guys this is one of my biases

The “Just the thought of Team Cap walking all over Tony makes me want to trash my room, I just want unashamed, biased, pro-Tony quality content, is that too much to ask??” inspired ficlet I’ve been holding back for a while:

Bitterness ahead, guys. Not Team Cap friendly. Nor is it particularly deep or rational. I just wanted to get a couple of thoughts out of my head. Basically Tony is done being the team’s sugar daddy, only it comes to light in a very roundabout way. 

“When are my arrows gonna be fixed anyways?” Clint grumbles, rubs a hand over his sore shoulder. The one that wouldn’t have gotten injured, had his shot hit the target it was supposed to. Which it should have, his aim had been fine. The problem were the arrows. Someone must have screwed up somewhere in the production because they weren’t perfectly balanced.

They’re sitting in the conference room at the (mostly) restored compound. Tony is tapping away on his StarkPad, not even bothering to look up. He must have felt the questioning glances and noticed the silence, but he still doesn’t react.

Steve resists the urge to roll his eyes. He doesn’t want to encourage the tension between them, things are bad enough as it is. If only Tony would put in some effort as well, instead of going out of his way to antagonise them, maybe they could make some actual progress.

“Yo, Stark!” Clint snaps, voice reaching that biting sharpness he reserves specially for the billionaire. “I’m talking to you!”

Tony shows no outward reaction, which is strange to see. Back when they first came back, he used to move at all times, sharp and erratic, never staying still. Steve shakes his head at their unnecessary power play.

Tony answers before he has the chance to reprimand them though. “How would I know?” he asks, a brief frown flittering across his face as he scribbles something down onto the tablet.

The outraged look on Clint’s face tells everyone present that this meeting won’t get back on track any time soon. It’s understandable, really. Clint has been forced to fight three battles with faulty equipment and frankly, the lack of concern Tony is showing for his team mates’ safety is nothing short of callous. Steve knows things haven’t been good between them but this is the first time he wonders if things could really be so bad, that Tony would hold necessary equipment back on purpose.

It’s a terrible thought, but try as he might, Steve isn’t able to shake it off.

At least the rising tension finally causes Tony to look up and meet Clint’s glare. He’s wearing sunglasses even though they’re inside, like he always does. Steve doesn’t like it. Makes it harder to read Tony, to tell what he’s really thinking. Absently, he admits that this is probably why Tony wears them so religiously.

“What do you mean ‘how would you know’?!” Clint snarls, enraged. “My arrows have been acting up for weeks and you still don’t know how to fix it?!”

Tony stares at Clint, the expression on his face unreadable. Then, after a long, long moment of heavy silence, the answer.

“I’m not fixing your equipment.”

For a moment, it’s deadly quiet, as Steve struggles to process the meaning of what Tony has just said.

“Tony,” Steve hastily inserts himself as soon as he finds his voice again, before Clint can throw himself across the room and deck him, “I know there are still some issues we all have to work through, but that’s not an excuse to-”

“Hold it right there, Rogers,” Tony interrupts. It’s never Cap, always Rogers these days. The pain the distinction causes still catches Steve by surprise more often than not. “I’m not sure where you get this from but I’m not your mechanic. I don’t work for you. So if Barton here has an issue with his weapons, he needs to take it up with the people in charge. Considering how often you remind me that it’s not me, you’d think you’d have figured that part out already.”

“But it’s not working!”

Tony sighs. The deep, heavy sort of sigh you usually expect from an exhausted parent after their insistent child asks, “Are we there yet?” for the 34th time. “Then take it up with the quartermaster. Or Agent Hudson. Or one of the techies. Seriously, Barton, you signed the Revision. Who’s responsible for what is right in there, section 12 to 17. Besides-” he pauses.

“What are you waiting for? Go on!” Clint demands between gritted teeth, hands curled into tight fists. Thankfully, he’s not throwing anything. Yet. “Don’t get shy with me now!”

Tony straightens in his seat. Steve inwardly sighs. That man has never been able to let a challenge go unanswered.

Besides,” Tony continues, voice still surprisingly even, “chances are they’re working just fine.”

“You think I can’t tell when my bow isn’t fucking working the way it should?” Clint bristles.

The words actually cause Tony to lower his sunglasses for a moment, just to make sure there is no doubt about how stupid he believes Clint to be. “I’m saying you’re operating with a standard bow, Barton. The fabric and the construction limit the performance quality. Something I’m sure an experienced archer like yourself has picked up on.”

And yes, things are definitely getting ugly. That level of glacial cold in Tony’s voice is rarely achieved, even now.

“The why the fuck did you build a subpar bow?”

Tony sighs again. “You’re missing the point. Seriously, I can not believe we’re even having this conversation. I did not build that bow, Barton.”

And that’s–that’s a surprise.

Tony’s gaze trails over them all, taking in their confused, shocked expressions. “Really?” he asks, exasperation dripping from every syllable. “Did any of you even read the Revision? The Avengers’ are an official unit. Their weapons and uniforms can’t be provided by a private party, especially not one who is part of the team. Have you ever heard the term conflict of interest?”

“What about Stark Industries?” Natasha asks. From the furrow in her brows though, Steve suspects she already knows the answer–and doesn’t like it one bit.

“I’m not sure if you noticed,” and now there’s no mistaking the mocking in Tony’s tone, “but SI doesn’t sell weapons anymore. It was kind of a big thing, couple of years back.”

“But- But yours are better!” Clint splutters. It sounds plaintive and weak, even in Steve’s ears, but at the same time he knows what Clint’s struggling to say. It’s not about getting your toys taken away. It’s about their safety and efficiency in the field. On bad days, it’s about the survival of their entire planet.

“I can’t believe you would risk the teams’ lives and safety like this because of a petty argument,” Steve says, unable to keep quiet any longer, nor bothering to hide the honest disappointment.

Tony, unimpressed as always, simply snorts. “You’re an official unit, but before that you’ve been working for SHIELD for years. Did you ever have the very best equipment mankind was capable of providing at the time? No,” he answers his own question in a breeze, “you didn’t. Why? Because you’re agents, soldiers. And sure, the government wants to protect us, wants to keep us alive and make sure our missions succeed. But they have limited funding, which means everyone has to deal with the best cost-efficient option available. If you’ve got the right connections to get something more, then lucky you, but that makes you an exception, not a rule.”

“You don’t need to explain real life to me!” Clint snaps aggravated.

“Then why do you feel entitled to something better?” That question, sharp and cutting, makes the archer still, his mouth open but with no retort forthcoming. Tony is blinking at him now, head tilted sideways in child-like curiosity.

“Of course, if I, as a private citizen, decided to build something that doesn’t violate any laws and give it to a friend as a gift, that would be something else, wouldn’t it?” Tony continues after a moment, voice softer now, but no less cutting. His eyes are fixated on Clint, sunglasses pushed back, eyes dark and unmoved. “The average update would take me what, a week or two? That’s a lot of time to invest into a single project, especially when the ultimate use is so limited. How many people can possibly profit from improved protective vest versus how many people improve from an exploding arrow is a really fascinating comparison to make.”

“So you see, Barton, even if I could improve your bow, there’s no logical reason why I should waste my time like this.”

“Tony!” Steve interrupts, scandalised. “Clint’s life depend on his aim! Our lives depend on it! How can you justify not providing him with the most basic necessities.”

Tony doesn’t even try and look abashed, instead he throws his head back and laughs. “This is how you want to play it, Rogers? Because I’m rich and a genius, I owe it to you to devote my time, attention and money to bettering your lives? What about the seven billion other people on this world? Don’t they deserve the same consideration, hm? What makes you so special that I should put your needs before anything else?”

Steve opens his mouth, but Tony doesn’t give him a chance to speak.

“I tell you what this is: this is you realising I’m no longer spoiling you rotten because you are in fact not my kids and I can cut you off whenever the fuck I want. And you don’t like it. Because guess what, I may be privileged, but so are you! You’re heroes, most of the time, as far as the world is concerned. You’ve been living off my money and resources on top of that. You’ve always gotten special treatment and you like that. You’re as far detached from the ‘ordinary man on the street’ as I am, you just don’t have the self-awareness to fucking notice!”

