacting to a very enthusiastic persons post about butts. I actually made a second reaction image to it since I had so much fun with the idea. I thought I also might as well post both of the images without the post in the top right just in case anyone wants to use them as reaction images.

Lastly, This pic was made as a “Starfire after /pol/“ image after a lot of people on a Raven and Starfire thread were joking around with the idea of Starfire browsing 4chan for the first time and immediately becoming redpilled and embracing dank memes.

Not to like, start anything, but why is Bodhi Rook so small in all the Rogue One promo material?? Like I’d consider him a focal part of the show and yet:

Like…. the droid is bigger than him in 3 out of 4 of these???? Why is he so far removed from everyone else??? He NAMES the TEAM guys

The Signs as Bangtan Bombs

Aries: just watching jungkook lip sync show

Taurus: while you were sleeping

Gemini: nick name T-shirts! (95z cam #1)

Cancer: ‘a guy like me’ lip-sync by jungkook (v cam)

Leo: jin and jimin’s push-up time

Virgo: lalalalalalalala OK! perform by jin & mon

Libra: jimin’s sexy dance one point lesson

Scorpio: BTS cypher fan no.1 v

Sagittarius: BTS with helium-filled balloon

Capricorn: practicing for show music core 'special MC’

Aquarius: mal dance made by j-hope

Pisces: (eyes, nose, lips) of BTS
2016 GPF - Men's SP Universal HD Full Broadcast
2016 Grand Prix Final - Javier Fernandez, Patrick Chan, Shoma Uno, Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Yuzuru Hanyu short programs

If you somehow haven’t watched it yet, here you go - It’s totally worth it! You can skip all the commentary it’s only 6 skaters so it’s not long. The commentator is slightly too talkative for my taste but the filming is above average.

My super-biased commentary about the only stuff I care about:

Patrick Chan: (I’m Canadian. Please give me this guy over JJ any day :P) His movement quality is wonderful but sometimes I am lukewarm on his routines - however, this one was so smooth and pretty and such a goddamn pleasure to watch *_*

Shoma Uno: Aww bb. I am so looking forward to seeing more of him in the future since he definitely likes the drama routines and I also like the drama routines.

Adam Rippon: THIS GUY IS CHRISTOPHE GIACOMETTI. And he owns it. Just. Watch this and tell me that he wouldn’t bring a stripper pole to your gay dance party wedding. :D

Yuzuru Hanyu:  OMFG. *______*  I was lukewarm on this short program when I saw it earlier in the season, it felt like it wasn’t quite his style or he wasn’t quite selling the attitude, but HOLY SHIT was he ever comfortable and fucking killing it this time!!?! He owned it so hard I was pretty blown away even though I was already expecting to be impressed. Especially after having seen it earlier in the year. So much comfort-level improvement! It felt kinda like the difference between ep 3 Eros and ep 8 Eros in terms of “selling the image” improvement. <3 <3 <3 

Epic Korra Fanfic Plug Time!

I can’t believe i didn’t know about this story till now!! first chapter and i’m already hooked :D

I suppose it’s time to plug my Korrasami fic—but this time, with reader quotes!

Now… as for that last scene… I must admit that I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of korrasami fics, and by far, yours is the one with the most fidelity to each character’s personality. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing when writers write characters OOC, but it’s a wonderful thing to read the characters in their element, especially since we still don’t have comics… ugh, the wait is killing me! So this is a very nice breath of fresh air.

I love these characters! My fundamental goal is to continue the characters and world we love from the show as smoothly as possible, while getting to explore them deeply. I don’t have a 13 episode time-limit, so I can dwell and linger and explore all those many, many open threads the show left us!

And wow. That Korrasami ending was just wow. It was raw, touching and moving. Exactly what I look for in Korrasami fics. You’ve got yourself a fan.

Have to admit, I enjoy the gushing. Here’s more!

Ahhhhh! I love this! It has what I want from a Legend of Korra story! Korra/Asami, Korra *and* Asami being awesome together and apart, with their own storylines.

Our two leading gals are front and center, and they deserve nothing less! Their relationship hits the ground running—they have a lot of emotional baggage to catch each other up on. Still, they are very in love and very dorky and that’s just wonderful.

