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  • Koro-sensei: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you've lost throughout your life time.
  • Karma: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thanks for finding this.
  • Itona: My will to live! I haven't seen this in years!
  • Nagisa: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Kayano: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Koro-sensei: Guys, could you lighten up a little?

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here's a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there. Basically we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless, i think it had to do with a card game. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and Taako with a "Down With Cis" shirt climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but i managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what's happening, i started attacking him back, getting him off of hi




word count: 1,437

I walked up the rugged path of the hiking trail, following behind the others. They were ahead of me. Probably because this was not exactly what I enjoyed doing with my spare time. I had been dragged along with my friends and their boyfriends, who all did this regularly. Their boyfriends brought along their friend Shawn. I technically wasn’t fifth wheeling since he was here, but I didn’t know Shawn well enough to hang out with him the whole time.

The sights we were seeing truly were beautiful, but hiking three miles was one of the most athletically challenging things I had ever done, if I’m being honest. The weight of my backpack, containing clothes and all the other essentials for the night, made the hiking even harder. We finally made it to end of the trail where we planned to stay the night. The guys began to set up the double hammocks while my friends and I put our bags down and took in the view. I gulped down a bottle of water after the challenging hike.

“Where’s the other hammock?” Shawn asked the other two guys.

“What do you mean? There’s six of us so we only need three double hammocks.”

“What?” Shawn and I both blurted out at the same time. We had no problems with each other, we didn’t even know each other well enough to not like one another. That was the point, though. We didn’t know each other. We had only met a handful of times. He seemed like a sweet guy, he really did. He was always quiet and bashful every time I had ever been around him. I guess now was my chance to get to know Shawn better.

As we all ate and admired the breathtaking scenery around us, I tried to strike up conversation with Shawn. The more comfortable we got to each other now, the less awkward it would make tonight.

“So how often do you go hiking?” I queried.

“Not a lot, actually. With my music and touring I don’t always have time to. What about you?” I knew Shawn was a musician and I knew he was pretty famous as well. I tried to make our whole situation for tonight more comfortable and acted as if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“This is my very first time. I’m not really in the best shape for these kinds of things. ” I said while laughing.

“I felt the same way on the way up here.” Lie. It was difficult to find one inch of his body that wasn’t toned. Muscles protruded out on his arms when he wasn’t even flexing. He had hiked up the trail with ease, even with a large backpack on his back.

A while later, we all sat around together and just conversed about anything and everything. Before we knew it, midnight had arrived. After my friend announced the time, I suddenly became sleepy. I made my way to the hammock Shawn and I would share. I stood behind a tree very large in diameter to change into a more comfortable t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. I laid on the hammock and Shawn soon did the same.

“Here’s a blanket, you can have it if you aren’t comfortable sharing with me.” He spoke softly.

“Don’t be silly, we can share. I’m not letting you freeze.”

“Thank you,” he pulled half of the blanket over himself, his feet sticking out because of how long his legs were, “goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” I told him, giving him a half smile. He was near me but not too close, only close enough to feel the warmth radiating off his body and close enough to share the blanket. Listening to the quietness of the night at this time, I was asleep in no time.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find myself cuddling with Shawn. I opened my eyes slowly, considering going back to sleep since it was still dark outside. Then realized I had my arms wrapped around his torso and my head resting on his chest. My eyes now opened completely and I scrambled off of him. He was already awake though. Why didn’t he wake me up?

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I’m used to cuddling up to whoever or whatever is next to me during the night. I’m sorry, Shawn.” I apologized frantically.

“It’s okay, don’t be sorry. It’s not every day I wake up to a pretty girl laying on my chest.” He said, a blush creeping onto his pale cheeks.

“Oh really? I wouldn’t doubt it if you did.” I said jokingly. I realized in this moment how attractive he actually was. The blue and silver glow coming off the stars caused shadows to cast onto his face. His warm eyes contrasted the cool colors, looking like a mixture honey and amber.

“Well, I have a few times. But they weren’t nearly as pretty.” He whispered for only me to hear. My cheeks felt hot and I knew I was blushing.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I wanted to cuddle with you, I guess.” he answered with a shrug. I gave him a confused look then shook my head at him. I couldn’t say I didn’t want it as well. Since we were fairly close after last night, I decided it would be okay. I rested my head on his shoulder and dozed back off to sleep.

This time, I woke up to Shawn cuddling with me as well. His arms were wrapped around me and his head rested on top of mine. I took in the sweet scent of him while I was laying on his chest. His chest rose and fell slowly as he slept. He soon woke up because of my fidgeting and stretching.

“Morning.” He spoke. His morning voice was raspy and deeper than usual. My heart fluttered at the sound. ‘No, stop. You don’t need to catch feelings for him. He’s famous and he could get any girl he wants. You’re just a normal girl.’ I thought to myself.

“Goodmorning.” I replied. I scooted away from him to give him some space to stretch since he just woke up.

“So I feel like after this morning, this would be appropriate. Would you, uh, like to go on a date with me sometime? Sometime soon?” He asked nervously. A blush crept onto his cheeks, they were burning a bright shade of pink. His embarrassment and nervousness was adorable. I smiled wholeheartedly at him.

“I would love to.” I told him. I really would love to, but I wondered if he just felt obligated to.