Tony sends them a sardonic smile that does in no way take the sting out of his words. “Don’t worry,” he says, “you’ll still be special. It’s just no longer my name footing that bill. Because we’re not friends. And as a business man, I’m not at all sorry to tell you that you simply aren’t worth investing into.”

And with that he stands, all blinding press smile, sweeps around dramatically, and strides purposefully out of the room. The automatic door closes noiselessly behind him, but he might have as well slammed it shut for all the difference it would’ve made.

It’s likely not a coincidence, that on their next mission Spiderman, Vision and Miss Marvel all showcase new, incredibly features and weapons that can’t have been created by anyone else. And it’s impossible to know for sure, what with the mask on, but Steve is one hundred per cent certain that Spiderman is smirking at them.

He is not wrong.

Let me know what you think? And please excuse any mistakes, I’ll re-read this tomorrow. Also this is the last post for today. I’m tiredtiredtired now and think I’ve spread enough bitterness for the day. And spammed your dashes with enough endless posts probably…oops.

The things that sucked about season two

Ah yes, the most fun list of them all. Now while there are definitely more than just five things wrong with this season, we’d be here all day if I put more. So we’ll stick with five. All righty, lets go! (Fair warning, this one is a bit longer as far as words go. Just a heads up.)

5. Sanvers: Before you grab your pitchforks, hear me out. It’s not the the relationship itself that I have a problem with, that aspect is fine. It’s more of how they handled it. To clarify, when they announced that Alex was gonna have a girlfriend this season, they treated it like it was the second coming. I mean everyone was so hyped, but when you get down right to it, it’s honestly nothing more than just a regular romance arc. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it at first. I thought Alex coming out was very well handled and well written, Chyler and Floriana have really good chemistry, and their scenes are nice. But I just felt it didn’t add anything significant to the story. And before you say “oh well it gives Alex someone to love and lean on”, we’ll get to that later. So yea, good relationship, just overhyped. Hence it’s the least of the problems I had.

4. James as Guardian: I’m not gonna lie, this one I’m a little biased on. As I said in my previous list, Im an enormous Superman fan. So that means I have a fairly strong image of Jimmy Olson. I’m not trying to piss on Mechad Brooks, he’s not bad, I’ve just never had much of a Jimmy Olson vibe from him. I mean Jimmy is supposed to represent the Everyman, the little guy. He’s cool because even though he’s just this average guy, he’s best friends with Superman, that is really inspiring. And instead we get this mega hunky, Rico Suave type guy who refuses to go by the name Jimmy. Ummm, ok….. Though I will admit, James actually did grow on me through season one. While it wasn’t my image of Jimmy, I did learn to like and respect this version of the character. But once he became Guardian, that’s what finally pushed it for me. Once again, what does it add to the story? I mean once in a while we’ll see him beat up some bad guys, he’ll help out the team every now and then, but that’s pretty much it. And it just came completely out of nowhere too. I mean he all of a sudden knows martial arts and wants to be a hero? No build up, no hints, nothing. Just slam, bam, thank you ma'am, and now I’m a vigilante. And the funny thing is, James has proven that he can be just as much of a hero just by being himself. Heck, I’d say his more heroic moments are when he’s not Guardian. His scene where he brought Marcus out of his trance was easily one the most powerful scenes in the show, and he achieved it just by being himself, no mask needed. It’s just too random, and too pointless if you ask me.

3. Snapper replacing Cat: My biggest problem with this was the fact that they tried to make Snapper a replacement for her, and they just made him annoying. I mean I understand what they’re doing, he’s being a jackass so that Kara can mature as a reporter. I mean the idea itself isn’t horrible, and it is effective to Kara as a character, there is just one little problem with it. They already did all that crap in season one with Cat! It was just repetitive and lazy. Why do mentor figures always have to be giant dickwads? It’s been done a billion times before. Why not have Snapper be a nice guy? It wouldn’t have taken away anything. I speak from personal experience when I say, you can give creative criticism without being douchebag about it. At least when Cat was being a bitch, it was still very clear that she actually cared about Kara and wanted her to grow and succeed. With Snapper, what did we get? “At a girl Danvers” and “I was rooting for you”. Riveting, isn’t it? It just seemed like a wasted opportunity. We could’ve had a new and interesting mentor relationship, and you just threw it away for an overused cliche.

2. Lack of Kara and Alex: Believe me when I tell you, this one came very close to being number one. Kara and Alex’s relationship was easily the best thing about season one. Their relationship was the heart of the whole show. Looking back on season two, I can think of maybe one couch scene that they had (and that’s not an exaggeration, I literally can’t remember there being any more than just one). This is actually one of the problems I had with Alex and Maggie. It seems as though they’re purposely trying to separate Kara and Alex by giving them love interests. I mean having a love interest is ok, if it’s not out of character, and boy oh boy, was she out of character. I mean for starters, there is no way Alex would let Kara be taken to a parallel Earth without her, she would not push Kara to date you know who, and Alex actually ditching Kara on her birthday to go to some stupid concert? Pardon my French, but what the fuck?! What bullshit are you dumbasses playing at? I mean did you forget the entire season of character development you built up for these two? We almost never get any serious interactions with them. The only ones I can think of were when Kara thought about going to Metropolis and when Alex came out. Other than that, nothing. They never had a scene after Jeremiah betrayed them, we never even got a scene after Alex almost fucking drowned! They practically have nothing. In fact, I remember specifically when Alex said she wasn’t slipping away, I actually yelled “bullshit” at my tv screen. Cause that is exactly what she is doing. Did you forget that Alex went into a highly dangerous dream world (cough cough what should have happened in the musical episode) and flew into a space with a decades old spacecraft to save Kara??? Nope, sorry, you are the weakest link. I want them back. I want sister nights, I want couch scenes, and I want them actually communicating like family again. And like I said earlier, this one came very close to being number one. So I’m sure you must be wondering what number one could possibly be. Well to quote Nicolas Cage from ‘Face Off’: “Take one goddamn guess.”

1. Mon-El: …………Where do I begin? Let’s start with the basics. He’s annoying, he’s a terrible love interest for Kara, he’s a pathetic excuse for a superhero, he has some of the weakest character development I’ve ever seen, he takes up way too much screen time, and he’s about as charming as road kill. But why stop there? He’s also immature, and he never takes responsibility for anything. I mean, he actually had the opportunity to go back to his home planet and make the lives of his people better and thereby preventing the impending invasion of earth that would no doubt kill hundreds of humans and Daxamites alike, and what does he do? Decides to be selfish and stay on Earth where he continued to be a annoying burden. But even that’s not all. I actually described the things Mon-El has said and done to a few of my friends, and I asked them what they would do if they were in Kara’s shoes. They all unanimously agreed that they would kick his ass to the curb. Kara and Mon-El are not a good couple, at all. Their romance is awkward, cringeworthy, and a little disturbing. A relationship should be built on trust, honesty, mutual respect, and compassion. This relationship has consisted of nothing but lies, arguing, straight up vocal abuse, and more arguing. I still, for the life of me, cannot see why they are a couple. I don’t know about you guys, but if my significant other lied to me about their identity since the moment I met them, it would take more than one musical episode later for me to forgive them. And he’s always making up excuses instead of just owning up to his mistakes and actually learning. And btw, using the “he’s not human” excuse is not valid. In case you forgot, Kara and J'onn are aliens too. While yes, they’ve been on earth longer, they stretched his fish out of water storyline way longer than it needed. But for me personally, there is one thing above all that makes his whole characterization one of the most insulting comic to live action adaptations I’ve ever seen. It’s that they took a fun, goodhearted, enjoyable character, and turned him into this unpleasant, unsympathetic, unlikeable asshole. As far as I can tell, him and his comic book counterpart have two things in common, the name and planet of origin. Other than that, they literally have nothing in common. For those who don’t know, Mon-El is not the prince of Daxam in the comics. He’s literally just a regular guy. He’s an explorer from Daxam who crashed on Earth, losing his memories in the process, where he met Young Clark Kent. Given that they shared the same powers (Daxamites have all Kryptonian abilities, not just strength and speed) they figured he must be from Krypton. Hence Mon-El decided to give himself that name (his real name is Lar Gand). But when exposed to lead, he obtained lead poisoning, gaining his memory back in the process, and Clark put him in the Phantom Zone to save him. He was then released by the Legion of Superheroes in the thirty first century, they cured him of his lead poisoning, and he joined them. Now tell me, does that backstory sound even remotely close to the one in Supergirl? No, not even close. I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I would’ve much rather had the comic book version of Mon-El than whatever Supergirl did. And to top it all off, we see the biggest part of this seasons recurring theme, it was just wasted potential. Honest to God, I mean this when I say, Chris Wood would’ve made a good Mon-El had they stuck to the proper storyline. And bless his heart, it’s clear Chris is trying his best, but it’s still just not working. We could’ve had a fun storyline. I mean Supergirl acting as a mentor figure to a young superhero, a superhero who has never been in live action form that has all of Superman’s powers. It had serious potential, it really did. But instead it was wasted and botched up in place for a stupid romance that should’ve never even been an idea in the first place. All of this is why Mon-El is easily the worst thing about season two.