Admittedly, I read this chapter a few times. Or at least the korrasami parts, because I’m a huge sap. I know. Sue me. It’s your fault for writing fluff so damn well.

And apparently others agree! Not that it’s a fluff-centric fic… far from it.

Ugh. Why don’t you rip my heart out and throw it in a shredder, why don'cha?! All whining aside, one of the things I love the most about this story is that you’re taking the time to ask all the hard questions that were left open-ended when the show ended. In a way, that was good because–aaah ma guudness, look at all the lovely fanfics! But on the other hand, they were NAGGING questions, and not every fanfic has covered them! Jeesh! But we’re so lucky you decided to write this!

I’ve been writing for years, but never ventured into fanfic before. Korra is something special to me—in my personal life, certainly. But also, so few shows end so openly—the series resolved well, but there’s still so many questions up in the air!

(Plus, more than a few nagging little plot holes that are easily fixed by filling them with angst.)

Wow (as the little Asami’s would say) this is one of the best fanfics I’ve read in a while; I really like the way you are handling all of the arcs and base part of the story on plot holes left by te series. Something tells that the Avatarvetse is going through the a series of revolutions similar to those of the end of the 19th century + some more modern movements, I really like the parallels, specially with what is going on with the red lotus and fire nation.
I generally don’t like OCs in fanfics, but yours are really interesting, I specially like Nuktik. He has so many things to deal with! Can’t wait till Korra gets to the fire nation to Deal With everything, give the poor kid a break (and some more loving!). I’ll be waiting for the update, I bet it’s gonna be great (but take your time!)

Revolutions? Isn’t this a Korrasami fic? Well, yes, it very much is, but the scope is way broader than our two favorite gals. They’re both major world leaders and the world is still in flux. The decisions Asami and Korra make will impact how all that turns out. No pressure!

As for original characters—there’s a few. Just as every season introduced a few new faces to the cast, to compliment the plot and expand the world. But if there’s anybody in the show you’re looking for, odds are that they’re in here. I think right now Tahno and Gommu are the only characters ‘of note’ that haven’t been included to some degree? Did you even remember who Gommu was?

I have to compliment to you, because you’re expanding this fiction to a lot of Avatar’s world we didn’t see, at least in Korra’s days. It seems kinda difficult to manage all this mess, but you’re doing it extremely well.

I’m honestly surprised myself how well I’m pulling some of it off! Come for the Korrasami fluff—and there’s a LOT of fluff, especially early—stay to watch me juggle.

As you can tell, I’m rather well… invested in your fic. It’s been a great ride so far and your writing is superb! Especially considering the many threads you are weaving. Yours is a thoroughly engaging tale and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long—other than a brief hiatus during winter break, I’ve been updating this fic consistently every two weeks. I’ve got chapters pre-written nearly through the finale, and I know how this all ends… it is gonna be great. Also, lengthy.

The writing is so smooth and nearly flawless that it’s not a hard read, which is always a plus especially when reading fics. The characters behave so closely to canon that it just feels natural. Basically, things that are normally hard for fic writers to accomplish seem so effortless here, which is one of the main reasons I’ll keep reading. Also, the concept of guns in the avatar universe is a really interesting idea and I really want to see how that plays out and how Korra and Asami’s views will clash. I feel it’s a very good conflict to bring up and in some ways it might even end up as a commentary on how guns are treated in our world, I’ll just have to keep reading and see. Lovely chapter!

Of course I point out compliments to my writing, but… guns?

They’re not the central focus of the story—that’s the characters, and Korrasami in particular—but they are the aspect that sets it apart from other fics. It’s not exactly a spoiler—they get brought up in chapter 1—but I was way more interested in how the various characters react to them than the guns themselves. I love this world and I love it’s characters… but as a writer, I’m interested in action, and consequence. There’s not much more direct a metaphor for that than pulling a trigger.

The story is not pro-gun. The story is not anti-gun. The story is one in which guns exist… and the world has to figure out what that means.

