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Honestly at this point I feel like the greatest obstacle to making Ganon stop attacking Hyrule would just be at this point he is probably so incredibly paranoid, it’d be hard for him to take to any proposed ceasefire or treaty- like even before he’s considering ways to twist this in his favor he’s too busy trying to figure out what the other person’s angle is, and the more he can’t find one the more uncomfortable he’d get.

If he could actually believe this is legitimately what they’re offering I can’t see him turning his nose at a perfectly good “can I put down my bow, he puts down his dead sword, and you put down whatever you’re using these days and we nurse our respective trauma in peace” agreement.

Hell, considering where Ganon was in BotW I’m reasonably sure Link could at least get a foot in the door just by making some really good food and tempting him with it, like. when was the last time anyone did any even slightly small kind thing for him.

Like… okay so Zelda, in one memorable incarnation responded to the royalty of a banished Realm Of Forbidden Darkness equated to hell itself showing up at a time where power from said realm was taking over Hyrule by worrying after Midna and making very personal sacrifices on her behalf. She is exactly the kind of person who would worry about the welfare of sealed “ancient godless evils”. She is actually pretty much someone in a good place to be more or less telepathically punched in the face by just how bad Ganon is doing without him even meaning to.

And Link- Link thinks everything looks like friend, pretty much. In BotW he will attempt to tame bears. Literally if you just had him run into Ganon without any of the destiny-and-peril context he is exactly the kind of person who would adopt some kind of shabby demon person he found embedded in a wall by virtue of nothing else that Ganon isn’t doing well.

Link wants to help everyone, Zelda is deeply empathetic and so duty-bound that it would really do her better to be a little selfish for once, and Ganon would logically like very much to not be hurting any more. The cycle is, if anything, a stilted situation that forces them back into their roles and back at each other’s throats, and with very minor shifts in context one way or another they could so easily get along.

And quite frankly… tell me that wouldn’t make the threads of an interesting story. 


WHEN?: July 3-8!
WHERE?: This blog!
WHAT IS IT?: A week just for fish appreciating, featuring a prompt each day for writers and artists to expand on. I will also just be accepting random art or stories that people would like to have featured here for appreciating Undyne!
HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE?: The easiest way to participate is to post your entry for each day and @ me (undyne-appreciation) in the post so that I can sniff it out and reblog it! Another way to participate is to tag the post “undyne appreciation week!” and I can go sniff that out too. If neither of those sound appealing to you, you can submit a link to your post to me (but like, say something about it like “my entry for the event” or something so I know it’s not a shifty virus or something).
WHY????: Because Undyne is FANTASTIC!! (and also I’m celebrating my reaching her debut chapter in the Undertale graphic novel but that’s less important.)
ANY RULES?: Well, a few.
1. This is a SFW blog, so keep all of your entires SFW please.
2. Be nice. If your entry is rude to someone else in some way, I will not put it here.
3. HAVE FUN!! This event is intended to be fishy fun for Undyne fans, so… y'know. Enjoy yo’ self.

I’ll put these here so that potential participants can snag a glimpse at them before the challenge starts.
In normal people terms, young Undyne. We never get to see that in game, but we hear about it, appreciate it, and make fun and adorable art of/stories about it.
Tell me, in a drawing or a story revolving around this trait… What is your favorite thing about Undyne?
One of my favorite things about Undyne is that big toothy grin of hers. Let’s appreciate it together, shall we?
Just gotta appreciate the friendship between Undyne and Papyrus. They’re the absolute best.
For such an overzealous and energetic character, Undyne generates a L O T of feels in certain scenarios. Tell me in pictures or words all about the scenario that hurts your heart the most. (for me it’s that moment as she dies in the Genocide run… ah geez.)
Whatever you want, basically. Appreciate that fish!!

Alright, I think that’s everything!! SPREAD THE WORD!! I’d love for as many people as possible to join me in celebrating the fantastic fish and everything about her!
Seeya then, guys!
~Mod G

I think I need to just admit that I’m nesting.  Because today, I counted out all of our remaining silverware that we got nearly nine years ago and use daily.  And somehow we have gone from 12 even sets to missing stray forks and knives and missing FIVE teaspoons.