Rumours About Rumours, or: The Kent Parson Meta That Nobody Asked For

As is well-documented by this point, I’m a hopeless fan of @omgcheckplease, to the point where a gay hockey comic has turned me into an actual fan of ice hockey, dear god, I’ve become invested in a sport that’s barely even fucking played in my country, what is this even?? Naturally, this means I follow a few CP-heavy blogs on tumblr, and recently I’ve noticed a few people expressing confusion about why so many people like Kent Parson, given the fact that, canonically, his big introduction involves him being goddamn awful to Jack.

Now: straight off the bat – and I’m saying this, obviously, as someone who finds Kent Parson a fascinating character – I want to acknowledge that fandom, as a general entity, is heavily biased towards white guys. It’s one of those raindrop-in-a-storm problems where, at an individual level, everyone is entitled to their own personal preferences (always bearing in mind that said preferences can be influenced, either consciously or unconsciously, by cultural bias), but where the cumulative, collective effect of those choices amplifies the effects of cultural bias. It would therefore be disingenuous to deny that, whatever my thoughts on or interest in Kent as a character, there’s still a collective issue with how much more attention he often receives than more canonically prominent – and non-assholish – POC characters like Ransom, Chowder, Nursey and Lardo.

(Sidenote: as part of various race-oriented meta about CP, I’ve seen it pointed out that, in fanworks, the POC characters are most often romantically paired with white characters rather than other POC, and that this is a worthy point of investigation and criticism. I agree on both counts, but also feel that, in this specific instance, it’s important to note that, in canon, all the POC characters are primarily – either romantically or platonically – paired with another white character, and that these pairings dominate their appearances in the strip. (Ransom and Holster, Chowder and Farmer (or Chowder and Bitty, platonically), Nursey and Dex, Lardo and Shitty.) So while that doesn’t excuse the comparative lack of creative licence taken in moving beyond those pairings, as is common fanwriting practice, it does explain their existence as a non-trivial narrative baseline. ANYWAY.)

As to why Kent himself is interesting - well. There are, I think, two main reasons for this:

1: He’s Jack’s most significant ex; and

2: He’s presented as an antagonist.

If only the latter point was true, then I’d be much less inclined to invest in him emotionally. What matters is the fact that, despite all the wonderful shipping opportunities afforded by CP, Kent is one of only three (thus far) canonically queer characters – and not only that, he has an existing, complicated backstory with Jack, which therefore connects him emotionally to both Jack and Bitty. Any canon-compliant take on Jack’s romantic history must therefore feature Kent, and with that particular speculative door cracked open, it’s natural to wonder about Kent’s version of events.

Which is where my personal interest in Kent comes in. Because Jack Zimmermann, despite being our noble hockey hero and the protagonist’s love interest, is, by his own admission, an unreliable narrator of his own emotions. And as Jack’s narration is the only insight we get into his and Kent’s relationships, it’s not unreasonable to wonder what we’re missing out on – to say nothing of the possibility that Jack, historically, might not have been great for Kent.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

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Unintentional rambling


Okay guys,I know all of us admire and love Bangtan and some of us have a special type of admiration towards one person and let me say that it is OKAY to have a bias (I can say this because I don’t have a bias,I’m not that loyal to one when there are six men trying to wreck my bias list). I mean we all like a member and all.But a little thing has started to bother me recently.

Recently I read an article on koreaboo about kpop male idols with most beautiful features and I was very proud when Jin made it to the list.I made my way towards the comments expecting loads of comments appreciating Jin’s beauty and giving him the love he deserves. But all I found were ARMYs questioning where was Taehyung and Yoongi and others. I mean,who doesn’t like taetae and suga? But can you please talk about and congratulate Jin for making it to the list? It does not limit to only this,and believe me when I write there are many who comment nonsense of ‘WHERE’S OPPA?’

It is okay to have a bias, and I know you feel disappointed when he does not make it to the list.But if a member does makes it,appreciate and congratulate him,I know that he directly probably won’t read it,but still he knows that people are there for him,Support from social media means a lot.No rational person wants to read that where’s oppa shit and member’s photographs under an article where clearly the other has won saying ‘I’ll leave it here’ because ‘WELL NOBODY ASKED YOU TO !’

Taehyung himself said ‘Please love all of us equally’

However,If still you can only be kind to and love one member,while neglecting others’ talent and beautiful existence,then I’m sorry to say that you are completely biased in a bad way and CANNOT consider yourself a true ARMY.

Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Look, AkaKuro’s standing next to each other! ❤❤❤❤

The order of everything I’d written here might be in random, because I was mentally screaming all the way through the entire movie. Mentally, because I couldn’t just shout “FUCK THAT’S MY OTP!!! AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER??” with anime heart eyes every time AkaKuro appeared on screen. I’m in the cinemas with equally brooding fanboys and fangirls so nope.