Alright, let me just say that I am very upset right now. I have now caught up with this amazing, intense, well written, and complex story, and Korra STILL has not found out about the guns!!! Like seriously yo! I don’t even know why I want the drama that’s gonna happen as much as I do but I NEED IT! It probably has something to do with the fact that you write fluff so well that I’m positive the angst and drama that’s about to be unleashed is gonna be ASTOUNDING!!

Somebody gets it.

Oh. My. God.

Yaaasss!!! This chapter was amazing in every way. I’ve been waiting too long for the 'shit hits the fan’ chapter but it was definitely worth it.

The worst part there is… the shit had only begun to hit the fan.

I’m so madddddddd.
You’re so awesome though, why you do this?
Anyway, very much good luck to you in grad school (yikes!) And specially kudos to you for taking on this beast of a story as eloquently as you have in the midst of that (I myself barely hang).
But yeah. Update soon! (End this perpetually familiar agony!)

But as bad as things get in this story—and they do wind up getting pretty bad—that’s all a down-payment on the triumph I have planned for the end. How well can Asami and Korra weather this storm? Spoilers: I love them and would never leave them unhappy. But getting there…

That’s where the fun is.

You want mad? I’m mad!!

Not really. This is one of the best expansive fics around and I’m super stoked you keep updating it. All the different plot lines are well thought out even as they twist around each other and meet up.
Can’t wait for more!

So maybe give the fic a shot, guys! I promise, there’s so many threads being explored, at least a few will speak to you. All you have to do is click on these words right here, I even made it easy for you!

(Completely perfect cover picture courtesy of drakyx. Visit her tumblr for more excellent art!)

People who are telling me that I need to get over the idea that Jennifer Lawrence scratched her butt on a rock in Hawaii, my birth place, need to realize that you guys need to get over yourselves.
I’m not targeting one particular person because I am biased towards her. I am upset about the unprofessional action she did, after she was told not to touch them. Then she had the audacity to laugh about it on national tv. Even Chris Pratt, the man sitting next to her on the show who also lived in the islands for some time, was uncomfortable about it.
You may not believe in our superstitions or traditions, but we ask that you respect our land and in return we will respect you. However, because of her actions I have lost all respect for her and I do not see her as a professional anymore. She deliberately disrespected Hawaiian tradition and many of you will think “get over it,” but if I disrespect your household or your personal space you would be upset too, correct? Same idea. If you come into Hawaii, we will welcome you to our home, our land. If you disrespect our home, we will disrespect you.
Family and respect is big in Hawaii, so don’t tell me to get over something when you have no idea what it’s like to live in someone else’s shoes.

Suzukaze Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Suzukaze Dialogue

For two anons!

Usual disclaimer and all that jazz BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. EVERYONE MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KING OF SUGGESTION. Or well, he’s more teasing than lewd but W O W.

Keep reading


Group: UP10TION

Member: Wooshin

AN: It would have took me a really long time to write a scenario, since I’m not that good at it. So I hope this format is alright? If not I can write a scenario! However first Soulmate! writing! I chose where you could see all but one color!