Anyway, I found the manufacturer online and ordered little ones and twos of our missing items, plus eight teaspoons, because those are constantly in use.

I feel like a crazy person, fixating on all of this little stuff, decorating, plus trying to keep the house tidy.  Clearly, I’ve received a fresh batch of hormones, and I’m just going to accept it and whatever ridiculous nesting impulses come along with it.

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Hi!! Idk if you've answered this before but do you have any hc's for what happened to Yuri's parents or just any theories?

(unrelated but bc this is an ask: i am seeing your two-word prompts!! i will continue filling over the next few days)

hi anon! come to think of it, this isn’t something i’ve really sat down and thought long+hard about. yura’s mom is supposed to be frequently absent (something about being a former idol who had him when she was young, iirc?), so i’ve usually (loosely) pictured her as frequently leaving him with his grandfather while she goes off to her new work (still something in television/media) and/or goes out on dates, until eventually he just stays with his grandfather permanently (until he moves to st. petersburg, that is). sometimes she sends money, presents, although she never really knows what yuri likes (and sometimes forgets how old he is) so they’re always generic or weird. she also doesn’t earn much, and with nikolai being old and getting sick, yuri’s had to shoulder a lot of that burden with his skating. (it’s canon, based on the guidebook, that he supports his family via government athletic grants of some sort.)

as for his dad, he’s never been in the picture for me. i oscillate between him being dead (lol) and him simply never being a factor in yuri’s life bc he and the mom never stayed together. it lends to yuri’s clear abandonment issues.

honestly, if I ever found out a dude asked my dad for permission to marry me before asking me, he’d be dumped so fast

by the way…

i did say this on twitter already, but i figured i should update over here also. i have been extremely busy and i’ve had a lot going on, and still do - on top of it all, i now have to do something personal this weekend that will cause me a lot of pain and grief. i can’t be sure how much. i’m very scared, but i have to get through it.

to those of you who have messaged me or have just been wondering what’s up with me… that’s the thing right now. i’m sorry! i promise it’s not you, i just don’t have the capacity right now, and i’m sorry if this means you’re feeling put out. it’s 100% on me, partly because my life these last few months just has not been letting up for a second.

in the interest of giving myself permission to be a wreck about this: i will be a wreck about this. i can’t promise that i will be particularly easy to be around or talk to for a little while, but hopefully i can prepare adequately and do what needs doing.

anyway, if you see me creating stuff or being around, but i’m not talking to you, this is why. <3 know that i am probably thinking of you fondly as i move through this - y’all have been really incredible about supporting me over the last year or so, emotionally, financially, creatively, etc. and it means the world. thank you!!!

Thank You {Because’s all I say here..}

Like—wow—thank you all for the kind comments on the latest installment of The Fall on here and on AO3. I know some people tell me it’s pretty good and all that, but some of y’all came right out the gate swinging telling me that it was a lot more than just as simple as that, and I’m like…in tears??

I didn’t think a silly story that I wrote from a crazy dream would turn into such a liked story; especially when I am so hard on myself when it comes to my work in general, so thank you…seriously. The ones that were scared to speak filled my comment boxes with amazing paragraphs of stuff, and I just cry in the corner at how awesome it is to hear from you, so—yeah—thank you isn’t really enough, but it’s all I can say right now as I am speechless?

Also thank you to those that have said something and put lovely comments in your reblogs or in the tags. That’s so kind of you. ♥♥♥

Thank you as well to the people who sent in donations from ko-fi to me and or commissioned me lately…that’s just…MOAR TEARS…I SWEAR..UGH. TT^TT

I do thank the 3 people who have sent in requests and ideas—they are there, and I promise I will get to them through the week. Thank you for sending them in~! ♥♥ I was getting through some commissions first was why I haven’t responded to them yet. x3; But thank you for the ideas~!

Much love to you amazing followers, fans, and friends. You’re all great. ♥

~Oreana Galena

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Hi! I saw that post from violeta, whats the difference between scriptboard and boneyard?? Thanks. 😀

I’ll defer this question to @snideyt since she’s the senior/fanciest producer with most TV experience between all of us and just…all around coolest. When we get to the director’s part of pre-prod, I’ll directly answer whatever questions you guys might have. 

(dj khaled voice) another one

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