This is full of spoilers and shitposting. Proceed at your own risk. XD

  • Kagami’s backstory. Who would’ve thought that such a bright ray of sunshine was once a tol angsty child. Well, everyone probably went through that phase so-
  • One thing I realized while I was watching the entire Strky vs Jabberwock match was how much I love Kasamatsu, Miyaji, Imayoshi, Okamura, and Higuchi (I don’t even know this guy but I love him unconditionally okay?). So, yeah, basically, everyone in Team Strky.
  • I was waiting for Kasamatsu to slap Nash in the face after the guy spit on his hand, but– *3*
  • The GoM greeting each other in the gym is the most precious thing ever
  • AKASHI ❤ I’m biased so–
  • Kuroko following Kagetora in Roppongi to confront the Jabberwock. 
  • Everyone taken aback by Kuroko’s disappearance lol
  • Kuroko’s boyfriends protecting him after Nash kicked him. DAMN I GOT SHIVERS AT AKASHI’S EXPRESSION HERE.
  • Akashi: Stop
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun.
  • Akashi: I understand. Knowing you, you probably want to settle this in a basketball match.
  • I literally just mentally scream my head off every time AkaKuro is next to each other
  • EIGO
  • The match’s setting was different from the one in the manga. And the other characters watched them live which was also different.
  • (Btw, there were two guys sitting few seats to my right in the cinema who were doing a live commentary of every fucking scene the entire time. I was torn between getting annoyed and fanboying with them because what they were whispering to each other was what I was thinking at that exact moment.)
  • Everyone being OP AS FUCK
  • Midorima’s remote control
  • Fucking Silver
  • Murasakibara and Silver’s match up
  • Silver is an ass
  • Pouting Murasakibara *sound of angels’ choir in the background*
  • Everyone giving way to each other so the team could win. #PRECIOUS
  • Kuroko: *joins the game*
  • Jabberwock: LMAO So weak-looking
  • Jabberwock [5 seconds after Kuroko played]: WHAT THE FUCK??????
  • DID I MENTION THE TEAM PLAYS??? The AoKaga?? Midorima and Kagami highfiving each other? Murasakibara and Kagami double-teaming Silver? And ofc who could forget AoKi double-teaming Silver
  • Kise’s Perfect Copy + Aomine’s Zone = beautiful AoKi babies
  • I swear even Momoi could feel the AOKI in the air. She was too overwhelmed that it brought tears to her eyes. lol
  • Kise and Silver’s one-on-one
  • “Kise is the strongest player on the court.” Dude… I already knew that, like, 5 years ago.
  • Nash’s passes WTAF
  • Murasakibara getting hurt again. STOP HURTING MY TREE SON I SAY
  • Takao getting jealous of Akashi and Midorima’s teamplay. Don’t worry Shin-chan’s all yours already. :3
  • Kise failing to make the shot because he’s too damn exhausted already. Somebody take his place aaaaaahhhhhhh :’((((((((((
  • “Leave the rest to me, Ryouta.”
  • WHY DIDN’T THEY INCLUDE THIS: “Akashi-kun is Akashi-kun. There is no difference.” THIS IS, LIKE, THE ULTIMATE AKAKURO MOMENT. I’M SO SAD ;-;
  • “Right now, Akashi’s the most reliable person on the court.” He’s also the most reliable in be– //slapped
  • Mayuyu supporting his kouhai from the sidelines. HOW CUTE
  • Also, can we talk about Mibuchi’s new hairstyle?
  • Midorima’s three pointers. Also OP as fuck
  • “My shots will not miss.” His shots through Takao’s heart will also never miss. ;)
  • Midorima trying to make Kagami feel better. Holy shit the world’s ending soon
  • Nash’s ability was translated in the movie as “Barrier Eye.” But I actually heard “Belial Eye” every time it was mentioned. But it was called “Demon Eye” in the manga. So which is it? @-@
  • “Goodbye.”
  • NAked Akashi
  • Oreshi and Bokushi fanservice DAMNNNNNNN I NEED MORE. I love the way they parted in the movie, with all the hands holding and the changing of perspectives and just… everything.
  • Akashi was about to give up
  • Then Kuroko appears in his line of sight
  • Then everyone gets an instant power up
  • GoM + Seirin bonding moment™
  • Kagami’s leaving for America.
  • God just remembering it makes me tear up
  • When Kagami ran back to Kuroko, I thought he changed his mind and would say: “It’s more fun playing with you and the rest of the team.” But they just said goodbye to each other and Kagami was thanking Kuroko for everything and all these onion ninjas just started popping out of nowhere and I was dying inside. :’((((((((((
  • Holy fucks I think I didn’t watch the complete final scene? Now I’m sadder. I mean, I saw some spoiler about the GoM talking about the future or smth?? I DIDN’T SEE THAT. ;-;

Apparently, my lil bro backed out from watching this with me, and I ended up watching it with my dad. Though, in all actuality, he just slept and woke up about quarterway through the movie. And I think he enjoyed the rest of the movie, because he didn’t sleep after that, and that was SOMETHING because he always just sleeps whenever he comes with me and my siblings to the cinemas. 😂😂😂😂 Anyway, I’ll add the others once I remember them.


EXO’rdium in Malaysia!!

I am back to tell you guys about my concert experience!! The concert this year is definitely better than the experience I had for my previous one! Firstly, I was so lucky enough to get into the first row right in front of the left extended stage! I have to admit I chose that side just because that’s supposed to be Jongin’s spot for Artificial Love (heheh) but they moved his position during that particular concert :(

Overall I saw Jongin for 3 times. Because of the change of position, I heard he’s on the other side more than mine :( But it doesn’t matter because each time he came to my side it was perfect, because he reacted twice to my banners and the third time he was in front of me for full 3 minutes for Drop That (and yes, in that HOT SLEEVELESS TOP FEATURING HIS GUNS)!

For my side, the most that I saw was Chanyeol, Jongdae, Suho and Minseok! I gotta say my side is like Chanyeol heaven! You know how Yeol is one of my top biases so I’m not complaining hehe (AND THAT NEWLY DYED COPPER HAIR ALL STYLED UP UGHHH). Suho is the sweetest guy and his face is FLAWLESS. He looked at the fans so attentively and waved to each of them, and read all the banners! And it is sooo sweet how he tried to speak in English most of the times for us to understand ;; I gotta say after the concert I love him more and more!

Now let me tell you about how Jongin noticed me! The first time he came to my side was during Tender Love. When I saw him walking near I quickly put up my ‘종인이편’ banner (it’s by the fansite Ninibox and it means ‘by Jongin’s side’), and he saw it and pointed it and winked!

This was his reaction during that time! ;;

(cr. Jonginisdad)

And then the second time he came was during Girl x Friend, this is the best fangirl moment of my life because Jongin actually stopped to read my banner and DID A CUTE DANCE IN FRONT ME! ;;

My banner means “KAI what did you eat to be that cute?” but I actually had typos in it haha! That “목구” was supposed to be “먹구” and in “cute” I had one small letter upside down lol. In my defense I did it at 3am on the day and I was too sleepy to recheck for typos! Hahahaha. I only found out about the typos when I showed this to my Korean friend on the day but it was too late to change anything because I didn’t bring my glue :/ but my friend convinced me that he’ll surely understand it anyway.. so I just went along with the typos haha.

So when he was walking towards my area, I quickly put up this banner and I was worried that he might not catch it because he was looking down and kind of in a hurry to get to the end of the stage. But my luck he was turning his face to my side and saw my banner and HE ACTUALLY STOPPED TO READ IT (MY HEART ALSO STOPPED LOL). And the most thing I didn’t expect is that he turned his body slightly to face me and answer my banner with an AEGYO DANCE! Omg. My legs were so weak I literally plopped down after he walked away with a smile. I really couldn’t believe my eyes.. Kim Jongin just danced cutely in front of me.. for me.. ;;

And I’m SO LUCKY again that so many people caught it in fancams! (I didn’t record it obviously I was in no condition to lol)

You see this time he was walking towards my area, he was supposed to be at the end of the stage but he stopped when he noticed my banner ;;

I was worried he might not understand because of the typos but he read it and even reacted to it :((

Look at his ready-to-cute pose lol I knew I was gonna d*e in a second!


I swear I’m the luckiest fan right there and then! My long hours of waiting outside in the blazing sun then the pouring thunderstorms was worth it. I will never ever forget this moment! But I’m telling you it is just not my banner that he reacted to but all of the fans’ banners with his name on it. Kim Jongin is really that sweet and precious..

The only fancam I have of him is during Drop That but I had unstable hands because I wanted to jump and dance at the same time while recording him and at the time stare at his beauty too lol. If I want to tell about the whole concert and other members too, this post will be too long already so I stop here hehe. But you can ask me about anything you are curious for, I’ll be answering them as I remember :3 but this is all I have to say in my post.

My overall experience was superb and perfect. I got to see all of EXO really up close and they’re all so divine looking! Once again.. I feel so lucky I got to stan this amazing beautiful guy called Kim Jongin. I really wish I get to meet him again soon ♥ for now I got to say what I needed to say to him, that HE IS. SO. CUTEEEE!!!! xD

Lucky. (Hoshi Smut)

Hey guys! 😊 how long has it been? We are so terribly sorry we’ve been inactive and god we are just so sorry. We just weren’t feeling the sparks for writing, and we would never want to post something done half-assedly because you bby’s don’t deserve that. 🤗 so admin kenvy is working on the masterlist right at this moment and it’ll be up soon! yaaaaay, also this has been a request from a lovely anon. girl you thirsty. I worked on this at school because guYS IM PRETTY FUCKING SURE YOU’VE ALREADY SEEN KWON SOOMYOUNGS NEW LOOK LIKE BITCH SPEAR ME WITH YOUR DICK- anw so i just got so inspired to do so, and don’t worry guys! We will definitely grant all of your requests, please stay pretty and patient ❤️ alSO OH MY GOD GUYS 500+ FOLLOWERS, OUR FAMILY IS EXPANDING!! akdnkdndosnssidb. 😍 thank you so much for loving this little blog of ours, we love ya’ll so fucking much. What do you think we should do for reaching 500+!?