  • you were okay with not seeing the color brown
  • well that’s what you told yourself when you were younger
  • it didn’t really matter back then
  • because you were too engrossed with learning each of the other colors not focusing on the missing one
  • but
  • now
  • you think brown is so stupid
  • that this whole thing is stupid
  • why could you see all bright colors of the rainbow
  • but not the color of the trees and some of the houses?
  • it ticked you off beyond imaginable
  • just because you couldn’t even imagine what this brown looked like
  • people had tried to explain it to you
  • but of course your brain couldn’t think of something even close to what they were saying
  • you would just have wait
  • wait until they came
  • they as in your soulmate
  • you were also kinda ticked at your soulmate
  • why did they have so much power over you?
  • but you couldn’t really be that mad because you knew were withholding a color from them
  • you couldn’t help but to think
  • what color were you holding?
  • blue? green? purple?
  • all your friends had their color wheel and life complete
  • what was taking your soulmate so long?
  • what if you didn’t have a soulmate?
  • what if they don’t want to meet you and stayed inside all day avoiding you?
  • all this crazy talk was really making you crazy
  • so you needed to go to the grocery store anyway plus it would help ease your mind focus only on your list
  • while in the grocery store you couldn’t help but to feel a nagging sense but you didn’t know why
  • so heck you continued to shop
  • buying all things that wasn’t on your list lol
  • “I don’t remember 3 cartons of ice cream being on the list buuuuut they are on sale so I might as well.”
  • it’s time to check out and while your pilling stuff on the counter
  • “paper or plastic?”
  • you could tell that paper was brown because it was that grey color
  • instead of seeing brown you seen grey
  • but you knew the item had to be brown because it was a special grey that intended it was brown
  • in school they taught you all about soulmates and your color wheel
  • they would have these powerpoints to show you what color you couldn’t see
  • each slide had a different color like for example blue
  • and the kids who couldn’t see blue would see the same color grey that you seen when you saw brown
  • so you chose paper just idk you wanted to hold something brown just in case you know
  • you ended up with two bags
  • they weren’t heavy or anything, nothing you couldn’t handle
  • they were just awkward to hold
  • you bid your goodbyes to the workers
  • about halfway home one of the bags started to tear
  • you were trying to hold the bag together with your hand
  • but eventually the bag ripped open letting all the contents slip onto the ground
  • it wasn’t eggs or anything which was good
  • it was a bunch of different things scattered all about
  • “here let me help you! it seems your bag has ripped? it happened to me the other day as well.”
  • someone says laughing
  • you look up and you’re frozen
  • he’s so beautiful
  • his nice tan skin complements his freshly dyed blonde hair
  • his bright orange button down shirt slapping you in the face next
  • paired with this nice blue pants making the shirt pop even more
  • he was just so beautiful
  • you quickly look down picking up your contents with shaky hands
  • you reach for the broken bag
  • and
  • it’s not grey anymore
  • it’s brown
  • you gasp looking at the boy again
  • “ahhh so that’s what pink looks like.”
  • and then he leans down and pecks your rosy cheeks

Originally posted by sarangjaejoongfan

The Signs Described By My Aquarius Friend
  • Aries: k so ones my boyfriend so i guess you could say i rlly like Aries lmao, yeah they are really rad but also stubborn as fuck, like calm down guys
  • Taurus: nice and looks out for me, even though they may not really mean it
  • Gemini: y'all are loyal af and one threw shade at a bitch for me so hard so I'm eternally grateful
  • Cancer: I was best friends with one for 3 yrs but then they chose their relationship over me so whoops
  • Leo: loyal af but sometimes only think of themselves, chill guys tho
  • Virgo: always so beautiful like wtf stop being so beautiful
  • Libra: y'all keep me from fucking everything up, without libras i would be dead
  • Sagittarius: wifey material
  • Capricorn: lmao ur my ex and you tried hooking up with my best friend byeeeeeee
  • Aquarius: lame lmao
  • Pisces: absolute cutie patooties seriously i want to keep all of you as my own just adorable
  • @thestxrsaligned
Wu Yi Fan - As a Boyfriend

A/N: OK. I know there are a few requests in there (and a kyungsoo one is up next) but think about it guys. I’ve been drowning in Kris feels for a while now. I had to write this out. I just genuinely had to. and to top it all of, he my bias. Like a huge one. The first one. This had to be done you know. This is going to be so me-biased im sorry. i hope you can imagine yourself in this too.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