The next week, Shawn and I decided an ice cream date would be appropriate considering how warm it was outside. I met him at the local ice cream shop. He looked absolutely amazing in a simple outfit. He was wearing jeans with a maroon t shirt that showed off his arms. He ordered a cone with two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and I ordered two scoops of cookies and cream. I begged Shawn to let me pay for my own ice cream.

“No, I asked you on a date so I pay for your food, it’s just that simple.” He argued with me. I huffed a sigh, knowing there’s no way I would win this. Shawn held the door open for me when we left and we walked down the street to a bench. We sat down and ate our ice cream. We caught up after not seeing each other for a week.

“I have to say, you look gorgeous even with ice cream on your face.” Shawn laughed. I felt embarrassed but Shawn then wiped the ice cream off my upper lip. We sat and talked until it was dark outside. We now sat closer than before and Shawn’s arm was around me. I looked up at him and admired how the pale moonlight made his features look. He looked back at me with his hazel eyes.

He leaned closer to me until our noses were touching. “Is this okay?” Shawn whispered against my lips. I nodded my head then closed my eyes, waiting for Shawn to lean in further. His lips met mine and I kissed him sweetly. His lips tasted like vanilla chapstick. Our lips moved together slowly and we both used just a little tongue. I could taste the cookie dough ice cream and grinned into the kiss when I realized this. We both pulled away and smiled sheepishly at each other.

  • Hestia: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.
  • Hermes: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Eris: Oh, wow. My childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.
  • Hades: My will to live! I haven’t seen this in years!
  • Hephaestus: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Dionysus: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Hestia: Guys, could you lighten up a little?
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Alright so here we go I’m gonna barrage you all with some sappy bullshit in order to try and express some sort of gratitude for you guys making a mistake that you can’t seem to fix. Which is following me. I know, I know, its like a disease its hard to cure but maybe eventually you guys can get back to your senses eventually.

Obviously, I’m kidding. Mostly.

I’m not gonna squish too long about this–just know that I appreciate everyone who has enjoyed this blog and my writing. And I also appreciate every one of my RP partners that are better writers than me and the people I haven’t interacted with yet but appreciate all the same.

OK So first of all

@disturbedtwinky and @owlet1 You guys thought you would escape this but you nerds aren’t getting away I don’t CARE if its out of context you guys are the best friends for shooting bandits and dealing with my love of Mad World. Love you lots. K back to our regularly scheduled programming

The Ones I Admire: These are the nerds I get the most advice and overall great interaction and I love them in a totally platonic and not creepy way. I love all of you guys in different ways:
@violentnonretirement (aka soldier senpai)
@simple-geometry (Aka sister nerd)
@lelogedelaveuve (You know why you’re on here don’t deny it)
@vasvvani (you slay and you’re a queen)
@nichtschaden (#bestdoctortotallynotuncoordinated)
@the-rad-doctor (#bestsmoldoctor  #can’tholdaguncorrectlybutitsOK)

OK onto the people that are just a joy to have on the dash: @veuve-lilac, @wakairyuu, @timexout, @wundertater, @stormarrows, @chronal-anomaly, @snsdva, @pungseon-kkeom, @dirsirvan, @love–dva, @shortstoutandswedish, @soldierofhorus @angelarivm @asclepiusangel @pink-mecha-bunny, @he-is-my-hero

New People I want to interact with: @ryujinoken, @ryu-no-kokoro, @angel-of-the-skiies, @dancingspiders, @snxwplum, @breakiitdown, @well-lush-rocketpunch, @gasoliiniic, @ridesagain

Also, btw, @max-cocoa You’re great and I wish you love and happiness because you give me compliments I don’t deserve

OK I’ve gone on long enough and I know I didn’t state everyone on here because that’s far too many people. Everyone have a good day!

Hey dudes!

I want to do a little JSE live on instagram.. I really don’t try to get “easy” follows because i’m not active that much there but I want to hang out with my buddies while I still can so..
My name on instagram is jacksepticeyejsefangirl
It will be amazing to see you guys and make something together with you because you are my friends ❤💚

Gonna go on instagram at 20:30pm uk time
Hope to see ya there!

You guys legit make me cry btw with your compliments and sweet and supportive words I hope you all have amazing lives and are loved and I just really care for all of you don’t hesitate to ask me for anything even tho I take forever to reply!

It makes me cry how you treat me like I’m super special and I feel so happy, I always thought of myself as a basic simblr, not even a good one- I guess I have low self esteem- haha. So thank you so much- for making me feel important and loved and special and like I have all these friends! You guys are like my second family! You have no idea how cherished you all are

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My close guy friend and I started speaking everyday for about 2 months. We've never got with eachother, but we stayed over at a party and he began touching me. It wasn't awkward the next day, we laughed. He would tell me how he'd want to have sex with me and how he wants to be my first. But now, we barely talk outside of school and I genuinely really like him, but I can't help but feel he still likes his ex even tho he says he's over her, they still meet and I reckon they still have sex.

Talk with him darling. It’s the only way to find out the truth. What he will tell might hurt you, but it’s better than worrying like this.

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How would you describe someone with cancer rising and pisces midheaven?


I know a few Cancer risings with Pisces Midheaven. In fact, my closest guy friend is a Cancer rising with a Pisces Midheaven and he has a little sassy attitude. These people are super respectful and kind towards others. I love them so much! They have great taste in everything, in my opinion!

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im doxxing you your real name is fuckhands mcmike and you live in shittown usa ! think again next time you try to callout my best friend papertits online buddy guy