You are always free to ask us stuff you’re curious about, or if you have any problems we would love to help 😘 tell us abt your biases, your fantasies, be free and don’t hesitate. ❤️

-admin kate x

Also, for the lovely anon who had requested this, thank you so much for being patient ❤️ if it’s alright, i kinda made this one kinda different from the others, it’s short but i hope it’ll tug your heartstrings even just a little. But then again i’m so genuinely sorry if it isn’t to your taste but i am satisfied. Hope you enjoy bby. 😘 til next time, thank you for requesting! enjoy. 😉

warning: contains fluff, daddy kink and all that other good shit lol 
word count: 2,400+
disclaimer: the gif is not ours, ctto.

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What I like about your sign?

I’m a Gemini by the way.

Aries: I love Aries so much, they’re just all round amazing. Like they've got this ability to just go their own way and lead people, truly admirable. Also, they’ve got this personality that I personally think is so hot  like you can be a complete asshole but you’re a kind hearted asshole whose kind just looking out for yourself and everyone that you love. Okay so you my gentle asshole needs to be my friend okay? You’re like Heath Ledgers character in 10 things I hate about you man.

Taurus: Lemme tell you, that you sir are fascinating because you’re rather opinionated, like I’d literally sit for hours and have debates with you honestly. I love Taurus people as they’re always there for you whether it’s a mid-life crisis or you’re just out of food. Also, you’re super chill and it relaxes me, kinda calms me down when I’m around you guys. SO yes, much love for you babies. You’re like that guy/girl whose asleep and everyone thinks they don’t know what’s going on. But turns out you do know what’s going on and you’re uber charming. 

Gemini: I love everything about you because we’re the same. Bat-shit crazy and amazing. All my love. I can’t say too much I’ll sound biased, whoops. 

Cancer: Cancers, you’re my buddies. You help me in life man, you’re all just so sweet. I’d just hug you all one by one. I love how you’re all about family and sticking it out with people, it’s great. I wish I was like you. I wish I loved as hard as you guys do man because it’s honestly so beautiful and novel worthy. You guys are that cute kid who doesn’t say much but when you do everyone’s like “holy shit let me hold you you’re so cute”

Leo: I’m gonna start off by saying, literally all my best friends are Leos. I love Leos so much, they’re so sassy and like “yes I’m hot, fight me” and that to me is like yes, you slay baby girl. Also, ya’ll bitches are some loyal as hell, you’re ability to stand with people throughout anything is phenomenal. Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the Leos who holy the other crazy ass signs hands and tell them when they need to pipe down and get their crap together. It’s probably because of you that most of your friends with other signs are still alive right now tbh. You go Leos, you keep milking everything you can outta life. 

Virgo: Beyonce. Virgos are the bomb, they’re so driven and focused and literally don’t stop till they’ve got what they wanted. Teach me your ways cause you’re all mad successful and amazing at whatever it is you’re doing. I’m jealous tbh. I know I can always count on my Virgo babes to tell me what is really up, you feel me? You guys inspire me to get off my lazy ass and do something with my life and you’re also the people that are there for a cute warm hug and pick you up when you’re down. SO MUCH THANKS. 

Libra: When I think of Virgos I think of endless partying and junk food on one day and crazy studying and working-out the next. Shout-out to all the Libras who taught me how I gotta balance shit out in my life. You guys are such peace makers, many thanks for doing you babe. I love how you can just kill arguments and handle things in such a classy way. I would straight up beat a bitch but you guys just hash things out civilly with the ability to beat a bitch and that’s great, fabulous. Also, lastly you guys literally have some of the best date ideas and I’d volunteer myself as a tribute. 

Scorpio: Okay, you know Scorpios are mad sexual and can literally make anything they do sexy okay. I’m attracted to you so much, it’s wow. And I dunno if this is all Scorpios but my friends have dated a few and I have so, you guys get like crazy jealous and then kind just jealous make-out and its amazing. You’re so talented in that area, you need an award. But you’re also so smart and like to do all these new things, I could spend hours with you and not regret a thing. Also, you’re always so sweet to other people. You also have a jackass but nice cutie thing going on and people love it ok. YOU GO BOO! 

Sagittarius: Have you ever been in need of a good, fun cheering up? Well go to a Sag because they’re optimistic and always ready for a goof time. I love Sag, I love chilling with because you’re so energetic I feel like I don’t have to hold back. And I’m not the only one who is able to let loose and be free around you. You’re such a fun little party animal. Also, if I was in a fight I’d definitely want you on my side because you can literally chop people in half with the words that come flying out of that mouth for hurting you or someone you care about. You’re a top bloke. Much love.  

Capricorn: Fear this person. Fear any Capricorn you meet, they’re like the whole package. Your self-confidence is wow, even if I didn’t think you were amazing, I’d still think you’re amazing. You catch my drift? You’re so sweet and kind to people, people just tend to always love ya. You know what to do when to do and you let loose but also you know how to responsible and not go home with a sleezy guy from the bar just cause you’ve had too many shots. This makes sense so… I love how to tend to love the classics and how you keep every single little even in that beautiful brain of yours. Wow, I’m gonna stop before I fall in love. 

Aquarius: You know how in movies there’s always that one person who does things different and people kinda make em out to be a bad-ass with no future. BUT in fact you’re so frekin’ intelligent and hot with a hint of dorkiness and it’s a perfect combo. You’re like a breath of fresh air, that makes people want to know more. For me? I’d definitely run away with you because Aquas tend to have such a different outlook in life, it’s attractive. You’re the type of people I dream about travelling the world with. You’re just so exciting and not everything has to be dead blank serious, you just go you’re way and it’s fairly admirable. I love you so much. If you’re an Aqua hit me up ;) 

Pisces:  Little weirdos with zest and so much spirit for life. You’re kind of like a run on the edge of a sun lit lake. You’re so full of love and life, you keep everyone together because you’re the glue of almost every group you’re in. People love hanging out with you, it’s calming and you’re just so easy to get along with! One of my besties are a pisces and I can literally talk to her about anything I’m going through and she knows exactly how to make me feel better because she’s just so warm and loving. Guys you’re all gifted and any Pisces lemme know who you are because I like hugs from Pisces you cute teddies! 



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Taste- Suga(Slight Smut)

What Am I To You?- Suga(Smut/Angst)

Flesh- Suga(Smut)

What Is Love- Suga(Fluff)

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All The Time- Suga(Smut)

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The Twins Dating Any Race Would Include

Originally posted by grethan-is-kinda-real

•Loving how unique you are

•Appreciating your culture

•Respecting any religion you followed

•Celebrating any Holidays you celebrated with you

•Loving your hair

•Learning music in your language for you

•Not letting anyone disrespect you

•Treating you like a prince/princess

•Defending you from any ignorant “fans”

•Bragging about you to everyone

•Yelling your favorite song at the top of his lungs trying to “serenade” you

•Showing you how much he loves you, your body/skin tone/race every night

•Respecting your parents, and any of their wishes.

•Loving how you dress

•Him, adorably keeping up with anything going on in your community

•Cute snapchats together

•You teaching him your “native” language, and him butchering most words

•Visiting your home country together

•Showing him landmarks

•Teaching him how to cook your cultures food

•Him burning all of the food

•Him thinking you’re the best human on this earth

•Loving you no matter Sex/skin tone/Race/Size. Loving you for you and everything you are.

Okay guys! No, i’m not biased or anything because i did the hispanic one singular, That was just the first one i got. I just wasn’t expecting as many requests for this. So, I hope you guys enjoy! I tried to make this as racially ambiguous as possible, i apologize if i didn’t get your specific request.Or if you’re upset with me for making it all one race, but i feel as if they don’t even care about race. I was just overwhelmed with how many i got, and felt as if i would repeat my self, and become repetitive, love you all!

PRODUCE101 – How the perfect boy group would look like

Only one day left, and I literally can’t wait to know who’s gonna make it into Produce 101 Season 2′s final boy group. However, I know that not all of my favorites will make it. To be honest, I wish they would just debut with 20 members –  but that’s not going to happen. But hey… that’s how survival programs work. 

Still… a girl can dream, right? That’s why I’m going to show you which 11 trainees of Produce 101 would form the perfect boy group (in my opinion of course).