  • If Kris is your boyfriend please let me take the honour to say - you lucky lucky little dumpling. Also. He’s going to take full advantage of that and also call you ‘little dumpling’ or cute names like ‘lil one’ ‘pea pod’ ‘momo?’ i dont know something along those lines. Have you seen how this boy names his pets (rourou, which is also what his family used to cal him when he was little)? I’m pretty sure you’re going to get named somewhat similarly.
  • Yi Fan is a super hardworker and too busy at that. I haven’t seen the boy give himself a break since 2014 tbh so that means you’ve got to be awfully close to him (and for a long time) before you can even think about dating him. That doesn’t mean you have to be in the same field as him, I don’t think he’d go for an actress or a singer because he’s quite empathetic so he knows what kind of schedule the girl’s in for. So he’ll be against that. But then he’s also quite accepting you never know with this boy
  • But you know what? Here’s my favourite thing. Yi Fan is the kind of guy that you discuss a relationship with. You guys dating, would be a well-informed decision taken by both parties instead of the whole ‘asking out’ thing. No. One day you guys are probably meeting up for some tea somewhere and suddenly you bring up how both of you have liked each other for a while and you’re pretty compatible and you’ve been doing pretty well with the contact thing for all these years, it shouldn’t be that hard to date right? He’s going to nod along and think about it (and overthink about it atleast for 10 months) before he says “Hmm. I’ve been wanting to ask you about the same thing. Should we try it?”
  • Only after a week do you realise what just went down. So you end up texting him. “Wait. So you mean… you and me… we’re dating now?”

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl

  • Sassy and cool kris will make a comeback then. With a cool text like “We were dating about a year back, but I just wanted you to bring up the conversation first. All of our friends already think we are going out.” And that’s when you suddenly understand why EVERYONE ALWAYS PAIRS YOU UP WITH HIM during all the awkward games and why his mother is extra nice to him and why all his friends are so nice to you.
  • You’re going to be in touch with his mom long before you guys go out because you’re dating your best friend and you and aunty are going to have loads to talk about.
  • Him working. How he sleeps. How he was as a child. The worst moment would be when aunty feels extremely guilty about having him grow up alone in Canada and you try to comfort her and Kris watches silently from the kitchen door and he can’t help but feel so lucky that he’s got such a kind, warm hearted and understanding girl. Not to mention, he’s probably going to join the hug very soon.
  • (A/N: So i’ve grown up a lot like kris, always moving houses as a kid and thus never having stable friends until the age of like 13 but then i moved out of the country again at 15 so lol thats a joke) SUCH A HUGE NEED TO TRAVEL WHEN STRESSED. When it’s been a while and his schedule has gotten too much he’s going to want to pack his bags and sort of just leave. he doesn’t care where or when or how far, he just wants to go out and fee invisible for a while. So many roadtrips and treks and standing atop mountains looking down at the world being tiny.
  • “I guess we’re all insignificant to the Universe.”
  • “But you’re galaxy fanfan. im pretty sure you count as a galaxy to the universe.”
  • Him staring at you, and glaring at you for the rest of the trip, for ruining his awesome philosophical moments.

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  • This man can sing, dance (?) cook, rap, SEW. You think you’re the wife? No not really. All the nephews and nieces, probably your own kid, will love him more.
  • Oh god have you seen him with kids? It’s adorable. Whenever you feel like you’re falling a little out of love (you think it’s impossible but guys its the normal course of a relationship) just put this giant dork around kids and feel yourself falling in love all over again. He doesn’t treat them like breakable dolls. He plays with them, jokes with them, rolls on the ground with them and gets his hands dirty playing clay or painting with them. But oh god the best part is when he talks to you at night about the kid he spent the day with and how they had a beautiful personality and he says, “the best part is probably watching them grow as a person, isn’t it Y/N?” and you realise that’s your favourite part too. Especially watching fanfan grow.

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  • This long noodle loves to cuddle. Only when its just the two of you in the house though. Because he’s majorly working in China now, he finds a lot of time to be home and whenever he’s got a “home-day” he calls you up immediately and you show up for your date dressed in the most comfiest clothes you could find - sweats. You guys just spend the day in, making each other listen to the new songs you’ve found or this amazing movie you just HAVE to watch or searching each other on the internet and playing with rourou and just cuddling. so much cuddling.
  • He’d ask you to move in with him really well into the relationship because it’s just more practical. Atleast this way, he gets more time with you because he always has to come home - to you.
  • The idea of home means so much to you both because Kris is someone who has moved around a lot. He is the kind of person to understand that a home can be a pretty important thing but it’s never a place, its a person, its a feeling. With you in his house, at 6 AM in the morning when he has to leave for work but your day starts a little late and he gets back into bed for “5 more mins” and buries his face into the crook of your neck - that’s home.
  • When he’s tired and you’re tired but you guys still decide to cook for yourself instead of ordering in (because you’ve done that so much) and he sets the table while you finish up the brownies in the oven. It’s too much work but you guys deserved it after a long day. So the three of you, or four (including mama Fan) sit around the table chit chatting about random things - that’s home.
  • Marriage is super important to him and his MOTHER MUST APPROVE. This child puts a lot of importance for family, he’s always been pushed into the caretaker, breadwinner role early on in life so obviously family shouldn’t be a new thing to deal with, it should be a respite.

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  • I hope he gets an amazing and kind and caring wife that talks to him and shares her opinions and worries about him. I hope she can take him away from his work when needed, and get him to focus back on it when needed, I hope she has an amazing job that she’s passionate about,  hope she inspires him. I hope his mom loves her and i really do hope he finds a home in her and understands that though she may be his wife, she’s also his best friend.
  • I just have a lot of good wishes for this man. He deserves all the good things in life.
  • The entire chinese entertainment industry will love you, not because you’re fanfan’s wife/gf, but because you’re probably an amazing person yourself.

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  • UMMM. ABOUT THE SEX. HMM. You slip into the sex mode like two kitties that fight. One look and boom - in the bed/ against the counter/ on the sofa. anywhere as long as no one’s watching
  • You think this boy’s clumsy hahahahahah he knows what he’s upto. He’ll kiss the bottom of your neck and trail his fingers against your waist. He knows your body pretty well by now and knows the exact amount of touches, and where to place them, to get your riled up within minutes.
  • After that though, there will be plenty of against the wall make out sessions. You try to pin him against the wall and make out like crazy but “Lil one what are you trying to do? You’ll break my neck this way.”
  • I’m sorrry but he’ll be on top most of the time but thats not to say it wont be fun.
  • The first year or so will just be you guys being the ultimate domestic couple to the outside world, and the most horniest of fucks inside the house.
  • You’re cooking and he spanks your butt. “KRIS. THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR.”
  • That is a call. That means. you. me. bed. now.
  • Also, I feel like kris would be the kind of idiot to spank your butt when you’re 50 and your kids are back for spring break and he’d still think “that’s my sexy girl” and the kids will collectively groan, but oh god youre a blushing mess
  • For all the tough times in his life, I hope Yi Fan’s girlfriend is like a breath of fresh air for him. So that he is reminded of the fact that the universe does not, in fact, hate him.
  • Also. So much teasing about what his real name is. “What do i call you though? Kris? Kris wu? Wu Yi Fan?Li Jia Heng? Galaxy fanfan? Xiao Fei? Tower of pisa? WHAT WHAT DO I CALL YOU?”

I gave myself feels but thats ok this is fanfan i give myself feels everyday either way.

Computer trouble. ( Kyungri smut )

Type: SMUT, you’ve been told lmao

Length: 2686 words

A/N: Kyungri is one of my biases so this fucked me up to write but i hope u guys like it!!!!

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“Fuck me.” You sighed at your computer for the 6th time, the screen frozen as your fingers twiddled nervously by it as your eyes zoomed all over the keyboard, your nose was almost close enough to the space bar before you heard a familiar voice enter your room.

“I’ll be glad too.” You heard Kyungri supply behind you, her sudden entrance causing you to leap out of your chair in alarm, turning around wildly to see her waltzing in in nothing but a sports tee and shorts, laundry in hand.

“Jeez.” You sighed, closing your eyes and rubbing them,
“You scared the shit out of me.” You mumbled, turning around again in your chair, the computer still stuck in the same position as before as you pouted directly towards it.

“Mm, what’s the matter baby?” She wondered aloud, dumping her laundry onto your shared bed in one giant heap, and then turning around to face you as you swiveled back to her.

“My computers broke.” Pinching the bridge of your nose, you leaned back, and let out a long sigh as you released some of the tension in your neck by popping your shoulders.

Oblivious to Kyungri’s approaching, you almost jumped out of your skin again when you felt her cold hands come down on your arms, your mouth closing as you felt them begin to trace patterns up and down, before you felt yourself settle in, the goosebumps raising lightly as her nails scratched your skin softly.

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