For me, a member of a boyband has to fulfill his role. However, these days members of boy and girl groups have much more roles to take than just rapper, dancer, vocalist, leader and face.


The face is the one that inherits automatically the center position, which leads to acting as the signature member of the group. A perfect example is Sungjae who is (not the visual but) the face of CUBE’s BtoB.

Originally posted by baekstellation

For me there’s only one that would be able to pull this role of, and it is without any doubt MMO’s Kang Daniel. He has the personality, the charisma, the skills, the sex appeal, the body, the stage presence and of course the face to take over the center position. Yeah… it should be illegal to be this perfect.

Originally posted by nctaetrash

If you need a detailed explanation why I would love to see him as center (and why I have serious ovary issues), check this out.


Every bunch of half-crazy boys needs an exemplary leader who is able to keep everything and everyone under control. A popular example would be B1A4′s Jinyoung

Originally posted by nelliel66

Assigning this role might be the easiest, right? PLEDISKim Jonghyun proofed so many times that he’s perfectly capable of motivating and guiding others. No one would make a better leader than him – who already has enough leading experience thanks to NU’EST.

Originally posted by brodueces101

Again, if you want to know a detailed explanation, why I love this sexy fella so much, read this.


A boyband without a main vocalist? No way! Every group needs at least one singer that is able to hit high notes and breaks listeners’ hearts with his voice. One of my favorite main vocalists of all time is for example Block B’s Taeil.

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Under the last twenty Produce 101 trainees are two I would love see as main vocalists. But there can only be one – and it breaks my heart to make the decision between Starship’s Jung Sewoon and individual trainee Kim Jaehwan. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible, and chose Jaehwan as my dream main vocalist of my dream Produce 101 boy group.

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

As much as I like Sewoon’s voice and personality, I can’t deny that I prefer Jaehwan’s skills a little bit more. His range is incredible, and he would make more than just a solid main vocalist.


If I would be in a girl group, I would definitely be at least lead dancer – yes, we are talking about my usual favorite position. However, in this Produce 101 group we need a main dancer that is able to inspire others with his sick moves like SHINee’s Taemin.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

My original dancer pick for the Produce 101 boy group has been someone who already got eliminated (Yes, it was Taehyun). So I decided to go with the sweet and extremely talented Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment.

Originally posted by kim-biased

You can’t deny it: he’s more than just passionate about dancing. He masters choreographies as easy as freestyle. Yes, this kid got the moves! And that’s why he should be able to dance the shit out of this project. 


Sometimes all those hyungs need a precious baby boy to take care of. However, this can be quite nerve-wracking since some of our most popular K-Pop maknaes are from time to time wicked brats. The probably most popular example for an annoying and evil maknae is Jungkook from BTS.

Originally posted by madness--princess

After watching last week’s Produce 101 episode, I’ve finally found my perfect maknae. Even though CUBE’s Yoo Seonho is only eleven days younger than Samuel, he has all the – let’s say – qualities to be Produce 101′s ideal maknae.

Originally posted by donghans

On stage he tries to be sexy as fuck, but among his hyungs he acts like the cutest little brat that actually annoys the shit out of everyone. All this skin ship, all this bromance… How can Seonho be such a perfect maknae? 


Almost every single boyband has its rapper – sometimes even more than just one. There are some extraordinary main rappers that support their group with their insane skills – like iKON’s Bobby.

Originally posted by wood-storm

In Produce 101 Season 2 are many trainees who call themselves rappers. Well, I’ve already mentioned two of them. But my number one should be Brand New Music’s Park Woojin.

Originally posted by forwoojin

Although he took part as a dancer in the position evaluation, he’s still the one I would definitely choose as rapper for this group. His super deep and husky voice combined with his badass expression is what a boy group’s main rapper definitely needs. 


I’ve already mentioned it before, but the face isn’t automatically the group’s visual. However, Infinite’s L is actually both. No wonder with that face.

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When it comes to my favorite visual member, some of you might disagree with my choice. But this is just my personal preference, so deal with it. Anyway, I think there is not a single trainee that is able to keep up with Choi Minki’s visuals.

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He looks more like a fairy than an actual human being. Some of the younger K-Pop fans might not know this, but when NU’EST debuted, the community went completely crazy because of Minki’s aka Ren’s feminine look. And you guys cannot imagine how many hilarious memes were created just because of his absolutely unbelievable pretty face. Yes, he is indeed the perfect visual.


Besides all those usual positions I’ve mentioned, there can be other roles for additional members of a boy group. One of my personal favorites is the respective role of the handsome gentleman. Sometimes this gentleman is someone who is actually a little bit older, and looks freaking hot in a suit – like Yunho from TVXQ.

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There’s only one candidate of Produce 101 I can think of as the perfect gentleman – and that’s obviously PLEDIS’ extremely good-looking trainee Hwang Minhyun

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Besides his fantastic visuals, he’s charming, smart, reliable, talented and hot as hell. If you’re interested why this guy is so sexy, you should read my latest blog post about him.


The term asshole is not meant to insult anyone – it means this member is just savage as fuck and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone while mentioning all the time how perfect he is. I think I just described Super Junior’s Heechul pretty well.

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And come on… you already know who I picked. There’s only one trainee that would fit perfectly for this kind of role – and that’s Fantagio’s Ong Seongwoo.

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Like Heechul, we all know that Seongwoo’s just trying to be funny – and it works. Honestly, I can’t imagine the future Produce 101 boy group without Seongwoo. This group needs its sexy asshole. Why? Here’s the detailed explanation if you’re interested.


After over a decade of being Hallyu infected, I’ve realized that there are so many boy groups who have a member that appears super bad boy-ish on the outside, but is actually all cotton candy sweet on the inside – like my SF9 bias Zuho.

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To complete the PLEDIS family, I obviously chose our sexy bandit Kang Dongho as sweet bad boy – because we all know that he just looks like a wild beast, but is actually the softest and cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen.

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I could now tell you why this sexy bad boy is actually the cutest daddy among the Produce 101 trainees. But I already did. Feel free to check it out.


Last but not least, the perfect boy group needs someone who makes everyone laugh. This is usually the member that is – because of his hilarious kind of humor – perfect for variety shows. A wonderful example makes of course ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

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And there’s only one that brightens my mood every single time he appears on screen: MMO’s Yoon Jiseong. Some hate him, some love him – I simply adore this honest and emotional human being. However, it is a matter of fact that he is number one pick among your favorite Produce 101 trainees. They want him in the group, I want him in the group. Just deal with it!

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Besides being number one pick, he’s the oldest trainee right now. And yes, he should debut to give old bitches like me the opportunity to stop finally creeping on baby idols.

With Kang Daniel, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Samuel, Yoo Seonho, Park Woojin, Choi Minki, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Dongho and Yoon Jiseong, Mnet would form the perfect boy group – for me.

Countless of you might think – Where the hell is Daehwi? What did you do to Jinyoung? And why the fuck is Jihoon not on this list?

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Please, look at most of Produce 101′s trainees. A cute concept with this group wouldn’t work. There are way too many manly, sexy and older contestants. Although I really really like them – in my opinion, there is no place for someone like Daehwi or Jihoon or any other trainee that looks like grade schoolers.

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Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I’m way older than any of these guys. Yeah, it kinda sucks to be in this community for so long. Idols get younger, and the groups you – let’s say – grew up with, start to disband one after another. That’s not a joke. I’ve experienced Music Bank live once. And the only girlband I’ve seen there that hasn’t disbanded yet is SNSD.

So yes… I want these eleven boys to debut together. BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN! Because the majority of votes comes from teens who prefer a cute and pretty image over fucking sex appeal and charisma. And that’s okay! You can’t make it right for every single one out there.

I just want to let you guys know that I am really looking forward to this future boy group – although there won’t be all of my favorites. And I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s final episode. 

Prepare some tissues, ladies! We are going to cry rivers!

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For those who anti-/rivamika...

Hi. (Because, I like procrastinating.) 

I. My shipping history!
When I was in college, I never would have dreamed shipping or even myself liking a guy 5 years older or younger than me. Yuck. Gross I thought it. Which is why the first time I encountered the ship (Community, Jeff x Annie), I cringed at myself because I thought it was weird for shipping a pair at least 10 years apart in age. 

When I was 14, I shipped Sakura and Sasuke because they were perfect together. Cool guy. Sweet (albeit annoying) girl. Plus, they were in the same age group! And they’re so damn cute together. And Sasuke’s so hawt. 

When I was 12, I shipped Sakuno and Ryoma because Sakuno was so sweet and docile. She is so perfect for the cool Ryoma. 

Looking back, my biases really affected my choice of ships. I thought the cool guy should end up with the cute girl who is so obviously in love with him. Pretty telling of how I saw my gender, isn’t it? (Always protected by the strong guy. Always so in love and sacrificial. No own motivations, no own battles.) But damn, I was a starry-eyed girl. Sue me. 

Then, as does everyone, we grow up. Saw the world. Met loads of people. (Both online and in person.) No one can really tell what makes a relationship. So, regardless of what you ship, it all boils down to personal preference. There is no need to beat the other down. I ship RivaMika because of the potential. (Like all my other ships and my non-existent love life… TMI!!!) hahaha! 

II. How I started.
a. EreMika
Like mostly everyone else, I sailed the EreMika ship. (See my bias towards straight pairings!) It was the cutest thing seeing these kiddies together in the first episodes. Also, I shipped them because I wanted the girl to get what she wanted - the affection of Eren. 

But gradually, as the story progressed - you have to ask, is that really what’s beneath Mikasa’s overprotective attitude over Eren? You know, amid Mikasa’s great strength, she’s still a kid. Immature and rash. It’s not obvious because as a soldier; she follows direct commands. So, these faults of her character are not that obvious. (It became blatantly evident when she had to act on her own in retrieving Eren from the Female Titan.) 

b. Female Titan - Rivamika Entry. HOOKED.
I only came to ship Levi and Mikasa following the events of the Female Titan encounter. Of all the rescue operations I’ve watched, this was the most incredible and badass. I instantly had to ship them because of how awesome they were together. (That was my initial thought. After re-watching/re-reading, I realize that Levi did most of the work…) 

III. My misunderstandings.
a. Levi and Mikasa’s characters.

i. How Levi really is.
Levi is not an abusive maniac. He does not like beating up children. (He does have a hard hand - but that’s a crutch he got for living most of his life in the depths of the underground hell which threatened to kill every ounce of humanity in him.) 

This character has an incredible backstory. (Just like everyone in this remarkably created universe.) But, his is sadder. He never had a moment of happiness. And that instant, that second he did, it was snatched away from him so easily, so quickly. All his life he’s been surrounded by people who couldn’t care any less about those around them. So, don’t you think it’s remarkable that this man who exudes the overused stereotype of “I don’t give a rat’s ass.”, keeps the patches of his fallen comrades? Helped Mikasa save Eren. (Other than helping Mikasa, he did it so willingly because Eren was a part of his squad. He wouldn’t hold back to rescue whatever tinge was left of them.)

It’s incredible that, with what little this man has, with all that he’s lost (and I’m crying just thinking about how a man who never had anything could lose so much), he continues to fight for humanity. 

So, that’s how Levi really is. He’s a tough guy, no doubt. But those that matter - the traits that count, they’re in him a hundredfold. And this is why I admire his character so much. All the humanity that Erwin and the other’s have lost. Levi gained. It’s a remarkable contrast, isn’t it? I will cry an ocean’s fill the day they kill off Levi. (I say when because I believe they really will.) 

ii. How Mikasa really is.
Regardless of how much we admire this child, she is what she is - a kid. “Gaki.” as Levi so lovingly puts it. 

She is strong, filled with incomprehensible potential. But, she is immature and rash. She lets her emotions get in the way of her duties. (But as you continue into the plot, you see how she’s developed. She’s more toned down. She is able to distance herself from Eren.) 

But, if you were to rate Mikasa to Levi. Mikasa does not even compare. Mikasa is heartless when it comes to those who are not Eren and Armin. Especially in the first season/first arc of the manga. Remember - she had the gall to blame Levi for Eren’s taking during their chase for the Female Titan. 

“If you did your job, Eren would be safe.” She says something like this with so much spite and loathing - to a man who just fucking lost his entire squad in the most horrendous of ways. This is a man who immediately locked up his own remorse, his own feelings of guilt, to get on with the next goal: Save Eren. 

SO. IDK WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHITS ARE SAYING. I’ve tried locking up feelings before. And trust me, that is not a good practice. SO. Who the hell could fucking understand what’s going through Levi’s head? He doesn’t seem to have a confidant. Nor does he seem to be looking for one. 

Mikasa has Eren and Armin. The 104th. She practically had and has a family. She’s been surrounded by love her entire life. So, to blame Levi. To injure him. 

I gravely think we fans aren’t giving Mikasa the shitloads worth of how horrible she’s been to Levi. From promising to beat him up after what he’s done to Eren during the latter’s trial. To blaming the bereaved man for losing Eren. Those may be two incidents. But, both were crucial to Eren’s well-being. Plus, taking into account that in the first parts of the anime/manga - Levi and Mikasa had little to no interactions to begin with. 

I love Mikasa’s development in the manga. But, considering the fact that Levi saved her ass from getting killed by the Female Titan. That he saved her fricking boyfriend/brother loads of times. That he continues to respect her and mentor her. LEVI is obviously the better character. So, no, in the Rivamika ship, you are not allowed to say Levi is the lucky one. Mikasa is the fortunate one; that Levi understands where her anger/rage came from and is able to move past it. 

b. Rivamika.
When you have a wrong understanding of the characters, you tend to have a wrong understanding of the ship as well. Initially, I thought Levi was uncaring. I thought Mikasa was cool and just incredible. I thought Levi would beat Mikasa up - hence my previous fanfics. But damn was I mistaken. 

In the anime, there seems to be zero Rivamika. That’s because it’ll happen in the later arcs. But its there more or less. 

Also. The damn art in the anime (first season) is incomparable to the manga. In the 1st season anime, Levi has a baby-bod. Which is… effin not his dang body. In the manga (as seen above), he’s basically a muscular man. They fixed this in season 2. (Yes!) And in the manga, Mikasa looks younger, less mature than her anime version. — So if there needs to be a Rivamika image that pops into mind, keep in mind the one on top of this post. 

IV. Rivamika (see: appreciation post)

V. Conclusion: Why I Rivamika.
a. Potential
i. Caring Levi and a maturing Mikasa
I just adore Levi. And I love Mikasa. 

Since I adore Levi - I want him to be happy. I want him to lead a life that has been contrary to what he’s been through his entire life. I want him to gain rather than lose. I want him to live for someone, to fight for someone special to him. I want him to stop seeing himself as an instrument for humanity’s survival. After all, if you’re not fighting for something concrete - then why the hell are you fighting? (Right, Jean? LOL.) I have a penchant for sad characters, for the ‘bad’ characters. I believe they are misunderstood; that they aren’t given the development they need. 

But Levi has everything good in him. So, why shouldn’t he be happy? (This is why I ship him with everyone. LOL.) 

Mikasa, I love. She is just incredible. And, most compatible to Levi. She’s uber powerful. She is most likely to understand Levi. (Remember - Levi has no confidant. I doubt Levi/Erwin/Hange talk about their feelings…. They’re people who get the job done after all. So, no need for the mushy stuff.) But as she is, I think the best bet for her to shed off her feelings for Eren and have her affections swayed by someone else is - maturity and distance. 

In the manga, we already see her development. She’s become Levi’s right hand. She back-ups the man. And she understands him. 

I don’t like thinking my ship as “here’s a Levi.” and “here’s a Mikasa.” now fall in love sort. The way I think Levi will fall in love with Mikasa is companionship and understanding. Tea time talks maybe. Being there when he needs a helping hand. Levi as he is, is and has never been in search of romance. Levi is a simple man with zero input on the topic. He only has this vague idea of love and family in the corner of his mind. Something he doesn’t think about because for him, it isn’t necessary. It isn’t what’s in front of him. That being said, I think he’s one that could grow affection quietly and be satisfied with this alone. He yearns for nothing, he wants for nothing after all. Heck, the man isn’t in search of a friend even. He’ll grow the affection for certain. But, Rivamika sailing will all be in Mikasa’s wheelhouse. 

And, I think Mikasa will fall for Levi once she freaking matures. I say mature because we can hold it as a fact that she already understands Levi in the manga. So, she needs to mature to shed her old feelings. We slowly see this in Eren and Jean’s brawl, where she just lets them fight. (Good times, good times.) Mikasa will fall for Levi only when she realizes how much he’s done for her, for everyone. She’ll fall in love with him after she realizes how much there is to admire in him, after she reassesses what it means to fall in love with another. 

I don’t understand how this will work in canon. But just imagine the possibilities. One headcanon is - they embark to unknown territory. The protagonists are in separate teams. I see Armin in HQ, dealing with military strategy. I see Mikasa training her own squad. I see Levi and Eren joining the frontlines. (This is where the distance I mentioned could develop. - Mikasa can grow, reassess her feelings.) (But crap, I think she’ll only end up missing Eren… :( ) 

(Speaking about Eren. I don’t think he’ll fall in love with Mikasa. From his character - he obviously isn’t looking for one. And second, he never seemed to be attracted to Mikasa at any point of their relationship. He always saw her as a friend, an unwanted nuisance at times. Annie, I’m pretty sure he fancied at one point or the other. - This works with Rivamika because it gives me room to believe that Mikasa will have to move on.)  (But then again, you can never be certain. He could come out one day saying, “Of course I love you. I always have.” I think his relationship with Mikasa opens this door to a frank and casual confession. :O )

ii. The Indefeasible Ackermans
The Ackerman line will certainly continue. It’s impossible to think those genes will be lost to humanity forever. One of the two (assuming there are no others) will procreate with someone. So, why not just put them together? 

(Kidding aside.)

I say potential because of the inherent capabilities of these characters. The trajectory of their stories will reach heights unknown. They’ll be doing remarkable feats, journeys, battles. They will save humanity. The thought of their finding love through all it is so damn romantic, I can’t even begin to describe it. It will just be so incredible and heart-wrenching. (To find love in a hopeless place. HA……… ha. Sorry.)

b. Biases
i. How I appreciate my gender.
It’s easy to pinpoint flaws in depictions of your gender. So in my ships, I quickly take note of this. I love how in obvious ships (EreAnnie, RivaMika), the women are equally or even stronger. 

I love how confident the men are in their own abilities. That Levi doesn’t give a rat’s ass about his height. That the men’s frustration with getting stronger doesn’t stem from jealousy towards their female counterparts, but the struggle to win a life-long battle. 

When I was younger, it’s so obvious that I liked the girls in my ships to be the under in more ways than one. Although I wanted them to develop, they were never allowed to grow more than their male counterpart. In Rivamika, Mikasa could so easily surpass Levi any day now. I also like the fact that Levi is shorter than Mikasa. That’s how you know a man is confident - that he doesn’t mind living up to such an incredible partner. 

(Oh yea, look! For the first time, it’s the man who sacrifices his time and effort for the woman’s sake.) Love RivaMika so gosh darn much.

ii. What I look for in a relationship.
EQUALITY AND RESPECT. (including attraction, love, admiration, trust… all that jazz of course.) You get this in Rivamika if appreciated properly. 

All points taken, Rivamika is awesome. If you don’t think so, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to ship and let ship. If a ship doesn’t suit your taste, look the other way. Don’t be immature and show us how much time you can afford to waste by ranting about a pairing you hate. (And like that, I just wasted a butt load of time… oh no.) 


Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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the late late show

As James started to sing the lyrics of Scrubs I looked over at (Y/N) as she sat in the front row, with a smirk plastered on my face. It was one of her favourite songs and I had mentioned that to James before the show. (Y/N’s) jaw dropped a little as we both began to sing. She was a huge fan of James and the show, and knowing that whilst singing one of her favourite songs filled me with an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

I knew how nervous she had been about the show, so I had asked James if there was anyway we could do something to help her nerves and make her feel welcome before our interview - that’s when he suggested featuring Scrubs in our Riff-Off. Once it was over and it went to commercials I ran over, crouching in front of her.

“That was one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed,” she smiled, the nerves completely vanished. “I’m glad baby,” I said as I kissed the top of her head. The producer hurried over and began setting her up with a mic, and suddenly her smile vanished. “You’ll be fine, James is lovely you know that” I said rubbing my hand on her knee. “I know, it’s just, I don’t belong on TV. I should be watching TV, not making a fool of myself on TV for everyone else to watch” she sighed. I shook my head, “I’ll be right there with you,” I reminded her. She nodded and the producer told her we have two minutes until the commercials ended. She stood up and took a deep breath before I took her hand and lead her to the sofa on the stage. “It’s scary, seeing everyone’s eyes on you” she whispered as we sat opposite the audience. “I know it’s nothing compared to your concerts, but it’s daunting” she added. I put my arm round her and rubbed her shoulder, “You’re going to be great.”

“I’m right in saying that you two met when (Y/N) was working with one of your make-up artists Shawn?” We both nodded. “So you’re the reason this boy looks perfect all the time?” James asked looking at (Y/N). “I wish that were true, but he was blessed with amazing genes” she laughed nervously.

“Now (Y/N), you also do special effects makeup, why don’t you tell us what that involves” James said as he leaned on the corner of the desk. I looked at (Y/N) who looked at ease as she spoke about her passion. She was in her element. “It involves fake blood, wax, wigs, nights of horrific google searches,” she laughed along with the audience.

“And you’ve used Shawn as a model, I think we have a couple of photos here” James said. (Y/N) and I looked at the monitor and saw a photo that (Y/N) had posted on instagram. It was of me sitting on a stool in our kitchen, with half of my face looking like it had been ripped off. “I do not mean this in a rude way at all, but that is quite disgusting,” James chuckled. “It means that you’re amazing though, if it manages to look that realistic and gross.” (Y/N’s) cheeks turned pink as she thanked James.

“Tell us about this photo Shawn,” James said. Once again we glanced at the monitor and laughed as soon as we saw the photo. “This wasn’t makeup at all, this is 100% real,” I laughed. “I still caused him to look like that though,” (Y/N) added. “She’s right. I was due to come home from a short trip round Europe in a week, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I got to finish a few days early. Anyway,” I laughed. “Shawn wanted to surprise me, so I had no idea about this. He surprised me, but I’d say it was more like he nearly killed me” (Y/N) added. “Yeah, she has never screamed so loud before. Our neighbours hurried round once they heard” I smiled as James chuckled. “It ended up with me being whacked in the face with her fist, and keep in mind she wears two rings on that hand” I said. (Y/N) covered her mouth with her hand, shaking her head. “But you didn’t do any serious harm, you’re still gorgeous Shawn” James stated.

A couple of minutes before the interview was over, James got all serious and asked (Y/N): “When you look at everything Shawn has achieved, what he does day-to-day and what he’s going to be doing…How proud do you feel?” I looked at (Y/N), intrigued to know her answer as she had never been in a situation where she had to talk about something like this. “Immensely. I know it’s kind of a rollercoaster for Shawn, which just keeps going up and he faces surreal experiences all the time. But I find myself having to pinch my arm every now and again to believe the kind of life he has. He deserves it so much, he is one of the most genuine, down to earth guys. I’m not being biased,” she paused to laugh.

“But yeah, I’m always proud of him and I say that also because I witness behind the scenes. I see all the preparation that goes into one show, I know how long he has to travel to get to one venue. I experience the lonely nights with and without him. He goes above and beyond, and I am just so appreciative of his fans because they know that and they love him for it.” I pulled her in for a side hug and kissed her temple, feeling like I was falling in love with her all over again.

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anonymous asked:

Bangtan completely changed my taste in men. I used to like smaller guys like YG (both in height and frame) and to be honest he's still the one I find the most attractive, but now everytime I see TH's and NJ's long legs I can't help but admire them ;_; not to mention JK's and JM's thighs. And SK's shoulders. Technically I'm supposed to be Hobi-biased, but then I really like all of them. WHY.